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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  April 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> that white lexus chased him up the block and he tried to reverse and the guy on foot ran away. >> reporter: the thief remains at large. family and friends, too grief stricken to speak. >> people feel very depressed. >> reporter: now that truck on 22nd street was taken into possession by police for evidence. the thief, as he ran ay, police believe was actually captured by one surveillance mera at least in the area. they've been going door to door canvassing the area, asking witnesses, looking for surveillance. we have a freeze warning to tell you about. that is correct, a freeze
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snow actually fell in certain parts of the area today. the good news, we're not expecting any more of this. but these cold temperatures are another story. janice huff is tracking that for you. >> hard to believe we're talking about all of this in april, but we are. yes, it's still raining in some spots and actually still snowing in a few areas. you're still getting flurries in rts of connecticut, back through the hudson valley and through sussex, new jersey and light rain in and around the city. this line is slowly moving through. boston still getting some snow. this is all going to gradually move out of the area and dry air will move in. but so will the cold temperatures. already we're seeing that north of this line from white plains to the city, temperatures are below freezing, even in the
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the city will sre temperatures dropping through the 30s this evening and then the winds kick in. wind gusts expects up around 30 miles an hour in the morning. that means when we wake up tomorrow, single digit windchills. a dose of winter is here for the couple of days. i'll talk more about that and the freeze warnings in effect, as well as show you some of the snow totals from this morning. >> it's not right, janice. you can track the weather with our nbc 4 new york app. new at 5:00, police just released information in the deadly shooting of an iona college student in new rochelle less than a mile from campus. >> reporter: we just got out of a briefing with police.
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custody, 19-year-old steven ivenson desir. police say desir shot lawrence on a baseball field in lincoln park here in new rochelle. this all happening around 3:30 sunday morning. witnesses report hearing a couple of gunshots. lawrence was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> apparently they all know each other. some of them were friends, some of them were acquaintances. sounds like there may have been some sort of a beef. maybe an altercationwensued between two of the individuals. >> reporter: police still trying to figure out exactly what that fight was about. meantime, owe iona is offering counselling to students who need it. regardless of whether you
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an opinion on this store y story. a connecticut mother is accused of leaving her kids alone to go shopping but those kids did not stay put. >> now that westport mother has a date to face a judge. natalie bonny told police she left her five-year-i'd and her one-year-old alone in their bedroom to go shopping. an hour later good samaritans spotted the five-year-old wandering around the parking lot of a walgreens and the one-year-old was discovered near a mcdonald's and toyota dealership. >> the five-year-old is able to unlock the doors from the inside. the one-year-old was in front of mcdonald's, which is basically 0 feet away from the house. still, there's a one-year-old out on a cold day. it's 40 degrees.
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>>g police say the five-year-old knew how to get back home nd took police there. they were ultimately able to track down the mother. she's being held on two counts of risk of injury to a mother, due back in court on friday. nearly three years after a brutal beating death of a ansgender woman in harlem, a guilty plea from james dixon to manslaughter. he faces up to 12 years behind bars for repeatedly punching the 21-year-old after realizing she was transgender. the victim died from her injuries. an early morning scare for dozens of passengers headed to la guardia. their delta flight was diverted after suddenly losing cab
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the flight had taken off in charleston, south carolina, but it quickly made an emergency landing at raleigh durham international. everybody got off safely. nine delta gates were shut down in newark airport after an electrical fire, forcing nearly 200 people to evacuate wait. . the flames were put out and the terminal reopened but the fire rekindled causing a second evacuation. nobody was hurt. contaminated water in newark schoolsnas topic a for new jersey lawmakers. they're meeting to discuss the city's infrastructure. this hearing comes after newark shut down the water fountains of 30 school buildings because of lead in the water. to decision 2016. right now it is the eve of another big day in the race for the white house.
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in wisconsin. bernie sanders is in position for another upset that could prolong the democratic contest. donald trump has more than just delegates at stake. steve? >> reporter: some of these candidates have already moved onto new york, but wisconsin in a word, matters. trailing by four polling points the day before the vote in wisconsin, donald trump still insists he will get the republican nomination. >> if we don't win here, it's not over. but wouldn't you like to take the credit in wisconsin for ending it? >> reporter: donald trump stumbled last week on abortion and nuclear weapons. and lost momentum to ted cruz. >> we're getting close to 100% of the delegates in state after state after state. if we continue doing that, we will win 1237 delegates. that's plan a. >> reporter: trump is demanding
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but he is stubborn and baffled. >> i'm up 14 points on hillary in wisconsin and i'm going to lose in wisconsin. okay? this is really unbelievable. >> reporter: bernie sanders is up by three over hillary clinton in wisconsin democratic poll. >> don't tell her this, but i think we win here, we win in new york state we're on our way to the white house. >> reporter: clinton was already in new york pushing a hike in the minimum wage. >> because this is what makes america great. >> reporter: focusing on donald trump. >> he's fired, that's funny. >> reporter: with trump struggling. >> i can be the most presidential person you've ever seen. >> reporter: wisconsin republicans were weigh in on that. here are the numbers. to lock the republican nomination, trump now needs 56% of all the remaining delegates. ted cruz would need 88%.
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nearly double that to lock up the democratic nomination. >> is it possible for donald trump to do that, to lock in that first ballot nomination? >> reporter: again mathematically it is possible. trump says if you give me the win in wisconsin, that he will not get -- and it's only winner take all in a limited way. trump says he could all but lock it up. but he's trauk alking about momentum. he's got to win 56% of delegates from here on out. if he doesn't, there's going to be a really tough fight at the convention in cleveland. and he might not be the nominee. as we continue for you on news 4 new york, dodging the police, the search for a parolee..nted in a string of attacks on the elderly. and we're following the
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how passengers are describing those frightening moments and the questions authorities are working to answer. and a bus carrying bronx college students over turns on a snowy road. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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two people died just south of philadelphia. >> reporter: the wreckage has been cleared away and training are rolling again along amtrak's northeast corridor after a deadly crash this weekend. >> we now have our second d.o.a. >> reporter: two amtrak workers were killed sunday morning when a train slammed into the backhoe they were using on the tracks just south of philadelphia. investigators with the national transportation safety board remain on site. more than 300 passengers an seven crew members were on board
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york to -vannah, georgia. 30 people were taken to area hospitals including the engineer. none of the skrir injuries are considered life threatening. >> there was dust everywhere. >> reporter: dust that won't settle until investigators with determine how and why it happened. new tonight, bp has agreed to pay $20.8 billion for that l spill back in 2010. . a federal judge okayed that settlement after years of court ghts that resolves civil claims by states and the federal government for economic and environmental damages. flights are leaving the brussels airport on its second day of operation sense the terror -- since the terror attacks. by summer the airport should be
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passengers are being told to arrive three hours before their flights. new details tonight on a massive document leak that details a shadowy network of banks and law firms that are helping the world's most powerful people.lthe panama papers reveal suspected cases of money laundering by politicians, athletes. vladimir putin's spokesman says he's the target on a smear campaign. california new minimum wage lac w became official today, a minimum $15 an hour for more than 5.5 million workers. brown called that move part of living in a moral community. a similar law also became official in new york today. government affairs reporter melissa russo will have that story at 6:00.
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a bus carrying bronx college students over turned in upstate new york in warren county. snowy conditions are to blame. dozens of suny students were headed back to school from a leadership retreat when the bus lost control. 20 students suffered minor in djuries. >> the upper level wind pattern has changed. it's more of a winter type of pattern. usually this is pretty temporary in april. but looks like we're going to have cold air sticking around for several days here. these were the snow totals from ulster county. here three to six inches of snow with willow coming in with 5.8 inches of snow this morning. problems on the roads across ulster and duchess county this
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poughkeepsie with just over 2.5 implg inches of snow. farmingdale with just about a quarter of an inch. around the city the rainfall added up to about a half inch in central park. newark was just over a third of an inch and islip. in and snow. and still seeing some snow. light snow still coming down around danbury. in fairfield county it is mixing over and changing to sleet. watch out for slick rode along i-95 if you're traveling north towards connecticut tonight. raining in the city still and down across the shore areas. we don't see an end to this for a couple hours. temperatures right now, right around freezing in franklin and sparta. as you go a little farther south, you hit the 40s. it's 51 in trenton. 37 in islip.
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from north to south. freeze warnings in effect tonight for coastal areas for the city, jersey shore, long island, where the temperatures will drop down below 32. 28 in the morning in the city. we're dressing for winter tomorrow. hats and gloves are in order. it's going to be a breezy day. it's going to feel like february. north and west it's like winter too. still some snow on the ground because there will be refreeze tonight. 29 in long island in the morning. the winds will be out of the north at 15-20 miles an hour. a brisk wind. these are the high temperatures, 30s and 40s. afternoon we're talking about a winter's chill that's going to stick around for a couple of days. by thursday we're up to 60, showers and thunderstorms coming and then another cooldown this
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we've got another dose of it coming after it warms up for one day this week. dave price is going to give us the details on the yankees home opener. looks like the mets will be cool as well. a doggone good chase out of california. >> a chihuahua caused a big scene on the san francisco bay bridge. the hot pursuit began yesterday morning after the highway patrol spots that pup running. the feisty little guy avoided capture f r times before finally being scooped up. he's now in an area animal shelter. he has a new nickname. they call him ponch. >> that is a long span for such a little guy. ow >> it's not the size of the dog in the fight. it's the size of the --
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>> exactly. much more ahead as we continue. >> we showed you the individual of people lining up to get one of these. sales for the new tesla are shattering records. and dave is here with a look at what's coming up. a manhattan man says he rented out his apartment online only to have it used for a sex party. now he' helping crack down on illegally subletted apartments. using your airline miles can be a great way top
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off a tall cliff in canada. that's her car up there. the driver broke through the gate at the top of the hill before plunging down the cliff. she was either ejected of somehow managed to jump dpr the car. crews rescued the driver who was seriously injured. a long island man is accused of burning his wife's hands in hot cooking oil. the suspect pulled his wife's hair and forced her towards a deep fryer in the couple's chinese restaurant in oceanside. her husband is facing several assault charges. it appears legal troubles could soon be over for stephanie seymour. there are conditions. the sports illustrated must attend a six week outpatient program for alcohol abuse. police say the 47-year-old backed her suv into another car
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the christie administration filed a lawsuit to block the city from making payroll payments. this move now putting pressure on city leaders to accept a state takeover. the city is expected to run out of money on friday if they don't have an intervention. a federal communications commission unveiled new labels to help users understand what they're getting when they sign up for mobile or broadband internet. the labels outline the cost and describes the limits on data use. while internet service providers already have to provide that information, they hope to keep customers better informed. tesla's advance ordered topped 276,000 world wide this weekend. buyers have to put up $1,000 to reserve their new model 3.
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until it goes on sale in 2017. hey. what's up? >> oh my god! oh my god! he doesn't have that reaction to everybody, but nascar driver kyle bush saw a fan stuck in traffic right alongside him so he rolled down his window and said hello. he also autographed the hat she was wear right then and there. the two both on their way out of martinsville race way where bush won his first race of the season. when you see the recognition in her face -- >> that couple of seconds there when it's dawning on her. >> she's a fan for sure. the tax man may come looking for cash from homeowners in three local cities. plus this --
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attacking elderly women, a 65-year-old man is staying one step ahead of the police. coming up 4 investigates how he fell off the radar and started his crime spree. and coming up, a new jersey pet store owner facing criminal ch ges after 50 puppies are rescued. were they were found and how they're doing now and why their
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we investigate how an excon went from model parolee to a suspect in a slew of robberies involving senior citizens. >> we have learned detectives are trying to figure out if he's the man wanted for the virgs cious attacks. >> reporter: law enforcement sources are telling me jones seemed to be on the right path after leaving prison. he seemed to have things together. that is until a vicious attack right here in the bronx. 65-year-old clarence jones is the excon wanted for stalking and attacking seniors. why he's managed to evade law enforcement is a question haunting women in the bronx and queens.


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