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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we can tell you there are dozens of firefighters here from multiple departments still on the scene trying to get control of this thing. we're on the water at keyport. there are several commercial buildings here. we believe this started in a warehouse, the but we're waiting for official confirmation of that. witnesses telling us they did see those firefighters transported to the hospital, but we are waiting for official confirmation. now to that story out of new jersey, that disturbing drinking came called holocaust pong. >> the people involved underaged high schoolers who then shared a photo of the game online. you can see the cups arranged in the jewish the star of david and the nazi swastika. >> reporter: and the question
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stupid or maybe both? that certainly is the debate here as school officials wrestle with how to respond, promising to closely examine efforts to address the root causes of these problems. >> i was so disgusted. >> reporter: disgusted by this picture of a recent house party, students placing cups in the shape of a swastika and a star of david for a beer pong drinking game called holocaust pong or jews versus nazis. >> i know these kids. and i didn't want to cause myself any problems at school, but i couldn't bring myself to do it. i just felt like it was the right thing to leave it up there. >> reporter: princeton high is one of the top schools in the state. >> this is the sort of thing that could happen at any high school.
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between actually being a nazi on purpose and just being stupid and drunk in a basement. >> reporter: classmates tell me some of the students in this picture are jewish and helped set up the game, while others left the party. one jewish parent is outraged. >> it's offensive to humanity. >> reporter: the superintendent says, quote, i am deeply upset that some of our students chose to engage in a drinking game with clearly anti-semitic over tones and to broadcast their behavior on social media. >> my hope is that parents stop saying boys will be boys and stop saying it's a rite of passage. >> reporter: now any discipline is confidential of course although school officials do say they are talking to these students in the picture one on one as well as with their parents. but one of those students is telling classmates that he has
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scholarship to college that he had been promised for next year. the former owner of a manhattan restaurant is under arrest tonight accused of fleecing investors out of millions of dollars in a ponzi scheme. >> investors ripped off to the tune of $12 million. the feds say a harlem restaurant owner is to blame. the feds say he used the money on himself. hamlet peralta is in custody in macon macon, georgia for crimes that happened here in new york. he owned the hudson river cafe in harlem. but he also ran a fake business. according to a criminal complaint, he engineered a ponzi scheme in july of 2013.
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money to purchase and resale wholesale quantities of lick quorliquor, when in fact he used it to enrich himself. he promised high rates of return based on profits to be generated by what he claimed would be his successful wholesale liquor business. the feds followed the money trail and found he spent just 700,000 on liquor. the rest was used to repay other investors, wire money to himself, take out large cash withdrawals and pay for personal expenses. he is also linked to a growing police corruption investigation involving a high ranking officer at the nypd. we reached out to peralta for comment, but at this point he has not retained counsel. decision 2016.
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stage in new york today. for bernie sanders it was a homecoming. sanders held a rally today outside the apartment building where he grew up. his speech touched on many of his usual themes, raging against wall street and what he calls a broken criminal justice system and pushing for a minimum wage increase. after a week of bickering with hillary clinton over who is best qualified to be president, he sounded a bit more conciliatory. >> on her worst day, she would be an infinitely better president than either of the republican candidates. >> hillary clinton has been focusing on the rest of new york today. she is holding a rally right now in rochester. earlier today she was in buff buffalo. >> you know, donald trump hates it whenever i say it but i've gotten more votes than anybody running for president.
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million more than he's gotten. >> connecticut's presidential primary is just a week after new york's. that's why republican john kasich held a town hall today at sacred heart university in fairfield. he's show nothing sign of bowing to pressure from donald trump to drop out of the race. as for trump, he had no public events scheduled toop day. it's been 40 years since the new york primary will have an impact on the presidential race. as the can't didates get in the new york state of mind, some of them have made fumbles. >> reporter: hillary clinton had a metro card malfunction. ted cruz got a bronx cheer. john kasich ate pizza with a
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to subway tokens. tokens? what is this, 1976? yes, in a way, because that's the last time new york had a heavily contested presidential primary. so the current candidates may be out of practice. >> for presidential politics it is sort of an alien place. people have not had to campaign here in years. >> reporter: new york city is more complicated than key states like iowa or new hampshire. >> in new york every block is a neighborhood, every building is a community. every part of the world is represented here. >> reporter: candidated s can meet a lot of people in one place in a short period of time. many of them can't vote in new york's primary. where are you guys from? chile. carolina. california. the actual new yorkers we spoke with suggest the candidates would do better with less staged events. >> talk to the people.
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that's what you do. talk. >> i don't care if they think it's a token or they can't swipe it. i would like to talk about real issues and arguments. >> reporter: in that sense, campaigning in new york may be just like anywhere else. in lower manhattan. >> the new york primary is april 19th. now just 11 days away. coming up, a student turns up at school with a dagger and threatens another student. >> i just put one foot in front of the other and think about who i'm running for. >> meet the woman running seven marathons in seven days to honor local war heros. >> reporter: testify it was a cold home opener but a successful one for the mets. we've got highlights and we'll hear from the winning pitcher coming up later in sports. it's cold again and we're tracking snow again for this
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we want to go back to that breaking news in new jersey. we've just learned three firefighters for were hurt. >> reporter: firefighters continue to battle this fire. it's been going on for symptom time now. we did just hear that three firefighters have been transported. witnesses tell us that one of the buildings actually came down on top of them. we're going to show you some video provided by a witness actually showing the building coming down. witnesses are telling us that firefighters were actually on the sidewalk fighting this fire
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came down on top of them. we're waiting on some more information about the conditions of those injured firefighters. at this point, we don't know. they've all been rushed to the hospital. we also received some radio transmissions of firefighters as they were fighting this fire. >> it's urgent. we have guys down. urgent. may day! may >> reporter: just in the last few seconds we've seen the flames start to spark up again in this white building as firefighters continue to pour water. the flames are starting to spark up. it's far from over. dozens of firefighters here from multiple departments on scene. three firefighters hurt, their conditions unknown. we'll bring you the latest as it
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a queens high school student has been arrested for allegedly trying to slash another student's throat. according to police, a male student at newtown high school in elm hurst threatened a female student with this dagger and tried to use it on her. the assault happened earlier this week. the girl managed to get away before the boy could injure her. a woman faces up to 30 years in prison for drowning her children. prosecutors say she poisoned her son and her daughter, then drowned them in a bath tub. she then cranked up the gas on the stove and tried to unsuccessfully to take her own life. coming up, racing for a cause. >> reporter: seven marathons in seven days.
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her test their physical limits
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lester holt joins us now from los angeles with a look at what's ahead on nbc nightly news. >> we're going to be wrapping up all the day's news of course. also we talked a lot about exhausting schedules and sleep deprived workers. now companies are encouraging their workers to get more sleep for it. >> they must have calculated that it makes some sense on a business level. how do the employees keep track? >> they're citing various findings that rested employees are more productive and can stay in better health. it's fascinating. >> look forward to it.
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impressive feat. how about running seven of them in seven days? one long islander did just that. she covered nearly 200 miles across suffolk county all for a good cause. >> reporter: eva began the last of her seven marathons in seven days with one thought, to finish strong. >> i just put one foot in front of the other and think of who i'm running for. >> reporter: she was running for 24 long island servicemen killed in combat. logging close to 190 miles in rain, cold and high winds. along the way, the 51-year-old stopped at the graves of the fallen heros, visited their homes and loved ones. and even ran with family members like diana whose son was killed in afghanistan last year. >> i think it's the community's
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veteran. >> reporter: to that end, team eva has raised more than $140,000 all for an organization that helps surviving veterans. >> those who are sitting at home who are veterans see her going out and doing this and putting this effort forward and they know there's something out there who really cares. >> reporter: on this day, her journey took her to a high school memorial for medal of honor recipient michael murphy. >> that kind of warms my heart and it also brings a m sage to the citizens of suffolk county that veterans matter. >> reporter: her legs may have been heavy as she completed this grueling week, but it's nothing, she says, when compared to what our veterans endure every day. >> what an extraordinary woman. in case you were wondering, eva went through two to three
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little. >> it's only going to be a little. we are good there. nonetheless people don't want to see snow in april. it takes a lot longer been we really get into the warm weather where it sticks around for an extended period of time. in the meantime we're going back down in the temperature department today. it's in the 40s today. you can still see some clouds out there. however, you can see breaks as well. air rolling in for at least a brief moment. the high temperatures today occurred right around midnight. it started to drop after that. the highs at midnight were right around 50 degrees. 40s. that's where we were for most of the day across the tri-state. the snow we're talking about is going to be a mix of snow and rain. it will arrive on saturday morning around 8:00 a.m. and continue until saturday
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we're talking about heavy wet snow that will stick to the grassy surfaces. the roadways and payment will stay just wet and slushy. everyone's in the 40s right now except monticello is 36. winds are the between 25 and 30 miles an hour. newburgh with a gust of 29. that brings a the windchills down a little bit. it feels like the 20s and 30s in a lot of spots. later tonight it gets colder. you may have seen a few snow flurries or sprinkles this afternoon. this is our next storm system. low pressure winding up over the great lakes near chicago and the ohio valley. that's what's coming our way. this evening we're mainly going to see a few clouds here and maybe a few sprinkles. the weather for tomorrow gets here in the morning. tonight's low temperatures down to the 20s and 30s in some
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relatively warm. mostly rain at the coast, the jersey shore for tomorrow. the city, long island and the hudson valley a mix of rain and wet snow. to the north and west it's mainly snow. there you might get a couple of inches. other than that, it's going to be an inch or less in most locations. not a lot to worry about except that maybe it's april and you may just not want to see it now. a high of 44, so the city is likely to see more rain than anything. we're near 60 and sunny next week wednesday through friday. >> you want to warm up tonight? >> yeah. >> head over to the barclays center. going to be rocking and hiphopping. nwa is going to be inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame. also among this year's induck
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-- in . brus beck ce beck is live from citi field. >> reporter: strike up the band or hoist up the flag. coming up in sports, the mets home opener serves up a little bit of everything, including a stellar performance by jacob degrom. we'll tell you why he was portioned ed
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out six phillys. but hi e did have to leave the game with tightness in his right lat. the game was tied at 6-6 when the newest met neil walker comes through with an rbi to center. he drove in two runs on the day. michael may the mets beat the phillys 7-2 in front of a raucus crowd in flushing. >> kind of get chills a little bit. >> obviously you want to make good impressions but fans or whoever will make up their mind about me. at the end of the year i'll let my numbers speak for themselves. >> i'm not really that worried about it. >> the mets are 2-1 on the season.
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wait until tomorrow night at citi field. but winning keeps you warm, right? >> that's right. mind over matter. the yankees were freezing today. let's talk about the yanks. joe girardi already mng anaging with an eye toward the end of the season. without the veterans in detroit, they missed in that line-up. tigers got all the runs they needed on this swing. hicks throwing. tagging. not in time. cabrera capped the scoring with his first homer of the season in the 7th. the yankees shut out by the tigers 4-0. for all that went wrong for the jets over the last ten years they could count on at least one thing, ferguson.
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ferguson stunned the jets by retiring rather than take a pay cut. he never missed a came in ten seasons. he never even appeared on the injury report. an offensive line man. for a decade the jets didn't have to worry about left tackle. now they've got to think about it. and they didn't expect to have to do that going into the draft coming up. he was an incredible unsung hero for that jets team. >> that's an amazing record. >> stunning. we have an update for you on that breaking news. this is new video from a building fire and a collapse in keyport, new jersey. police tell us three firefighters were hurt there. their conditions are unknown. crews are still trying to get this fire under control. and you can follow details throughout the evening on nbc new up next on nbc nightly news an arrest in the killing of a
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tonight, campus murder shock. a runaway teen arrested in the killing of a young dance student that triggered a frantic manhunt. how police say they solved a mystery. a dramatic terror takedown caught on camera. it's one, the nefarious man in the hatho escaped after the attack in brussels. love, marriage and divorce, the pope gets personal. signalling a top-down change from the church about the very private issues. springsteen takes a stand. the boss cancels a concert this weekend in north carolina as a battle pages over that so-called bathroom law being labeled by some as bigotry. and getting paid to sleep. why a major company


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