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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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eastville lanl subway station. we're at the station now and talked to one of the witnesses. >> reporter: that's right, david. if you can believe it. the bleecker street station behind me remains a crime scene. this was an incident so bloody that that victim from jerusalem remains hospitalized at bellevue at this hour. we were speak to one of the men that police are crediting for possibly saving his life. detectives scanned the area where a trail of blood stretched from the entrance of the bleecker street subway station and around the corner. that's where a victim ran for help. >> he was bleeding really heavily. >> reporter: edward king and a friend were questioned by police after helping the victim slashed around 3:30 this morning on the left side of his neck, his face, and both hands.
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bench on the 6 train platform. he was awakened by a man demanding money and after struggle was slashed. >> he put pressure on his wrists. sat him down there. and called 911. >> reporter: access to the bleecker street station was shut down through the morning rush, something that's happened here before. this is the second slashing at the station this year. in january, an elderly woman was the victim. as the search continues for a suspect, the incident has led to anxiety in the area. >> seems like somebody who was not quite sane. so just be careful. >> first time again like i've heard of something like this happening. i think it's really awful and it's sad. >> reporter: right now, there's a pretty thin description of that suspect police are on the hunt for at this hour. last seen wearing an orange sweatshirt, believed to be homeless. all of this comes on the same
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admitted that stabbings and slashings throughout the city aren't going away. he believes those numbers will go down. news4 new york. now let's head over to storm team 4 and this chance of snow this weekend. >> that's right. we all are going to see a few snow flakes. but most of us won't see any accumulation. just a few sprinkles popping through right now. this is the system that's going to bring that very light slushy accumulation of snow to parts of the tri-state. but it will feel like a wintery weekend. the precipitation arrives tomorrow morning. wet snow mixes with the rain all day long. most of the snow is going to melt very quickly. this time of year, sur our sun angle is about the same as it is on labor day. everything moves out on saturday night. we'll talk more about what kind of precipitation you can expect
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your full seven-day forecast. >> and remember, we are there when you need us. depend on the news4 new york app for the latest. just tap the news4 logo in the corner, select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecast and interactive radar. download the news4 app in the app store now or google play. we are just about one hour away from the mets home opener. back at citi field. fans are ready. we've got team coverage of opening stay. let's begin with bruce standing right there on the field. >> reporter: we were standing here almost six months ago following the last out of the world series. and now it's the home opener at citi field. wow, time flies. today, the mets will raise a championship banner while setting their sights on a more important one. the mets won 90 games last year and had a remarkable playoff run. today, they salute those
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the the 2015 national league championship banner. the team is looking forward to the moment while looking ahead to even better moments. >> we're thrilled for our fans that, you know, what we accomplished last year. but, you know, as we saw last week in kansas city, we got to get this over with. we got to get 2015 over and start getting ready for 2016 and today's that day. >> it's time to move on. after we get the rings, it's officially last year's over. we need to o start worrying about this year. >> we did some amazing things last year. you definitely got to acknowledge what we did last season. at the same time, last season's done and over with. now we have to focus on today's game. >> >> reporter: adding hydra ma p the starting pitcher's unique challenge. he's been assigned the start while his wife is ready to give birth and he's ready to be by her side at a moment's notice
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>> once i take the field, you know, i think i'll -- my main focus will be on making the pitch at the time. >> pitch as well as you can for as long as you can. he's looked forward to that start for a while. we're hoping in the sixth inning, we can get him out before the baby comes. >> reporter: oh, baby. a lot on his mind. so do the mets and their fans. they want a win today over the phillies. for some fan reaction to opening day, let's go outside citi field to kat. >> reporter: and bruce, humphrey bow gather once said a hot dog at the ball game beats roast beef at the ritz. some gourmet meals being eaten here. also a lot of fun being had. take a look. >> let's grommet o mets!
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how to tailgate. then there's excitement everywhere. >> i feel great. opening day, it's like a national holiday for us. >> so excited for baseball season. it's finally here. >> reporter: for the mets home opener, fans started arriving to citi field four and a half hours before the start of the game on this brisk morning. fans bulbed l ndled up. >> i'm trying to get my chili ready. you want some? >> reporter: keeping all of these people safe, the nypd above and even more law enforcement officers below. fans hope for a great day, a successful season after a thrilling one last year. >> we're going to take it again. we're going. in november, baby. we'll be out here. >> see you in november. >> let's grommet o mets. >> reporter: one of the guys out
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food. apparently the crew guys ate all of it. i'm just kidding. this is from the owner of dish. this is from the owner of dish, ridgewood queens. he's down here somewhere barbecuing. pulled pork, hamburger, brisket, this will be gone in about 30 seconds. amazing time for food, baseball, and fun. >> he said it best. and we don't put it past the crew guys. we know. >> reporter: exactly. >> we're going to have more from 5:00. of course you can get updates any time at and the campaign trail once again hot here in new york. brooklyn roots. he's going to host two rallies there today. the first at 3:00 in flat bush, the second at 5:00 at the wnyc transmitter park. sanders was out on the plaza for
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he discussed women's rights and pay and how he would break up the big banks and his health care plan. >> why are health care costs really impacting in an incredible way middle class families. so we're going to fight for health care for all through a medicare for all single payer program. we will save middle class families thousands of dollars on year. >> he called hillary clinton unqualified to be president. he said even on her worst day, she would be a better president than either of the gop frontrunner. hillary clinton is spending the day upstate. she's in buffalo right now to speak at a roundtable. that event is just about to get under way. it's focused on growing jobs and raising incomes on the heels of a new ad highlighting her history of creating jobs across the state. >> in the adirondacks, she
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helped farmers sell their products in big cities. >> that ad is airing in cities upstate. she says when she was senator and says she made a difference for real workers and small businesses. on the republican side of things, governor kasich is in connecticut right now. he'll host a town hall in fairfield later today. he'll host another town hall in syracuse later today. donald trump has canceled his trip to california. he's going to stay in new york. however, he's not announced any new events just yet. and ted cruz is taking a break after spending yesterday in brooklyn. one stop included an appeal for jewish support in brighton beach. coming up next at noon, pope francis issued a long-awaited document about the family. what it says about divorce and gay marriage next. plus, the romantic gesture that ended with a helicopter
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new at noon, a bank robbery investigation led police to a senior housing complex in connecticut. this 73-year-old was arrested an hour after a bank in stanford was robbed. he initially denied being involved. but then according to police, he admitted it when officers found a key piece of evidence in his home. the bag used to take money from the bank. pope francis released a major teaching document regarding the family. it is 260 pages long and among other things, signals a greater openness for divorced catholics. we have reaction to this shift in tone.
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are embracing the pope's new report urging priests around the world to be more compassionate and tolerant toward people who are divorced or gay. in that 260-page document, pope francis says a pastor cannot feel that it is enough to simply apply moral laws to those living in irregular situations as if they were stones to throw at people's lives. he did not make any changes in church laws, urging to use more common sense and less judgment. he says that no one should be condemned forever when talking about divorced catholics reintegrating into the church. he does not say they should be able to take communion. but he seems to embrace it saying that priests should use discretion when it comes to divorced catholics in new marriages taking communion. >> it would be nice if you wanted to worship in a catholic
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there's a lot of reasons for divorce. so some of them are very valid and i think that the church should be a little more tolerant of people who have been divorced. >> everybody, even if they different. >> i think it's very, very good. the only thing is, we have to take precautionary measures. >> reporter: pope francis reiterates that marriage is between a man and woman but again says everyone is welcome in the church. in today's money report, how a simple e-mail could leave your company vulnerable to hackers. bill griffith joins us with that and a look at the markets. >> hi, daid vid. first, a modest rally on wall street today. oil prices are the culprit. they're up 6% on crude oil in
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$40 a barrel again and the dow is up 63 points. listen to this, the fbi is out with this eye-opening report about hackers stealing billions of dollars from thousands of companies simply by sending them an mail. the report says that more than 17,000 companies have lost $2.3 billion to scammers who sent e-mail with seemingly legitimate company letterheads attached. they sent them to employees directing them to make wile transfers of money and the employees fell for it. the fbi is warning companies to set up a better system of checks and balances when it comes to wire transfer requests. hyundai is out with a recall of sonata mid-size cars in the u.s. because of steering problems. this is for the 2011 model year of the sonata. they're not aware of crashes or injuries. it's a faulty circuit board that
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if you own a 2011 sonata, you will be getting a notice in the world and it will be replaced for free. simple as that. >> all right. >> so watch those e-mails there, david. >> clearly. have a great weekend. for ten seconds, i was hit with snow flakes this morning as i walked in. >> it's going to last a little bit longer tomorrow. in fact, a few hours of a rain and snow mix move ing through. that could lead to some accumulations in the suburbs. lots of clouds out there. current temperature is very chilly. it's 46 degrees. today, mostly dry, though we do have quick sprinkles and showers. it's a breezy day, but mostly dry. wintery mix arrives tomorrow. we'll pinpoint where those accumulations will fall for you. it's only 34 in monticello.
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the ocean temperatures now in the mid to upper 40s. that's making it feel a little bit more comfortable close to the ocean. storm tracker showing light sprinkles and showers popping through. this is a live look right now with storm tracker. you can see our next approaching system. it doesn't look very impressive here. there's a good amount of rain with this. but this system is going to intensify as it makes its approach. it will produce some of its own cold air which i know is a kind of funny concept. but that will lead to more cold air on the backside of this system than at the leading edge. here is the leading edge at noon tomorrow making its approach. we could see snow flakes right around lunchtime. look for this line to waiver a lot through the afternoon. i think we'll see a lot of mixing of rain and snow in the immediate metro region. to the higher elevations, especially to the west of down,
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as we look ahead past that, it's going to be breezy, remain awfully chilly on sunday. highs only in the upper 40s. that's about ten degrees below average for this time of year. starting to feel more like april as we head into the new workweek. breezy on monday with rain approaching and highs returning close to 60 degrees. here's a look at that snowfall forecast. everyone's going to see between a coating and as much as 2 inches of snow. we're talking sussex county, orange county, places like that with higher elevations. also, those grassy surfaces, those untreated surfaces, that's where the snow will accumulate. other places, it's just going to melt. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. highs remaining in the 40s all weekend long. breezy conditions as well. we head back into the 50s. but showers possible late on monday. showers and rain lingering on tuesday. finally, this is the weather
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late next workweek, sunshine and highs right where they should be. back to you. "new york live" is next at 12:30. look at this combination right here. oh, yeah. >> trouble. trouble. big time. although jacque's mad at me about the weather. >> she didn't even do the forecast today. coming up, what happens when ben aaron works his magic at the wizarding world of harry potter. we have a tour. >> and it's an unusual new fitness trend any new yorker can appreciate. sound-off yoga. it's different and we'll have it right here at 12:30. >> i want to know more about that. >> jacque, so impressed that you did that on your tippy-toes with an ace bandage on. very good. those heels. >> still ahead, was there a happy ending after all?
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some breaking news now. we have just learned several people have been arrested in brussels today in connection to last month's deadly terror attacks. there are reports that one of them is mohamed abrini. he was a suspect in the paris attacks last year that killed 130 people. investigators in europe believe he was involved in the brussels plot as well. we'll have more for you later today.
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texas breathing a bit easier now. austin police have just announced the arrest of a homeless 17-year-old in connection with the death of a freshman student. detectives had been looking for the person in this surveillance video, but we don't know yet if this is actually the one they arrested. haruka weiser was found dead in a creek on campus tuesday. now to a harrowing rescue in california. take a look at 27-year-old michael banks. this is in the central california coast. crews had to rescue him by helicopter after they say he climbed up there to propose to his girlfriend via face time and then he got stuck. banks were tketed for climbing it illegally and then arrested on suspicion of drug use. he's going to have to pay for the entire rescue operation. banks says his girlfriend was not too happy, however she did say yes, after a stern talking
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hi, everybody. is this rain of sunshine. >> it's actually snowing out a minute ago. flurries, though. >> always talking about weather. i just need a little spring weather. actual spring weather. >> miami. okay? >> all right. i'm going to miami.


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