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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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tell us they felt their buildings shake when that steam pipe suddenly burst this morning. this happened at 58th street and 6th avenue. right now, 58th is closed between 6th and 8th avenues. an dry siff was one of the first reporters on the scene. >> reporter: we want to clarify something right off the bat. the steam pipe did not actually burst. it's what they describe as a steam condition as a result of a water leak. i want to show you what you see behind me. there are workers from new york city's department of environmental protection, firefighters and police. if you see that cement mixer back there cover dein dust, that's from the steam that did start erupting from the ground. we want to show you what it looked like from chopper 4. right around 9:30, 10:00 this morning, 58th street between 5th avenue and 7th avenue. it all started with a water
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as the water touched the scalding hot steam pipe, that sent visual steam up into the air. now, they've shut af steam in three buildings on that block again between 6th avenue and 7th avenue. the new york city d.e.p. os planning to dig up the entire street later to check on the infrastructure. meanwhile, people we spoke with describe what they saw and heard. >> it was scary. then there were people standing right next to it taking picks. >> just a quick -- like a little rumble. >> my understanding is that the water leak is what caused a steam issue, obvioagly, water affects the steam pipes in the ground and then you have steam coming up through the ground. the initial concern or problem was the water leak. >> reporter: and we asked the fire chief specifically about whether there was an explosion that accounted for the sound.
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he specifically referred to the 2007 steam pipe explosion near grand central which you may recall injured dozens of people and killed a woman. this incident much less severe, no one was hurt here. and again, no explosion, but there is a condition and this street is going to be closed between 6th and 7th avenues until further notice. news4 nork. >> thankfully nobody was hurt. this is affecting traffic in the area. let's go up to chopper 4. i notice th avenue was a mess. i'm sure the cross down thorough fare 57th as well. >> reporter: yes, absolutely. you can see this is where we believe it all happened there. you can see the debris and also the police tape. this is one of the closures right here mo the corner of 6th avenue and 58th street. west 58th street closed between
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the good news here, it seems as though the cloe shires are sures are beginning to resolve. live in chopper 4, back over to you. >> easing up a little bit. okay. thank you. now new details about a deadly shooting just off of rutgers newark campus. a 21-year-old shot inside his apartment was a student at the university. we're there this afternoon with new information about the victim. jen? >> reporter: that's right. and the victim is 21-year-old shawnie patel, an undergraduate student at rutgers newark. they say patel was killed and his roommate critically injured after they were both shot in ok their apartment which you can see behind me right above the
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they examined the gun found they examined the gun found around the corner from the murder scene. it's not clear if this gun is connected to this crime. patel and his 23-year-old roommate lived in an off campus apartment on industrial avenue another halsey street. the area is ne block east of the rutgers newark campus and is popular with students. >> even though it's considered off campus, it's so close to campus that i don't think a lot of students know how to feel about it right now. >> it could have been anyone. could have -- like i said, could have been anyone. it's so sad that it happe i d to a rutgers student. >> reporter: i i a news release, newark police said this was not a random incident and that rutgers newark students and other people in the area had no reason to be frightened. police h here in newark, though, are looking for two suspects. both said to be between the ages of 20 and 25. one witness said that one of the suspects was shirtless.
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south on halsey street. .again, police looking to make some arrests in this case. that's the latest in newark, new jersey, news4 new york. on staten island, the new jersey police officer accused of causing a deadly wrong-way crash just appeared before a judge. prosecutors say pedro was drinking at a strip club before he crashed killing two of his friends. his attorney saysk here may have been another factor here. we're there with more on that. lori? >> reporter: today, a judge ordered a subpoena so that defend het's attorney can get a larger blood sample from the chief medical examiner's office. the ttorney trying to prove that his client was given a date rape drug before he crashed.
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badly injured another. prosecutors claim he drove thef wrong way killing police officer frank vigiano and a civilian. another police officer was also hurt. toxicology tests show that the defendant's alcohol level was three times the legal limit, but his attorney try have had witness -- i've had people contact the office who say that there are women in that bar who have put ghb in people's drinks. >> reporter: his attorney says he hopes to have the results by the next court date on may 19th. lori board narrow, news4 new york. on long island, a school
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recording video of a teenage boy in a bathroom is set to face a judge today. daniel williams posted that footage on snapchat. it took place inside roosevelt high school. williams is facing several charges including child endanger endangerment endangerment. now to decision 2016. the new york primary just eight days away and the democratic candidates are busy pleading for your support. hillary clinton and bernie sanders both fanned out across the state today. news4's katherine craig is in port washington where hillary is holding an event this afternoon. >> reporter: what's taking place right now, hundreds of people are lined up right here at this building. it stretches around the building, down the block. essentially what happened was, an e-mail went out saying it's first come, first seven. if you can get here and get in line, perhaps you can go into this town hall.
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here, there's also a great deal of security here as well. those who live and work near the landmark theater realized a big event would be taking place at the port washington event eye ju after seeing all of these polic, officers. hillary clinton will be here in the afternoon. the former secretary of state and presidential candidate will have a town hall on the subject of gun violence. >> i see the trucks over there. >> reporter: voters we talked with today say they're looking forward to primary day, a week from tomorrow. they believe voter turnout will be high. >> i hope so. i hope so. i really think it's si important this year to get out and vote. >> certainly in port washington, you have a well-educated andi formed populous here. and i -- there's no doubt in my nd that t >>here will be a heavy turnout in port washington. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders just a couple.of hours ago began his day with a rally in binghamton. >> if we have a large voter turnout a week from tomorrow, we're going to win here in new th
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>> reporter: he has back-to-back events in albany and buffalo today as well. he sient sunday in coney island where he criticized the country's wealthy. mrs. clinton spent yesterday after several churches talking about gun violence as well as reforms needed in the criminal justice system. >> know some people are just heart sick over the criminal justice system and en incarceration and what it has done to so many families. >> reporter: taking part today with mrs. clinton, congressman steve isdirael. take a look at all of these people in line here. we saw one man wearing a donald trump hat and we also talked with a few undecideds. they just want to hear what mrs. clinton has to say. in just a few hours, two of the republican candidates will resume their bid to win over
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first governor john kasich holds a rally near albany. that's also where donald trump ll be tonight. he appeared yesterday in row cheer. trimp claimed the primary system ch rigged. >> we've got a corrupt system? it's not right. we're supposed to be a demo racy. we're supposed to be you vote and the vote means something. >> cy z grabbed all of colorado's delegates this past weekend. his campaign says trump'siseople were spreading falsehoods to distract from their failure. cruz now spending time in california today. two of donald trump's open children won't be voting for their father. trump admitted today that eric and ivanka both missed the deadline to register as republicans in time to vote in the april 1mih primary. they're currently affiliated with any particular party, they are not. trump says his kids were unaware
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time saying they feel quote, very, very guilty. >> the new york primary is now just eight days away. count on news4 for coverage. you can get the latest any time at coming up next, road rage or re revenge revenge? new questions over the murder of a former nfl star. the surprising back story here th$1at some say could have been a motive for this. and dave price here with a check of the forecast. >> you may wind up a little wet before the endstf the day. we'll tellviou hat lonu that will last and what the rest of the week looks like. stay with us. coming up next on "new york live," from kate middleton to the mtv movie awards, the weekend's most talked about fashion moments. and the straten island hot spot that's all about brunch. >> and brings o'donnell stops by.
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>> police are investigating possible motives in the shooting death of new orleans saints star lineman will smith. they say his car was rear ended by hummer driven by core dell hayes over the weekend. hayes had previously sued the city of new orleans and several police officers over the shooting death of his father. well, one of the officers named in that suit had actually had dinner with will smith earlier that evening. >> at this time, we do not have any information to suggest that they knew one another or that is was anything other than an accident that turned into a dispute that turned violent. >> have to wait and see if that's just a weird coincidence. an attorney for hayes says he will plead not guilty to second-degree murder later today in court.
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stand for lgbt rights. bryan adams just canceled a performance this weekend in mississippi. he's protesting the state's religious freedom law. adams is following in the footsteps of bruce springsteen. the boss canceled last night's concert in north carolina over their new law requiring transgender people to use a restroom that matches their gender at birth. going to talk about some weather now. it is 55 degrees outside. don't listen to the bug on your screen. it is warmer than that. >> a little computer glitch. but we do have wet weather rolling on into the area. then that's out of the way and i've got some good news for you. let' thtake a look at times square in the background. at the moment, things relativtay try. we do have rain scattered about in the area and cloudy skies above. take a look at the headlines sh
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i think we can define that even further as tomorrow morning or tomorrow during the first half of the day. then more scattt ed through the afternoon hours. the good news is a sunny stretch is just ahead. and we are going to see warmer temperatures along with that. all right. let's take a look at storm tracker. you can see the nature of these showers is that they are indee scattered. a little wet weather and then a dry patch and then wet weather. most of it on a trajectory north of the city by the time it gets over to the mountains the wes of us. a lot of it breaks up. you need to have the umbrella handy. sullivan county right now looking dreary and ominous. 55 in hatral park right now. 51 in white plains. 52 a jfk. the wider picture shows cooler temperatures still back to the north and west. but most of the area relatively
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up to 12 in sussex. this afternoon, we up it by about three degrees. with south winds up to about 20 miles per hour. so a spritz ande shower really what we're expecting. future radar, as we put things into play right here, this is where we see most of tho shswers staying just outsidef the city. but we could see them come down, so we're going to tell everyone primarily to the city and north and east to have that umbrella handy. i think we're going to be in fine shape for tonight's game. future tracker again, as we head into tuesday morning, we look for a significant amount of rain or at least the more significant amount of rain during the early morning hours and in through the rush hour. by the time we get to the afternoon, it's scattered. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and into monday, that's how we like it.
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temperatures staying in the 60s and warming to 70 by the time we wrap up the weekend. want t orremind you we have a facebook chat coming up at 3:30 this afternoon. head to our website and we'll update you on all our weather questions. breaking news this afternoon. police made an arrest ou a suspect wanted for a brutal slashingt of an israeli tourist last friday. you might remember this at the bleaker street subway station. the 55-ytir-old victim was slashed in the face and neck. it was a very bloodyle i say they have their man. all rit. in today's money report, a new list out today of the best car brands. with more on that and a check of the markets, let's check in with bill griffith. >> hey, rob. happy monday. we started strong on wall street.
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the dow was up more than 100 points this morning because of stronger oil prices. we get a lot of earnings starting today and opec meets later in the week to talk about production freezes. but the dow up 78 points right now off those highs. you know, struggling internet pioneer yahoo! put itself up for sale not too long ago. already 40 companies have lined up to bid for this, either all or part of yahoo!. the latest to merge today is britain's tabloid newspaper the daily mail. it joins verizon and google and time, inc. and cbs and interactive corp. final bids are due one week from today. so stay tuned. we'll see. my guess is it's going to be broken up into pieces and sold off piecemeal. as you mentioned consumer reports is out with the analyst of the best and worst brands of cars in america. of the 30 brands
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in number one in terms of ov all quality and satisfaction. subaru was number two followed by lexus, orsche and pmw. the brand that came in at the bottom, fiat, number 30. jeep by the way number 29. you can find the full list at this is that analyst based on customer satisfaction and overall quality. audi, comes in number one here. >> that's great. porsche surprised me and te hen fiat, that's too bad. those italian cars will burn you. >> see you tomorrow. "new york live" is coming up next. here are sara and joelle. >> or jacky and -- >> sorry. >> we're right next to you. >> we're right here. just look up f m the script. coming up right here
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middleton in india to the top trend at yesterday's mtv movie awards. >> if you are looking for a eat place to brunch, we have got you covered. why this staten island hot stop has everyone talking. >> i'm just so -- every day i say sara and -- >> lunch s on you. >> fair enough. still ahead on news4 at noon, it wasn't your tip dal o burglary. a man broke into a burger shop, bypassed up the cash register.
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well, you could call him a real life hamburglar. security video shows him
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instead of heading for the cash register, he fires up the grill and makes a couple of cheese burgers. police say he also stole a bottle of water before he headed out the door. >> prince william and duchess kate are in ipd ya today. they began their tour with a game of cricket with some kids in mumbai. the duke and duchess expected to spend the week traveling the country before heading home to their kids.
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tonnt on news4 starting at 5:00, racial profiling behind e heel. we are taking the cameras to one new jersey town where 78% of tickets are reportedly given to minority drivers.
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pizza-rolls are done! take a look at the kitchen... get 50 meg internet with unlimited data for $39.99 per month. call now. ask about free installation and access to ne july 500,000 wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. happy monday, everybody. welcome to "new york live." sara has the day off. filling in, the one and only joelle. >> hello. >> we're h ing a lot of fun this morning. >> we really are. comedy continues. we've got a great show on the way including a visit from two of the all new real housewives of dallas. >> from kate middleton's stunning wardrobe and the one trend everywhere at the mtv


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