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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need a t truck. day or night, geico's emer ncy roadside
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a twisted mind. the man aacusedco of slashing a tourist on the subway is about to face a judge. what we've learned that could put him away for good. > and the okay, but not everyone is okay about it. >> but first, wind, rain and what is shaping up to be a n sty mo rning commute. >> i'mtcck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. now we just need the hrowds to cooperate. >> what we may fone tomorrow. >> here it is stretching from just each of buffalo east of cleveland into the ohio valley. this is all ahead of a cold front. so this rain will arrive in time for the morning commute moving over new york city just before 8:00 but it will start and push
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and we're also watching the winds because those are going to increase too. right now seeing some gusts between 15 and 25 miles per hour but they will intensify by the sun comes up. along the jersey shore and out towards the hamptons and 30-mile-per-hour gusts many the ty. those will be the highest gusts of t day. the showers will taper off in the afternoon. i'whll let you know how much rain is expected. finally some springnlike temperatures coming up in the forecast. back to you. a crime that shut down a subway station for hours. >> the suspect captured on cag mera is in custody as we learn more about his past. >> we're in lower manhattan where that man is set to face a judge. >> reporter: with slashings
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rkers, wordaof this arrest is spred spreading quickly above and below ground. marvin taylor wante for slashing. now he's in handcuffs and they're br athing a sigh of relief. >> it makes me feel much better now though. >> the news especially welcomed by brad who took the train that bloody night. >> reporter: taylor targeted his victim, the tourist sleeping on a bench. but when they finally caught up to tay r he wasn't in manhattan. he was up in the bronx. >> taylor once lived in the bronx. we did some digging and learned the man wanted in this slashing has been arrested 17 times. his most recent arrest a few months ago for theft of transit service but he's also been
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now he's in custody for slashing and injuring a tourist. that could put him behind bars for years. >> i hope he serves a sentence that's measurable to his acts. >> reporter: as forurhe tourist, we're told he was treated and leased from the hospital. he is now back in his room. thank you. the nypd is searching for the th atie askves that stole. the thieves cut a hole through the ceiling leading into the vault and made off with $280,000. it's not exactly clear when when the robbery happened but some believe targeted on saturday. >> they find what is available. >> they knew. >> they know.
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>> probably an inside job. >> this neighborhood, this is the safest neighborhood in new york. i would have thought so. >> in addition to the cash, police say the thieves got away with safety deposit boxes. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. and the new york primary is just one week away and they're battling for crucial delegates. in a poll, it's very good news for donald trump. he's leading his two rivals by more than 30 points each. the same poll shows hillary clinton with a 13 point lead over sanders. we're in long island where clinton tried to build on that lead hammering sanders for his
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i love a room filled with suffolk county democrats. >> and outside, roughly two dozen protesters shouted at guests walking in. >> i don't want the world to think that suffolk county supports hillary. >> better than making a promise you can't keep, let's have a plan that you can implement which is what i will do. >> we have got to make public colleges colleges tui on free. >> big cheers for tha yot plan, more than 11,000 supporters turned out to hear him speak. he told them this primary will come down to voter turnout. >> clinton was in q ens and th - en talking gun control at a oupanel discussion in port wash gton.
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>> i have nosoed that under the ight spotlight senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. >> as most of you know secretary clinton voted for that war. >>ca number of celebrities are expecting to attd the rally this weekend. and app ximate, 10 now people turned out tonight for a donald trump rally in albany including a number of protesters. >> those antti trump protesters interrupted the presidential candidates and in one instance, trump accused the republican party of rig ng the system that's used to select the parties' nominee. he specifically cited colorado where ted cruz swept the delegates held over the weekend. >>
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and only a nonpolitician would say it. >> the biggest thing he seized upon is when people vote against him, they're stealing the election. >> a state whose june 7th imary could determine who gets the republican nomination. john kasich held a owd hall tonight outside of albany. a law professor is arguing th iat cruz is no eligible to run for president because he was born in canada. cruz's attorney says he is eligible because his mother was a u.s. citizen. new jersey's primary is june 7th and you count on us.
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candidates at a plane came down .n bay bort moments after taking off crashing in a neighborhood that is home to several police and firefighters wto immediately mped into action. >> one guy was hosing the fire down because there was a trail of fire up to the plane. the other guys were the top of e plane, they were ripping it apart. >> we try to do our best and in the communy,owe all work vetogether. >> the two injured men are recovering at the hospital. doctors say they are in relatively good shape. engine trouble is said to have played a role in the accident. >> a plane crash victim will finally be able to bury their relative. the plane went down back in february.
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when it apparently ran out of fuel. the three people were on broord and rescued and his famil learned the news that dreaded the most. >> i fave because i have any body. and i'm sure that he's dead before i doubted, oh, i want to believe that it's not true. >> the ntsb is still investigating. it could take up to a year to determine the chase of this crash. coming up, midtown mayhem. massive clouds of steam. streets shut down. what triggered this mess. and a shouting mess erupts over a plan toowrotect the rights of transgender students. >> and here a winning power
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crews plan to dig up the street where a water pipe leak hit a scalding hot pipe in midtown. it wants to check on the infrastructure. it sent the clouds billowing above the avenues. emergency ryoponders blocked off the area for some time. was a date rape drug a factor? lawyers say they have evidence that could indicate he was given that drug known as ghb before a head-on crash. a judge ordered a new test on that blood sample. those results are expected next
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strong emotions from parptd ents tonight. should students be able to use bathrooms based on their gender identity? the the new policy passed tonight and not everyone is happy about this. we're in hills dale with degree action. >> reporter: the vote coming down late this evening. the school board voting overwhelmingly allowing student to choose a rest room or a locker room based on their gender identity not their sex. so many students and parents spoke out. >> i'mvhere tinrepresent parents who are afraid to come here because of people like you. >> you're from a statewide group. >> a heated confrontation in the hallway mirrored the passionate debate taking place inside. students and parents speaking
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policy that would allow transgender students to allow locker rooms based on their gender identity. >> hannah simpson graduated in 2003 as a man. now she's back as a transgender woman doing something she wasn't able to do for herselfdwhen e eaattended, fight for the rights ofea transgender students. >> the policy was expected to pass with ease. this with superintendent before the vote. >> yessefor ilypearrants the rights that every other student has with our school district. >> but opponents turned out in force. >> it looks like a slam dunk. >> some citing hery jous concerns. others worrying it would
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students who aren't transgender. >> she doesn't want to have to think about having boys in her locker room with her. >> hintding that this debate is far from over saying that he expects lawsuits to be filed against the district. well, somebody purchased a powerball ticket in new jersey is a millionaire. no one hit the powerball jackpot but a ticket was sold at 7-11, but not the winning powerball. the winning numbers, the power ball was 9. again, jackpot for wednesday night's drawing will be 1 # $4 million. a pun-two punch in parts of texas dealing with a second day. the ground looks like it's
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ball sized hail. drivers took cover. and the same system brought severe weather and tornados to oklahoma and arkansas today. >> well, some of that stuff coming our way, but just some rain. right sf. >>ho ytu can see that over my shoulder. we are going to see the northern and come out our way in the morning. let's go out site and our top of the rock camera which is a light lovely one. it's mainly dry. we had some rain earlier today. most of that has moved on. now the cold front is going to come on for tomorrow so we're expecting rain to begin just before sunrise in some of our stern counties and spread east ward. very gusty winds expected, but the rest of the week after tomorrow looks fantastic. we're t king about temperatures that will slowly warm up to above average.
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rest of this week. tomorrow and wednesday, 60 on thursday. friday and then we go into the mid-60s when we gogo get to saturday and it goes up from there. rainfall moving oua to some lighter showers. north and west, the temperatures are in the 40s b genrally 'reen'sing oos so still pretty mild. the coldest air is back across the upper midwest where it's up the upper 20s andre0s. and there's the sorb end uthern end of the system. moving toward atlanta and this is the part that we get, the northern side of it so we do g some gustyinds in the morning. rain moving in by 5:00 and spreading across the city into the ner jersey shore. by 5:00, the whole system has moved offshore.
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anywhere from about a quarter of a an inch to maybe a quarter of an inho in the coastal communities. low temperatures tonight, not all that low. north and west, a few 40s here and there and the winds increase toee the weekend well, here comes the 70. we're expecting that on sunday. pretty near perfection for april. we'll keep the temperatures into early next week and look at the dry skies tomorrow. me sunny weather for a change that will hang around for several days and some comfortable temperatures, the average daytime highs between 60 and 62 and we'll go above average once we get to the weekend. >> you've got the wow factor going. >> that's what bruce says. he's like wow. >> i see a lot of smiling faces. >> all right. the mets were worried about
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did someone forget about to tell them about the pitching? matz gets lit up by the marlins. nobody saw this one coming and the rangers get fired up for round one of the post season where they wgll see an old familiar foe. the stanley cup playoffs has arrived. >> tonight we're checking out some cool kid inventions. do not change the channel.
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> we'd like to share an encouraging sign that summer is on the way. >> we have video showing crews removing ice. the rink bar inhabits the outdoor space featuring a summer vibe. it officially opens friday, april 22nd. a real life hamburgler gets his hands on more than cash. a man shipping into the restaurant. lihe fires up thesgrill and makes a couple of cheese burgt?s.
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so i know it's early in the season, but the mets aren't looking so amazing. >> are you guys worried? >> it may be early, but mets fans are a little concerned. tonight matz made the first start of the season and it was downright ugly. laces a sinpugle off he 24-year-old left hander. twa more runs score, to make it 5-0 ball game. the very next batter, absolutely tattoos one to left for a two-run shot and i'haf was it for matz who recorded only five outs and left the game trailing # 7-0. the mets threaten with with two men aboard, goes down swinging
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ense was after that and the mets not so amazing, dropped their third straight home game. >> it wasn't very good. but it's about wins and losses and it's just a loss and i'm going to work as hard as i jan to get back to the next one. tomorrow is a new day. another game tomorrow and we'll have another start coming up. >> noah syndergaard will try to get the mets back on track tomorrow when he faces hernandez and new york is already looking up at the nationals in the nl east. daniel murphy cranked his second homer of the season, this time against the braves. murphy is batting .471 on the year. won to improve to 4-1 on the season.
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and every one of the al east is chasing bamt more with ortiz being saluted on opening day in boston. the orioles beat the red sox. baltimore wins it 9-7. the only undefeated team remaining major league baseball. >> in hockey the stanley cup playoffs are upon us. the islanders face the panthers in florida on thurdeay. the rangers face crosby and the panthers, game one is wednesday night in the steel city. hit the ice today in greenburg. pittsburgh is hot. winning 14 of their last 16, but they are a familiar foe. the rangers have knocked them out of the playoffs in back to back years.
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the same teams every year, but in saying that we know they're one of the most skilled teams in the league and we're going to need our best. >> it's game one and we'll treat itf like that. you're not thinking aboutcpasy series. you're thinking how to win that sh t and it's different. >> crosby, you know, if he's not the best player in the world he's close to it. eting an honest team sichbs chyoristmas. >> the penguins have been on re since christmas but this is the post season. it ooes a whole new world and the nly thing that matters now is sipping from lord stan''s cup. every team the dreaming about it. >> thanks, bruce.
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. traveeing in india. they began their tour with a me of cricket. >> they capped off their day. they're expected to spend the week travelir in the country before heading home to their kids, george and charlotte. >> the tonight show is straight ahead. >> good night and we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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