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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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for allegedly offering money to top police officials including banks. banks' lawyer saiu nothing was improper. can you elaborate at all on how well you did know them and whether you had any impression that something wasn't quite right? >> i'm going to start by saying i'm happy to take questions today but i'm not going to be speaking about this after today. in terms of these two individuals, as i said, i met them around the time of the general election. had not known them preefrs viously. haou spent little time with them in the scheme of things and not much at all in the past year. >> reporter: the man as his wife contributed the legal limit to mayor de blasio's general election campaign and $50,000 to the campaign for one new york, a fund the mayor created to help lobby for universal prekindergartein and affording housing.
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administration to the highest standard of integrity. >> these kinds of investigations in politics whether the prosecutors do it are dis despicable. >> reporter: wealthy donors look for leverage, but it doesn't mean they get it. >> they only do it for the quid pr quo of what they think they'r going to get. an honest guy like mayor de blasio stands up and says i need to raise money to run my campaign. >> we're very very careful about disclosing the support we get. >> last week police commissioner ll bratton removed several top commanders after the allegations the cash and gifts surfaces. the u.s. attorney whose office is running the investigation declined to comment. > police have made an arrest
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tourist at a subway station. happened inside the bleaker street subway st ion. a homeless man is now charged in the case. the 55-year-old victim was slashed in the face andneck. taylor faces a series of charges including robbery. >> updating breaking news now, the port authority is getting th word out to drivers to avoid the out bound lincoln tunnel during this evening's rush. there are significant delays caused by road work on the eastern spur of the jersey turnpike. looked like a steam pipe exploded in midtown this morning bunat that's not what causedy,his dramatic eruption on 58th street that's still clogging traffic now. >> reporter: 58th street still closed down. what we do know the that underground we hasve cold water pipes that run water into these
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one of those somehow broke and dumped water onto a steam pipe which is extremely hot. what you saw this morning was the dramatic result. a steam cloud shoots into the air from beneath 58th street around 9:30 this morning. witnesses say they felt a quick shake in their offense buildings. viewers sent in videos like this. nobody quite knew what to make of this initially. >> it was scary but there are people standing right next to it ta ng pictures. >> reporter: maria is the chef at a greek restaurant on 58th that can't open today. the situation below her restaurant making for a real headache aboveground and costing her a lot of money. >> our customers were upset. >> i think it was an explosion in the under ground.
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work at 5th 8th and sixth. now at sixth avenue heading toward central park, really this has gotten the brunt of the problems from this. it k hasn't been that impactful. 5th street is not a very busy a very busy street. women who work for the city of new york get paid 18% less than men according to public advocate leticia james. it all adds up to about $5.8 billion less a year. she says it's even worse for women of color. >> new york city women are earning $5.8 billion less than
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d women of color are disproportionately hurt by the gender gap. rowe are supposed to be living in the most progress capital of america. >> james is calling for a new ty policy banning agencies from asking job applicants about th r salaries. we are now just eight days from new york's primary. >>onald trump and john kasich campaigned in upstate new york while ted cruz spent theinay in california. it's all about the battle for delegates. over the weekend cruz completed his sweep of colorado's 34 dell kbat delegates. >> i thi we will go in with an overwhelming advantage on a accident ballot we subsequent ball lon we ot we're going to n the nomination. >> on the democratic side bernie sanders spoke to supporters in
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to albany. >> speaking in b.inghamton sanders continued his attack on hillary clinton's use of super pacs. he also took on marijuana possession and whether the drug should be legalized. >> states will determine whether or not marijuana is legal in their states. we have four states that have already done that. possession of marijuana should not be a federal crime. >> >> the vermont senator also attacked hydro fracking saying if we're going to be serious atabout caring for our environment we need to end fracking all over the country. >> hillary clinton campaigned on long island ahead of the primary. >>t reporter: this is her final campaign stop of the da . she wask.n queens earlier today and on long island and at every event she too
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to pounce on bernie sanders. shaking hanes and meeting everyday people was once again on hillary's campaign agenda today, this time at a diner in jackson heights, all the while accusing bernie sanders of fumbling on issues important to new yorkers. >> he's had troub e answering questions about his core issue, namely dealing with the banks. he's had trouble answering reign policy questions. so i look forward to a debate at is in new york with people asking the kind of questions that new yorkers ask. >> rep ter: from queens she headed to port jefferson and a nel discussion on guns. family members who have lost loved ones to gun violence for there. >> when i say that my mom was the principal that was killed in sandy hook, i don't want people think, oh yeah, she was one of 26 people killed that day. i want her to know that she was a person, that she was an amazing educator, that she was
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ask for. >> hillary dug in on sanders' record on gun control, pointing out that he voted against the brady bill. >> when challenged on his gun stances he frequently says well, you know, i represent vermont. it's a small, rural state. we have no gun laws. here's what i want you to know. most of the guns that are used in crimes and violence and killings in new york come from out of state. >> reporter: back here on long island, there are about 900 hillary clinton supporters waiting to hear her speak. she's expected to arrive here at about 7:00 this evening. combined through this event they have raised half a million dollars for the c inton campaign. meantime, two of donald trumps own children won't be voting for their father in the upcoming new york primary.
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register as republicans in the time to vote in the april 19thn primary. the two trump children released a statement today saying their inability to change party affiliation so they could vote for daddy was the reason they made videos last year educating voters on what is required for them to vote in their own state primaries. mark your calendars the new eryork primary is now just eight days away. yoagcan get the latest any time at nbc new >> f> coming up, more than half the drinking water systems in bergen county have lead contamination. what's happening on new jersey transit trains that have passengers worried about their privacy. > tomorrow morning's commute you'll need your umbrellas,
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in new jersey more than half the drinking water systems in bergen county have lead contamination, according to record from the state department of environmental protection. in total 25 of the 42 water systems in bergen county detected lead in the water. most of the lead samples are below the federal standard of 15 parts per billion. scientists say that health effects can occur well below that level. relief could be on the way for homeowners hurt by risky mortgages. goldman sachs has agreed to pay
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the deal is the largest zil vil settlement reached with the bank over the mortgage crisis. transit officials say that the systems are needed to fight crime and maintain security. but they're also raising concerns about passenger privacy. all light rail vehicles with the surveillance systems have signs informing passengers about their presence and that their conversations are being recorded. coming up -- >> it's what we do every day. we try to do our best. >> rescuers speak out about the frightening crash that ended with a plane in flames on a bayport street. and we're six daya away from ourwairst edition of a f the mayor where we take your
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lester holt joins us now with a look at what's ahead. an we have a story that makes you want to check your credit card bill. you ever sign up for these subscription services where you get a free month and you have to remember to cancel to avoid repayment? i try very hard to avoid those things. but you can stumble onto them easily. fo we've got a story tonight about a company that uses a system to check your credit card bills and identify recurring payments. they can flag it. we introduce you to a man who was paying $3600 a year for goods and services he wasn't using.
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credit card bills carefully. look at this. it was a frightening plane crash right on a residential street in bayport. luckily the pilot could not have come smashing down to earth in a better place, because the people who live in that neighborhood are ready for emergencies. >> reporter: ready for emergencies indeed. eight of the rescuers were bayport firefighters. they spoke to us here at the fire house a little while ago and told us they just all happened to be together at a confirmation party when the plane crashed down the street. it was a lucky break for the pilot and passenger who had seen nothing but bad luck to that point. >> plane down. >> reporter: the single engine plane fell from the sky moments after takeoff from this bayport
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but the ill-fated flight didn't end in tragedy. >> you went down in the right spot. everybody has the skill set to do what they needed to do. >> reporter: neighbor eric cruz was the first to reach the downed plane.launched a coordinated effort to help the pilot and passenger in the plane. >> the other guys were on the top of the plane, ripping it apart to get them out. >> reporter: the two men on board are recovering at a hospital. the pilot suffered the most serious injuries. >> they're in relatively good shape considering the significant impact they took. >> reporter: that's due in large part to the work of the rescuers. that sentiment was also echoed by the famanies of the pilot and passenger. in a statement they said we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the good samaritans
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for their heroic efforts. those neighbors say it was all in a day's work. >> that's what we do every day. we try to do our best. bayport community, we all work together. >> reporter: they certainly worked together on this one. now, engine trouble may have caused the plane to go wn. but the national transportation safety board is still trying to make a final determination. a big court decision over a sand do you know une battle on the jersey shore, local leaders and residents have tried to block that plan, saying margate's beaches have sufficient protection against future storms. two weeks ago a judge in toms river also ruled in favor of the state's seizure of land for the project.
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umbrella because the winds are going to be gusty in the morning when that heavy rain is coming through. so you want to make sure that your umbrellas are really working for you. we've had a few showers earlier today. not that many, but right now some rain is approaching new york city. the temperature at this hour is 58 degrees. it's pretty mild out still. some of us saw sunshine today. temperatures warmed up into the mid to upper 60s. newark w one of hose locations at 67. also around morristoyn. 65 the high in central park today. generallyhe0s for south facing shores, but pretty mild for this time of year. those showers are moving in. they're headed to the hudson valley and the city. most of this rain is very light.
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and clifton, yonkers, new chelle. skies are dark to the west. but then farther to the west thdaey're starting to clear out just a little bit. it's 64 in lakehurst, trenton and morristown. inland areas were warming up this afternoon. we will see even warmer temperatures in the days to come. right now we're still dealing with more rain coming our way for tomorrow. a few gusts here and there. not that bad. here comes the front. it's right here tretching all the way down from the ohio vall t east of st. louis. ar as of heavy rain with that will be moving in tomorrow morning. not this evening. lighter showers for the mets and marlins. temperatures in the upper 50s. most of that rain that's coming through now will clear out by 9:00. it's light rain.
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more clouds show up overnight and more rain too. this is 7:00 a.m. this is when we're expecting the heaviest winds to come through and the heaviest rain. it pushes through the city by 10:00 and then onto the east by 3:00. wind may gust as high as 30-40 miles an houre tomorrow morning. after the afternoon, they should calm down a little bit. look at that seven day forecast. i've heard no complaints. 50s, 60s and eventually 70s sunday into monday. >> the nhl's second season is here now. this week the rangers and islanders are ready to contend for the stanley p. the blue shirts yet ready to
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penguins. the mets hope te follow suit as they welcome the marlins to citi field. (vo) we developed the world's first transvenous cardiac pacemaker, performed the world's first coronary bypass, and have world-renowned specialists taking on complex cases others can't
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$69.99 per month online. cable can't offer these speeds at this price. only fios can. the quest for lord stanley's cup is upon us. starting wednesday the nhl's grueling second season begins. the rangers will open up against the red hot penguins. the banged up blue shirts hit the ice today. henrik lundqvist was in and out of practice with an illness. he's expected to be fine. pittsburgh enters the playoffs as perhaps the hottest team in the league and they're lead by perhaps the best player on the planet, sidney crosby. >> i think we're just excited.
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get into the playoffs. and that's a lot haryir than people think. and now we've got our first opponent. >> that feeling and that excitement before it starts never changes. think you're just as excited as every year we go into the playoffs, that optimism. >> does the pas success against the penguins tean something here as you get set to face them again? >> no. they've the hardest team in the league the last couple months. it's going to be a challenge for us. i think we're confident that we can be a good team. in >> the islanders get thinged started thursday in florida against the paerhers. the mets get right back at it as they welcome the marlins to citi field. it was a lost weekend for the amazins. they've scored just 14 runs in
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just .180 as a ball club. >> i'm not concerned. it's early in the year. we aren't swinging good. we get that. i've got a lot of baseball cards in my officer that dictate these guys are going to finish and do just fine when they start getting going. >> we're all looking forward to the series. all we can do a move forward from the first week and go out there and win ball games. >> hit a little cold streak here these last couple games. but we feel confident. the yankees are off. they're in toronto tomorrow. everyone in the a.l. east is chasing baltimore. the orioles beat the red sox thanks to the three run bomb by chris davis in the ninth inning. baltimore wins 9-7 to improve to
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they're the only undefeated team remaining in major league baseball. talk to me in october. this is simply april. coming up next, u.s. health officials are revealing that the spread of the zika virus is carrier than they initially thought. tonight, scarier than we thought. a chilling new warning from the cdc about the spread of the zika virus in america and an urgent plea to act now. commanding leads. our new nbc news poll, hillary clinton and donald trump surging in new york. what it means for trump's chances of avoiding a convention fight. road rage revenge or self-defense? the growing mystery as a former nfl star is gunned down after a car accident. tonight, piecing together a deadly confrontation. nbc news exclusive, the cia


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