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tv   News 4 New York  NBC  April 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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phillies. 5-2 the final. >> you lose games and win, you know, the other team outplays you for two straight days, this is going to be the outcome. these last couple days, they pitch better than us, hit better than us. they did everything better than us, and it shows in the win/loss column. >> the captain being brutally honest. degrom will miss the next start. on the islanders, they host final al eye finale. flying start. matt martin is set up for the gorgeous tally. 2-0. but the flyers came back with
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this score by michael raffl, 5- 2 the final. the islanders will face the panthers. in the nba, the knicks lost to the raptors. the nets were crushed by the pacers. the game of the niept was in san antonio as the spur the hosted the warriors. golden state pulled away in the fourth quarter, reigning mvp steph curry scores on a ridiculous finger roll to make it a 11-point ball game. moments later, curry does it again, somehow scoring with one hand. the warriors win their 72nd victory of the season. they could break the bulls' record on wednesday night against memphis. this was also the spurs' first home loss of the season, and the warriors have not won in san
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in major league soccer, nycfc hosted the fire. chicago keeper matt lambson makes the diving save at this near post. and then in the 38th minute off the corner kick, tommy mcna mara skies his bicycle kick. those were the best scoring chances of the day as the game ended in a scoreless tie. coming up on sports time, anthony mccarron joins me. and e.j. raddick breaks down the stanley cup playoffs. here we come. >> ready for it. thanks bruce. a roadway turned into a runway on long island. two people had to be rushed to
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right now a small plane crashes and burns on a residential street. tonight the search for what went wrong. we are back with the 11:30 news.
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plane crash on long island, the third in suffolk county in as many months. it's incredible that everybody on the ground survived and nobody was hurt. >> the plane had just taken off from the bayport aerodrome when it crashed on the street. >> reporter: and the plane is still on the street. check out third avenue behind me, and you can see firefighters once again combing through what's left of the wreckage. the plane is sitting there tonight, flipped upside down. and investigators are still trying to figure out what exactly caused it to crash in the middle of this residential block. here's what we do know so far. it was just fter 7:00 this evening when the piper took off from nearby bayport aerodrome. they were headed for orange county, but not long after they took off they had engine trouble and tried to turn around. it clipped a tree and a utility pole on the way down.
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officials were the 35-year-old pilot and his 66-year-old passenger. they were both medevaced to the hospital, but they were alive. >> their is nothing short of a miracle, both that the airplane did not hit any houses or any other individuals, we're talking about a sunday evening at 7:00. clearly there could be people out and about. >> reporter: the passenger, we're told is going to be okay. he d suffer a head injury, the pilot is in serious condition with two broken legs and a head injury. the faa is on scene, button the ntsb will be leading the investigation to find out why that plane came down. ida siegal, new york. right now we are following breaking news out of newark. a homicide investigation near rutgers university. someone was shot and killed on
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the rutgers campus. clwe know police are investigating at this point. no reports of any arrests. new york's presidential primary is a week from tuesday, and while it was quiet here today on the republican front, it was no day off for the democrats. >> thank you, brooklyn! >> chilly day out there. bernie sanders back in his boyhood borough, campaigning in coney island. his message that he is the candidate of the people, not for wall street or big business. >> instead of spending our lives hustling money from billionaires and wall street, we are talking to the american people. >> and sanders of course stopped at nathan's for a hot dog right there. he plans to take his campaign upstate tomorrow to binghamton, buffalo and albany.
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made, so let us rejoice and be glag glad glad in it. >> hillary clinton took her campaign to church. she cited her term as secretary of state as a reason to be president. she talked about her relationship to the black community. >> my commitment to issues on how we work and live together is rooted deep in my experience and in my heart. >> bill clinton also campaigned at other churches. mrs. clinton plans to campaign in long island tomorrow. >> the frontrunner tries to fight for delegates and lock up the nomination, opponents gain new field by one of the leading newspapers. jacob rascon has more on the battle.
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doubt rochester, new york is trump territory. >> there is no rally like a trump rally, and nobody gets the people. that i can tell you. >> reporter: sporting a new haircut and a sharper message. >> rochester lost 90,000 jobs since 1970. 4,000 jobs in the last since months. >> reporter: but even some true believers here say they're ready for trump 2.0. >> he is changing. we saw him more brash at the beginning. his goals and what he wants to do as president have stayed the same. they have not changed. he's cleaned it up a little bit. >> he means what he says, and he says what he means, but it just doesn't come out the right way. >> a change would be okay with you? >> for trump? maybe. >> reporter: and his new campaign manager talks about a new course. >> a more traditional campaign
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>> reporter: predicting there will be no open convention. >> we have seven days to go over 1237. >> reporter: while the boston globe foreshadows a trump presidency they hope they never have to print. it's been called profoundly disturbing. >> it's no different from the whole paper for the whole thing. i mean the whole thing is made up. >> reporter: back in battleground new york, the show must go on. i'm headin' on down the road singin' trump for president >> reporter: their political savior. >> the trump team says they're confident he'll take most if not all of the delegates in new york. john kasich will crisscross the state, but ted cruz is heading to california. the state doesn't vote until
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race may ultimately be decided there. president obama defended hillary clinton. >> i continue to believe she has not jeopardized america's security. >> much of the interview focussed on the e-mails, particularly her own private server. he said the justice department's handling of the e-mails will not be politically influenced. disturbing new details about the terrorists behind the brussels attacks. they were initially planning an attack on another major city,
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tonight belgian prosecutors are now saying the terrorists who carried out the deadly suicide bombings in brussels last month may have been planning to attack paris again and not belgium. the information coming from a key suspect in this case. bill nealy reports on the new developments in this investigation. >> reporter: it was the deadliest night in paris since world war ii. isis launching four brutal attacks. but this was meant to be just
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belgian prosecutors now say the isis cell responsible, based in brussels, had planned a second hit on france. but the arrest of the paris bomber abdeslam surprised them. and the speed of the investigation, say prosecutors, rushed them into an attack on belgium. that, at least, is what mohammed abrini is telling them, one of the terror gang now charged with mass murder in brussels and paris, and this, say french prosecutors, was their real intended target. the prestigious shopping district in paris. instead, they leftheir apartment in brussels, and in less than an hour bombed the city's airport. this new video shows police raiding the apartment by which time 32 peoplwere dead. in this apartment police find 30 pounds of the explosive tatp. and around 50 gallons of explosive material. but the gan
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four times that amount in the bombs they built here. so where did it all come from? and who supplied it? those questions have never been answered. and mohammed abrini's ambitions went beyond a second attack on paris. security sources tell nbc news he traveled to birmingham, england last year where photos of a soccer stadium were found on his phone. prosecutors say abrini has confessed to being the man in the hat who helped deliver the airport bombs and fled. it's not clear if he's still talking. and the policebl searching for suspects, can't be sure there aren't more killers on the loose, with mortar get e targets in mind. here at home, senator schumer talked terrorism. he wants to offer legislation that would offer a cash reward to anyone who thwarts an attack by something they found on social media.
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facebook post or message, an instagram or a snapchat, someone in the public is seeing it. and if it's nefarious, they should be encouraged to report it. >> schumer says current law does not specifically cover tips generated through social media, and he wants to propose a minimum award of $25,000. he plans to introduce this legislation later this month. still ahead, a viral individual video touching m illions of people i'm not afraid >> now about that voice? a new jersey boy's personal connection to the powerful words "i'm not afraid." then the spring warmup that we've all been waiting for. it is coming. we'll have to get through some stuff first, though, erica
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a new jersey boy with an incurable bone disease has fast become an internet sensation. he loves to sing, and loves the wrapper eminem. >> and news 4 met up with him on friday. >> reporter: like a typical preteen, the 12 year old spends a good deal of time on his ipad, maybe more so than most. because unlike his peers, he can't run or walk or even stand, but what he can do is sing. because you are >> reporter: that's an original song, one of ten this eighth grader has written. but it's his clean cover of the 2010 eminem hit song "not afraid", fused with indian
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the ear of more than 2 million people on social media. make you feel like you've been down the same road >> when i heard them write that song, it was like, it was so inspiring. i'm not afraid to take a stand >> reporter: his right arm is in a sling after a recent surgery to insert a rod like the one in his left arm and legs. >> cha-ching. are your brittle bone disease has stuptsed his growth and confined him to a wheelchair. >> the lord doesn't close a door without opening another, but oftentimes we look so regretfully at the closed door that we don't realize there are doors still open fox us. must still be in that place >> reporter: that door opened
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he found his passion and pays it forward. an ambassador for st. jude's hospital, dozens of charitable performances and is in the national honor society. >> he's not being treated as disabled. he's being treated as a normal kid. and that made a huge difference in his outlook. >> reporter: and it won't hurt to hear from the artist that inspired him. >> if we sing "not afraid" together, that would make my day and make my life complete. >> reporter: pat battle, news 4 new york. >> i hope that happens for him. what a talent. >> cool kid. >> inspiring. >> absolutely. as we toss over to erica, the rain is going to come. >> it's not a cold rain like we had to end last week. this time we're going to start the new workweek with just a few showers and milder temperatures.
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heavy winter coat for tomorrow. seasonably mild, still a little below average. we'll take a look in a second. more rain arrives on tuesday. that's the day we're targeting for the heavier rainfall. right now, sleepy hollow, 46 degrees, 44 in central park. lots of low 40s out there right now. temperatures aren't going to drop very much tonight. it's partly because of the cloud cover, locks in those temperatures, and we're also watching the approach of this rain with a storm system making its way toward us. you can see the snow as well to the north. that's not going to be a factor for us. but we will watch the rain showers. and milder temperatures continuing to roll on in. 9:00, a few showers are possible out in northern and western portions of new jersey. also up into the catskills and the lower hudson valley, you might see a sprinkle or shower before noon. i think that the immediate metro
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until at least about noon. and the bulk of the rain will start to lift to the north as we head into monday evening. as we led into tuesday, though, that's when the cold front arrives and a much more pronounced line of showers and thunderstorms will make its approach as well. on future tracker, the oranges, the yellows, that's an indication of heavy rain, maybe even rumbles of thunder. there's a pretty strong temperature gradient behind that. and i think it could trigger a few thunderstorms for us. overnight we're not going to see any of that of course, but an increase in cloud cover. 33 in milford, 34 in cold spring, but only 40 degrees in central park. and the high temperature tomorrow will be 58 degrees, right around average this time of year, a sprinkle or shower, especially late in the day. but most of us are going to stay dry until we get later on into monday. and then tuesday, that's the day where more rain and thunderstorms will arrive. a high of 55 on tuesday, and
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but wednesday is a dry day. thursday is probably the best day of the week with a high of 58 degrees and lots of sun. showers are possible again on friday, but the weekend, we're really going to try to keep this dry. it looks great as of now. high temperatures in the 60s on saturday and sunday. rob and natalie, back to you. >> thanks. the duke and duchess of cambridge are on their first official visit to india. >> princess kate and prince william began with a cricket match there with children in mumbai. they weren't c tent to sit on the sidelines. even in high-heeled wedges, the princess had no trouble. they attended a party at the taj mahal palace hotel. here's bruce with a check of what's ahead in sports. >> coming up. anthony mccarron of the daily news is here to talk about the mets opening weekend. they're-
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>> they still have pitching, and i hink the hitting's going to come around even though it doesn't look so great right now. >> we'll talk yankees, and e.j. raddick is here.
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move over batman and superman. the boss takes control at the weekend box office. >> ha, the bed inside a sofa.
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>> the film stars melissa mccarthy as an over the top business mogul. >> the comedy narrowly took the top spot inity opening weekend raking in $23.5 million. look how choice it was, batman versus superman at $23.4 million. "zootopia" rounds out the top three. >> that's it for us. >> take it away bruce. welcome to the show. what a time of year in new york sports. the yankees and mets starting anew. the rangers and islanders getting set for the stanley cup playoffs. and this sunday was loaded with national story lines, too. the final round of the masters. the warriors chasing basketball immortality. lots of competition for tonight's sports final headlines. masters meltdown leads the way. defending champion jordan spieth
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blows a five--shot lead, allowing englishman danny willett to swoop in and win his first green jacket. hello sunshine. the islanders lose their regular season finale. so they will face the panthers in round one of the stanley cup playoffs. the rangers will take on pittsburgh for the third consecutive post season. cold shoulder, on a chilly afternoon, matt harvey and the mets fall to the phillies, 5- 2. harvey went six innings, striking out just three. he is winless, and the mets are looking to find their footing. baseball's opening week. there's nothing like it. then again, i would take 25 more degrees for both home openers.


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