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tv   Today  NBC  April 12, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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today with kathy lee gifford and hoda hoda kotb. >> hell it's april 12th. that is jennifer lopez. >> ain't your momma. >> i ain't your momma. crank it, please.
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when you gonna get your stuff together >> i can't sing it to cody because i be his momma. we've got a great show for you today. kourtney kardashian is here, the busy mom of three is going to get us caught up on the new season, season number 12. >> unbelievable. also our good pal elvis duran is in the building. a new orleans rock band called the revivalists. they are going to have you so jacked up. >> so much good music comes out of new orleans. >> and ryan scott is back. ibthinkmae was here last week. >> what's going on?n' >> i actually just moved in. >> good. you know those yummy chicken and pork lettuce cups? >> did i just move in all week? i'll be here all week. yes. >> your favorites restaurant dishes, how to make them at home.
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>> hats off to everybody from th blind spot. th started the second season last night, a rorl nail-biter. a hot hot show. i get to h-st a -- >> of course you did. you're so important. >> a anel ofpp the group. i got them to the an elevator seanlfie which was fun. there's everybody. >> a nice looking zbloup they were a great group. >> so drop dead beautiful. you're wiaring your clara son woo again. what are you wearing? >> i'm wearing pants. look who showed up. wie. >> howie, our lighting director. >> that's his laugh. and i told him how much we missed his laugh and missed him. "the blind spot" airs on monday nights at 10:00 central. >> big hit.
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grilled cheese day. >> how about that. guess you remember the movie chef where john makes a grilled cheese? listen to the sounds. watch. >> then he cuts it here. listen. it. cut it. is that the thing you miss most? >> yes, yes! that crunch sound when you bite into it. i miss a pizza with the cheese dripping off of it. > i's got to be dripping. the best in new york is ray's. >> ray's has great pizza. these are grilled ohees sandwiches from the folks of sara lee. this is farm to table, that kind of a place. this has egg yolk, cheddar and mozzarella. don't you love when there's a
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>> either you love that or it yoszs you out. >>t's going to go over the side. >> that's how you do it. and you dunk it. >> all right. go for it. >> this ore i wa,hout ch bse. it's not reaviy grilled ch eese day for me. but who cares. >> i love to watch her eat. is that weird? the woman can put it away. >> oh my god, you guys. that's really good. >> should i tell them what we're going to do? a really interesting story about a is town in -- >> italy. >> the southern tip of of the coast of italy. they have a secret, only 2,000 people that live there. over 300 of them are over 100 years old. some of them have lived into their teens, 110, 112. >> 20% of the group you're talking about is over 110.
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>> this is something that should be researched. cardiologists from the university of california san diego are digging deep into what makes them young. a guy wrote an article saying they went to the beach and people were very heavy and very tan -- >> smoking. >> smoking. but they were all over 100 years old. >> so we on the other handed how could that possibly happen. >> what do they all have in common. >> genes in one thing. >> there are genetics involved. they live outside most of the year b ngseaof t ir imate. >> walking around. >> they're stress free. >> but we found two things you can do at home. >> an cho vis and rose mary ever day they have that. >> that's what they're eating! >> if you're like me and every time you get a cesar salad, take off the an cho vis, you're probably taking off a year of your life. you can add this stuff into your
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olive oil or make a tea from it. but i don't like either one. i was ask this morning is it possible to relearn something -- >> learn to like something. >> really learn to like something. >> elisse sha was telling us the way you learn to like rose mary, you make it and fry it in a pan. >> for 5 seconds. fries right up. >> then you -- ask ryan. he's not there. he left. >> he's gone he doesn't care. appreciate it. ryan if you're watching on television downstairs, come on up. >> you fry anytime the pan and she sprinkles it over grapefruits. >> and citrus. >> who knows. >> here he is. ryan, do you like rosemary and anchovies? >> he hissed the beginning of the conversation. >> people are living past 100 --
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take away the fishiness and rosemary is herbal, drink it with wine. >> let's j you prepare that for us. >> later in the show. we'll actually taste it. >> fry up some of the rosemary. >> okay. with the anchovies? >> you're not on for a while. >> i think it's already fried. >> refry it? >> fry it and fry those two. >> thank yo >> that was excellent. would like to learn to like it because i don't. >> maybe if you fry it enough it will kill the taste. >> i'll fry it right now. >> there are certain words -- >> it's love your dog day too, i think. >> every day is love your dog day. these are words people say to their dogs. when you're talking to your dogs and there's no one around, what voice do you use and what do you say? zbli know what you say to blake. >> i'm always like this are you ready, are you ready and he goes -- his tail starts wagging because he knows we're going
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even in the morning when i'm petting him, getting ready to get up, i look at him in the eye and go, are you ready? and he runs for the door. ahhhh. i love him so much. >> a mangy looking thing. >> he's got a soul patch. >> all right. so researchers at the college dog cognition lab are studying the way dog owners speak and play with dog. >> these are the top words that people use with their dogs. >> ryan is making a face. >> this is not going to be good. >> you good. gonna. yay! whacha. >> here. ready? boy. girl. >> gimme. >> ball, ball. >> what do you say to your dog?
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interaction with is bambi no because he sleeping with me. i call him my snoosh. momma's snoosh. it's disgusting. my other dogs are looking at me like hello. >> what are you doing? we're here to tell you princess kate, we love every single thing about her. the press is trying to find a flaw. allegedly she took her shoes off because she was going into the gandhi memorial and she took her shoes off anthe press saw a piece of her they hadn't seen before. >> i think she's got beautiful keep in mind she wears panty hose. >> does she have panty hoes on there? >> everybody is ripping her for her gnarlyfe et. >> is her second toe longer than the first? >>lthat's a sign of intelligea. >> and i think it's interesting
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>> we haven't for years.d we get criticized for tha as well. whatever. >> a lot of people have a lot of ideas and opinions. >> we're going -- we don't have time to wash our hands? jerry, can we have the bowl. >> thank you for all you do. >> there's a science to washing your hands. >> who knew? >> thank you, jer. so this ad been ensearched by scotland, this is the way you should do >> they're about to do surgery and stuff, and put on gloves. >> this is a six step technique. >> here are the six steps. >> first is palm to palm. >> we have a pi ure. >> they show you -- >> slight angle. >> right palm over back of left hand. yeah, like that. now palm to pa .
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>> fingers inte aced. like this. not like this. like that. >> i'm doing that. >> and then like that and like that. okay. backs of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlaced. wewhat? no! >> don't do it like that. >> right thuse collapsed over left palm. what is this? >> like this. >> that's very kinky. i don't like that. >> okay. all right. rotation moving backwards and forwards with right hand in palm -- wait what? >> 43 seconds? oh my goodness. think it depends on what you've been doing, okay, and only you and god know that, if you know what i'm saying. >> we're going to take a break. oh, wait. >> thank you, sweet heart. >> did you put something on it? >> no. i thought you said anchovies.
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>> this is rosemary and citrus. let's see how it tastes. >> not bad. and it's crunchy. >> that's exactly what a chef wants to hear. >> do you like it? >> it's bearable. >> i will put that on my mem n knew. it's bearable. >> i'm allergic to citrus. that's the bad thing. thank you. >> thank you so mu. this has been a weird show so fa do we still have time? >> we're over. >> we're over and america is too. >> what do we have coming up? >> kourtney kardashian then we're going to cook with chef ryan and talk about how you can adopt a precious ani today, i'm going to fight hunger. today, i don't want to be hungry. we jus t have to buy food. my family ts
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fashion lines, books, cosmetics. we're exhausted. >> i'm exhausted. if. >> if you think that's a lot to manage, add the three kids to the mix. how do you do it, kourtney kardashian. she's going to tell zblus hi, how are you? >> i'm no excited to see you guys. >> did y have a nice family vacation in vail? >> it was amazing. i didn't wont to leave. >> how can you have a nice family vacation, you did that many times at our house in colorado. but now you've got cameras everywhere you guys go? >> the first time we were there were our cameras but no parazzi, like walking through the village, it was like ahh. pr>> how do they get wind? they just know? >> i feel like people tweet, you know, the kardashians are here and they look for like, you know know. >> how does one truly get away
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>> your kids will never know. >> i say every summer i want to start getti the middle of nowhere, like literally in in the woods, a tiny cottage. >> that you can just hang. >> like sleeping beauty. like i need it. every time i travel, though, it is just like getting out of l.a. and -- because it's never as crazy as it is in l.a. or new york. >> as you're starting the new season, do you ever think what are we going to do this season that they haven't already seen? >> they've seen it all. >> no. it just happens. it's just life. even if it's like, you know, i don't know the 's always mething t t just -- life just happens. >> you know what' new on our set? we usually have wine. >> i need a glass f wine. >> you brought us something. this is from your new app. >> you might not like it. ki98m hates it. i'm giving you a warning.
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>> it's avocado, honey and i don't know if this is coconut milk because i jus became nondairy? >> you did? >> uh-huh. >> cheers. >> mine tastes better at home. >> it does? this one tastes weird. don't even try it. >> i kind of like it. >> it needs for honey. >> i don't like that. >> the honey i put on my app. >> it's a subscription based app? >> it is. there's some free content and some subscription based and my cysts and i did this together. it's like lifestyles. >> you've all got your own. >> yes. i love looking at my sisters. khloe posted something yesterday, her first kiss, the first time she had sex.
10:19 am
but it wasn't anything raunchy but i was raeth it and i wrote her, you're so cute. >> you have a skin care line going? >> the manuka honey is a super food, why it's great for you. they had a skin al care line, manuka doctor and i had no idea. it's all natural. they were looking for a brand ambassador. >> and you had already been using it? >> i was using the hon new by i wasn't using the skin care. >> we're up to date on that stuff. we need to know one thing as we're leaving. are you and scott getting back together or will you ever get married? >> we're not getting back together right now but i don't know what the future holds in life. we're doing our best to, you know, be the best parents and like he came with us to vail and it was great. but like we're friends at this point. >> do you miss him when he's not around? >> i don't know.
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feel like i don't really get that chance. but, you know. >> all righty. >> we got nothing else. >> you'll have to wait for season 12, premi s su day may 1st, 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific time an our sister nemptwork e! >> elavil is here with the next best thing from this kid makes stains like crazy so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine,
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it's time now for encis dduran's artist of the moment. >> here we are with our fri d elvis, introducing us to the next big thing in music. >> we're going to be ser ro naded by the revivalists. >> but first, elvis ise with two of the members of the seven-man band. >> welcome. >> i know you love new orleans. did you just find them? what happened?
10:24 am
while. food and music, rather than bringing the catering, we brought the music. these guys are going to knock the glass out of the studio. >> how would you describe your music? >> the truth. >> the truth. whoa. >> so deep. >> but it's like food stomping, hands clapping. >> all that. >> revivalists sounds lik e it's got some gospel in there perhaps. an influence of gospel, perhaps? >> we ve a player that was brought up in that style. >> when you go to new orleans, even if you're deaf you with ar their music because they are the sound of new orleans. >> should we ask about elvis' hair? it's fascinating. we like it. >> did you dye it that color? >> what do you think? >> i don't know. >> is thats our nat ral color? >> no it's not. >> i've always wanted to be
10:25 am
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicthans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we loould ban muslims from coming here aall. total and complete shut down. nald trump say's we can lve amso wicas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. m hillary inton and i approve this message. live, this i n ws 4 new york now.
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hamilton bridge. raindrops far and away. 10:27 on this tuesday, april 12th. good morning, i'm michael gargiulo. police in new jersey are cracking down on dangerous drivers. the initiative is called slow down, save lives. it's going to focus on curbing speeding in hudson county, make sure drivers yield to pedestrians. comes a month after two teenagers were killed by a speeding car. check of the weather, showers will be with us through lunchtime, breezy, mild through e rest of the afternoon. 60 for the high. tonight 39 in the ci, below freezing north and west. tomorrowesun, clouds, high of 58. thsday lots of sun, 61. friday a few clouds, temperatures in the 60s. saturday 65. up next on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, recipe for delicious lettuce wraps. join us gain ae noon and.all
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we're back on this tuesday. and if your family loves dining out, think ou impressed they'll be when you whip up their fifrt menu items at home. >> all this wee buk we're iddoing restaurant recipes.eann this morning ryan scott is here with his beloved dish, a favored of his and ours,
10:31 am
>> salt, lemon use, sesame oil, corn oil, water chestnuts, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar and i did the spicy peas, pork, chicken, toasted sesame seeds. the cornuckeia. >> it's a lot. >> but you can get a lot of these things, the ginger and the garlic in the tubes. if you don't want tocmince or chop them. the water chestnuts come in a can. >> i went half pork and half chicken. >> didn't think i didn' notice that. >> you look gorgeous. you look amazing. super skinny. >> thank you. >> swe does. lots going on. >> i'm trying. >> you look greay >> what do you want me to do with this? >> chicken and pork and ook it to seer. >> i'm not going to do omething you don't want me to.
10:32 am
>> lemon pepper, i like the acid that comes with it. >> so fghar he loves the fat and the acid. th is great. >> that's the next co book coming out. we to've got cocked down pork and chicken. add the ginger, the garlic, the carrots and the onions. >> her hands are well washed. that's good. >> this is good. what you do -- this takes five to six minutes. you can blot it. what i tell people, ins ad of draining, take a paper towel or don't do what i just said, drain it in the sink. >> that ginger smells good. check this out. there's molasses in there, soy sauce. >> what's this in.
10:33 am
you can cut back on the sodium or go full fat, which we love. >> fat again. >> and then the sara what hot sauce. i like what sesame oil does. >> it smells good. >> check this out. now add the toasted sesame seeds when it's all done, and lemon use. i'm kind of lazy at my house. >> that's because you're a newly wed. >> thank you. so now you added the lemon juice and the sesame seeds. i serve it on a cutting board on the table at my house. >> everyone does their own. >> now what you do here is take a lettuce cup like so. >> you use boston, right? >> yes. just try this alone. it's a little hot. be careful. >> do this right here. >> i like all of his words.
10:34 am
take the asi trail mix on the side, you can put these on top, put the wasabi peas on top. or if you want more herbs. >> there's scallions in it. >> scallions go here in the garbage. >> oh my god. >> finish with the fresh herbs. look at this face. do it again. the hoda dance and delicious look. >> let me e tell you something. so good. >> do your dance, your fair song. >> thanks ryan. for all of the recipes and all of our today recipes head to some amazing dogs needs a home. get your clean knicks readily. and get troaeat fragile, damaged hair to wholesome, intensely nourishing repair. new whole blends by garnier. blending our best into new honey treasures haircare.
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the citi concert series on "tay" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> you've met elvis duran's artist of the month. >> here they are doing their hit single wish i knew you. ladies and gent mamen, the revivalists. yes! you shine like a star you know who you are you're everything beautiful she's hot, hot like the sun the loneliest one still everything beautiful well i'll be hot damned you're standing at my door
10:40 am
until the e me to your lev show me the one i need the most i need the most i wish i knew you when i was young we could eve got so high now we're here it's been so long two strangers in the bright lights oh i hope you don't mind we can share my mood two strangers in the bright i wish i knew you i wish i knew you oh i wish i knew you when i
10:41 am
truth, it's all that you need you bury that seed it's everything beautiful and that sound comes from the underground it's all inside you now it's everything beautiful but what are you what, what you, what you running from and they got you on the run so friday night holy ghost take me to your level show me the one i need the most i need the most wish i knew you when i was joining we could eve got so high now we're here it's been so long two strangers in the bright lights
10:42 am
we can share my mood, eah two strangers in the bright lights i wish i knew you i wish i knew you oh i wish i knew you when i was young when i was youg when i was young wish i knew you, wish i knew you when i was young when i was young i wis i knew you, i wish i knew you oh i wish i knew you when i was young >> i love that! which is probably the kiss of death for your career. but i loved it. >> that was awesome, you guys. con glats. that was eally good. >> the revivalists.
10:43 am
we still call it album. >> download it, baby. we're giving away an entertaining prize to five lucky viewers just in time for spring. it's spanky tuesday. we're going to meet some amazing pooches and hear their amazing stories all coming up after this at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at aning d with safelrte's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot. (cheering crowd) i replaced her windshield... giving her more time for what matters most... how'd ya do? we won! nice! that' s another safelite advantage. thank you so much! (team sing) safelite repair,
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last year the aspca rescued 13,000 animals from cruelty and neglect. and some of those rescues require extra tenderlog loving care. >> animal plant's documentary takes us inside the first national facility dedicated to helping these dogs rebuild trust and get a new lease on life. take a look. >> sugar, he's a spit fire. he's definitely defensive. so when you try to approach him, it's really tough to leash him . he's clearly undersocialized to
10:49 am
we may be able to help him overcome his defensive behavior and learn to like people. one of sugar's main issues w ting to be touched.ei'm amazed after one week of treatment he's doing so well. sugar's evaluation went so well. he's ready. he's ready to go ho. >> so great. matt is president and ceo of is aspca. lovely to have you. thank for the great work that you do. >> what was it bout that little do ha was bothering him? did you guys ever figure that out? >> sugar now pumpkinarame to us, he was one of 55 dogs living in a two-bedr m apartment in the bronx. literally dogs were living on the count are tops. maleny of those dogs were able to be placed. t a few -- sugar was the most
10:50 am
>> with all of those dogs? >> but everything brand-n adopted. >> that dog has been adopted by melissa and melissa is over there. how is he doing? >> he's been amazing. >> really? >> he is so cute, by the way. how adorable. >> these guys are adorable. we've been loving on them for a long time this morning. >> these are both up for adomoption? >> casey will be ready in a moment. he's a 5-year-old terrier mix and he came to us through the rtnership with the new york city pol e department. he was abandoned and emaciated. she was starved. he'll put on a little weight and he'll be ready to zbo >> and he has allergies. >> and he needs the sweater to keep him warm. >> and this is luna. >> luna looks happy, a
10:51 am
who came us to through the partnership with the new york city police department. she quickly reacted well to behavioral rehabilitation and bl somed. >> how do you know? i hink a lot of people given the choice would love tot dopt but they worry about what if she reve s back to that other behavior. >> there's a few things you can do. first of all, know your dog's behavior. that's one of the great things about going to a shelter is the incredible capacity for forgiveness, resilience. >> and how much we all need love. >> if someone is going to a shelter, what's the first thing they should look for in terms of signs that that's something they
10:52 am
>> how social the dog is, does he come up to, is he leaning into you. when bringing a dog in your home that's been a victim of abuse, let them set t pace. >> don't force anything on them. thanks again for everything. >> thank you so much. >> second chance dogs premiers this saturday on the animal planet. if you want to adopt these two dogs or any others, visit the so worth it. >> donna has the drum spinning which can only mean one thing. >> what? >> hoda is gifrg it away again. >> what are you talking about? >> it's spanky tuesday. but first this is "tody" on nbc. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> sur all across america families are coming back to time warner cable
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10:54 am
they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems turninggainst each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hi ary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
10:55 am
before we say good-bye on this tuesday. >> spanky tuesday. >> we're going to make five viewers very happy because it's time to give it away.
10:56 am
>> a pasada home depot patio set worth $499. bay. perfect for entertaining, six dining chairs with a glass top table all in neutral gray tones forneny decor. >> you pick. >> okay. we have sherry anderson from huntley, illinois. >> here's one, i've got annette miranda from winchester, indiana. >> i love her. je ifer hern from grand rapids, michigan. >> i've got ina plant from ft. tes, nirth oakota, girl. >> ina plant? >> i love ina. >> and i have marta schmitz from gardner, kansas. go to klg and before we say good-bye, we have lovely ladies behind us. they just came.
10:57 am
they're all cute and waving. >> we've had a full house today. >> have yaw ever heard of the color correcting makeup known as clown contouring? >> take a look at these pictures. bright colors before and then that's the after finish. they're putting that stuff in and look at the after. how do you go from bright lights. we're going to do a facebook live thing tomorrow. >> if they can get the likes for watermelon exploding -- >> i want to watch the watermelon. >> that was good! >> she's trying to avoid it. but it's spanky tuesday. >> we haven't teased tomorrow, yet. i don't hear any music. >> neither do i. >> we're looking for folks in the tri-state area who want to
10:58 am
so go to -- klg and new york. what makes it think bigger? go bolder? push for a living wage that's higher. for tuition-free public college. justice that works for all. for a middle-class that... must. be. saved. you do. values. forged in new york. brooklyn born. native son. who knows what we know:
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i'm bernie sanders
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i am not a woman. today on "access hollywood live," my big fat greek wedding 2 star is in theahouse. you go, girl! >> i'm so excited for the reunion. you have great kisses on this. excited for the gang to be back. >>r we have great stripping video for you this morning. here. >> it's going down, ia,s going down.a,>> wgen the hospital is on lockdown, you know good stuff is going on. he's a surgeon, you can operate oon everybody.


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