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tv   Today  NBC  April 5, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> that's the number one lady in e music business right now. >> yes, it is. >> having a good year. gwen stefani, where would i be. wonder what she's talking about with that. it is hoda's favorite day, next
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booze day tuesday, april 5th. feels like february 5th. >> i cannot believe the hat, the coat, the gloves, the scarf. >> you had to take out at like 3:30 in the morning. >> hat and scarf. >> that was for blake. >> the windchill felt like 17. 17 degrees in manhattan. >> does he -- is he the kind of dog that takes his time? >> no. >> does he lolly gag? >> it is 15 minutes every time. >> yeah. >> cold, rain, doesn't matter. 15 minutes. >> 15-minute man. >> 15-minute man. >> great show today. actress, dancer, singer, rumor willis is here. having an awesome year. she won "dancing with the stars" and made her broadway debut and exciting news to share about what she's doing now. pretty soon they're going to ask demi moore and bruce willis, are you rumer's parents? >> exactly. and how do you know if your relationship is not headed
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we have our hunkie men, they're over there. >> oh, lord. >> they're going to help you recognize the signs when our guys tell all. >> it should be interesting. if you ever had days where you felt like a less than perfect mom, very funny book, two of our good friends here at "today" have written "the shoddy mom." >> replace the vowel. >> and they're going to say why some of these parenting things that you do are just -- >> you know, everybody is doing them. >> big congratulations to villanova. if you love basketball, if you don't love basketball, still a great moment. so it was -- to let you guys know, in the last few seconds of the men's ncaa basketball final, north carolina was down by three points. three points down, shoots the three-pointer and it is tied. everybody thought overtime. north carolina is so happy.
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four seconds left on the clock. all right. here it comes. everyone is sweating it out. here it goes. carolina fields it. >> to jenkins, for the championship. >> buzzer beater. buzzer beater. >> you could be a sportscaster. >> jenkins, jenkins -- the final score was 77-74. okay. look what is happening. can we -- >> you really want to see villanova when it is so quiet and they're all watching. look, look. it explodes. >> i'm so nervous. >> you've been on both sides of that. you played basketball. >> i think if you ever played a sport in your life, doesn't matter if it was professionally or as a kid, there was something about the feeling of trying to hit the game-winning shot. >> of course. >> and you did on occasion. >> i missed most of them, but for some reason i had the reputation of being the one who could -- >> you're the tallest, i'm sure.
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then i would miss and miss and miss, but every now and then i would get one. that feeling is amazing. congrats to villanova. the last time they won the championship was in 1985. >> when none of them were even important born, right? >> like patrick ewing. >> all of our love to the north carolinians. that's tough. >> that's a heart breaker. >> great team. and north carolina is one of the most beautiful states in the nation. it is for justice gorgeous. >> there is a picture of michael jordan crying after the loss. this showed this picture, it has been going around. everyone saying look how sad michael jordan was after north carolina lost. he looked really sad. he was going like this, waaa. >> we're waiting for tape on this. >> just the picture. >> but, anyway, it was not taken that night. >> no, it wasn't. >> okay, so we don't have -- >> this is the picture they keep using. >> this doesn't look like michael jorden. >> that was in 2009, when he was inducted into the basketball
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they took that picture, replaced his suit with his current outfit and they said, oh, look at poor michael jordan, he's crying now. >> who did it? they put his crying head on. you can kind of tell the head is replaced -- >> on all of them. >> every single fan is crying. >> look at the guy with michael jordan's head on his phone. a lot of guys get emotional. and women, i have to say, get emotional. >> and in all the years i never saw frank do that. >> he never cried? >> he cried, but not about a sports thing. >> did he ever get mad? >> yes, he did. >> when the giants lost, he got mad. >> no, he didn't. ann mara did. he said, what can you do? it is over. they played their best. they didn't have their game today. i think that's why -- he was so chill. he was very mellow that way.
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she would scream through the whole thing. so much fun to sit next to her and mary higgins clark. >> she screamed too. >> she was at every game too. >> mary higgins clark. >> they were tough. don't get in the middle of those two ladies. >> on "fallon" last night, does he the lip-synch battles. he did one last night with melissa mccarthy. he went head to head with her and jimmy sang "brand-new king" and melissa sang "colors of the wind ." let's watch. i got a brand-new pair of -- i think we should get get together my friends we are all connected to each other in a sirb circle
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you'll never hear a wolf cry need to sing with all the voices of the mountain s s paint with all the colors of the wind >> i'm thinking wasn't that vanessa williams that sang that? right? >> that was great. >> he's dying laughing. she was amazing. >> she put goggles on before her lip-synch battle. the voice, they had this singoff. they have been doing these battle rounds. two people going head to head. this is two of adam's people. we're going to watch link versus jessica. we're going to guess who -- >> okay.
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i can see the doorway to a thousand surrender oh, i feel the light and the heat all the time i was drowning myself and i should have known i was lost should have known i was lost should have known i was lost should have known i should have known >> i don't know. they're both really good. >> i say link. >> i'm going to pick jessica. >> jessica was sent home. >> we didn't get to watch it happen. >> the winner of this knockout for that reason is link. >> congratulations.
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>> wow. >> yeah, yeah. >> she was great too. >> yeah, that's the trouble. so many talented people. last night, my kids were home, sost you just -- you want every moment you can get with them once they start going out into the world. so we were just -- we were just going down memory lane and christine played a song that i -- i forgot, meant the world to us. if you never heard "she is his only need" by wynonna judd. >> i love wynonna. >> if you never heard "she's his only need," can we play it tomorrow? i know it is not ihoda day. but maybe kathie lee could once and a while have a song. >> i want to hear it. we had some fun the other day. >> i cried like a baby, though.
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so many memories of being in colorado, when we had a place out there and the kids were little. anyway -- there is a dating app which i guess i need now. >> a digital app. sometimes they can be tricky, swipe left, swipe right, we got a lesson on all of this from sisters danielle and laura who we loved when they came here, they wanted to show us how to do it. let's take a look. >> you swipe right for yes and left for no. we just want -- like an outside perspective. >> he's a deejay, he's in between things now. >> get rid of him. >> in between -- >> no. >> i like him. >> i hate him. >> i like him. >> why? why? >> my kind of guy. >> right. >> back off, barbie. >> no? >> i've been swiping the wrong way. >> got to look --
10:11 am
too easy to open and too tough to put down. >> come on. >> have we found any yet. >> my ex-boyfriend from a long time ago. >> that's al roker. >> al, yeah. >> al, yeah. is he in the building? >> no. >> oh, yeah. >> they're very cute girls and it is true what they're saying is you're trying to find the perfect guy but your face is in technology the entire time, you might be missing him. >> there are great scenes. this is -- >> it new potato like the old onion? >> no. coming up, wait until you see what we're giving away. >> hoda gave it away. from chicago to a new york landmark, rumer willis looking so pretty, ready to wow audiences with all that jazz.
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this past year has been nothing but a whirlwind for actress and dancer and singer rumer willis. >> and it all began when she tangoed her way across the dance floor with her pro partner val to win the coveted mirror ball trophy on "dancing with the stars ." and then she took on broadway for first time in her career, playing roxy hart in chicago. >> now at 27, all those performances led her straight to one of the most iconic stages in new york city, the cafe carlisle. one of the last remaining ones in new york where she's making her singing debut tonight. >> look at you at the carlisle. >> wow. >> i've seen bobby short there so many times. everybody is great in that room. it is awesome. >> you can do all those things. >> watch your language there. >> yeah. >> we watched you do all kinds of things. is singing one of your main passions?
10:16 am
my sisters and i when we were kincds used to put on performances in the living room and make our parents and friends sit down and watch. >> parents love that. you're not making them. they love that. >> every once in a while we would make them pay a dollar. >> sing professional. >> what kinds of shows? do you remember what you did? >> everything from singing to kind of crazy interpretive dance performances, i think -- >> i had no idea you had never been trained in dance. you looked so natural and graceful. >> thank you. >> you had an incredibly brave year. the things you took on which you've never really done professionally before, that's to be applauded the most. a lot of people just let fear paralyze them. >> i think, you know, that was one of the coolest things for me about doing chicago and dancing with the stars is it completely pushed me out of my comfort zone and i was able to, you know, just try something i never had.
10:17 am
so, you know. >> you're doing so well, but did the nerves kind of just go away? did it go away when you did broadway? >> by the time -- to be honest, by the time i got to broadway there wasn't -- i wasn't really nervous going out on stage, more just the excitement of -- >> you're prepared. >> yeah. >> a lot of preparation. >> exactly. >> what are you going to sing at the carlisle? >> eclectic, i hear? >> a lot of -- i'm a huge jazz fan. there is a lot of old school kind of -- doing some billy holliday, etta james. >> you've been compared to her by certain critics. >> i know. i was, like, oh, my gosh. >> will your family be with you sitting in the front row? >> definitely. >> the kind of sing along, do they mouth every word? >> encouraging you? >> i don't know. i kind of enjoy watching my family in the audience just because, you know, they're so
10:18 am
>> that's what has given you the ability to take these chances. you got a safe place to fall. >> when you have a whole team supporting you, so much nicer to know you can try anything and it is okay. >> we want to learn more about you. we're going to play a game. what is the game called? >> it is called -- >> i forget. >> what is it called? >> rumer or truth. >> something like that. >> give us a fact. and we'll guess. >> i played the daughter of both of my parents on film. >> true. >> that's false. >> no. >> it is real? >> rumer or real. that's what it is. >> whatever. >> okay. >> this one is a good one. i love pajamas so much, i have a collection of about 21 of these at home? >> yes. >> like cassidy. >> every once in a while i'll have friends come over and everybody puts them on and, you know, you literally just look like a crazy group of zoo animals. it is awesome. i love it. >> time for one last quick one. >> all right.
10:19 am
as miss golden globe in 2009. >> true. >> real. >> it is? >> congratulations. >> all right. >> listen, all the best tonight. >> go see rumer this week at the cafe carlisle. tonight through saturday. have a great run. >> all right. >> we're turning a classic lunch into dinner with an easy blt pasta. >> how about a little -- our hunkie men are ready to dish out when it's your time to shine. you want to feel good from head to toe. including your nails. introducing the amop\ electronic nail care system. the fast way to file. buff and shine. for effortless shiny wow nails! so you can step out with that amop\ confidence and shine on! the electronic nail care system from amop\.
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if you want to know what your man is really thinking about you, you've come to the right place. our guys are ready to tell all. >> first up, single chris mansa, author of a new children's book coming out next friday called "oliver brightside."
10:23 am
>> next, host of and he'll be hosting an upcoming political idiot test special. that's going to be -- >> here we go. let's go. our first lovely lady, hi, girls. >> my name is denise. and my question is actually for my daughter grace. >> can someone's mother be the deal breaker in a relationship? >> i'm going to say based on this exchange that just happened, absolutely. no, i'm joking. >> my brother suffered 11 breakups at the hands of my mother. so -- >> and right every time.
10:24 am
sometimes the girl you're dating is not great and the mom lets her stick around. she's so nice, i'll let her stick around longer. >> the difference is between you the mother and -- if the mother is far away, like, hey, you only have to deal with her in small doses, no matter what she's like, you can make it -- >> you love everybody. >> you know. i have the exact opposite. my -- i'm the deal breaker because my wife -- my mom said if my wife and i break up, i'm the one that has to go. >> that's how it is between my mother -- my mother and my wife, they are two old souls have gotten together, like they're about to go on a trip to atlantic city together. >> listen to your mama. you don't remember what the question was. >> we'll come back after the break, kiddos. our guys will stick around. >> all that time on one -- >> that's what we did. that's how we roll.
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this was a great pick. live, this is news 4 new york now.
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on the hamilton bridge, 10:27 on this tuesday, april 5th. good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. not far from there, fans will be filling yankee stadium for today's home opener against the houston astros. the game was supposed to be played yesterday but had to be postponed because of the rain. hot chocolate may outsell peanuts and cracker jacks at the stadium today. it's going to feel like 29 degrees when the first pitch is thrown after 1:00 p.m. let's check the rest of the weather, sunny, breezy, 42 for the . tomorrow a better day, 47. thursday 59, friday breezy, cooler, mets opener that day, 52 degrees. up next on the "today" show, how about blt pasta with a twist. join us again at noon, all day long on and
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we're back on this booze day tuesday with guys tell all. >> relationship questions with chris mansa, our two married dads, rick and chuck and ben glebe. let's go across the street. >> i'm sophia, my question is, do men stalk a woman as much as women stalk men on social media. >> men are the kings of stalking. i mean, sometimes you don't even need to stalk. you go look at one picture and next thing you know a half hour has gone by.
10:31 am
i would like to say it is kind of weird that i'm the single one, weirder for you guys, right? >> i'm married. it is all right to look. i don't reach out, but sometimes -- i can't tell you who i stalk. i have some people i stalk that i like to look at their pictures, very nice to look at. i just look at them and just -- >> i don't stalk anyone that i know. >> that's creepy. >> let me just say, as a very sane man who is married for 18 on'tar stalk anybody. i'm never going to stalk anybody. i don't even look at my wife's pictures, that's how guilty i am. >> you, i don't mind. i don't mind stalking you. >> if you stalk somebody you like for the future, then you get a date with that person and they say, last week i went skiing, don't say, i know.
10:32 am
i've been with this man for over a year and a half and we're great together, however he tells me he knows in the future he will hurt me. and he doesn't want a girlfriend, yet he treats me like one. i adore him and love him to pieces. anyone else. what should i do? >> can you say psychopath? that's what that sounds like to me, you know. don't make me hurt you like all the others. that's not something you want to hear on a date. >> sounds like he doesn't want to commit and you -- i think you don't want to commit because you know this guy doesn't want to commit and you stay with him. >> i think he wants to put her on guard. >> it is very likely true and in that case, either be able to remove your emotions and have fun, which probably will not happen, so you have to bounce otherwise, it is going to happen. i'm single. hit me up on social media. >> do you have commitment phobia, basically? >> i don't have commitment phobia. i'm just not great at it, but i'm not technically afraid. i just fail at it.
10:33 am
i think -- i won't rush into anything because -- >> because of your mother. >> because of my mother. >> in any relationship, there is always potential to hurt someone. you can't decide to not pursue the relationship. >> we're ready. >> hi, my name is amanda. my husband's birthday is next week and he's impossible to shop for. i need help finding him a present. any ideas? >> gift cards. >> no. underwear. >> electronics. >> men love gadgets. we always love gadgets. and, listen, i'm going to be -- i don't want to get you in any trouble, but please don't do the sex thing, like, that's a gift. please. because -- we're supposed to get that. we're supposed to get that. no, no. this is what happens all the time. >> always encourage a butt naked run through. just through the house naked. >> you're supposed to do that anyway. don't talk about, hey, baby,
10:34 am
you got me that two days ago. i want electronics. >> that about tickets to a game. >> tickets to a game. >> i like underwear. >> chris is, like, this is me learning too. >> i don't like gifts from anyone, awkward like that. it is fun to learn what married guys -- >> you're the only sane person in the room. >> all right. if you would like to have a question for our man panel, head to and hit the connect butten. >> from relationship advice to parenting advice, if this looks familiar to you, we have got
10:35 am
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10:39 am
>> our viewers can relate. so we wanted to share some of the mom fails that you sent us. >> left the house without putting a diaper on my daughter. you know what they say, sleep happens and it totally did. >> i had a very fres stressful day, i was halfway home, and i realized my 2-year-old didn't have both shoes. >> we have dance party at my house every night where i said to little mila, shake your booty and she was fine until the next day at school, she got into class and the first thing she said to a little boy in her class was shake your booty. >> i forgot my daughter had early leave and had to call me from school because she was the only one left there. mom of the year. >> happens to all of us. >> here to explain why it is
10:40 am
time are alicea yarborough and mary ann zellner. they have written the perfect survival -- not perfect, because they aren't, survival guide call called "[ bleep ] mom." >> can you show us what you do to destress before your segment. do it. >> they do booby bump. >> very odd and scary. a lot like they are. >> okay. so obviously we asked parents about their issue ands and s and they had a lot of them. did you find there is tons and tons of material for this book. >> too much. even before we get out the door at 8:00 in the morning, we have so many stories that we have to share and the more you share, the better you feel about what just happened. >> you're not alone. everybody else makes the same mistakes pretty much. >> how old are you your kids? >> 11 and 12. >> mine are 9 -- let me think
10:41 am
>> how d they feel about you guys pushing this book? a little weird. >> so cute, because first time around our daughters were -- she was, like, they're like doing the middle school application, like, well, i said my mom is an author, but i didn't say the name of the book. now they're like, mom, good luck! >> we got a lot of -- this book has great little anecdotes. you were reading it. what did you think? >> i thought it was so funny. unlike the last one. i really thought it was clever. >> so we got -- people want advice and things like that. we have sharon r., we'll put her picture on the monitor, from new jersey, she says apparently baby hates the beach and water. unfortunate for a beach vacation. what -- you probably see a lot of this stuff, huh? >> kids hate vacation. no such thing. it is insanity, the idea of
10:42 am
this baby, though she is upset because she's -- there is sunshine, in a swimming pool, with her daddy it looks like, i mean -- >> it seems like she should be happy. >> you have to put sunscreen on that baby. you know why? not for the baby, but for you because you don't want your vacation to be ruined because you're inside with the sunburned kid. >> what is wrong with you? >> it is a win-win for everyone. >> they hate it. >> hate it. you say we're going for a hike and all of a sudden their body goes limp, they're out running in the backyard miles and miles and miles, but when you're on vacation, go to the museum, no. >> i don't want to go. >> don't get talked into a staycation. >> that should be banned from the vernacular. >> taking off time from work to stay home to take care of your kids, which is even more work. >> yes.
10:43 am
from taking care of your kids. >> all right, here is another one. this one is rebecca g., she sent us a photo. she said she used cheap rash guard that ended up scraping off some sensitive parts. >> yes. >> good news is she has a really cute photo, though. really. that kid is -- how cute is that? little popsicle it deal with the stress. >> i lost little one over there, the little girl with two fingers up her nose. that is just -- one is not enough. >> we love you guys. congrats on the book. it is call ed ed "[ bleep ] moms." coming up -- >> never mind, they left. >> pasta the kids will love, unless you're on vacation and then they'll hate it.
10:44 am
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i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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one of the quickest meals to make for your family on a busy week night is pasta. our "today" food team wants to help you out with a brand-new idea. >> it is a blt pasta with a twist. it is straight from the pages of the new book "mix and match meal planner" by author shea shults. >> from dallas, texas. >> you look like a beauty queen. >> thank you. thank you. thank you so much. we're taking a blt, turning it inheto a pasta. usual suspects, bacon, spinach, and tomatoes. the key is we're going to roast our garlic. >> that's what we smelled. >> yeah. roasting garlic is so simple. all you do is cut the top off and drizzle it with olive oil, lots of salt and pepper and pop it in the oven at like 425. we'll do it for 30 minutes. and then for the last 15 minutes add tomatoes.
10:50 am
the best part about roasting tomatoes is they don't have to be in season. when you roast them, they'll pop and be delicious. even if they're out of season. yeah. so -- >> cherry tomatoes from israel first. >> you were just in israel, yeah. >> i never knew that. >> if you want to pull out -- we have roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes that have been roasting in our 425 oven. don't they look delic? >> they do. >> you can make this year round, even if it wasn't tomato season. right up there. let's move on up here. >> i'll bring the wine. >> you bring the wine. doesn't it smell good? let's pop open this and we can see -- look at our roasted garlic. looks so good. so good. so right here we have about 12 pieces of bacon. this is a pork bacon. you can use the turkey bacon. it may be leaner. we crisped it up. we'll take our -- >> is that from the bacon? >> this is from the bacon. >> that's a lot. >> that's what makes it good. >> you're right. >> we're going to pour in our
10:51 am
pan, get the little bits off the bottom. >> scrape that. >> scrape that off. then we're going to add our roasted garlic. i'll let you grab this one, it is not hot. see -- >> it pops out. >> caramelize and add that. >> not this. >> no. look look. and then mask that down. flavor to our sauce. let's toss in our cherry tomatoes. they have been roasted up. lo atok at that. so good. and spinach in there. we have our b. we have all of the ingredients k d >> you're not a shoddy mom. >> you know what else, they're not going to notice the spinach
10:52 am
the tomatoes because we're going to add parmesan cheese. >> they won't have any idea they're getting veggies. >> bacon, parm, they're not going to notice. >> that's it? >> parmesan cheese? >> we can put as much as we want. >> look at this. >> our finished product, our blt pasta, right there. >> looks delicious. >> it does. >> mm. >> oh, my god. >> better than a sandwich, right? >> delicious. >> delicious. >> thank you so much. >>o thank you. >> for this recipe, what should they do? >> go to >> a giveaway for five lucky winners.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
all right, before we say good-bye on this fine tuesday, it is time to give it away.
10:56 am
>> a papasan outdoor double chair and accessories. >> beautiful. colorful ensemble. features a papasan chair and cushion that is durable, available in multiple colors. >> we're going to find out who our lucky winners are. that's a pretty good prize and it com es >> >> who is it? >> lori cane from drummen, wisconsin. >> you know who i have? i have alicea wilson from whitley, wisconsin. >> i have tammy beckly from albany, ohio. i feel like i got two. >> no, you got one. i got brian from salt lake. >> i love him. >> thank you, brian. >> we have here, our last one, jennifer siroid of crest view, florida. >> congratulations.
10:57 am
>> it is spanky time. >> there is more. >> make sure you enter for next week's prize. for complete rules, go to and hit the connect button. >> tomorrow, we have a great show, your pal -- squire. >> squire will be here tomorrow. if you don't have a dog, you might want to get one by tomorrow. we have a workout for you. >> and we'll tickle your funny bone with a game of who knew. >> forget that. >> you want spanky tuesday.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
today on "access hollywood live," kristin bell is with us and brought her costar. >> she's adorable. >> so cute, from "the boss." >> we'll hear secrets about the movie and "frozen" maybe. >> the ladies have invaded the barbershop. >> eve is back, talking about her role. i love her tattoos. >> wait until you see the tattoos. paw prints on the decolletage. lock the doors, turn the lights down low, scotty mcqueary krooer ccreery is


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