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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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[ grinding metal ] whoa, that doesn'
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no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it' s like lugging this around... it' s dragging down your fuel economy. [ breaking glass ] but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. [ scrubbing bristles ] so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i' ll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate... our best fuel ever! doesn't feel like it, but despite today's gloomy weather it actually was a picture perfect day at the cherry blossom festival. the trees in full bloom despite this cold snap, but a warning, tonight's frost could put these buds in danger. we hate to hear that. >> i see cold air alerts. we are feeling it out there. >> yes. and it's only going to get colder as we head into the
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this is for a freeze warning. that's bad of course in newark. you are covered by that freeze warning. all of long island, most of the jersey shore. by the way, the reason that locations inland are not under that freeze warning is because this is reflective of the growing season. we have that freeze warning in effect and that could damage those buds. we will see a hard freeze throughout the entire tri-state area overnight tonight. along with the clearing skies and colder temperatures, it's also going to turn breezy tonight. it's going to be dry on sunday but still unseasonably chilly for this time of year. temperatures in the 30s in fairfield county. 37 in islip and west hampton. these cold temperatures are going to remain with us all night long. at least we're not going to drop off too much overnight, but those winds picking up out of the north and northwest are
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that we already have. we're going to see temperatures remaining below average for this time of year, even as we head into sunday afternoon. some sunshine returns. that breeze out of the north and eventually out of the west will feel a little bit chillier. we're going to look at those windchills remaining in the upper 30s even in the peak heating hours of the afternoon. as we send the kids back to school temperatures rebounding. we could get back to 60 before this next cold front moves through. we're going to keep things a little bit milder in this seven day forecast than what we just dealt with. overnight we're going to drop down to 30 degrees in central park. that will be a freezing temperature. 28 in union. 27 in scarsdale and smithtown. it's going to be breezy. all the way down to 18 in liberty.
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precipitation you got during the day becoming slick on untreated surfaces. that's not going to be a concern in the city. it's just too mild. we're only going to rebound to 48 degrees in central park. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. rain returns just when we get those milder temperatures coming. we have to deal with showers on monday, showers and thunderstorms possible on tuesday. finally, we're looking for a nice stretch of mild weather, continued sunshine for second half of the workweek. finally some april-like weather. >> right after that it's 30 and raining again? >> no. we're finally looking at spring. >> i love it. here now with a check of sports -- >> that's right. we're talking about some hockey. it's a crucial final weekend for the rangers and the islanders. could the blue shirts end the season with a regular win against detroit?
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the yankees found themselves deal with with some football like weather. but the bombers bats were anything but cold. that's next when news 4 at 6:00 continues. there are two democratic visions
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the yankees scored a combined 24 runs in two wins against the astros. yesterday manager joe girardi rested three of his best hitters and the bombers ended up being shut out in detroit. that was a different story this afternoon with all three stars back in the line-up and it was 31 degrees and snowing at the beginning of this game. we'll take a football game out there with the weather. a-rod wastes no time. he dials to left center for his
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1-0 yankees. in the fifth it was carlos bell trand belltran's turn. the yankees got six innings from their number five starter. cc sabathia looking solid in his first start of the year. he got himself into a jam in the fourth but worked out of it. the pinstripes win 8-4. >> you know, i'm trying to go as deep as i can in every game. like i said w that line-up to get deeper in the game and give up two or three runs, felt good. >> with what he went through and having to walk away when he did, i know it was very difficult on him. but i really believe he made the right decision. his health and family's well-being obviously takes precedence over this.
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game today six months later, i think is really important to him. >> the mets hold the phillys at citi field this evening after losing their opening in kansas city. on the ice tonight the rangers had a matinee with the red wings at the garden. they both still have a lot on the line as the postseason begins next week. third period, all tied at 1-1. kevin hayes redirects it. 1-0 new york. raanta made 31 saves and the rangers hold onto win. 3-2 the final. the red wings still kwa qualified for the playoffs for a 26th contective season. con tech consecutive season. tonight the islanders host the sabers at the barclay's center. that game had major playoff implications for both the isles and the devils. third round of the masters
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here's a look at your current leader board. defending champion jordan spieth continues to lead by three strokes. right now he's at five under but still has a few holes to play. kaufman is currently tied for second. >> beautiful night for a baseball game too. >> miserable. >> feels like the rangers in a hockey rink.
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scottish pride was on full display today. the rain did not seem to dample the if he is festivities. the pipes and drums sounded just as good even with the patter of the rain drops. little more beat i guess.
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from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news." reporting tonight, thomas roberts. >> good evening, we begin with breaking news from brussels. in an unexpected twist, belgium's federal prosecutor says they have a confession from the man in the hat, ending a massive manhunt since the march terrorist attacks in brussels. nbc news confirms the alleged suspect is 31-year-old mohamed abrini. captured just over 24 hours ago. authorities say he now admits his involvement with the belgian airport bombings, but they also believe he's a key suspect for playing a role in the deadly paris attacks from november. our bill neely has the latest from brussels. >> reporter: mystery solved. the man in the hat seen wielding explosives with two suicide bombers at brussels airport has
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it's this man, mohamed abrini. arrested yesterday, talking today, say prosecutors. he's admitted being the man seen fleeing the bombings, telling investigators, he threw his jacket in a garbage can and sold his hat, but they can't rule out the possibility that he's lying to cover for someone else. he was one of six men arrested yesterday. four of them have now been charged with mass murder. abrini is one, photographed before the paris attacks, linked to safe houses, and a car used in the massacres. he's a key suspect who may know more than his friend salah abdeslam who also fled paris. >> abrini will probably know a lot more than abdeslam and a lot more than almost anybody else alive. >> reporter: and police are on the hunt for more isis suspects, raiding a brussels apartment block. >> the police here are looking for any evidence of a bomb
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house. involved as well as snipers. chances. this man was also charged with mass murder today. osama k. now known to be swedish swedish. prosecutors say he was at the metro bombing and bought the suitcase for the bombers to pack with explosives. they did that here in the apartment where today we heard the voice of one of the killers for the first time, ordering the taxi to take them to the airport. >> reporter: taxi at 7:15, carnage at 7:58. but today, murder charges and the hope of justice for so many victims. but there are no celebrations here at the arrests and charges against these men.
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abdeslam's arrest last month may have panicked his gang and triggered the brussels massacres. so they're on their guard here, the prime minister warning today, stay calm, be alert, be careful. thomas? >> bill neely, thank you, bill. there are new details tonight about disturbing allegations involving former house speaker dennis hastert, that he sexually buysed several teenage boys on the high school wrestling team he once coached. the new specifics are from federal prosecutors less than three weeks before he's to be sentenced in connection with a series of financial payments he made to one victim. we get more from justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: for the first time, federal prosecutors say dennis hastert was paying hush money to a man who was 14 years old, when hafter sexually abused him in a motel room decades ago. he abused two others and the team manager while he was the coach. some of the incidents
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room at yorkville high school. one said he would sit in a reclining chair with a view of the stalls where the boys showered. while hastert enjoyed the benefits of a successful political career, his victims struggled and are still struggling with what he did to them and all of them carry the scars of what happened. the wrestling team manager was identified previously at steven ryan bolt who died in 1995. his story said it happened all through high school, though hastert has denied it. today she said the disclosures prove her brother was right. >> it's very validate validating to me that steve's story is finally being believed and acknowledged on the same light. it makes me sad for the other boys that have gone through it. >> he pleaded guilty to violating bank laws, trying to conceal payments to a victim who confronted him six years ago. the statute of limitations expired
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abuse allegations. the government recommends up to six months on the financial charge, which is what federal guidelines call for. >> this is why the federal judge, or any judge is in an unenviable position, because you have to balance these evil offense versus what is truly good deeds for decades. >> hastert's lawyer say the appropriate punishment is probation. he's humiliated and isolated, his portrait gone from its place of honor in the u.s. capital. his name removed from the center he helped build at his alma mater. a blood infection and stroke have left him in a wheelchair, needing help for almost everything. hastert's lawyer say he is profoundly sorry to his victims and others affected. these new allegations intended to add to his
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needs to know all of this when he's sentenced. another victory for bernie sanders who has won today's democratic caucuses in wyoming over hillary clinton. the candidates now in an intense battle in new york ahead of its april 19th primary. when "nightly news" continues on this saturday, the only woman on the fbi's most wanted list, it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost . i' ve been blind since birth. i go through periods where it' s hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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to make that list in the 66 years since it was created. but tonight brenda delgado is no longer wanted for a murder in texas after she was taken into custody in mexico. steve patterson has the details. >> reporter: this selfie, depicting the lone woman on the fbi's current ten most wanted list, soon to be replaced by a mugshot. >> we're extremely ecstatic about the news. we're jovial. >> reporter: overnight mexican authorities announced the arrest of brenda delgado accused of orchestrating the murder of kendra hatcher, a popular dallas dentist. >> we lost a big part of our lives when she was killed. >> reporter: delgado mexico after more than six months on the run and days after being named to the most wanted list and the posting of a $100,000 reward. >> she's a fugitive, wanted at this point for capital murder. >> reporter: police say the 35-year-old dentist was guped down on september 2nd of
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parking garage of her luxury apartment building. >> one female is possibly shot in the neck. >> reporter: delgado is charged with capital murder, accused of hiring christopher love with a promise of money and drugs. >> he's the person we've identified as having shot dr. hatcher. >> reporter: another alleged accomplice crystal cortez, accused of driving love to the scene. authorities say the motive, jealousy, a crime of passion. hatcher was dating delgado's exboyfriend. police documents also reveal delgado may have pursued the victim using an iphone po to pinpoint her location before the murder. >> it was like a weight off my shoulders. >> reporter: with nowhere left to run, delgado behind bars in mexico, facing life in penalty, the death
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chicken, and accents of vegetables and apples. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. finally tonight, an icon of the american breakfast. your local waffle house, thousands of them dotting america's highways. but did you know now else being made there? as kevin tibbles reports, for fans of the chain, it's music to their ears.
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>> reporter: oh, the stories told over a good old cup of coffee. >> reporter: no doubt many have been put to music, but how many sing about their favorite restaurant? >> it's a fun thing, and in this world, we need some fun stuff. that big yellow sign is just like home >> reporter: now that tried and true american diner, the waffle house is recording some of those tunes and playing them on the 2,000 locations. >> it's kinda like mellow music that everyone and their family can enjoy while house. >> reporter: some of the songs, "last night i saw elvis," there toast. and they're cooking up my order. >> are you having fun? >> loads of fun. you have to have fun if you're thinking about raisin toast and chili, you have to
6:58 pm
days the waffle house songs are all digital. you can download them. they used to come like this, kids. this is old-fashioned. it's called a record. atlanta songwriter jason phelps penned bert about a girl who kept stepping out on her boyfriend for a bowl of chili at you know where. in the waffle house corner booth >> this is an escape for me to just do something fun that doesn't require a lot of cooks in the kitchen. >> reporter: no pun intended? >> no pun intended. >> reporter: george has been serving it up with a smile for 21 years. >> the customers are great. my crew is great. the jukebox is fantastic. i love the waffle house songs. what more could i ask for? >> grits. >> grits, you're right, grits. >> reporter: if you were going to write a song, what would the name be? >> i'll be back again, or something like
6:59 pm
covered in a cup of joe >> reporter: just remember, the more syrupy the song, the better. kevin tibbles nbc news, atlanta. >> reminds you how good breakfast is for dinner. that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. i'm thomas roberts reporting from new york. thank you for watching and goodnight. there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks,
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their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. hi, i'm jackie. and i'm jack. and we're here in lynbrook, new york. i'm a special ed teacher at lynbrook high school. raise your hand if i'm a new york city and i'm a volunteer firefighter in rockville we've been married for a little over two years,


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