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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in big, red scripted letters. that' s why we lager, filter and package cold. because we believe every climb deserves a refreshing finish. whatever your mountain, climb on. >> mike: the hooking. the flyers to the power play. face-off win. they bear with it. gave it on to giroux. a shot by giroux. wide to the short side.
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that lovejoy gave up to schenn. popped up back for more. off it curls to giroux. wayne simmonds and they kicked back to gostisbehere. giroux tried to beat it further. taken on by schenn. walled by lovejoy. puck came to cullen. he was able to clear it off and back down. >> ed: the flyers try to get the puck down to the goal line and make plays instead of making plays from the blue line in. >> mike: gostisbehere rolls that back in. coming along to help was one of the penguin defensemen and its is lofted back out again. stepping in there was dumoulin. meanwhile back behind it can be taken with 4:45 to go in the third. 52 seconds left on the power play.
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able to trickle it along. taken by bonino but lost to couturier. skated around the old roulette wheel. matt read able to bank it in. daley there. lofted along that goes back to center for the penguins. mark streit gives it across. >> mike: putting a point on it. trying to win the game and putting his team into the playoffs. chipped by kuhnhackl. again it is streit. 15 seconds to go. streit yet again. gottet back over and gagner fired it wide. gets it back down the ice an on goal and that's it. out of the penalty box and so it's full strength action with 3:45 to go in the game. raffl able to roll it around
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rolfele le le le le le le rofrle back over it again. bellemare. fired it around and macdonald will have to chase it back down. a restless time here. if nothing changes on the scoreboard rm they do. schultz able to wait behind. 3:15 to go. it went through voracek and down and the flyers are guilty of icing. the stanley cup playoffs begin wednesday on the networks of nbc. don't miss a moment. and, again, this year, every game, every series. sundqvist on this important draw
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face-off draw for them. on the tie, it trickled along. dumoulin able to recoil and fed on through. they rule an offside on to play with exactly three minutes to go. no chances by the penguins on goal this period. 34 shots to 19. and the nervous anticipation. thought their team was out of it. back they came. lost at pittsburgh. that sent them reeling onning a six-game losing streak. they're ahead in this game against pittsburgh, 2-1. 2:50 to go. two aside in the pittsburgh defensive end.
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for the penguins is brian dumoulin. it twisted behind by macdonald to gudas. fired on down. handed back across and returned back over. long toss ahead and it goes back down. an icing is called this time against the penguins. one last look at this. we direct your attention to the right-hand side. there are interesting and successful teams on the left but the critical point is philadelphia on the outside. with the victory here, they will be on the inside. boston will be out. 2:22 to go. penguins will undoubtedly pull their goaltender jeff zatkoff at some point if the deficit stays one, and even if it stays two. this one directed up high and back in.
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flyers' defense. that went off bellemare. regrabbed and one-handed by daley. pouliot with that. twisted right back in by mark streit. zatkoff is out to play it along to daley. takes a glance at the scoreboard, then over to the bench. carried ahead by hagelin. his shot blocked down. hagelin again trying to work in and it's denied by gudas. pouliot. 100 seconds go in regulation. pouliot around behind schultz. spined around and dumoulin takes it. very deliberately drops it on back. back by kessel. going to the bench. the net is empty for the flyers and macdonald is there. they have won 14 of their last 15 games. this one is back out, including eight consecutive games on the
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team has had in the nhl this year. schultz. cullen tries to get it across. a save. they score! he scores! [ horn blowing ] >> ed: they talked about it a lot, dave hakstol. the good stick from bellemare. and i loved the reaction on the flyers' bench now giving themselves a two-goal lead with less than a minute to go. knowing how close they are to
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>> pierre: you earn your coach's trust. it's an example of why he's trusted, why that line is so valuable for the flyers. >> mike: an unassisted goal by bellemare has made this 3-1. who would have thought 30 of the last possible 34 points to pass four teams. into the glove of zatkoff. et at least one more face-off. it was wayne simmonds who has said in making the playoffs has been a man that did not make it
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chair chair. ed snider has been battling healthishes for most of the season. [ horn blowing ]
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>> mike: they have prove thad you can come out of seemingly nowhere with an acceleration down the stretch and get in. and as the kings proved in 2012, all you have to do is get in. wayne simmonds, pierre mcguire. >> pierre: thanks very much, doc. it wasn't supposed to happen this way. they said there was no chance for the flyers to make the playoffs. you're in the playoffs. how did it happen? >> we believed in one another all year long. we knew no one was giving a shot this year and we wanted to prove ev wrong. all those guys in the locker room, they did a great job from goalies on out. we worked our butts off. we deserve this. >> talk about the influence that your coaching staff, especially dave hakstol had on this team and the resurgence of the
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you know, they come in. we had a few things change up at the beginning of the year, obviously. we got used to it. hockey has been unbelievable. you know, they did a great job. we followed their example. we tried to lead all the way down. >> i know you're a humble man but you don't like to talk about yourself, 28 goals, 29, 32 this year. you keep going. salute the crowd. they're cheering for you. >> it's still unbelievable. i played in l.a. and i had a chance to play there and i came to philadelphia. these are the best fans. they stuck with us through thick and thin. they deserve the playoffs. >> their next step is against the washington capitals. what should they expect from the flyers? >> it's going to be a physical series. we played washington pretty hard.
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rivalry, so it should be a real good team. >> way to go, wayne. >> thanks a lot, pierre. i appreciate it. >> doc. >> final score in the game, flyers, 3, penguins, 1. thanks for watching the nn hl on nbc. on behalf of all of us and our entire crew, mike emrick saying so long from philadelphia. tonight starting at 8:00, 7:00 central it's "date line: saturday mystery." and tonight on "saturday night live" russell crowe and musical guest.
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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. tonight battleground new york. bernie sanders and hillary clinton chris crossed the boroughs, rallying support for the primary, now just ten days away. >> confession of terror, the co-called man in the hat wanted for the brussels bombings is under arrest and admits he's the one in that surveillance video. a wild police shootout and chase. much more on those stories in a moment, but first this weather. we might be two weeks into spring, but winter isn't ready to let go. >> not at all. april snow showers fell in parts of our area today. this coming to us from morganville, new jersey. for the rest of us this storm brought a miserable cold rain. the concern tonight as the
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could be very dangerous. >> erica grow is here with everything you need to know. >> we're looking at temperatures dropping even lower as we head into the overnight hours. the rain and snow you see here could turn onto ice on untreated surfaces. you can see a six-hour loop here showing that system. we'll be done with all the precipitation heading into the overnight hours. this is where you can expect with the wintery mix ending on long island last, mostly by midnight. we're going to be completely done with that precipitation. overnight tonight it's going to turn breezy with the clearing skies. that hard freeze will develop overnight tonight. it's the bushes suburbs that could have the slick spots. in the city, i don't think we're going to see that hard freeze right in the city proper. we're looking at the exit of that rain. by 9:00 still lingering on the
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by midnight we're completely done with the rain. a chilly breezy sunday on tap. you can track with forecast any time with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are ramping up their battle for the democratic nomination in new york city as primary day nears. sanders is wrapping a whirlwind day holding events in three of the five boroughs. hillary clinton is campaigning in brooklyn. let's give you the live picture right now from the event there in sunset park where clinton is reaching out to the latino community. we have michael george live in harlem where bernie sanders is set to appear right there behind you at the apollo theater. . >> reporter: bernie sanders has made appearances in the queens,
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he even found time to see the musical "hamilton." both sanders and hillary clinton have spent more time attacks each other and less time talking about the republican candidates. bernie sanders on a whirlwind tour of new york, hoping to capture as many of its 291 delegates as he can. >> if we can win here in new york state it will be a huge step forward zbloonchts . >> reporter: sanders is hoping his message resonates with real new yorkers. >> bernie seems to represent the people better than anybody. >> bernie addressed many issues that impact the bronx. an issue that has been neglected by many of our officials for decades. >> reporter: sanders then headed to queens for a rally. the vermont senator has been put on the defensive by hillary clinton after saying she's not qualified to be president. >> seriously i've been called a
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unqualified is not one of them. >> i respect hillary clinton. we were colleagues in the senate. on her worst day she would be an infinity better president than either of the republican candidates candidates. >> reporter: the fight in new york has become more about hillary versus bernie with both candidates spending less time talking about the republican side. >> i would take him over donald trump or ted cruz any day. >> reporter: clinton just made an appearance at another new york icon, juniors in brooklyn
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and the . >> there is still one delegate left which will be allocated after the results are in. donald trump visited the 9/11 memorial and museum today. he spent about 30 minutes touring the museum. trump speaks about ted cruz for comments cruz made criticizing new york values. this is the first time he has paid his respects and made a $100,000 donation today as well. after his visit trump tweeted a great honor to visit the 9/11 museum with my wife. in westchester county the ohio governor spoke to hundreds of students at iona college in new rochelle. he was asked how he would make america great again. he touched on a number of things including social security. >> you want more specifics? okay. i'll give you more specifics. you want to fix social security? it's a piece of cake. what you do is you say people who have had decent income throughout their lifetime will still get social security. they're just going to get less. and the people who really depend on it will get what they need,
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>> ted cruz is in colorado tonight hoping to lock down 13 more delegates ap t the gop state convention. he'll make stops in california on monday. it's not clear when cruz is expected back in new york. our coverage continues on air, online and of course on news 4 new york app. tonight a deadly police chase in middle sex county new jersey. franklin township police officers were chasing a suspect early this morning. that chase came to an end in new brunswick where the suspect grant got into a shootout with officers. he was shot and killed. we have new information tonight on the brussels terror attacks. after a frantic three-week search police say they now have the elusive man in the hat in
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by now everyone has pretty much seen this surveillance video of him walking alongside the two suicide bombers at the airport. >> reporter: very significant news from the terror investigation here in brussels. a mystery solved. we diplomat dn't know who the man in the hat at the brussels airport was just before bombs went that you have killed 16 people. now a man in custody has apparently according to prosecutors confessed he's that man. he's called mohammed abrini. he says he was present at those brussels airport attacks. he said he fled the scene. he got rid of his jacket in a garbage can. s a ston he says he sold his hat. it's significant that he's
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investigators a great deal, not just about the brussels attacks, but also about paris. because his dna and his fingerprints were also found on a car used in the paris attacks. we know that two men who were arrested with him have been released. but also charged today were three other men. one of them is also a key player. he's been known for a couple of days now as osama k. we know he's swedish. he was charged with multiple murders today. we know, according to prosecutors, that he was at the brussels metro station along with a suicide bomber. we also know that he bought the suitcases that the bombs at the airport were put into. it's been a successful 48 hours for the brussels police. but people here aren't dropping their guard. and they're certainly not believing they've somehow wound
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this is still a city and a police force that's on the lookout for any other members of this isis cell. but certainly mohammed abrini in custody, key player and he's talking. that's the most significant thing. cardinal dolan is in iraq tonight, offering soert upport to families displaced by isis. photos show dolan with members of the catholic near east federation in kurdistan. the weekend visit will also take the group to schools and clinics in that area. still ahead, as the cleanup begins at the site of that raging info know in keyport, new jersey, we are now learning what sparked those flame. 26 cyclists set out on a four day journey with one
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it was such an intense fire in keyport, new jersey, that sent six firefighters to the hospital. tonight as those firefighters are covering, crews are now cleaning up all the debris left behind. we have brian thompson in keyport where he spoke to those impacted by that dwas evastating fire. >> reporter: lost in the rubble, people lives in two apartments upstairs. one couple lost three family
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as firefighters escorted them around the ruins, a sister telling me -- >> families were basically destroyed. they're starting over again. you have them looking through the rubble for one sign of something from their life that they can take with them. >> reporter: new video shows the collapse of two walls that injured firefighters, none seriously. >> when the wall collapsed, the front wall collapsed with it and there were some injuries there. we were kind of praying for them. >> reporter: looks like your prayers for answered. >> thank god. >> reporter: it took only hours for demolition to begin here. the cause of this raging fire, workers making roof repairs with hot tar. >> this is 2016. you don't set a five alarm fire like that from roof tar. something has to be done. >> reporter: it will be too late for her sister and the other person wholies ly
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demolition was going to happen anyway. the owner already had plans to bring something new to downtown. you expect to see this part of the block come back? >> do, for sure. >> reporter: key port's downtown is a vibrant one. now, despite what happened here, there is every indication it will remain that way. a 13-year-old boy carrying a loaded gun was arrested at the port authority bus terminal. police say he was a run away taking a greyhound bus from his home in virginia into the city. port authority police were alerted. they fanned out and found that boy getting off of the bus. they say he not only had a loaded weapon, but 80 rounds of ammunition. investigators say he told them the gun for was for protection. on long island they want to find the person who abandoned a dog muzzled with duct tape.
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open his mouth. a $2,000 reward is being offered for anyone with information leading to an arrest. tonight 26 cyclists are peddling in honor of the victims of the sandy hook massacre. there was a sendoff ceremony for the cyclists in newtown this morning. for four years team 26 has peddled to washington calling for an end to gun violence. this year they've gathered 38,000 signatures on a petition to ban concealed weapons on college campuses. >> we're really seeing the movement grow. you know, after our first ride, people said that the connecticut effect would fade away. what we've seen is the connecticut affect has effect has really
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coming up here, the flours wers may be blooming but who knows where spring went. maybe some good news to come. as we head to break, a programming note for you. we're giving our viewers exclusive access to mashds yor de blasio with a new show called "ask the mayor." send us your questions. head to our facebook or twitter
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