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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  April 10, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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this is "today in new york." now on "today in new york," layer up if you're headed out. some unspring-like temperatures going to sting this sunday morning. spring, where is spring? >> plus, battleground new york from coney island to harlem. democratic candidates continue their campaign across the big apple. a former nfl player, new york native gunned down in what appears to be a road rage
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"today in new york" starts now. good sunday morning to you. welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00. i'm pat battle. >> lynda baquero in for gus rosendale on a very chilly day. unfortunately, as you said, not very spring-like. >> not at all. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chris cimino is here. it's not very good this morning. not warming up so far. city island 38. dyker heights at 40. some folks are close to that 40-degree mark. a lot low and mid-30s north and west. every now and then there's gusts here and there and makes it feel colder. windchills still below freezing is what it feels like at jfk. the wind, 27 in newburgh and still as cold as 21 in monticello. a bright sunny day, deep blue sky, but a few fair weather clouds that mix in this afternoon. temperatures in the low 40s at noontime. climbing to a high into the upper 40s. 48, close to 50 in a few spots.
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let's get back over to you now. >> thank you so much, chris. happening now, democratic presidential hopefuls and their supporters holding events across the city already this morning. >> it's part of a final push ahead of the new york primary taking place over a week away. "today in new york's" greg cergol joins us live from harlem where church congregations are receiving the clintons this morning. greg? >> reporter: yeah, lynda and pat. new york church-goers getting presidential politics mixed with prayers this morning. as you said, it began here in lar lem about a half n an hour ago. bill clinton was here to address the congregation to gather support for his wife. the former president will also stop at two other historic churches here in harlem. as for hillary clinton herself, she is right now speaking to folks at the greater allen ame cathedral in jamaica queens. the clintons hope their visits
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her lead in the polls going into the primary. bernie sanders it continuing his new york offensive in coney island this afternoon staging a rally on the boardwalk. he went to the bronx, queens and manhattan yesterday. new york democrats being wooed with an intensity we haven't seen for some years during a primary campaign. voters in harlem told us a short time ago, they're listening carefully to what the candidates are saying about specific issues that are impacting their lives. >> well, employment, housing, gun control. those measures make the community safe and also offer the community economic empowerment. >> i'm an educator, so i very much -- always want to hear about education. >> reporter: in the mid-of all this, new york campaigning, bernie sanders scored another victory last night winning the wyoming caucus. but mrs. clinton continues to hold a comfortable lead in the delegate count.
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will be at stake when voters go to the polls on april 19th. we're live in harlem, greg cergol, "today in new york." greg, thank you for that. in an opinion piece, the boston globe denounced trump's campaign with a parody front page. headlines like this one, deportations to begin and riots continue. storylines inside range from the lighthearted like gold trim interferes with nasa probe to more disturbing ones like soldiers refuse to kill isis families. the editorial board says it's an exercise in taking a man at his word and putting trump's proposed policies in black and white for all to see. that mantra page coming a day after trump made a $100,000 donation to the 9/11 memorial and museum. it was his first visit to that site. he is, of course, a lifelong new yorker and often campaigns about the city's resiliency after the september 11th terror attacks.
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experience using #new york values. john case i have stumped in the area. he spoke to 400 people at the rock land republican committee lincoln day ball in pearl river last night. he didn't shy away from that whole new york values debate. >> hey, you know everybody keems asking me, what is in thing about new york values. i'm going to tell you what it is. it's fun, it's innovative and exciting and i feel like i'm getting younger every minute that i'm in new york. those are new york values. >> kasich hosted a town hall where he spoke to hundreds of students at ioane college in new rochelle. he will continue the tour in upstate new york on monday. it is such a blessing to be with so many friends. >> senator ted cruz in the meantime, headed to las vegas working to drum up support from jewish voters. it's partly funded by 2012's largest political donor,
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trump and kasich declined the group's invitations and before heading to vegas, cruz was trying to lock in the tell gats the -- coming up, chuck todd will join us live with his take on the latest wins as the campaign heats up. new this morning, police have now identified the victim of a deadly stabbing in the bronx. officers were called to a building on westchester avenue and were told a fight had broken out during a party. 30-year-old julian washington was stabbed in the torso and the neck. he was rushed to lincoln hospital but he did not survive. police are still investigating and there's no word yet of any arrests. there is new information this morning about the apparent road rage murder of a former nfl player. one-time saints defensive end, will smith, was killed. his wife injured after a fender bender late last night. the driver of that hummer you see there in the video allegedly
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a collision in new orleans. smith died at the scene, his wife was hit three times in the leg. she is expected to recover. the suspect is in police custody this morning. smith was born in queens, grew up in upstate new york. he leaves behind his wife and they have three children. new this morning, belgian investigators say that the terrorists behind the brussels attacks were initially planning a second attack in france but changed their mind and went after brussels when investigators started to close in on them. also, authorities formally charged a man who confessed to his role in the brussels bombings. mohamed abrini admitted to being the man in the hat in the videos. abrini is suspected of being involved in the paris attacks. there's a new bill aiming to take the fight against terrorism online. the legislation would require $25,000 reward for tips on social media that help to thwart
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u.s. senator charles schumer is announcing that bill today. he says the public should say something if they see something, especially on their news feed. as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, got the primary coming up in a few days and meet the press is coming up in a few minutes at 10:30. right now, we've got nbc's chuck todd live from washington, d.c. with a preview. good to see you, todd -- chuck, i'm sorry. >> that's all right. >> we're talking about the race obviously between hillary and bernie is heating up this week. why is it that you think that the tensions are running so high on the democratic side? >> i think it's because both campaigns are acknowledging how important new york is to their the future of their nomination fights. clinton by single digits or low double digits, it ends it. it cuts off a realistic path to sanders -- >> sanders pulls the upset, it
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it would be the first time he beat her in a state that she should have been heavily favored to win. so that's why i think it's so important to both of them and because of that, there's a bit of urgency of tension. >> lot of things could be changing very soon on the republican side we've got donald trump, he just hired a new campaign consultant the last couple of days. is that a sign of disarray within his campaign. >> it's an acknowledgment by donald trump that he was losing part two of the republican battle. part of what he did, get out a lead. he got it. but part of winning the nomination is an insider game. he's getting trounced on the insider game weekend after weekend after weekend. you have conventions where they elect the actual individual nd trump's folks are getting out-organized by ted cruz. trump is acknowledging this, bringing in somebody. we'll find out in a couple of weeks if this new person, paul
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guest will be able to change things. he says he will. we shall see. >> i don't know if you saw the talk about the boston globe today. how do you think that will play out with voters? >> you know, look, massachusetts already voted number one. i think that's -- if you're looking to influence voters, that's done. we'll see. i think the folks that are already never trump are probably already there. i don't know if an editorial by the boston globe pushes somebody over the line on this front. but it's certainly going to spark a conversation about the role of media as well. this was a parody that you would have expected more out of an "onion" newspaper than the boston globe >> it was quite unusual. thank you, chuck, we'll see you in a few minutes for meet the press coming up at 10:30 a.m. after "today in new york." the corruption investigation into the nypd is expanding now
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ing activities. he's returning $9900 in donation toss two businessmen. they're the same men at the center of the nypd probe. four senior nypd officials were handed disciplinary action for allegedly taking money and gifts from those businessmen in exchange for preferential treatment. so far, no one has been charged. new this morning, secretary of state john kerry arrived in japan for a landmark visit. he's meeting with g-7 foreign ministers and kerry's visit is the first ever by a u.s. secretary of state. this week he's expect today lay flowers at a memorial for the victims killed by a u.s. nuclear bomb there near the end of world war ii. >> we have an i-team exclusive. one station is taking you up close to see how the city checks to make sure the cranes working high above our heads don't come crashing down.
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morning. i'll let you know if it gathers any steam with the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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oh, yep. there's the skating rink. zambonis out there. today is your last day, folks, to take on the -- tick tick, is that the clock? >> is that the zamboni's engine running down? >> today is the last day of the season for the ice skating rink because we got to get ready for spring. >> got to get ready for it. i don't know if it's going to get here. >> stay way below normal. >> i think we know what we have to do, better get baquero. where is spring? >> where is spring? >> i want my money back. >> be here in july. >> see how that works out for you. it's still cold this morning. temperatures in the 30s. even though we've had sunshine, beautiful tart to the day. deep blue sky, brilliant
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get plenty of sun throughout the day. doesn't warm up that match. we'll work our way back to the 50s. near 60 in a few locations. beautiful shot in grahamsville, sullivan county. 36 degrees current temperature there as well. probably topping off close to 50. what to expect, a very cold morning. we were below freezing in a lot of the area early on. windchills in the 20s. that's improving now through time. the last couple of hours. sun is back in the picture. that means it will feel better on the sunny side of the street. don't walk on the shady side. temperatures struggle back to the 40s to around 50. it's upper 30, is he caulks, astoria, 40 in woodland park already. not too bad. generally mid and upper 30s. low to mid 30s in the hudson valley. across the eye atlanta island, 35 and 40. we anticipate april good deal of sunshine today. fa few fair weather clouds. more cloud cover racing in our direction gets in here by tonight.
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we look at future tracker. high clouds moving in by the evening hours or late afternoon. then it's overcas tonight. couple of light showers break out, especially north and west of the city toward the morning commute tomorrow. a few hit or miss showers. not a lot of rain tomorrow. keep the lightweight umbrella handy. the evening is fine tomorrow night. a more significant rain event arrives by noon, 1:00 on tuesday. from that point until 6:00 or 7:00 it's raining across the city and on east. the clouds could linger during wednesday. upper 40s to near 50 today. sunshii and a chilly brooes breeze. a more southerly flow of air. the bad news, it brings in moisture in the form of scattered showers. phils and mets, 46 degrees. hopefully the mets can win the series against the phils. meantime, the seven-day forecast doesn't show a lot of warmth but better than where we've been. 58 tomorrow. tuesday we see a longer period of rainy think. wednesday, a lot of clouds linger.
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upper 50s to around 60 thursday, friday with a mix of clouds and sun. a few more showers on saturday and temperatures in the low 60s which is where we should be in the low 60s. stay up to date with the app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the tab. how to submit your own weather video. the "news 4 new york" app is available in the app store now. patricia, lynda. thank you, christopher. now to an i-team exclusive. who can forget that frightening scene in february when that crane's boom plummeted in the sky in a deadly collapse. you recall we had the high winds earlier in the week. that prompted the city to order all crane operators to stop what they were doing and secure their equipment. >> since 2008, there have been five crane collapse this is new york city. many of them deadly, unfortunately. killing ten people in all. this morning, the i-team's pei-sze cheng gives us a look at
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cranes are safe. >> i'm here to check your license. check the operation of the cranes. >> the i-team goss an exclusive look at what a crane inspection entails. he's looking at a crawler crane at hudson yards. >>ee make sure they stop in a certain position where they're supposed to stop, the rotation of his cab, make sure it matches the charts. >> mayor de blasio called for all cranes to be inspected after the deadly crane collapse in tribeca. there are 29 of them operating citywide. nearly 400 are registered. generally, cranes are supposed to be inspected annually. but the department of buildings says that could amount to several times a year. any time a crane is reconfigured or moved, an inspector must be sent out to check it out. >> this crawler crane is similar to the one that tipped over in tribeca, just shorter. >> he's dropping it really quick. >> it's the video that still
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the towering crane wobbles as it's being lowered and then it tips. it's 565-foot boom crashes to the ground, crushing cars, killing a pedestrian and injuring three others. >> have a high-rise crane collapsed a total of three blocks. >> david wichs was a harvard educated finance whiz. he was killed on impact. >> here that night, the wind was ramping up. >> bruce and his neighbors were wary of the massive crane before it crashed. he says he saw the crane move but there were no construction workers nearby. he went home and the rest we all know too well. through a records request, the i-team learned there were 124 violations issued to crane operators last yier year. among them, dee deck fif hoisting equipment, failing to comply with the commissioner's order.
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blasio first called for all crawler cranes to stop operating once there is a forecast for wind speeds of 20 miles per hour. but a backlash from the construction industry led the mayor to return to the original wind speed of 30 miles per hour. >> it's more of a reaction. the more political than anything else. >> tom b.a.r.t. a crane inspector believes lowering wind speeds won't increase safety but what will make a difference is requiring crane or lift supervisors to be trained as well as crane operators. >> i would like to see the superintendents going to school to take these courses to know how to read the chart and understand the regulations. you would eliminate a lot of these accidents. >> since 2010, new york has fined and disciplined many crane
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license of many of them. with only seven crane inspectors, it's a tall task. >> it doesn't feel like we're being protected. >> crane safety is on her mind. she lives near several construction projects and cranes. while she understands construction is a way of life in new york city, she wonders if there are too many projects too close to one another. >> you're sort of forced to walk through the belly of the beast and that's scary. we're new yorkers, we're used to being tough and dealing with situations that can be a little threatening. but you don't really want do it every day as part of your life. >> reporter: the city is still investigating the cause of february's collapse. meanwhile, the crane operator who was implicated in that collapse, he's still allowed to work pending the outcome of the investigation. reporting from the west side, pei-sze cheng, "news 4 new york." coming up nix, the political parodies accompanying the intense push ahead of new york's primary. you're watching "today in new
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for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take
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and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
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presidential candidates focus on new york inspired plenty of material for parody. >> need we say it began with "saturday night live." the new york city subway is the best way to get around. it's been a while. [ laughter ] is this a working metro card? is it? i'll just go in the old-fashioned way. [ laughter ] i'll take a cab. cab is the best way to get around. >> unbelievable. >> from a portrayal of the presidential candidate to the real thing. >> the real hillary clinton made
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inner circle dinner last night. she was the special guest of mayor de blasio and she had a few barbs for her host. >> i just have to say thanks for the endorsement, bill. took you long enough. >> harsh. the time honored tradition celebrated its 94th year with journalists and political leaders coming together for lots of laughs. this year mayor de blasit also shared the stage with leslie odom jr. from the cast of the hit musical hamilton. we want to point out melissa russo and andrew siff, both of them participated in the event. >> that andrew has some pipes. he can sing. >> he's got a youtube channel? he should have one. we'll come back with a final check of your forecast.
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if you want to hear it. >> looks so nice out. >> it does. >> still harsh, unfortunately. temperatures in the 30s. we should get near 50 in some spots. but this time of the year, the sun has an impact that's strong. it will feel better. it's a dry day, sunny day. couple of showers early. all-day rain. 58 the expected high. i think tuesday we'll see a more prolonged period of rain. upper 50s thursday and friday with sun and clouds a few more april showers. at least we're back to the low 60s which we should be. >> great. normal. thank you very much. it was nice having you both here. celebrating our anniversaries recently. >> all started when we were two.
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this sunday, political "the hunger games" in the gop. ted cruz sweeps the delegates in colorado. >> i think we will go in with an overwhelming advantage. >> it looks more and more like we're headed to an open convention that could deny trump the nomination. the man trump just hired to save his campaign joins me. plus, look who got nasty this week. >> he hasn't done his homework. >> i don't believe that she is qualified -- >> they called a truce, but is


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