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tv   Today  NBC  April 9, 2016 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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wet with the exception of areas south and west of town. you could see a spotty 1 to 3 inch accumulation. breezy and chilly but dry tomorrow. that's the better half of the weekend. shower and milder weather importantly return as we head into thex next week. >> still snow in april is a shock to the system. thanks. see you back a little early. we'll be back at 8:30. >> weekend "today" is next. good morning. april snow showers. another blast of winter's coldest air this weekend. 100 million people waking up to frost and freeze warnings this morning. several inches expected in the northeast. nearly a foot has fallen in the midwest. when will winter leave? dylan will break it down. disturbing details over charges against former speaker
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prosecutors claim hastert sexually abused four boys when he was a high school wrestling coach and agreed to pay more than $3 million to keep one alleged victim quiet. and several months after a popular dentist was killed, police arrest a suspect in her death. a woman believed to be behind the plot nabbed in mexico. this is days after listed as the most wanted. and spacex success. pa timert of the rocket headed to the international space station and the rocket lands on the platform in the middle of the ocean. the first after several failed missions. thing fifth time's the charm, today, saturday, april 9th,
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>> announcer: this is "today" on the plaza. >> did you see that? they have on coats. >> big coats. >> it's cold in the east. >> it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't in the 70s weeks ago. that's what makes it hurt. we had a bit of a tease. >> quite the tease. >> that is the top story. another blast of winter here in april. 100 million people under freeze advisories this weekend. it seems we just can't say good-bye to the snow. in parts of the northeast, a few inches before the day is done. dylan is tracking all of that this morning. make it go away. >> i know. i'm trying. you know how rich i would be if i could make it go away? i haven't figured out that power yet. this cold air continuing to pour into the great lakes. we had in the u.p. of michigan 10.5 inches of snow. the arctic air in place. cold air. you with feeling it with current temperatures in marquette, 16.
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that is why we will not see the snow. you have to go to the higher elevations. we will have that across pennsylvania and west virginia. freeze and frost advisories this morning and tomorrow morning, temperatures will run about 20 to 25 degrees below normal. we do that this afternoon. high temperatures in the 30s and 40s. here is your cold air tomorrow morning. teens and 20s. we had heavy snowfall through cleveland. we have some of our higher snowfall totals expected through west virginia and mountains of pennsylvania because it is colder the higher up in elevation you go. the sunshine once we get into the middle of the day will prevent snow in washington, d.c. in philadelphia through new jers and into new york. we are looking at perhaps as much as 8 inches of snow through areas northwest of philadelphia. this is going to exit. we start to see wrap around
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we are not looking at a lot of accumulation. you go through the higher elevations. up to 8 inches of snow possible because it is colder. major cities look fine. travel in the major airports looks fine. >> dylan, thank you. let's get to the allegations general former speaker of the house dennis hastert. prosecutors revealing new details alleging hastert sexually abused four boys when he was a wrestling coach years ago. nbc's pete williams has the latest. >> good morning. the first time dennis hastert was paying hush money to a man who was 14 when hastert sexually abused him in a hotel room decades ago. hastert has contact with two other wrestlers while he was the coach. some incidents happened in the team locker room. these disclosures come in court filings ahead of his sentence later this month. the justice department lawyer
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what happened and still struggling now. hastert pleaded guilty to bank law violations structuring withdraws to conceal the fact he agreed to pay $3.5 million to one of the victims. the statute of limitations has long since expired on the sexual abuse charges. for the bank law violation, the law recommends up to six months in prison. that is federal guidelines. hastert's lawyers say the appropriate punishment is probation because he h moas suffered humiliation and isolation since the incidents came to light and he is age 74 in very poor health. he will be sentenced in two and a half weeks. these new details from the government seem to add to his shame. the prosecutor says it is important to know what happened to put his conduct in perspective. >> pete williams, thanks. there are new developments in a murder we first told you
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a dentist killed. her death believed to be part of a murder-for-hire plot. overnight, authorities in mexico announce the arrest of the alleged mastermind. we have nbc's steve paterson following this one. >> reporter: good morning. kendra hatcher was shot in the parking garage of her apartment complex. police have been searching for months for the third suspect. this morning, the lone female and the fbi ten's most wanted list is behind bars. mexican authorities announce the arrest of brenda delgado. she is accused of orchestrating the murder for hire of kendra hatcher. the popular dallas dentist. >> they took someone special away from us. i want people to noe know she was amazing. >> reporter: delgado was apprehended in northern mexico days after the fbi put her on
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offering $100,000 reward for information leading to her arrest. according to the indictment, delgado is accused of hiring christopher love with a promise of money and drugs to murder hatcher. the 35-year-old dentist was gunned down in the parking garage of her luxury apartment building. love is in police custody. another accomplice, crystal cortez. charged with capital murder for driving love to the murder scene. passion. relationship with hatcher's boyfriend earlier that year. documents reveal that delgado may have pursued the victim using an iphone to track the location of hatcher's cell phones before the murder. this final piece of the puzzle authorities have been searching for. brenda delgado remains in mexico this morning awaiting sheinelle.
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to another tragic story. the university of texas austin campus is grieving today trying to come to terms with why a freshman was murdered. a suspect is in custody, but police are trying to figure this out. we have nbc's gabe gutierrez with more. >> reporter: craig, good morning. this is the first homicide on campus in 50 years. week. the crucial tip from austin firefighters. here on campus this morning, there is relief, but deep sadness. it was a moving contribute you'd tribute. >> she will be missed. >> reporter: remembering one of their own on this friday night. haruka weiser was supposed to be a stage hand. >> a rough week. >> reporter: this morning, 17-year-old meechaiel criner is being held on $1 million bail charged with first-degree murder in weiser's death.
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>> you know, it's hard to know. >> reporter: sunday night, a released police affidavit shows the suspect pulled/shinny object and followed weiser. on monday, friends reported her missing. the same day, a woman saw criner lighting a fire in an abandoned building and the authorities took the teen to the shelter for homeless. on tuesday, weiser's body want found in the campus creek. on thursday, police release the video of the suspect walking with a bike near where the freshman disappeared. austin firefighters remembered the connection remembering the fire and when searched the room in the homeless shelter and found the victim's belongings. according to a high school magazine profile, he had a troubled childhood in and out of foster care. >> it is tragic. >> reporter: charles robinson is
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he recruited weiser from oregon. >> how much has this shaken you? >> to its core. at the same time, the gift she has given us is we have come together as our program and department in ways i didn't think we could. >> as for the suspect, texas child protective services tells nbc news that he had run away from foster care. the agency says it did not know where he was until after police brought him to the homeless shelter. investigators do not believe he had any previous connection to ut. craig. >> gabe gutierrez for us in austin. to politics now. although it is still ten days away, the presidential candidates focus on the up coming primary in new york. nbc's kristen welker is here in studio with us. >> good morning, sheinelle. democrats go to the polls in wyoming today, but the fight is still here in new york.
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friday night, all that hot rhetoric cooled off for a little bit. >> reporter: with the democratic race heating up, bernie sanders and hillary clinton took a brief break aim at each other friday night. sanders hitting the play "hamilton." secretary clinton hitting a familiar target in rochester. >> building a wall is like a "saturday night live" skit. >> reporter: the calm night capping the contentious week for the democrats which started in philadelphia wednesday. >> i don't believe that she is qualified. >> reporter: a comment sanders walked back on friday after a backlash from fellow democrats. >> she's qualified. >> of course. >> reporter: but friday afternoon, clinton wouldn't let go. >> seriously, i have been called a lot of things over the years, but unqualified is not one of them. >> reporter: some democrats now
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it tough to unify the party if the fall. this after they are locked in a battle for the empire state. the two trading sharp jabs. >> do you remember during the debate when he started lecturing me on new york values like we're no good. >> donald trump has been funding the failed liberal policies and failed liberal politicians for 40 years. >> reporter: meanwhile, ted cruz scoring a victory in colorado. where he netted the most delegates during the party's convention and john kasich stumping in syracuse. >> maybe we could get to hillary if we stop name calling each other. >> as for the democrats, sanders is expected to win wyoming. that would be his seventh win in a row. he is far behind clinton in delegates, but has momentum for new york. meanwhile, his campaign announced he is traveling to the vatican next week.
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benefits, but appearing on the international stage comes with peril. this race is getting more interesting. >> tell me about it. kristen. >> it is only april. >> thank you. great to see you in person. jackie in our washington bureau for "the daily beast" good morning to you. >> good morning. >> whatever your position on politic politics. referring to the former secretary of state as not qualified is something that could back fire for sanders. will this do lasting damage for the party? >> it does seem like it back fired on sanders. i saw republicans defending clinton with that jab by sanders. it didn't seem to be why you would criticize her on experience didn't make sense. will it do lasting damage? it depends. these two have gone at each other in new york.
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arms temporarily, that will not continue. the clinton campaign is in the toughest spot here. they can't really go scorch to earth after bernie sanders because they need his voters in theory to vote for her. should she get the nomination and pull the party together. >> let's talk about april 19th and the new york primary. i want your take on the republican side and recent monmouth university poll. donald trump, huge lead at 52%. kasich with 25%. cruz is third with 17%. talk about the stakes here. how big of a lead does trump need to avoid a contested convention? >> oh, man. trump needs a big lead in several states. i think it is something like 59% or 60% he needs of the delegates going forward. that's a very tough bar. it does look like he's going to win new york. for the other candidates, the challenge is to get him below 50%. so he doesn't get as many
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it is a tough task. as long as kasich and cruz keep picking up delegates here and there, they are closer to making it a contested convention. >> jackie, thank you. we head overseas now where several suspected terrorists are questioned after captured in several raids friday. now investigators are trying to figure out if one of them who was taken in is the so-called man in white seen in the photo right before the brussels airport bombing on the right side of your screen. nbc's correspondent bill neely is in brussels this morning. bill, good morning. >> good morning, craig. police questioning at least five men. they arrested here yesterday. two of them are suspected of being involved in both the paris and the brussels massacres. the question they can't answer
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so-called man in the hat? >> reporter: anti-terror police hunting for men, weapons and explosives in brussels in the early hours this morning. that followed the dramatic daytime arrests on the city streets of isis suspects wanted for mass murder. saeed abedini, top of the list. the last named fugitive. the isis suspect was arrested on the sidewalk. police searching nearby because they found a network of bomb factories and safe houses. abrini was arrested after europe's most wanted. renting rooms for killers. >> stayed in the rooms before the attacks. >> reporter: abrini will be questioned not just about one massacre, but two. investigators are trying to prove if this is him. if he is the man in the hat with
7:17 am
just a day before he was arrested, police released these new pictures of him walking away from that bombing. they asked for help finding him. now questioning him. >> abrini in custody is a important could mmodity. it will turn out to be important in trying to crack the other cells that are preparing some sort of activities. >> reporter: abrini was filmed near paris two days before the killings there with his childhood friend salah abdeslam, who also fled the attacks. next day, they were with the suicide bomber in a car used by the bombers. abrini's dna was found in a bomb factory. this man, osamak. was found. he bought the bags for the airport bombs at this city mall.
7:18 am
of the men at the very heart of the terror here. just for a moment, let's remember two of the victims. the american couple justin and stephanie stephanie shults. they were waving good-bye to stephanie's mom who visited. justin and stephanie were buried together yesterday in kentucky. just two of the 32 victims of the massacre here in brussels. craig. >> bill neely for us this morning. thank you. back at home, police in washington state captured the second of two patients that escaped from the psychiatric hospital. anthony garver was taken in custody near his parents home. a k-9 unit found him in a heavily wooded area. s.w.a.t. teams and helicopter patrols were searching for him since wednesday. we head out of the world now
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spacex rocket after launching a cargo mission to the international space station, the main booster touched down on a floating platform in the atlantic. the first successful landing for the reusable rocket after four failed attempts. president obama congratulated the team and nasa as well. because of innovators like them, america continues to lead in space exploration. and jordan spieth is at the top of the leader board in the masters tournament this morning. at one point, the defending champ had a five-stroke lead. that has dwindled. he has been struggling with bogeys and weather which is making it tough for the players while spieth leads the pack, he is paired today with rory mcilroy who is behind him by one stroke. >> spieth and mcilroy? >> rory on this one. i'm in a fantasy golf league. >> always comes back to gambling. >> i love to see spieth win
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the wind was crazy yesterday. 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts. we see that again today. sunday, things start to calm down a bit across georgia. we do have rain out west where we have much-needed rain for today. we get more tomorrow and more the day after that. spotty showers. you see the area of heavy rain, but in and out of clouds. we have a chance of some we also have a chance only storms across texas today. then tomorrow that will shift a little farther to the east and we'll see a risk of stronger storms. temperatures on the cold side. only in the 20s across northern michigan. and we're looking at that mix. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. >> thanks, dylan. good morning, everyone. dry now but there's rain and snow off to the west that will be moving in later on today. we're not expecting a whole lot. mainly less than an inch and mostly on the grassy surfaces.
7:21 am
but watch out w yt of town. we could see 1 to 3 inches there. it could be raw and rainy in the afternoon. breezy later today. tomorrow is drier but still chilly with a high of 47. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. the royals are about to take a big trip to india. william and kate head there later today that is recommend miniscent of the trip his parents took years ago. we have kelly cobiella with more from london. >> reporter: they wanted to create happier memories this time around. the reference to the photo of princess diana in front of the taj mahal alone. this is a important trip for them. high profile event and extra security and no doubt emotional moments. >> reporter: every royal visit
7:22 am
ceremony, symbolism and always silliness. india is all that and more. >> it's a must go-to place for family. this is the first time william and kate have been there. >> reporter: prince george on his first royal tour before he could walk, will stay home with princess charlotte and william and kate will pay respects of a terror attack and meet children in the slums where "slumdog millionaire was filmed." they will also meet the king and queen and little crown prince. all eyes on the last day. emotional trip to the taj mahal. the monument to love where william's mother diana sat alone while prince charles gave a speech across down more than 20 years ago. a few months later, their
7:23 am
>> her husband was made to look a bit of a fool and probably william wants his own stamp on this beautiful country. >> reporter: diana is still adored in india for the ties to mother teresa and her gentle touch. this trip is kate in the spotlight for her connection with children and of course, her clothes. spotted in an indian-british designer a few days ago. >> with all that tumbling hair would be great. dancing? >> a step too far. maybe not. the question. they are guests at a dinner tomorrow night with bollywood stars among others. guys, back to you. >> kelly cobiella, thank you. still to come, the look at the week's big stories. did you see melissa mccarthy's
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26 minutes after 7:00. 38 degrees on a saturday morning as we take a live look at the lincoln tunnel. m i'm pat battle. investigators in new jersey are looking for the cause of a mass i have fire in keyport. you see the wall going down in intense flames. at least three buildings were destroyed. six firefighters were hurt but fortunately their injuries are described as minor. bruce springsteen and the e street band are taking a stand for lbgt rights. because of the state's new law that requires transgender people to use the restroom that matches the gender on their birth certificate. the boss taking a stand. >> that's right. >> raphael miranda taking a stand. out standing in the snow later today. >> it's going to be hard to stand in it.
7:28 am
of accumlaugs. bs it's going to be a messy mix today. we're not expecting piling up. you can see generally less than an inch in the city. mainly on grass. the roads should be mainly wet. and that is good news. it will be chilly and gets breezy later on today. high temperature of 40 degrees. tomorrow dry and chilly with a high of 47. >> thank you. we'll see you back in 30 minutes with another update.
7:29 am
this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders
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we are back on a saturday morning. april 9th, 2016. take a look at our raucous crowd on the plaza. a lot of coats. winter keeping us in its grips. >> the weather is one of our headlines on this saturday. break out the shovels. millions in the northeast will be dealing with more snow today. lots of cold. freeze warnings in effect up and
7:31 am
the snow hitting the midwest on friday. some places in michigan had a foot of show. and a high school teacher under arrest after a video surfaced of her hitting a student. and vince neil is facing a battery citation for what happened with this altercation with nicholas cage. neil grabbed a woman by the hair after she asked cage for an autograph. cage stepped in to restrain neil leading up to this moment. let's start the half hour with "the download." >> ted cruz had a win in wisconsin and the panama papers exposed and two teens in the ncaa championships. those are a few of the stories.
7:32 am
>> tonight is a turning point. >> why? because donald trump's road to the nomination got tougher. >> donald trump still has stronger prospects in new york. and a war of words for the democrats. >> i don't think you are qualified if you have voted for the disastrous war in iraq. >> quickly diffused by week's end. >> in the heat of the campaign people say lots of things. >> on her worst day, she would be an infinitely better republican. >> leaders and celebrities accounts. >> these documents are a road map for how putin could have stashed billions. the prime minister of wrongdoing. another amtrak crash.
7:33 am
>> investigators want to know why amtrak maintenance equipment was on the tracks sunday morning as the train pushing 106 miles an hour. >> we are gathering the information as to who had the authority to be on that track. it happened in an instant. you can hear 6th grader's body hit the concrete. then she lays there motionless. >> you hear her hit the ground. >> she gave "today" these photos showing her eyes bruised and cracked. the officer identified as joshua kehm on paid leave. the national championships. >> uconn making it a four-peat
7:34 am
>> for the championship. the much loved musical "hamilton" has fans and young stars did justice with one of the hit songs. look around the red buds in new york rain storms on the river and for lip syncing for jimmy fallon. melissa mccarthy. made to sing with all the voices of the mountain we must overcome the colors in the wind >> you have to give it to her on that one. she started to put on the goggles, you thought what is she
7:35 am
>> a mask over her mouth? i wonder how much she she ingested. >> the brackets. >> one of us had to win against each other. >> one did not lose as bad as each other. we look forward to your brunch. >> that was the deal. >> it was. you were dead last. >> happy for villanova. coach jay wright. one of my favorite coaches. best looking. best dressed. he turned me on to spring rolls. >> that was one of the best championship buzzer beater games in the history of the final four. we know it is cold here and cold up and down the eastern seaboard. >> it all balances out. >> on average. >> we're all doing all right. in the southwest, the west coast, seeing most of the warmer temperatures. the pacific northwest, the southwest because of rain and
7:36 am
that is keeping temperatures down. a dip in the jet stream is allowing the colder air to settle in. as we get into the next couple days, we sta asrt we get into the next couple of days we will see a bit of a warm-up and then be back in the 60s. wait it out a little bit longer. tomorrow we are looking for temperatures to still be below average. cincinnati 62. that's still 2 degrees below average. raleigh about 61. still running 5 to 10 below average. monday we'll get back to the 70s through the southeast. then as we continue through the week, again, temperatures will begin to rebound. but this is all part of spring. you know, you get those colder temperatures. it's been cold enough to see soom of that snow. we've had already a foot of snow in michigan. we're looking at the snow to continue through cleveland. northwest of pennsylvania we could end up with 8 inches of snow. in the big cities, you could see the snow fall but it won't accumulate.
7:37 am
across southern california today. that's a look at the weather across the country, now here's a peek out your window. >> thanks, dylan. good morning, everyone. getting ready for the wintry mix later on today. right now it's quiet. even some sunshine but the rain and snow just off to the west will be tracking on later on into the afternoon. not a whole lot of snow. you can see generally less than an inch will fall. mainly on grass. and the roads should be wet for the most part. travel not really impacted too much. it'll be breezy and raw, though. a high temperature of only 40 degrees today. and tomorrow is drier but still breezy and cold. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still ahead, netflix subscriber subscribers, listen up. you are about to pay more. >> assuming your favorite shows. and how you can make a lot of extra cash by selling things around your house. but first these messages. the citi double cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy,
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morning with "today's consumer." we are helping you make extra cash by looking at what is around your house. you may be spring cleaning and a way to get rid of the clutter is to make money off it. nbc's olivia sterns is here with us. >> good morning. >> you can actually make money off your old sports memorabilia. >> anything you collected at one point, somebody else is collecting it. you can make money off it. i'm talking about almost anything. jerseys, baseball cards, bobble heads. >> bobbleheads? >> a killer pin collection. somebody wants this stuff. the more rare, the more money involved. if you have a great set. everything from a cubs team that could go really well. you would be surprised. somebody once found a brooklyn dodgers ticket stub. >> e-bay? >> e-bay is the best place to sell it.
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an old iphone or blackberry. giselle? >> i personally never remember to trade it in. my producer bought a new ipad. she brought in her old one and got a $150 gift card. if you got anything from apple, think about putting it back in for an upgrade. if you have something older, a nokia cell phone. you think nobody wants it. my old laptop from college. somebody may be able to use the parts. check it out. go to giselle. they even send you the box. >> what about the old ipods that apple won't take? >> try to sell on giselle. a huge market for it. >> if you have a kid grown up or a kid who is spoiled, there is now a market for all of those toys. i'm talking to my son at home.
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you can actually make money. your kids' toy trunk is a treasure trove. the old legos. we found one lego set. this is a better return than the stock market. the original price is $500. it now goes for $4500. you have to have all of the parts. that could help. a lot of things worth a lot of money. it doesn't have to be the fancy collector items. you can take a picture and post it on the app. >> this is what fascinated me most. everyone has gift cards. >> huge in the country. people are saying $1 billion of unused gift cards. first of all, april. did i get any gift cards for christmas. did i get in the stocking i have not used? go to starbucks and use it. say you got a gift card you would not use. i once got one to auto zone.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above we are back this morning with the new game. called "if and why."
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our producers prepared questions for us that started with if and end with a why. we have no idea what the questions are in advance. i guess i'm supposed to go first. >> it sounds like a college drinking game. >> if you could have any celebrity play you in a movie about your life, who would it be and why? >> oh, my goodness. >> you have to be quick here. you don't have time. >> halle berry, of course. i'm kidding. you know who i love? shanale nathan. >> because she's tall? >> tootie. >> if you could host "saturday night live" who would your musical guest be and why?
7:49 am
best concert i have ever seen. 2004. >> if you could learn any skill, what would it be and why? i would love to learn a musical instrument. i think the piano, although i have short and stubby fingers. >> did you play anything growing up? >> no. that is my biggest regret. i have no musical skill. if you told me to go to a talent show, i don't really have a talent. >> that's not true. you play golf. >> what's my mind going to do? >> you can rock climb. >> did you play a musical instrument? >> i played the violin and bass until i learned i was awful. >> i played the violin and clarinet. i want to learn how to play the guitar. >> we should learn to play a musical instrument. >> my wife took guitar lessons. >> i hear it is complicated. >> there are few things sexier than a woman who can whip out a guitar.
7:50 am
just ahead, when we come back, we will talk to the soon-to-mom. look at this. this is amazing. >> amazing for anybody. >> lifting 155 pounds here. she will be giving birth in about three weeks. what does she has to say to the folks who have been criticizing her for all of this? >> is it safe?
7:51 am
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good morning. it's 7:56 and still holding at 38 degrees. in advance of the snow that's heading our way on this saturday, april 9th. good morning. i'm pat battle. police in new york cracking down this weekend on distracted drivers using those cell phones. since 2011 tickets for driving on a cell phone has dropped. don't text and drive. please stay alive. and you could expect to see a lot of kilts and hear a lot of bagpipes in midtown today as people celebrate scottish heritage during the tartan parade. sam huet is this year's grand marshal.
7:58 am
i love "outlander." i know you like it too. >> i'm going to get you caught up on the weather now. we have rain and snow moving in over the next few hours. it's going to be a slushy mess. otherwise mainly light accumulations on the grass. it's breezy, chilly, and a high of only 47 degrees. >> more at 8:30 in a half hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. april snowshowers. another bitter cold weekend with temperatures expected to be up to 25 degrees below normal over the east coast. snow that's already blanketed the midwest heads to the northeast today. dylan has it covered. disturbing details. new allegations against former speaker of the house dennis hastert. now prosecutors say he sexually abused four boys when he was the wrestling coach.
8:01 am
paid hush money to keep one victim quiet. and masters showdown. a match happening today in augusta. jordan spieth hoping to maintain his lead over his fellow golfers. with one stroke separating spieth and rory mcilroy, anything can happen. today, saturday, april 9th, 2016. today's the day i'm waiting for tomorrow won't come yesterday's far away this is the only day >> we're on the "today" show. >> my first time in new york. >> it's my birthday. >> happy birthday. >> we're from canada. we find this weather very warm. >> we're from atlanta. >> hi, craig. >> we have come to the "today" show. good morning. welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning. we have a nice crowd this morning. we will go out and see them in a bit.
8:02 am
for the parade today. parade season in new york city. >> you never know when you can get to the other side of the street this time of year. >> takes longer. there's a lot to get to. let's start with nbc's pete williams following the latest on the allegations against dennis hastert. pete, good morning. >> good morning to you. prosecutors say the sexual abuse of dennis hastert's victims when teenagers left them feeling alone and ashamed and guilty. they struggled, the government says, and still struggling with it now. hastert sexually abused three high school wrestlers and team manager we he was the coach in yorkville, illinois, decades ago. two were 14 years old at the time. hastert pleaded guilty in october to violating bank laws by structuring withdraws from the accounts to evade reporting. he was trying to conceal the plan to pay $3.5 million to one of the victims who recently confronted him with what
8:03 am
hastert will be sentenced on that charge april 27th. the statute of limitations has long expired on the sexual abuse allegations. the government recommends a prison sentence of up to six months which is what federal guidelines for the bank violation call for. hastert's lawyers say the appropriate punishment is probation. they say he has been isolated and humiliated by allegations and they say at age 74 he is in poor health and in a wheelchair and unable to do nearly anything on his own. craig. >> pete, thank you. other news this morning, a fugitive on the fbi ten most wanted list has been caught. brenda delgado has been taken into custody in mexico. she is wanted in dallas for a mastermind of the murder-for-hire plot. the fbi said delgado planned the killing for months getting two accomplices to carry out the killing. the boss has backed out of a
8:04 am
he is getting support from the band. steve van zandt agrees with the decision bruce springsteen made after the state passed the law that critics say allows discrimination against the lgbt community. band members included making a statement from the stage, but decided to cancel the concert. meanwhile, steve van zandt was on hand to inn duct members into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. among those inducted? chicago and cheap trick. and rap nwa known for "straight out of compton." steve miller used his speech to criticize the hall of fame for among other things, a poor record on including women. all right. let's check in with dylan with the check of the cold forecast on the east coast. >> we will touch on this one more time. we have cold and potential for snow.
8:05 am
through ohio and up to 10.5 inches of snow in northern this area of low pressure, that's your polar vortex. as it slides a little bit, it's going to allow that cold air to settle into the great lakes and northeast which we've been seeing a lot of lately. highs today will be running about 20 to 25 degrees below average. so this is certainly not what you'd expect this time of year. syracuse barely getting above freezing. burlington above 30 degrees. then into tomorrow morning it is going to be very cold. teens and 20s back through the great lakes stretching into the south as well. columbia, south carolina, starting off tomorrow morning at 34 degrees. we have the snow falling through cleveland. we also have lake-effect snow coming in through indiana. this is going to move eastward. the big city's not really seeing a whole lot more than just some cold rain showers. but we could end up with about the to 4 inches in higher elevations. northwest of philadelphia we could see isolated higher amounts because of the elevation. that's a look at the weather
8:06 am
peek out your window. >> thanks, dylan. good morning, everyone. a few more dry hours left here in the city. but rain and snow showers already tracking into western suburbs. it's going to be light as it starts out. but it could pick up in intensity throughout the afternoon. less than an inch, slushy, mainly on grass. and the roads should stay wet and not be too dicey. but still give yourself a little extra time if you have to travel. breezy and cold through the rest of the day. windchills in the 20s. breezy cold but dry for sunday. and that's your latest forecast. >> don't go to far. we want to talk about your favorite subject. golf. the third round of play at augusta starts this morning. difficult weather conditions have pose a challenge for players and could pose a challenge for the next two days. >> how fun is the masters? yesterday, 30-mile-an-hour winds were seen on the course. we will see that again today.
8:07 am
players, including three-time champ phil mickelson who missed the cut. this morning, all eyes are on jordan spieth. >> reporter: few who don't know his name. >> i have a shipment for j. spieth. >> it's spieth. >> reporter: 22-year-old jordan spieth is the man to beat through the first two rounds. >> at the halfway point, there is so much can happen. >> reporter: he led all four rounds last year tying tiger woods record low score at augusta national course. the golf world is buzzing with comparisons with the two. each winning the tournament at the age of 21. one of the leaders is bryson dechambeau. he plays with a set of irons all the same length. but the player to watch is rory mcilroy.
8:08 am
one of the few golfers who handled the wind friday. winds reached up to 32 miles an hour on augusta. the wind getting hold of what should be an easy tap-in for bubba watson. he had the wind to blame and not the yips for ernie els on the first day. and a hole in one for gary player. the 80-year-old three-time masters champion has still got it. >> gary player! >> another legend, tom watson, had his own memorable moment on friday. after 45 years on the tour, watson played his final hole at augusta. >> it's time. the reality is it's time. >> the cheers for awesome. today is moving day. we will see what all happens
8:09 am
dechambeau has been fun to watch. it is nice to see if he can maintain his composure with the stress and gusty winds have been driving people crazy. >> if you are just joining us, mcilroy? >> because of our fantasy league. it will be cool to see spieth go another year. thank you. to a story that turned heads this week when this photo was posted online. the soon-to-be mom refuses to let pregnancy stop what she loves doing. we have nbc's morgan radford here about more. >> reporter: that is right. emily says working out is her biggest passion. she and her husband were college athletes and she wants to continue pushing herself at the gym despite the backlash she has received online. eight months pregnant.
8:10 am
>> all i do. >> reporter: emily, a physical trainer in charlotte, north carolina, is generating a buzz with the six-day workouts. >> it is all i know. i want to have a healthy, fit pregnancy. >> reporter: critics are sounding off. that is selfish. you are pregnant. accusing her of putting her fitness before her baby. >> if people were exercising prior to pregnancy, they can continue that activity. >> reporter: dr. azar says any exercise done with too much intensity can hurt any mother and child. one, stay hydrated. two, avoid excess heat. and three, not exercise on their backs after the first trimester. she is following her doctor's rules.
8:11 am
two weeks before delivering baby skyler who she says is happy and healthy. and this trainer who quickly lost the 30 pounds she gained when pregnant. and emily. >> when he comes out, he will be at the gym and see me continue to do fitness. i hope it provides him a healthy lifestyle. >> emily plans to participate in the biggest circuit training class of all time. she said strong moms create strong babies. >> can you imagine? >> no. >> i can't imagine. >> i can't even walk. >> just wait. if you had twins. >> the doctor said it is okay. >> morgan, thank you. still to come in trending, how many rubber bands does it take to blow up a watermelon? i didn't know that was a question. we have the explosion that
8:12 am
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all right. back on a saturday morning. it's time to "trend." first up, a dog eat dog world. earlier this week, this dog was launched into space by an elementary school in england as a science experiment. using only a helium balloon and gps and gopro tracker. sam was off on the mission. when the balloon popped, sam became detached. the tracker and camera found 50 miles from the launch site, but no sign of sam. where is he is? the #findsam is trending as the students are getting the word out. >> he could be doggie paddling in the ocean. >> he is probably in the ocean.
8:16 am
>> maybe we will find sam. here is another science experiment that had people buzzing. how many rubber bands does it take to blow up a watermelon. yesterday, 800,000 people tuned in for the facebook feed of students trying to make a watermelon explode using only rubber bands. >> you will have kids all over america doing that. it took 45 minutes and 690 rubber bands to create that explosion. social media along with that watermelon erupted since the video. more than 7 million people have watched the exploding watermelon making it facebook live's
8:17 am
>> selling out of watermelons and rubber bands. and big changes on the horizon. netflix users will be required to pay $9.99 to continue to enjoy the service. this is a long time coming. in 2014, they raised the price for new subscribers. the increase did not apply to existing customers who were grandfathered in at the current rate of $7.99. the changes go into effect next month. >> i don't have netflix. >> i love it. >> everyone does. sorry. >> scandal. dylan has the pop start. >> we have some exciting news for fans of "gilmore girls." we are happy to report that
8:18 am
the "gilmore girls" netflix reunion. she made the announcement during the ellen show. >> making four movies of "the gilmore girls." that is near and dear to my heart. we could not get the schedules to work. there was a whole thing and i was going to be out of the country. we figured out that i am going to go back and do it. i am so excited. >> big round of applause. no word on the premiere date. next up, parade magazine out with the what people earn issue revealing how much cash celebrities are raking in. taylor swift takes the top with $80 million. number two is surprising. chef gordon ramsay is $60 million. he has a million shows. lady gaga is behind him with $59 million. craig is not in the top ten. >> 3 million. and finally, let's talk
8:19 am
last year's made over $1 billion worldwide. how do you attempt to top that? it could be by adding charlize theron. she enjoyed the cast. according to the facebook page, she will play the crew's greatest adversary ever. "fast 8" from universal is set to be released next april. >> "fast 8." >> already making money. >> another million. >> exactly. we'll be right back, but
8:20 am
8:21 am
dylan is going to show us
8:22 am
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come ing up next on today in new york -- >> reporter: subway slashings on the rise. nypd on the hunt. i'll vl a report coming up. plus calling for help in a jersey shore inferno that injured six firefighters. and rain and snoep are going to make a mess of things on this weekend. but how much snow will we see and what about your sunday? details coming up in your forecast. >> all right. i'm lynda baquero. >> and i'm pat battle. today in new york saturday coming your way next. omy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. now on today in new york, winter weather returning with a vengeance. from freeze warnings to snowfall, we've got your storm team 4 forecast. plus we've got surveillance video that could be the key to catching a subway slasher. and we'll tell you what
8:29 am
jersey shore blaze that injured six firefighters. good morning. and welcome back to today in new york on this saturday morning. i'm pat battle. >> and i'm linda ba ynda baquero in for gus. we've got storm team 4 meteorologist raphael miranda with a look at today. >> we're ready for spring to make a comeback eventually. it's not happening today, unfortunately. we have some snow and rain in the forecast. snow about creeping into western sections of the region. some light rain off to the south as well. we had sunshine early on. that's fading away and it's fading away fast. we have a winter weather advisory in effect only for hunterdon county. the biggest impacts will be to the west of the city. how much will we see in terms of the snow? not much at all. highest accumulations south and west of town. it's mainly on grassy surfaces.
8:30 am
roads should stay mainly wet. that's good news. we're at 40 degrees right now in the city. we have some sunshine and clouds. but the clouds are going to take over and we start to see rain and snow showers through the afternoon. breezy and raw. need your winter jackets and the umbrellas on this saturday. there are some signs of spring on the way. we'll see those coming up in a few. over to you. >> thank you. and happening now, police looking for the man they say slashed a tourist inside a subway station. >> we've got new surveillance video to show you this morning. we are joined from the bleaker street station with the latest. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning. this latest attack was on a 55-year-old tourist from israel. the nypd releasing surveillance video showing a man struggling with another who had fallen asleep as -- on a bench, rather,


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