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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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and killed in greenwood heights. john chandler just spoke with police. john? >> reporter: well, and david, as you said, details very fluid still at this hour. it happened in the early morning hours before there was a lot of action here on the scene, a lot of people out on the street. a lot of people heard, but necessarily didn't see what happened. the victim, a 63-year-old male. this is a very active crime scene still. his body in the street here on fourth avenue right now. from what witnesses and police tell us, the victim was in a truck, a construction worker, when that truck, a thief came up and tried to take the truck from him. now, he at some point in the process was hit by the truck. the truck continued making a right, the wrong way up 22nd street. the victim was killed, again, a
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a chaotic and tragic scene this morning here in brooklyn. >> there wasn't too much people on the street. and then all of a sudden, people feel very depressed, people praying on him. >> reporter: and from what i've been told my neighbors, he was, the victim, known in this community. he was a construction worker here. had worked around this area for years. behind me now on the corner here at 23rd and 4th, family members, coworkers and friends have gathered to grieve as police still process this scene. details very fluid, but a 63-year-old man killed and a perpetrator remains on the loose. john chander, news4 new york. our other top story midday, the first week of april feeling like winter. this is what it looked like in connecticut this morning. many parts of the state covered in snow. the cold rainy weather here in
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postpone opening day. just took this photo of the field covered with a tarp. today's game will be played tomorrow instead. however, it apparently won't be any warmer. let's check in with davesprice. >> in fact, opening day weather should be temperature-wise about where we are right now at 39 degrees, but under bright beautiful sunshine. at this hour, though, rain, freezing rain, and snow overspreading the ntire area. the live radar picture for you. you can see the system moving almost directly from west to east. i'm afraid we're going to go through the rest of the day with a fair amount of these conditions still prevailing. as we get to sections of uchess and sullivan, you see that combination of freezing precip or sno through. the rein continues to overspread through new york and long island and down into new jersey. look at the temperature disparity from 27 degrees in
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poughkeepsie. we'll spike to 50 and then we're going to continue to drop and head to a very cold evening. we are going to ee clearing slowly by about 11:00. tomorrow, gorgeous sunshine for the rest of the day. this is what you can expect. we will see showers through 5:00 p.m. we'll see chilly air return and breezy conditions take hold. much more ahead in your full forecast. back t ayou. >> remember, you can track the weather any time on your smart phone. download the news4 weather g app. new at noon, a long island man facing charges accused of driving drunk and crashing into a car killing a husband and wife. we're working to learn more about the vict s. greg? >> reporter: a woman here on this medford street broke down in tears just a few minutes ago when she told us of hearing the
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neighbors bill and joanne kear. they were killed when their pickup was hit last nht by a 2012 audi on ocean avenue in ronkonkoma. the driver ask identified as climb glinka. he survived the crash with non-life-threatening injuries. the woman across the street described the kears as a thoughtful caring couple who lives for their kids and grandkids and always looked out for everyone here on the street. >> the kind of neighbors that cowe're used to when we were kids, you know. if you needed them 2:00 in the morning, they'd be there. they were so down to earth. so family-oriented. their kids, their grandchildren were everything to them. >> reporter: family members of the kears arrived here at the home a short time ago.
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charged with drunk driving. lice are asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to call them. news4 new york. it has been a bit of a hectic day at newark liberty airport. not one, but two fires forotd passengers from a terminal eably this morning. we're at newarb liberty. what's the latest? >> reporter: we can tell you that that stubborn fire broke out near several delta airlines gates in terminal bit. a result, several passengers who wede supposed to depart at sunrise are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping to do so within t hour. passengers stood by for a status report from delta airlines as they gave update of delays and cancellations due to an early mo rning fire. >> flight to atlanta's canceled. therefors i have to stay another night here. >> they say they don't know anything.
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the large cloud of smoke that billowed from the top of terminal b before sunrise. but even after it was contained once, the fire reignited. the heavy smoke condition led to an evacuation with an estimated 200 passengers waiting to get inside. >> when we got her to the airport, i sa the lights and everything. i coulde t even get to this terminal. >> reportele nearly four hours later, passengers were allowed back inside after officials made sure the area was ventilated. a port authority spokesman says ni rne delta gates in terminal b were taken out of service after the fire forcing flights to be moved to other gates. >> i'm just hoping to have a great flight. everything else can be rearranged. >> reporte port authority spokesman confirms this was an electrical fire early this morning. an exact cause has not been
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also at newark airport, tsa ents just released this photo of a gun they found in a man's carry-on bag. port authority police are now questioning that man and his wife. the pair claimed the bag ibelonged to a deceased relative and they had nk idea a gun was insime. the tsa reminds passengers to look through all bags to check for prohibited items. now in brooklyn, hundreds of firefighters spent hours trying to knock down a huge fire that destroyed a warehouse. it happened on parkside avenue. it also damaged a church hat houses a neighborhood food pantry. kat? >> reporter: first take a look at the warehouse. it is gone, it is destroyed. that church you mentioned, it remains standing. but the problem is, and you might see some of those church members standing there, they are working to figure out how to feed the hundreds upon hundreds
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and down the block along the sidewalk tomorrow for the food pantry. while the fire estroyed this massive warehouse full of restaurant supplies in brooklyn, firefighters saved the church next door. the ch ch, though, suffered a great deal of damage. >> smoke damage, water, flood inside. they cut the power, so all of that's not working. >> reporter: church members of moore grace center held onto each other as they struggled to deal with all that's been lost. the church not only served as a place to worseip, it's also a -q food pantry. at least 300 people would have been given food tomorrow morning. >> we're trying to find a different venue to houston that pantry. we feed at least 300 families every week. though we are knocked down, we will definitely get back up. >> reporter: as church members gathered important items, people who live in the area told us they often saw so many waiting
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>> there's usually a bunch of people standing outside. it was very shocking to see that. >> it must have been a big fire. >> reporter: the fire broke out shortly before 11:00 last night inside the restaurant supply warehouse on parkside avenue. large containers of cooking ail may have fueled the fire. it took six hours for atfirefighters to get the fire under control. >> there is some damage to the church. structurally, it's pretty sound. i was able to walz through and get to the rear. what happened is, it's mostly a lot of water damage. but for the most part, structurely it's pretty sound. >> reporter: church members say they're praying for the owner of the warehouse and trying to stay strong themselves. and the pastor says there are many words to describe how he d parishioners are feeling, devastated and heartbroken among them. the food itself is salvageable. they are trying to find a place to have the food pantry.
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block at a day care. therer s information on our website,, if you want to help out the church. back to you, david. >> in brooklyn, thank you, kat. the kpab trail running through new york. hillary clinton joining governor cuomo this avenue noon at workers rally. e governor speaking now. this organized by victory for new york families. they're celebrating the passage of the $15 minimum wage. the governor is signing his new state budget. both the wage hike and the family leave will be phased in over time. john kasich also on the trail in new york today. here is a live look at his town event in hempstead. he'll also host a town hall at the paramount in huntington. kae' was attacked by his rivals this weekend. donald trump renewed his call on the ohio governor to drop out of the race.
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troubling find, a van full of puppies stuffed in cages and left alone overnight in a parking lot. the van with about 60 dogs inside was parked outside a pet store. all the puppies are being checked out. animal control and the i osecor's office are going to decide if the puppies can in fact be put up for adoption. just pups is part of a chain whose owner is already facing allegations of animal cruelty. last week, a store in east brunswick had its license revoked and was shut down. up next, we're not the only ones seeing snow. this spring storm is affecting cities acrs the north. when is there relief in sight? are you thinking of booking a summer vacation? well, we found out which airlines were just named the best. coming up next on "new york live," the top moments from last night's awards shows.
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nter for millions of people around the country this morning. an april snowstorm swept across the upper midwest and the northeast ripping down trees and power lines and bringing high winds and unseasonably cold temperatures. more cold weather is on the way. report. >> reporter: crews out cleaning up debris right now after winds of up to 60 miles per hour swept through the northeast toppling trees, ripping through power lines, even crushing homes. this as even more severe weather is expected this way. more than 9 inches of snow overnight in michigan. in connecticut, more than 8 inches of snow expected into this evening. this after more than 150,000 homes are still without power across 25 states. a couple was killed in boston
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roof of their car. fortunately, that couple did not make it out alive in massachusetts. there is still high wind advisories in effect across the country. if you live in one of those arideas, experts are saying you should remain extremely cautious. back to you. >> seeing these images today -- >> it's the winter that never happened, but it won't give up now. >> exactly. >> let's take a look outside. we'll walk over to the weather wall and a smippy slow go for so many people. not bad out right now with re:pect to traffic. during the rush tonight it is going to be a mess. let's see what the current conditions are outside. 43 degrees and rain. you see disparity between the graphic we put up in the corner of your screen. our central park observations are down. just want to clarify that for you. raw, damp, chilly, nasty conditions all day today.
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the postponedn.ankees opener which will now be tomorrow. and then more rain and thunderstorms as we head into thursday. it's a lot of a lot of stuff which isn't great at this time of the year, this is the live radar picture. we have pockets of heavier rain. a light rain falling through most of toe metropolitan area and out to long island. then we get mixed precip and snow well to the north. 1 to 3 inches could fall before all is said and done with like a crust on top because of the freezing precip that's falling. our area, mostly wet stuff through the city. we started off with some snow flakes this morning. future tracker moves this through and out by about 9:00 tonight with the exception of long island. then it opens the door for cold air to come on into play. the colder air is going to invade from the north and that is going to stick with us right
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this afternoon, staying cool. a west wind between 5 and 10 miles per hour. steady periods of rain for the most part. at least light rain. 50 degrees should be where we top off. we're going to slide down rather rapidly during the afternoon and evening hours. cold air alerts. watch, a lot of this wet stuff is going to refreeze and making travel complicated and dangerous for folks. if you don't have to go out tonight, don't do it. an evening shower not out of the question with winds out of the north 10 to 15 miles per hour. bring your parkas to the ballpark. first pitch 1:5 tomorrow. 52 degrees today. raw and chilly. that's the story as we head to tonight. we clear out, but the cold air invades. there's your seven-day forecast. it's in and out of a lot of not great weather. thursday, we see temperatures moderate just a little bit.
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then as we head to the mets opener, sun and clouds and cold air for the end of the week before next week where we get back into the 60s. that has us all thinking about vacation again. we have the 26th annual airline quality report out this afternoon. ting at a lot of data, on-time performance, boarding and baggageloss. virgin america was number one. jetblue in second place followed by delta. hawaan airlines was fourth. alaska airlines fifth on the history. hawaiian was the best for on-time arrivals. people are spending tens of millions of dollars on a car that isn't even out00n the market yet. with that story and a check on the markets, let's check in with bill griffith. >> yeah, wall street's also under the weather today as we begin a new week. the first full week of the second quarter.
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the year, but today kind of lackluster. wege don't get big earnings reports until next week. we could have a quiet week this week. you just mentioned those airlines. and the performance surveys. by far, thediest performing stock on wall street today is virgin america. it will be purchased. it's up 40% right now because it will be purchased by alaska air for $57 or $2 billion overall. $57 a share. that topped a competing bid by jetblue. this all happened 'ery quickly. virgin america put itself up for sale a little over a week ago. the deal is expected to close sometime next january. as you just show, typically both those airlines finish high in customer satisfaction surveys. we will see if that continues as they come together. another big winner in the market today is tesla motor. the luxury electric car maker
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online orders for that new model 3 sedan priced starting at $35,000. each order required a deposit of $1,000. meaning that tesla has already taken in $276 million for a car that won't be out until late 2017. but it is a car that's priced for the masses. it's cool-looking. lot of hype. we'll see. and elon musk already said we have to rethink our production schedule. >> all right. thank you. "new york live" is next at 12 d:30. hello, ladies. >> hi, david. coming up, the adult coloring book craze comes to new york. we 're ing to take you inside a local club helping people relax and unwind through coloring. and where can you find the city's most impressive view? we have a must-see trip to one
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plus, kyle richards is going to be right here live. see you then. still ahead on news4 at noon, an incredible survival story. how driver managed to escape this car that plunged off a
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a woman barely survived a drop over a big cliff in canada this weekend. you can see the car there. it stopped nearly 300 feet down the hill in st. john's. the driver broke through the gate before plunging down the cliff. she was either ejected or somehow managed to jump. crews rescued the 20-year-old. police chase stopped traffic on san francisco's busy bay bridge. the suspect here, not your usual suspect. highway patrol officers trying to stop this little chihuahua.
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and scooped him up. they're now trying to figure out who the little guy's owner is.
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hey, what's up? b>> oh, my god! >> that moment when one of your heros pulls up next to you.
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traffic alongside him, so hs id, hey, what's up. he also autographed the hat she was wearing right then and there. tonight on news4 new york starting at 5:00, use your airline miles and save some money on a trip. better get baquero. for now, we'll send you over to
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happy monday, everybody, and welcome to "new york live." thanks for joining us. in the middle of this bizarre few days of weather. >> i don't know what to wear. >> do i need a hat or umbrella? i don't know. >> no idea. >> we have got a great show on the way for you, including a visit from andrew dice clay. >> also coming up, where can you find the coolest view in all of new york and some of the city's


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