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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  April 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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african-american and hispanic pastors at a bronx restaurant. he is energized by his victory in wisconsin and looking ahead to the new york primary. >> i'm so encouraged after what was a terrific victory yesterday in wisconsin. it was a turning point, i believe, in this entire election. it culminated four states in a row in the last two weeks where we have beaten donald trump over and over again. >> reporter: as you take a live look at the trump rally a few hours from starting, we can tell you governor john kasich is taking a break from the campaign trail. he's in his home state of ohio delivers the state of the state tonight. he's expected tomorrow at a brooklyn town hall that's all about veterans. folks continue to file in here. again, more than 10,000 people expected inside.
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outside now. what's the scene out there less than two hours now before this rally begins? >> reporter: chuck, as you can see, we're standing in the middle of several dozen trump protesters who have gathered here in advance of tonight's rally. they're chanting dump trump among other things. police have set up what they call free speech zones here outside the rally site. they're trying to limit the interaction between the protesters and trump supporters. so far that's been the case, exactly what police have been hoping for. several hundred nassau cops are being called onto keep the peace outside the trump rally. their primary strategy, to separate trump supporters from folks who came to oppose the republican candidate. >> we cannot support trump's message of hate and divisiveness.
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expecting about a thousand protesters protesters. while freed of expression will be tolerated, the kind of violent scene at past trump rallies will not. >> as long as everybody follows the law, everybody will have the opportunity to express their views. >> reporter: this group of high school seniors came to do just that. most stand with trump. one had a trump-like reaction to a classmate who tagged along to condemn their candidate. >> he's not too sharp, i want to say. >> i don't think trump will become the president. >> reporter: now those high school seniors told me their parents were a little reticent about their kids coming here tonight. the teens told me they were going to come anyway because sometimes 18-year-olds disagree with their parents. speaking of disagreement, again, protesters here, their numbers are growing. again, we are expecting about a
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evening is all said and done. momentum is key right now in the race for the white house. that is what all the candidates are working hard to get as they head for the upcoming primary elections. a big one? new york. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, they are both holding campaign events today in philadelphia getting ready for the pennsylvania primary. today clinton did give sanders credit for his double digit win yesterday in wisconsin. she also said she isn't terribly worried. hillary clinton focused on the middle class, talking about respecting the dignity of hard work. >> if you do your part, you and your family should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. america. >> saying her campaign is about breaking down the barriers
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speaking about her rival bernie sanders and the young voters, who polls show are drawn so far more strongly to him -- >> i'm not as worried as the numbers might show about how he has attracted so many young people, because i think that it is important to bring them into the process. >> but with his latest win in wisconsin, bernie sanders has won seven of the last eight democratic primaries and caucuses. >> do not tell secretary clinton. she's getting a little nervous and i don't want her to get more nervous. i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates of that state. >> at the sanders event in philadelphia, that begins at 6:00. the new york primary is now less than two weeks away. it is april 19th.
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new jersey's primary isn't until june 7th. breaking news on the upper east side. crews just knocked down a fire inside this luxury apartment building. a viewer sent us this video. we're told the fire started inside an apartment on the 6th floor. no residents were hurt, but one firefighter was taken to the hospital. this and this could impact your
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for how long, well right now the city isn't saying. the hope is they can get the work done tonight so it won't impact the morning commute. 8:00 p.m. tonight is when they start removing that stone. new at 5:00, a teacher in newtown middle school found with a gun on school grounds. you can understand why this discovery has many shaken in that district. we're told this was taken very seriously.
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that the science teacher's gun was holstered. he never took it out, but. apparently another school employee spotted it and reported it immediately. now that science teacher, 46-year-old jason adams is facing weapons charges for bringing the gun right here into newtown middle school. we are told that adams grew up in newtown and stayed in the town to teach 8th grade science. parents say he was well liked by students. officials called 911 just before 9:00 a.m. to report that adams was carrying a weapon. he was taken to the police department, charged and released. here in newtown where 20 children and six adults were murdered in a school shooting, parents say guns must be taken very seriously even if mr. adams meant no harm. >> obviously i don't know the reason why, but it was a stupid mistake.
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newtown, you just have to wonder. is he another crazy? or was it packing a gun to protect children? >> reporter: adams has been placed on administrative lead from the newtown middle school and has been charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds. newtown police chief says he takes this incident very seriously and he commended the staff here at newtown middle school for reporting it immediately. that's the latest. new at 5:00, a new jersey man is charged with second degree murder in a shooting death, but he is not the trigger man. police say the 37-year-old tried to rob an under cover officer during a sting last august. when police opened fire on smothers, they accidentally struck and killed an innocent man standing behind him. a member of the central park five wrongfully convicted of rape 25 years ago is trying to keep others from going through
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he and others from the innocence project are calling for a bill to help prevent wrongful convictions. it would also make it mandatory for police to record all interrogations, not just confessions. >> these interrogations don't just happen in two minutes. it was estimated that we was in these rooms for 15 to 30 hours. we want you to view that process. we want you to see what happens when a person enters into these precincts. >> the department claims they're es june. still ahead, the threatening message britain in written in this brooklyn apartment building. the ultimatum uber drivers could be given if they want to
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or penn station. another cold start to the day. right now we're in the 40s. we're tracking some warmer weather and some rain that's coming. we still wave old glory down at the courthouse tonight a look back at the life and hits of singer merle haggard. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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. in newark the city's campaign to keep uber drivers away from newark airport is heating up. >> the city council agreed they can pick up passengers, but they have to pay a hefty fee to offer that service. >> reporter: that hefty fee is $1500 per driver. ourer er uber is not happy about it, saying today newark made a mockery of the democratic process. for trevor williams it's like clock work, walk out of newark airport, pull out the phone and order a car home. >> part of the reason it's so
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the middle money collectors that are driving prices up. i would be very unhappy to find that i was unable to use uber going forward. >> reporter: the city of newark has already banned uber cars from picking up fares at the airport and the train station, but drivers do it anyway. today the city council made moves to take it a step further, voting in favor of allowing uber back at the airport providing drivers pay a $1500 fee. those cheers are coming from non-uber taxi drivers today. >> why is the city and the residents of newark second class? it has to be a level playing field. >> reporter: uber drivers, many of whom work part-time, said they can't afford that fee. >> what's going to happen is the people of newark are not going
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or the few that do, they're going to pay higher rates. >> reporter: drivers have little incentive to pay up given how easily they are able to pick up passengers despite the airport ban. an nbc producer got a fare with ease. >> you guys get in trouble if you pick up downstairs now? >> yes. >> they have the cops or something downstairs? >> yes. >> reporter: now that $1500 fie ee is not set in stone. today's vote was preliminary. next it goes to a public hearing then they have to vote again before it becomes law. meantime in new york uber and lyft are hoping to take their business upstate. the group new yorkers for ride sharing has launched a campaign to convince lawmakers to allow
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upstate cities. taxi drivers are fighting the expansion, saying uber and lyft aren't held to the same standards they are. police are searching for a robber in long island who stole a child's wheelchair. it was stolen from inside an suv parked outside a home on grundy avenue. tonight police are hoping to find the man they say stole thousands of dollars worth of items in the bronx. they say he broke into the wave crest management office. among the items he took, two tvs and a set of keys. he used those keys to break into at least four apartments. mayor de blasio signed a
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tobacco and i- e-cigarettes today. let's talk about the weather. pretty out there but still nippy. >> it wasn't as bad as yesterday. the temperatures were up near 50 in some spots. this morning was pretty brutally cold for april. 23 degrees in morning in islip. sussex was down to 18. 12 above in monticello and 17 in danbury. everyone was below freezing certainly and the hard freeze is over now. we're not expecting these low temperatures tonight. temperatures actually warm up a little bit as we go through the nighttime. the readings were a lot better this afternoon. we still had a brisk wind but you didn't need as many layers this time. temperatures continue rising overnight. the rain and storms will be here tomorrow especially in the
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42 in tribeca. 48 degrees in jer si sey city. we've got a few gusts to talk about. these winds will continue to be up tonight, gusts around 20-25, maybe in system cases 30 miles per hour around the coastline. cincinnati is in the 60s today. we will not see 60s. we're looking at 50s to near 60 tomorrow ahead of this front that starts to move in after midnight. for the rest of this evening it's a little on the chilly side as the sun goes down. expect these temperatures in the 40s to remain steady the rest of the night. there will be some light rain moving in during the early part of the day. mild air coming in as well with
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it all moves out in time for the mets home opener tomorrow. temperatures right around 50 degrees. maybe a sprinkle at the beginning of the game and that's it. a few more showers show up over the weekend. tonight's lows, a few areas in the 30s, but above freezing this time around. there will be quite a breeze going on. still going to feel rather chilly if you're going out this evening. we're at 59 tomorrow so it's a mild but rainy day. may not be raining in the morning where you live, but please take your rain gear. take an umbrella because the showers will increase throughout the day. the mets home opener is nice and dry except for maybe a sprinkle at the beginning of the game. the weekend is cool again. notice the overnight lows here in the 20s and 30s. but we start to warm up by monday.
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more showers in the forecast tuesday. that's when we're back in the mid 60s. then it clears out wednesday. still a very changeable forecast for the next seven days. dave price is coming up to talk more on the forecast, maybe give us some pollen numbers. i know there's a lot of people suffering with the trees all blooming. tonight the world of country music is mourning the loss of a giant. >> singer merle haggard died on his 79th birthday. haggard's manager confirmed the singer died from pneumonia at his home in california. he recorded nearly 40 number one country singles. much more as we continue for you on news 4 new york at 5:00. >> the announcement by janet
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she has suddenly postponed her tour. many strap hangers say it feels like they're waiting longer and longer to catch a subway train. which lines keep subway riders eyeing the clock. also a local pet store owner accused of abusing dozens of puppies confronts local protests. he says the charges against him are bogus. police raid the bar where th chey met. wait until you hear what
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the ebola scare. just over $500 million will be redirected for zika. the zika virus is spread by mosquitos. its effects are mild in adults but dangerous for pregnant women. if you had tickets to see janet jackson this summer, you may have to wait. the singer posted this video on youtube today telling fans she may have to postpone her concert tour. she didn't say she was pregnant, only that she has to rest up, doctors orders. we reached out to ticket master. the company says fans will be notified of any refund or reschedule. there's a growing vote to
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degree for uconn. walmart will phase out the sale of eggs from caged hens completely by 2025. walmart is the biggest and most influential retailer to make the switch. the announcement comes almost a year after it urges thousands of u.s. supplies to curb the u.s. of antibiotics in farm animal zbloos . pope francis blessed a little girl losing her eyesight today. lizzie and her parents went to the pope's general audience at st. peter's square. afterwards the pope talked with the family and touched lizzie's face and eyes as a blessing. a stranger tried to lure a girl into his van while she was walking home from school. plus -- >> reporter: more than just
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coming up on news 4, the message that has police investigating
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right now, words of hate scrawled inside a brooklyn apartment building. an ugly message clearly meant to intimidate and hurt the jewish tenant who is live there s who live there. >> reporter: police tell me right now they are looking for leads, trying to figure out just who wrote words of hate right here on this wall in the lobby. only news 4 cameras are there as two nypd detectives look for clues and information on who would scrawl a message of hate inside this apartment building. tenants are shocked. this woman who did not want her face on camera lives in the apartment building, home to predominantly jewish tenants.


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