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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  April 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now, more than a quarter of a million dollars missing from a brooklyn bank. a ladder is found on the roof and a hole in the vault. who pulls this off? when employees showed up today, $280,000 were missing. >> but who took it and how did they manage to get around the bank's alarms? that's what everyone is asking. >> reporter: the heist happened sometime over the weekend. but it wasn't until an employee showed up for work this morni t and noticed hundreds of thousand of dollars missing and a ole in the vault leading to the roof of this bank. the hsbc bank was shut down today, surrounded by crime scen tape and federal investigates.
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and a bunch of tfety deposit boxes. police believe the burglar cut a hole in the ceiling of the vault, then escapig to the roof and down this ladder. police are still trying to pinpoint when the break-in happened. the bank was closed from 6:30 friday evening until 8:30 this morning. >> they find the time. they find what is available. >> reporter: they knew? >> sure they know. >> probably an inside job. nobody from the neighborhood is involved in this. >> reporter: morris has owned a tailor shop here for 12 years. he hopes the burglarvewon't ter customers. no word yet on when the bank willreopen.
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far we have not heard back. police asking anyone who may have any information to come forward. thousands of connecticut state workers were on lose their jobs. governor malloy says the layoff process for up to 2,000 employees is now underway. 165 employees received notices and were laid off today from the department of children and families the department of mental health. connecticut faces a huge deficit in the coming fiscal year. malloy says the new economic reality requires tough decisions to be made. on staten island, the question of whether a date rape drug was a factor in a deadly wrong way crash involving a new jersey police officer. lawyers say they have evidence that could indicate the police ,ficer was given the drug known as ghb before the staten island crash.
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that collided head on with a tractor trailer last month, killing two of his friends. his lawyers say he might have been drugged. >> i have had people contact the office who say that there are women in that bar who have put ghb in people's drinks. >> a judge has now ordered a new test on blood samples that were taken. a woman is in serious condition at the hospital tonight after getting hit by a school bus in queens. authorities say the vehicle hit the victim this morning as she crossed grand avenue near 74th street. no children were on board the minibus at the time. the driver stayed on the scene and is not expected to faceeany charges. governor christie announced his nomination for a seat on the new jersey supreme court. it goes to a former federal
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it was part of a deal made with democrats who control the state senate and a stealt'senate. 36,000 verizon employees are expected to strike if they don't ha n a new contract by wednesday morning. e contract expired last august. eight months of negotiations since then have yet to produce a deal. the union says the verizon wants to freeze pensions, make layoffs easier and rely on more contract workers. verizon says it has thousands of non-union employees on stand by to fill in if there is a strike. a beloved nfl player killed in a road rage incident. plus this -- >> reporter: i'm breaking down what chang students can expect to see. and we had a pretty nice day
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but it was a diffe rent story out west and to the north. the good news is there's plenty of sunshine ahead. the bad news is we have more rain before that. we'll break it down hour by hour for you. stick around. ahead for us, a new nbc news poll showingechere the candidates stand eight days before the new york primary. why the nation's top health officials say the zika virus is carrier than first thought. and forgotten subscriptions are costingesolks hundreds, even thousands. we'll tell you what you can do out them when we see you back
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still a lot of questions tonight about the shooting death of former nfl star and queens native will smith. >> it happened after a man crashed into smith's car in new orleans sparking an argument. >> reporter: this is where it happened. a busy by quiet street in the lower garden district of the city, a place that is now marked by tragedy, the spot where this city lost one of it heros. as the memorial to former nfl star will smith grows so do questions surrounding his death. investigators say the 34ksear-old was gunne d down
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traffic accident saturday night in the lower garden district of new orleans. 2 28-year-old cardell hayes is behind bars. his attorney says hayes was not the aggressor, shooting only in self-defense. my client secured a witness who was about to leave the scene and my client waited for law enforcement to arrive. now, tell me if that's the behavior that's consistent with someone who's looking for blood. >> reporter: retired smith was one of the most beloved players in saints' history. his wife was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wound to her leg. her injuries are not considered life threatening. >> our thoughts and prayers are still with that family. they're going through a rough me. >> eporter: hayes remains in jail, his bond set at a million dollars. fans have been drawn to this makeshift memorial throughout
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pay their respects to his wife who remains in a new orleans hospital and his three children left behind. in pennsylvania, a bill that will tighten restrictions on abortion, said to be in limbo tonight. the bill was expected to come up for a vote today in the pennsylvania house. that has not happened yet. the house majority leader says he's not sure there will be a vote. the bill would ban elective abortions more than 20 weeks into a pregnancy, down from 24 weeks under the current law. pennsylvania's governor says the proposal would put women's health at risk. the new and easy way to buy concert tickets on your phone. when you buy furnitthe, you often purchase the warranty. better git baquero for what to
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breaking news right now for this rush hour. e port authority is encouraging drivers to avoid the out bound lincoln tunnel during this evening's rush. there are ceignificant delays caused by emergency road work on the eastern spur pl the new jersey turnpike. let s go to dave price right now. he has a little bit of bad news but a whole lot of good news for us. >> that is a credible sell.
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north, you may have seen some showers pop on through. scecattered showers the order of the day. we could see gusts upw ds of 40 miles per hour during the morning commute. we'll detail this in just a minute. in the meantime, though, after all that is out of the way, finally that sunny stretch of nice weather with beautt?ul conditions and warm temperatures to boot. right now in the area, 60 degrees in central park, 61 in ramsey. 57 in white plains, 65 in newark. look at these temperatures out as you head to west of the city where the air from the south is really warming things up. different effect as you head across the island. that's because the south facing shores are getting that wind off the water, keeping things on the cooler side. 57 in poughkeepsie right now. here are the scatters showers i'm talkilg about. the afternoon was filled with a
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city. but as you head up in this direction, that's where the cloud cover was thicker and we saw those scatters showers popping through the area. this is our mess tomorrow. period of rain, of course, but it's the wind that's really going to be t e complicating factor. it's going to make the morning commute a sloppy one. just be prepared. as we have a choice of umbrellas, go for the sturdy umbreloula, not the one y buy for $5. again, why? because the heavy rain and the strong winds are going to make for a really rough time outside during the morning commute and up to lunch. tuesday as we head through the day we are going to start out with 55 degrees. clouds going to be in the picture pretty much until the evening. showers linger.
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exactly where we want them to be. as we head to the midweek we're on the cusp of 60. we get there thursday. saturday up to 64 degrees. the big turn is as we get nto the end of the weekend and into next week where we are close to 70 if not over that number. as we head toward the end of the week, we are under the control of a dome of high pressure. temperatures 64 to 69 degrees as we head through the weekend and dry. sunshine, warm temperatures, that's finally the balance we've beenhlooking for. we'r still going to have some cool nights. we're not done with that, but i think we're in for a very, very nice period over the next seven to ten days. tomorrow, 58 degrees, morning rain, a rough rush hour commute. there's your seven day forecast, everyone. look at that. that's how we like it.
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thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, absolutely spectacular. we begin monday -- when's the last time we said it's going to be a superb monday? >> to 72 degrees. we just have to get through tomorrow morning. janice is going to continue to update you as we refine the forecast before 11:00. that's a quick look at your forecast. the sole survivor of a tragic boating accident is telling police he clung to the vessel before it finally washed ashore. it capsized off the coast in stuart. crews recovered the bodies of two adults and a nine-year-old boy. it capsized after taking on water in rough seas during a fishing trip. >> it's a big ocean. it was very dark last night. it was a very choppy sea with
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>> the survivor is recovering at a local hospital. he is expected to be okay. most of us understand that after a few years our furniture will show some wear and tear and some merchants offer protection to make plans for repairs. that's what a staten island man did. he bought that barn tee. but he still found himself saying better get baquero. here's lynda baquero to explain what happened. >> he bought goof proof coverage for his living room furniture. but when he wasn't satisfied with the response to his damage claim, he asked us to stop in. this blue sofa and love seat have been part of his home for years. they've now out lasted a couch he bought at bob's discount furniture three and a half years ago. >> it was changing color. it was turning gray. it was peeling. it was getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
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covered for the cost of repair. >> i even purchased a goof proof protection that the salesperson said that it would cover pretty much most everything. not everything tears, rips, but just sitting on it is all i ever did. but they told me it wasn't protected for what they call cracking and peeling. >> that's when john reached out for help. >> i tweeted lynda and she responded and said we just expanded our department. >> our team got to work and contacted bob's discount furniture. the response? >> they sent me an e-mail saying your expectation of the couch only lasting three and a half years is correct. it should have lasted longer than that. they offered me some compensation. >> john's grateful. he got a $300 gift card from bob's. >> lank thanks to you guys for sticking with it and never giving up. i had some restitution. thank you for that.
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us, he had already discarded the couch. that's why bob's offered the gift card instead. bob's says they strive to deliver quality customer service, but as a policy they don't comment on individual customer transactions. see what happens when you tweet me? >> you get a response. >> he said that his son needs a new chest of drawers and a night table. so he said he might use the gift card towards that purchase. concert or big game might soon be as simple as
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right noirthere are few specific details on how the plan will work, but facebook users will still have to log onto ticket master's site to claim their ticket ticket. up next, new jersey school district set to ote on why a federal probe into his fund-raising activities. what he has to say about the two donors at the center of this investigation. and residents tell newt 4 how they reacted when a small plane crashed in their neighborhood.
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in new jersey tonight onee local school board is voting on a policy that would be a game changer for transgender students. the school may soon start allowing students to use restrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity. not everyone thinks it's a good idea. >> reporter: it's the talk of the town. a hot button vote allowing
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bathrooms and locker rooms for tythe gender they identify with. >> i don't think you should deny that person to go to the bathroom in a place tha they identify with. >> that i'm dead set against. absolutely against it. >> reporte the vote was delayed once before because of out cry from parents. >> if you're born w male, whether you feel like a girl or a boy, you have the genitalia of a male. you're a boy. i don't care what you feel like in your brain. you're physically a male. >> reporter: others don't see the issue. >> we all have to be s youpportive of whatever someone chooses. i hope it does pass. >> reporter: the superintendent says it's about inclusion and the school's legal obligation not to discriminate. >> we make sure all of our students feel accepted in our school skmunt. community. that means you have the same rights as everyone else.
5:58 pm
the wording of the policy. >> one of my biggest concerns lies in the policy with respe t to lack of parental involvement or notification in the event that a child tells the school, my parents don't know that i may identify as a different gender. >> reporter: if this measure passes, pascack valley school district joins several others in new jersey to protect student rights. the vote is expected to pass with ease. that does it for us. we thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. mayor de blasio responds to news 4's questions about a federal president obama into campaign fund-raising activity ies
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plus, it wasn't an explosion but it sure looked like one. firefighterings s responded within seconds to a plane crash. how did they get there so fast? it is the first major corruption issue involving his campaign fund-raising. >> mayor de blasio told me after today he won't be answering any questions on this topic because his campaign and administration did nothing wrong. sources say what federal investigators want to know now is whether two men who helped the mayor get elected thought they'd getomething in return. mayor de blasio says he barely edknew two cona-oversial fund-raisers. sources confirm the two realtors
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for allegedly offering money to top police officials including banks. banks' lawyer saiu nothing was improper. can you elaborate at all on how well you did know them and whether you had any impression that something wasn't quite right? >> i'm going to start by saying i'm happy to take questions today but i'm not going to be speaking about this after today. in terms of these two individuals, as i said, i met them around the time of the general election. had not known them preefrs viously. haou spent little time with them in the scheme of things and not much at all in the past year. >> reporter: the man as his wife contributed the legal limit to mayor de blasio's general election campaign and $50,000 to the campaign for one new york, a fund the mayor created to help lobby for universal prekindergartein and affording housing.


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