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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> this is not a particularly good day for the department. any >> reporter: the nypd opened an internal affairs investigation in 2013. the fbi and department of justice began a joint investigation in 2014. all are now work together. today, commissioner bratton took action. deputy chief michael harrington and james grant had their guns and shields taken. they were transferred. grant told news 4 he denies the allegations. david cologne and eric rodriguez were also transferred. >> it's not an adjudication of anything more than that at this point. the investigation is ongoing. it's going to continue to be quite thorough. >> reporter: the investigation is looking at potential violations including nypd rules and policies, the city conflicts of interest rules as well as
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>> we don't believe based on what we know so far that this is deep, systemic corruption throughout the department as opposed to perhaps bad judgment of a small group of people that are relatively senior. >> reporter: current and past nypd personnel are also getting a look, including former chief of departments phillip banks, considered a rising star who abruptly retired in 2014. banks' attorney tells us, quote, mr. banks did not retire because he learned he was the subject of a criminal investigation, adding, all of the funds in his bank account can be fully attributed to lawful income. now by nypd policy, an officer receiving any gift is subject to many specific departmental restrictions. we are seeing a video of a man swinging a machete during a bar fight. police in patterson, new jersey,
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swinging the weapon in a brawl outside a bar last month. the machete hit one man in the neck causing a severe gash. if you have seen this man police call police. plaj imagine sitting in your car when suddenly a knife slashes your face. officers say this man cut a man sitting in a parked car. the victim was taken to the hospital. and on long island tonight we have learned drunk driving may have played a role in a deadly crash on the l.i.e. nassau county police say a man hit a median in jericho early this morning. when he got out to look at his car, he was hit by an suv, then again by another car. the victim died. the driver of the suv was arrested charged with manslaughter and dwi. the drive of the second car will
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new information out of connecticut where bridgeport police are sending a message to college students they are not fooling around when it comes to underaged drinking after a student was sexual assaulted. >> reporter: the golden star cafe here remains open for business, but not for long if bridgeport police have their way. city officials are trying to find ways to deal with the growing problem of underaged drinking. no one wanted to answer our questions at the golden star cafe this afternoon, which police forces say has been the local hot spot for college students. police raided the bar confiscating fake itd .d.s. >> nearly the entire bar was under underaged. >> reporter: the raid followed the arrest of 39-year-old reed
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19-year-old sacred heart student at the bar last week and sexual assaulting her at his home. at the time, this was what a man identifying himself was a part-time owner told nbc connecticut. >> no comment, nothing. i wasn't here. okay? >> reporter: now there's a new push to focus on other bars. officials announced today they're planning to pass two new ordinances to address complaints about students living off campus in single family homes converted into dorms. >> you can't even sleep at nighttime with your window open because the kids are walking up and down the street drunk, throwing things around. >> reporter: state liquor officials will decide whether or not to permanently shut this bar down. decision 2016, right about now the presidential race is all
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the candidates are laser focused on winning the empire state. new yorkers head to the polls just 12 days from now on april 19th as the five presidential hopefuls work to drum up support. ted cruz went to brighton beach to make mazza. governor john kasich didn't let cruz's issues illthe bronx symptom stop him. meantime hillary clinton filled up her metro card and took a ride on the subway. took her a few swipes but she finally got it. during the trip she brushed off bernie sanders's comments that she isn't qualified to be president. >> i'm just going to keep doing what i've been doing with my friends like the borough president and others for all these years to try to really make a difference in people's lives.
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spoke to the pennsylvania aflcio convention in philadelphia. he stressed the importance of unions in building a strong middle class. as for trump, his bid for the white house is getting a boost from former new york city mare rudy giuliani. two men tonight are filing a lawsuit claiming their mother was accidentally cremated and her ashes lost. the family says that after their mother died in march, they changed funeral homes. the day before the wake they say they were told their mother has been accidentally cremated. the family says they were then given the wrong ashes twice. >> we can't even take her home because we don't know where she is. >> they stole that from us. stole my last kiss. that's good-bye. it's not right. >> the sons are suing three funeral homes they say they dealt with during the ordeal. we reached out to the funeral homes for comment.
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control what happens to a body after it's released to another funeral home. new jersey will soon offer more help to those with mental health and addiction issues. governor christie announced the state will expand the number of centers from four to 11. coming up as we continue, a hudson valley creek so toxic the feds want to put it on the same list as the canal. plus plans to resurrect the w trains in manhattan and queens. what it means for the q and how you can give the mta a piece of your mind about the plan. some of you are seeing peeks of sun, but we're not quite done with all the rain just yet and
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stay ahead of ibs-d... with new viberzi. the welcomes train would run local. that means q trains would end until the first part of the 2nd avenue subway station the finished. tonight a creek in duchess county could be added to a
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the environmental protection like to add the creek to the most hazardous sites. the epa says the sediment in the creek is contaminated with mercury and other pollute ants dressed in costumes can ask for tips. a finalized draft of the zones will now go through a 30-day public comment period. the zones could be established by late may or early june. coming up, bedbug concerns on a local college campus. where these creepy critters were found. then just one station is taking you up close to see how the city checks to make sure the cranes working high above our
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prook brooklyn college is sharing details about reports of bedbugs on campus the the school recently received isolated reports of bedbugs in two different areas of campus. pest control treated those areas. the school says those were stray bedbugs that were likely introduced from an external source. we're going to bring you the day's top stories. and the latest on a diet that's getting a lot of attention based on dramatic results. it's called intermittent fasting. it's regularly skipping meals to lose weight. new scientific evidence points to potential health benefits.
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split on the merits. it's all coming up on nightly news. now to an i-team exclusive. who can forget this frightening scene from tribeca, a crane's boom plummeting in a deadly collapse. the city ordered all crane operators to stop what they were doing and secure their equipment because there would be a spot check because of the possibility of powerful gusty winds. since 2008, there have been five crane collapses in new york city, many of them deadly. a total of ten people have been killed. tonight we're getting the behind the scenes look at how the city makes sure they are safe. >> reporter: the building department said they did do those spot check inspections today but they didn't have to issue any violations.
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department as they inspected a crane. we wanted to know what they look for during an inspection and how that prevents accidents. >> i'm here to check your license. >> reporter: the i-team got an exclusive look at what a crane inspection entails. we're looking at a crawler crane at hudson yards. >> we check to make sure they stop in the certain position they're supposed to stop. we check the rotation of his cab. we check the counter weights. >> reporter: mayor de blasio called for all cranes to be inspected after the deadly crane collapse in tribeca. there are 29 of them operating city wide but nearly 400 of them registered. generally cranes are supposed to be inspected annually. any time a crane is recon figured or figure
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this crawler crane similar to the one that collapsed in tribeca. it's the video that still haunts us, the towering crane wobbles as it is being lowered and then it tips. its 565 foot boom crashes to the ground killing a pedestrian and injurying three others. daid david wicks was a harvard educated finance whiz. he was killed on impact. bruce and his neighbors were already wary of the massive crane before it crashed. he says he saw the crane move but there were no construction workers nearby. through a records request the i-team learned there were 124 violations issued to crane operators last year. among them, defective hoisting equipment, failure to maintain construction equipment.
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certificate of inspection and failing to comply with the commissioner's order. since the accident, mayor de blasio first called for all crawler cranes to stop operating once there is a forecast for wind speeds of 20 miles per hour. but a backlash from the construction industry led the mayor to return to the original wind speed of 30 miles per hour. >> it's more of a reaction, many political than anything else. >> reporter: tom, a crane expert who investigated this 2012 crane collapse on the west side believes lowering wind speeds won't increase safety. but the one thing that will make a difference is requiring crane or lift supervisors to be trained just as well as crane operators. >> i would like to see the superintendents going to school to take these courses to know how to read a chart and understand the regulations. you would eliminate a lot of these accidents. >> reporter: since 2010 new york city has fined and disciplined
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revoked the licenses of 14 of them. bart also takes issue with new york city's inspections which he says should take an entire day. but with only seven crane inspectors that's a tall task. suzy lives near several construction projects and cranes. while she understands construction is a way of life in new york city, she wonders if there are too many projects too close to one another. >> you're forced to walk right through the belly of the beast. that's scary. we're new yorkers. we're used to being tough and dealing with situations that can be a little threatening. but you don't really want to identity every it every day as part of your life. >> reporter: the city is still investigating the cause of the tribeca collapse. we're told the black box on the crane is going to give a lot of information. the crane operator is allowed to
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outcome of the investigation. more investigations mean more answers. if you have something you think the i-team should look into call us at 1-866-news-244. >> the winds are already starting to diminish. and that wind advisory that's in effect is also starting to expire in some counties already. so there are improving conditions there. we'll show you that wind advisory coming up. right now a look at the highs today. it did warm up. it was just cloudy and rainy most of the day. near 6 0 in central park. 57 in bridgeport and jfk. long island, montauk was the bullseye for the heavy rain today, 1.4 inches. but the farther west you went the less rain you saw, like islip with only .05 inches.
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you got the heavier rours y ier ier rain showers. these were the peak gusts today. we saw a lot of areas where the winds topped 40 miles an hour like jfk with a gust of 43. 41 at morristown. there are a couple of isolated reports close to 50 miles an hour, but now the winds are diminishing, thank goodness. so the heavy rain moving on out. that continues up to the north and east of our area, moving offshore. so it's drying out here a little bit. we still have some clusters of showers and thunderstorms. this one moving past washington, d.c. towards delaware. still in the 50s in belvedere.
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up around 20-25 miles per hour will bring some cooler temperatures in lart on tonight. ter on tonight. a leftover shower here and there. tomorrow's high is only 50. the mets home opener will be dry but breezy and chilly. make sure you're all bundled up if you're going to citi field. 44 on saturday. yes, there are snow coming on saturday night. too early to talk about how much. we'll have more at 11:00 on that. the mets are getting ready for their home opener. and flag is ready to be raised in flushing. coming up, jacob degrom gets the ball unless he gets the call that his wife is ready to give birth. and starling has been sterling.
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continues his play at the
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good, only fios can. the mets will raise their national league championship banner tomorrow. that's when they welcome the phillys in their home opener. today the players received their rings in a private ceremony. the team hit the field for a brief workout at citi field before the rains came today. captain david wright was all smiles. jacob degrom is still awaiting the birth of his son, but for now he's set to make the start in front of a packed house on opening day. >> how exciting of a time in your life is this right now? >> very exciting. after a good season last year, we're looking forward to getting
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and i'm expecting a baby boy. >> opening day is like christmas for us. but the home opener is just as important. come back in front of the fans and get to see that national league championship banner. >> it's going to be exciting for us. we obviously didn't get it completed, but our guys played very very hard. we're just thrilled to give them something to cheer for. tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun to walk out there as defending national league champs. it's going to be cool. >> the yankees are playing the game of their series with the astros at the stadium. with no score in the top of the second, tyler white crushes a two run chop to dead center. the next batter, preston tucker, launches one to the second deck in right to give houston a 3-0 lead.
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when the red hot starling castro castro. the bombers tied it on a-rod's rbi single, his first hit of the year. it's 5-5 in the seventh. at the master's jordan spieth shot an opening round 66. he currently has a two-shot lead. the isles are trying to sweep the season series from the blue shirts for the first time ever. meanwhile, one knicks legend hopes to be patrolling the sidelines at the garden next season. patrick ewing wants an interview to be the next knicks head coach. he says it's a great fit and he's ready. he is the number one leading scorer of all time for the knicks. .
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jackson favors the interim coach but maybe he'll give number 33 a chance. tonight, war of words. the democratic race takes its nastiest turn yet, as clinton and sanders spar over who's qualified to be president. manhunt for a campus killer. as a student is found dead. tonight, video of a person of interest revealed as fear sweeps the university of texas. cancer blood tests. a cutting-edge new way to target treatments for lung cancer. it's faster, less painful and a new hope in the fight against one of the deadliest forms. weight loss wonder. eat all your favorite foods and still lose those excess pounds.


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