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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  April 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news 4 new york, bullied to his breaking point. a 10-year-old boy says it got so bad, he actually thought about taking his own life. that child's family says his school isn't doing anything to stop the bullying. >> now they are demanding an investigation into how this could continue to go on at ps 13 in brooklyn. >> he's being beaten every single day. >> reporter: mildred pryor says this was the last straw. >> i broke down. >> reporter: her son came home from school at ps 13 in brooklyn this week bloodied and beaten. >> he comes to school to learn, not to be bullied. >> reporter: the family says bullies are responsible. relentless
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less torture he has faced ffr for months. the worst part, her little boy now talks about suicide. what went through your head when you heard him say that? >> i just cried. i'm just scared. there's nothing i can do. i'm like i don't know what to do. >> he should not be considering taking his life because we stand here with him. >> reporter: community advocate says administrators are develop ropping the ball. >> do we want this to happen to this young man? hell no. >> reporter: their voices were heard. terrell's family says he's being transferred to another school. >> if it doesn't thanks to my family, this wouldn't have been accomplished. >> reporter: terrell is looking forward to getting back to work
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>> i'm really good at math. i can study my timetables and i can learn them. >> reporter: the department of education said it takes reports of bullying seriously and has a zero tolerance policy. the d.o.e. added nearly $50 million to next year's budget to fight bullying, including mental health services for students and suicide prevention classes for staff. we have breaking news right now. we are getting information about a raging building fire on west front and main streets in keyport, new jersey. police tell us the fire is not under control. several fire departments are on the scene right now. we'll bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. a different fire at a recycling plant in ocean county, new jersey, affecting traffic on the garden state parkway. cell phone video shows thick black smoke rise ing. the fire started about two hours ago.
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park way in berkeley township. a rockland county woman serving 20 years in prison for killing her son with secret salt infusions is speaking out. she says she didn't kill her son. five-year-old garrett died at a hospital in 2014. when asked why garrett's sodium levels were so high, spears responded you would have to ask the hospital, adding that someone there must have made a mistake. investigators on long island trying to figure out what caused a fire that killed a man inside a bayshore home last night. they know it started in the basement at the home on grant avenue around 10:00. the 62-year-old died. and the search is on tonight for the thieves who robbed three boys in central park. these men approached the kids after yelling at them, then rifled through their pockets and
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the victims ages range from ten to 15 years old. none of them hurt. if you recognize the men, police want to hear from you. a plea tonight to find a new jersey woman who disappeared months after surviving a shooting. the family are offering a $15,000 reward for tips that may help detectives find her. she disappeared last month after a friend told police she was dropped off at the longbranch train station. >> we'd like to begin to heal and go forward with our lives. again, we beg of you please let us know where she is. >> the family and law enforcement offering that reward. back in november a gunman shot her several times and took off. that crime remains unsolve. the nassau county aspca is offering a reward to help find the person who shot a
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tommy was shot near cornell avenue in rockville center. he survived and is now recovering from surgery. the fight to unlock apple's iphones now happening in our area. lawyers want apple to open the dealer. apple said it's disappointed but not surprised by the government's decision. most of the returns included dependents or understated income. even with the 25 million saved, new york state paid out refunds totaling 4.2 billion. texting and driving not only dangerous, it is skyrocketing here in new york. we're going to have the unbelievable numbers and where it's the worst. plus from playing bingo to robbing banks.
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police say the 74-year-old man gave them. sibila, we have rain and snow on the way and december-like temperatures in the forecast. i'll tell you how long that lasts. and we'll also look at how much snow you can expect in your own back yard. lester holt is in los angeles with a look at what he's working on for 6:30. ahead for us details about the homeless teen suspected in the murder of the university of texas student and how he was caught. we'll tell you about the law that has caused bruce springsteen so to cancel a
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in connecticut it went police tonight police are trying to figure out what motivated a 74-year-old man to rob a bank. the retired high school january ter walk janitor walked into the bank and demanded cash. officers say he admitted to the robbery but they still can't figure out why he would do it. >> he said that he just woke up this morning and felt like doing a bank robbery. >> must be something wrong. for a 74-year-old man to wake up, come here and rob this bank is definitely something wrong.
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did not have a weapon despite some earlier witness reports. he's now facing robbery and larceny any charge charges. he was released because of medical conditions and will appear in court later this month. police will be cracking down on distracted drivers this weekend. since 2011 tickets for talking while driving have dropped from 250,000 to 132,000. but the number of tickets for texting has shot up from 9,000 to nearly 85,000. that's an 840% increase. state police will be stepping up patrols through next wednesday. a new jersey animal shelter is asking for donations of cleaning supplies to help care for dozens of puppy ies found in a freezing van. they need bleach and disinfectant spray.
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are not up for adoption because they're part of a criminal investigation. there is a new push to expand medical marijuana in the garden state. >> up next, the condition every woman deals with that some think should be treated with pot. plus this. >> >> reporter: this jet is on fire. it's not a tragedy but something that can help prevent a tragedy. coming up, we're going to take you inside this specialized training that will help give you
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new at 5:00, a queens
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wednesday because neighbors called 911 after seeing him walking out of his home with what appeared to be a rifle but turned out to be a pellet gun. last week sing and his friends were arrested for having a real machine gun. flu cases seem to be dropping but we're not all in the clear just yet. here in the tri-state flu activity is still high in new jersey. but in new york city and connecticut flu activity is low. new tonight, there's a push to expand the list of medical reasons for marijuana use in new jersey. a group of assembly members introduced a bill that would allow women to take medical marijuana to cramps. as those snowflakes fall
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we'll see that wintery mix arrive ing before noon. on long island it's going to be a little bit later arrival. most of the snow is going to melt, especially on treated and paved surfaces. the mix is going to exit saturday night but not before giving us a light, slushy accumulation. 45 in poughkeepsie. 46 in morristown and in midtown. 47 in islip. temperatures right now are well above the freezing mark for just about everyone. that's going to change as the system approaches. look at all the rain, though. this is a system that's making its approach. i checked in with one of my buddies who lives in wisconsin. he's not seeing a lot of snow sticking either. that's good news for us. they're farther north. they have more cold air available. we're not going to see much of this sticking to anything except grass and shrubs, things like that.
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rain, though you will see some snowflakes mixing in. on long island you'll see a mixture of rain and wet snow. part tore the north and west it will be mostly wet snow. just about everything is going to melt when it hits pavement. that's good news for traveling, maybe making surfaces slick briefly but not for very long. a coating to two inches is all we're going to see pretty much throughout the entire tri-state. the area where you're most likely to get to two inches is in northern new jersey and closer to the catskills. it will be a chilly day, a raw feeling day. that breeze out of the east and then north as we head further along through the day. on sunday the school breeze remains with us.
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for april. in the seven day forecast we finally get closer to normal but it won't be until the middle of next workweek. northbound tonight's consumer alert a brooklyn company recalling cookies because of allergy concerns. the cookies may contain hazel nuts. hyundai is recalling more than 170,000 sonatas. the power steering can fail making the cars harder to handle. if the steering control fails a warning light will display on the dashboard and the cars will still have manual steering. whether you're saving for a big trip or you need to pay off a student loan, there are
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you buy through the app and invest it. if you want to cash out at any time, well, it's no big deal. just push a button. the app is free for ios and android. but it does cost $1 a month. the app digit helps you save by monitoring spending habits and using complex math to figure out exactly what you can afford to save. every few days it will withdraw a few bucks into a digit account that's fdic insured up to $250,000. the app is free for ios. when apps offer investment options it's important to read the prospectus so you can see all the fees associated with
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rate of return on your investments. you should find out if the money is insured by the fdic and whether there are any monthly or yearly fees. the most popular programs are the ones that round up change. those pennies do seem to add up over time. that's the most popular feature with all these apps. >> remember to get in touch with our consumer investigative team send an e-mail or call us. we remind you from now on everyone who reaches out will get a response from the team at our new consumer investigative center. a wild moment captured on camera. maximo was paddle boarding off the coast of jupiter, florida when a shark hit his board. watch the right side of the screen. and he's all right and he's smiling. he says it is not the first time
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while on the water. fire on the runway but no reason to panic. next 4 investigates the only station to take you behind the scenes to see how crews train for a tragedy at the airport. uh we have a disturbing story involving high school students. a high school student posts a picture of classmates playing beer pong with cups in the shape of a swastika and a star of david. also at 6:00, seven marathons in seven days? we'll catch one up with the athlete who took on that grueling cause. families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. that's because we've been working hard to give you better service, and it shows. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. for $89.99 a month you'll get
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we have seen this happen. excited passengers recording video of smoke and flames on the runway and posting it to social media. tonight 4 investigates takes you behind the scenes to see how the specialized teams train for tragedy on the tarmac. >> reporter: smoke, fire, heat. the response, all real. the port authorities aircraft rescue firefighting team also known as arf battling flames at kennedy airport. 4 investigates has exclusive access as they train for worst case scenario. >> no one event is ever the same. so i like to always say that we
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and when you're faced with the scenario you use the appropriate tool. >> when aircraft incidents do happen, which is infrequent they typically happen 0 80% of the time on the tarmac. >> reporter: port authority alerts the public but it can still be alarming for travelers. >> our fires attract a lot of attention. these fires are necessary. this enhances their safety. we're there to protect the traveling public. >> reporter: on this day, ar r they put out a fire on the fuselage and landing gear. it's not just fighting fires outside the airplane. they're trained to gone inside as well.
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plane's skin, then acts like a fire sprinkler. while training missions happen daily, arf knows the training is real. >> you have a building fire that has thousands of gallons of jet fuel on top of it. typically three minutes is our max to get out there and make an effort to suppress the fire with the jet fuel spreading. knowing what they do and what they protect, i'm extremely proud of my personnel. that does it for us. we thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. i feel as though it was so insensitive. >> outrage tonight at a new jersey high school. students playing a drinking game
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a photo on social media. this week the candidates have made some missteps. what makes new york different from every other state in the union union? a we have more on those stories for you in just a minute, but first an update on breaking news in new jersey. a massive fire raging in keyport. >> michael, what can you tell us? >> reporter: we can tell you right now this fire is still active. dozens of firefighters still pouring water onto several buildings that were engulfed in flames. if we pan over to the right, you can see that one of the buildings has actually collapsed. witnesses told us that two firefighters were injured in that collapse as they were fighting the fire. firefighters have not yet
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we can tell you there are dozens of firefighters here from multiple departments still on the scene trying to get control of this thing. we're on the water at keyport. there are several commercial buildings here. we believe this started in a warehouse, the but we're waiting for official confirmation of that. witnesses telling us they did see those firefighters transported to the hospital, but we are waiting for official confirmation. now to that story out of new jersey, that disturbing drinking came called holocaust pong. >> the people involved underaged high schoolers who then shared a photo of the game online. you can see the cups arranged in the jewish the star of david and the nazi swastika. >> reporter: and the question


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