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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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accidentally shooting and killed an unarmed black man. now lawyers for a former nypd officer want the verdict tossed claiming a juror died. then retaining wall concerns. the emergency repairs underway right now that could snarl your morning commute. plus -- >> overrunning people, overrunning homes. the help sought in a town terrorized by turkeys. first a big night in decision 2016 and a bad night for donald trump and hillary clinton as a result of the wisconsin presidential primary come in. >> bernie sanders is the projected winner on the democratic side with a convincing lead over hillary clinton as votes are still being counted and on the republican side, a sweeping victory for ted cruz, a projected winner tonight hammering donald trump with more than half of the votes now in. >> we're in the news room with
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>> both of those campaigns were hearing the word momentum, the idea that tonight's wins could lead to a change in direction for both party, but they are not there yet and there are still big states ahead. ted cruz from wisconsin tonight reveling a big win, proving the never trump movement has legs. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. it is a call from the hardworking men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. >> reporter: though he still trails in the delegate count it's all about momentum. meanwhile nbc news has learned from multiple sources of turmoil in the trump campaign. some questioning how he's being advised. the strategy let trump be trump has worked so far, but some fear his inner circle is afraid to speak up to him. trump dismissed the allegations today. >> we're doing really well. i had not heard anything about the inner fightings of the
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a very successful campaign going and i think we're going to keep it going. >> bernie sanders also had a momentum building night. he took the podium from wyoming. >> what we have been seeing throughout this campaign is extraordinary voter turnouts in state after state after state. >> reporter: hillary clinton paid little attention to wisconsin today. she is here in new york and setting her sights on donald trump. >> i wish he'd get out of one of his towers and actually walk the streets. >> but sanders supporters continued to dig in. she addressed her issue of authenticity on the view. >> i don't understand that because i've been pretty much the same person my entire life for better or worse. >> all the candidates are looking forward to the new york primary in two weeks. nearly 300 delegates at stake. sanders and clinton will be very busy in our area the next couple
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as for trump, he put out a statement tonight missing the loss in wisconsin putting out a prediction that he will win in his home state. >> thank you. we're turning now to the weather and a freeze warning is in effect and a rainstorm is headed our way. here's storm team meteorologist janice huff. >> well, yes, the cold temperatures are still out there. let's talk about that first. the freeze warning is back in effect overnight for coastal areas and the five buroughs just like it was last night as the temperatures dip into the 20s. if you're not there already, you will be pretty soon. this is in effect until 10:00 on wednesday morning. right now across long island most of the temperatures are above freezing. right around freezing or just below but there are a lot of 20s on the map already. bridge water, the city is still above freezing at 37, but they will continue to drop.
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out there. 16 in monticello. that's the worst of it. tonight lows in the 20s. teens north and west, even some single digits around bethel. 9 above a few areas. may flirt with record lows in the morning. but tomorrow's afternoon highs will not be as cold as today. we will make it close to 50 in some spots and there is warm air out there. the question is whether we'll see it here this week. i'll have the details coming up in a few minutes. back to you. a bomb shell move in the case of peter liang. he was accused of killing an unarmed man. now they want the verdict thrown out. now there's a juror being called into question. >> reporter: that juror's honesty, a crucial part of the judicial process, but as we talked with legal experts tonight we found out getting a
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point is an uphill battle. peter peter liang's attorney said the juror lied when asked if a close relative had been convicted of a serious crime. have you or anyone close to you been convicted of a crime. probably yes, but none that -- none comes to mind? >> none that made the papers i don't think. >> i'm talking about close family or yourself. no, no. but it turns out according to published reports the jurist's father served 7 years in prison for an accident tall shooting similar to the crime the officer was convicted of in november 2014. the former cop's conviction should now be tossed, his attorney says. >> i do think it has some teeth, but judges are loathe to set aside verdicts, so it's going to
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>> reporter: a spokes person for the brooklyn district attorney's office said in a statement, he received a fair trial and we'll respond to the motion in court. >> i hope we don't have violence as a result of it but i don't agree with the district attorney. >> the former mayor takes issue in an interview with the prosecutor's recommendation that he serve probation and home confinement, not jail time. >> if it appears that this is a rather routine and not a big deal, then i think we increase the chances of some other officer being less vigilant than they would otherwise be. >> reporter: now, that juror told reporters he was not being deceitful. he says he wasn't close with his dad being raised in orphanages and boys' homes. a hearing date has yet to be scheduled on the motion. >> thank you. happening now, the suspect behind a fatal car jacking in brooklyn is waiting to face a
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the 24-year-old joshua cologne stole a truck yesterday when the truck's owner chased after him. police say he pushed the man to the ground and ran him over. he died from his injuries. cologne faces murder and robbery charges. he is expected to be arraigned overnight. traffic is moving along slowly along the henry hudson parkway. one of the northbound lanes is closed. city agencies are inspecting a bulging retaining wall near 125th street. authorities have blocked off parts of the roadway since this afternoon and it may not fully reopen until the morning rush or possibly later. and still delays on the a, c, e, d, b, f, qm and n lines. the mta hopes to have these issues resolved before the
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and 7 train riders fed up with overcrowded trains and service disruptions voiced their complaints tonight. new york city transit chief heard their concerns. she says that relief is on the way as crews finish repairs related to hurricane sandy and old tracks are replaced. riders say they have dealt with these transit troubles for long enough. >> signal problems on the line that kauds service outages or backups, that type of thing. the train shut down for an entire weekend on end. >> weekend disruptions has been a problem, but it was a problem work done. >> starting this fall, the mta says the 7 line will also get two extra trains on weekend evenings to ease overcrowding. tonight students at a long island school are mourning the death of a class meat. a 7th grader was a student at
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he was rushed to the continue yesterday. no word on what caused her death. grief counselors met with the students. a progolfer could bring big changes to the historic castle. a letter sent explained that the castle and golf course may be turned over to golfer jack nicholaus and developer stanley gail. the proposed deal would include $20 million in improvements including redesigning the golf course and converting the castle into a clubhouse. the deal still has to be finalized, however. the castle made head lines two years ago when the owner was ambushed and shot in the head by a masked gunman right outside. that gunman was never caught. the state lawmakers are moving forward with impeachment proceedings against the governor. the # 3-year-old governor is accused of using state funds to commit an affair. >> we're looking at this
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betrayed the trust of the people of alabama. >> governor bentley and his aide have denied any affair. well, coming up on news 4 new york, collision course. startling video of a speeding car plowing into a building. but what it also took through the concrete wall. >> reporter: turkey trouble. one town is gathering tonight to discuss an aggressive turkey issue. hear how bad it's been for one family. >> and is it illegal to eves drop on your kids? it is now if you live in new
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injured when they slammed into a parked car and then into a building. the black car smashes into the parked car sending both vehicles through concrete wall of the shoe repair. the driver and passenger were both injured. both are in stable condition. no one inside the building was hurt. it's not clear what caused the driver to speed out of control or if the charges will be filed in the crash. wild turkeys are the topic of conversation. turkeys terrorizing their town. we're live with details and one family's close encounter. >> reporter: chuck, usually you expect a turkey at the dinner table for thanksgiving, but a family had quite the scare when a turkey came flying through their window, breaking the glass and landing on their dining room table. it's incidents just like this one that sparked a down council meeting tonight where folks were discussing wild turkeys. >> i called 911. i told them there was a turkey in my house.
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kicked in. she grabbed her two kids and darted out of our home. >> my mom managed to just pull wherever she could on me and my sister and get us out of the house. >> reporter: a wild turkey like the ones seen in these pictures crash landed into her home on a saturday morning in january. it flew through breaking the glass landing on her dining room table. its talon prints still visible. >> it was so loud and so traumatic. glass was flying everywhere. he was -- the bird was freaking out. >> reporter: the turkeys had been roaming the streets in the neighborhood terrorizing courtney's neighbors. in this video, the camera shy turkey is chasing away the neighbor rolling on her phone. the turkey issue up for discussion at a town council meeting tuesday night where more
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>> you can spray them with a hose, you can bang pots and pans. >> reporter: just weeks ago a postmaster in neighboring hillsdale called 911. >> you're not going to believe this but i've got a carrier that's being attacked by the wild turkeys and won't let him deliver the mail. >> but all jokes aside, the memory, the fear, it stillingers. >> i hear it sometimes at night, that loud noise of the turkey breaking through the glass. when you're in it at the time it's so scary and it happens so suddenly that's it's just one of those moments that is this the time when life is going to change in a moment. >> reporter: she feels so lucky that her kids were not hurt in that really scary ordeal. the department of fish and wild life said this is quite common. they've gotten 20 to 30 calls alone this year.
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don't feed them, they say. they'll keep coming back for more. all right. thanks so much and now to that united flight attendant who made headlines yesterday when she deployed an emergency slide in houston. tonight she's out of a job. new video shows the woman inflate the chute, toss her bag into the ground and slide right down. the airline says there was never an emergency but still has not revealed what led to her bizarre exit. all other passengers deplaned normally. parents can legally eaves drop on young children if they believe it's in the child's best interest. the boy's father recorded the conversation. and the judges side with that decision. the ruling is an exception to state law against wiretaps without the consent of one person involved on the call. a man who narrowly missed being crushed by a falling tree
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it happened over the weekend in boonton township. all right. so this police dash cam video shows the tree snap and fall. officers steer his car out of the way, but a pickup truck coming from the opposite direction hits the tree, went air born as you saw before coming to a rest on top of it. the driver said he did all he could do to avoid this collision. >> i didn't really have time to hit the brakes. i hit the brakes but it didn't really help. the worst amusement park ride you've ever been on. >> and sunday's strong wind gusts caused a tree to snap. amazingly neither the driver or the police officer were injured and the only visible sign of damage was a bent bumper. >> amazing. >> it is amazing. >> it's a close call. just seconds there. >> so all this is weather related. we've got this and the freeze warning coming up here. >> yeah, sibila out in morris county we say boonton. >> let me try it.
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>> there you go. that's it. yeah. they'll appreciate it. all right. so yeah, we've got still the cold that we're talking about and maybe a little warmup before it gets cool all over again. up and down we go. and here it is, we're still bundled up like it's the middle of winter. a look outside the top of the tower doesn't look so bad but when you step outside you can feel the chill. it's 36, feels like 29. and yes, another hard freeze where those actual temperatures will dip down to the upper 20s later on tonight. rain and a few thunderstorms are headed our way thursday. that's going to be the warmest day this week as temperatures climb to near 60 and then behind that it cools down again. but at least for the mets' home opener on friday it's going to be on the dry side. maybe some clouds around, but the rain will have moved on. a little bit on the cool side too, but that cool air will extend into the weekend, so another weekend below average temperatures, only in the 40s.
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a lot of areas are cold out there. all in the 20s and you can see it's pretty much up and down the eastern seaboard and the warm air as well to our south and west. we'll get a little piece of that when that cold front gets closer on thursday. otherwise clear skies out there and just plain old cold. our storm system for thursday, getting its act together. they're getting some snow here. south of rain it's here. temperatures will warm up dramatically. in the morning get ready for this. 18 in monticello. 30 in the city. another cold start to the day. less windy. some high clouds and we're into the 40s, maybe near 50 across interior new jersey. by thursday morning those rain showers start to pop up. those heavy storms expected in the afternoon. notice the 50s to near 6 oand notice behind that it does cool down going into friday.
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a mix of sun and clouds. breezy right around 50 so it will be cool for the home opener for the mets but it will be dry. the weekend is cool also. still below average in the 40s. the 50s come back monday. the 60s come back tuesday, but that's another wet day in the forecast. that's your weather. >> all right. so bruce, you want to talk about baseball? >> yes, the roars for the mets in kansas city. coming up in sports. syndergaard mows down the royals in another world series rematch. and the yankees throw away an opportunity to take the frigid home opener at the stadium. we've got reaction to the one play that defined the game in a moment. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped
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so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> a faithful military dog who protected troops in iran and afghanistan received a special award today. >> it is the highest award for any animal that serves in a military conflict. the german shepherd lost one of her front legs when an ied detonated in afghanistan. >> she's well deserving but it's going to be much bigger than her accomplishments. >> there was never a human casualty under her patrol, during even the blast that caused her to lose her leg.
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>> a hearty salute to her.
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world series rings today. but the mets got a small piece of revenge in kansas city. with no score in the top of the fourth, walker crushes his first homer as a member of the amazings. a two-run shot to right. why do i think that might help the fans forget murphy? the royals loaded the bases in the sixth but syndergaard strikes out to end the thread. thorastruck out nine as the mets win it 2-0. they're off until friday when they welcome the phillies to city field in their ohm openers. >> there was ice on the field early this morning at yankee stadium, but they did play ball in the bronx. the yankees and astros were tied at 2 in the 8th. a throwing error and a score from second.
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protested the game claiming that corps ray ya was corea was out of the base path. >> obviously disappointing. obviously, the first game, you know, that's made a better play. he was right in the lane -- in the running lane so it was just a tough play. >> it's a tough call. it request go both ways it's just unfortunate that it happened to us. >> what's his option there? to throw it and hit him in the back? is that really what we want? i think it's interference but the rule reads the way it does. >> i don't know anything about rules. you want to win every game, but tomorrow there's another game tomorrow and 161 more to go. love to see him read a rule book in the future. rangers captain will miss the rest of the regular season and maybe more with a right hand injury. tonight at the garden the blue shirts rallied from a 2-0
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christ kreider scored the game winner on a breakaway. 3-2 the final. the rangers are three points behind pittsburgh. down in d.c. the isles and capitals were tied at 3 in overtime. when john that var avares was stoned by stuck with it. a 4-3 victory. they remain two points behind the rangers. the two teams play at the garden on thursday. the dels lost to buffalo 3-1. and finally, all hail the uconn women. tonight in indy, the huskies won their fourth consecutive title and 11th national championship overall as they crushed syracuse # 82-51. stewart capped a marvelous career with 24 points, 10 rebouns and six assists. she was named the most
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four for the fourth consecutive year. they're simply incredible. >> uconn, you can. a remarkable dynasty. 75 wins in a row and still counting. >> breathtaking.
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and that es eat for news 4 new york at is 1:00. the tonight show is straight ahead. >> the today show begins tomorrow at 4:30. god night and we'll -- good night and we'll see you tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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