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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 12, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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was killed right outside their doors. there still has not been an arrest. we're at the scene with new ie information from police. >> reporter: we certainly do have new information. investigators just revealing the name of the fictim. he was here early this morning. in fact, right over there on the other side of those orange and white barricades, that construction site, that is where he was savagely attacked. we know detectives were looking at surveillance video for nearly one hour as they triedur t out their search for the suspect. officers looked for evidence ot alt sides, underneath cars, in bushes. they climbed the scaffolding of a high-rise building construction project. an attacker vision viciously stabbed a 22-year-old man over and over in the chest. the victim laterdied. >> they were searching about the
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>> reporter: police told about 100 construction workers to stay put because part of the job site was a crime scene. it happened about 1:15 this morning. people who live in the area were flightened. >> the hate crimes or whatever crimes we have in the city, we have the best polsce force. >> i was very seocked because there's usually people walking on the street allight long. and somebody should have seen so cmeominss >> r orter: police tell us, the young man with the help of passers by made to the hospital. people who live in the area tell us although the crime shocks them -- >> i feel safe in general, definitely. >> reporter: as you take a live look at this construction site. those construction workers, we mentioned, they all had to go home because this site right here remains a crime scene.
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the victim, it's still under vestigation. we're told if they knew each other or if this was a random attack. right now, a west chester mother is waiting to be sentenced in the death of her 6-year-old daughter. la bcy carr died last year after her mom gave her a ll dose of drugs. we're outside the courthouse with more. reporter: kathleen dimes is expected to get five years probation under a plea deal. e's sitting wit her attorne outside the courtroom waiting to face a judge. she arrived just a little while ago. she was walking with a walker, r leg in a brace. she pleaded guilty in janu >>y in her 6-year-olddaughter's fatal overdose. lacy ingesting a deadly mix of drugs. she died at the hospital.
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ma. prosecutors had pushed for prison time, but h pler lawyer pushed for probation saying her cl, ient would be better off receiving medical treatment without prison. calling it a complicated situation. right now, lacy's dad is here in court. it's not clear if he'll speak. we'll be here and continue to follow this story. for now, live in white plains, news4 new york. equal pay is a hot topic this afternoon. in fact, it is national equal payday. april 12th symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. if you live in manhattan, brooklyn or queens, you may see this in your mailbox. they're sending mailers. nypd officers used to be among the highest paid in the country back when the force was mostly white. now that the force is more diverse, the pba says that's not
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mayor jue blasio to addre what they say is up fair pay for officers. aen mayor's office spokesperson says our door has always been and continued to be open to the pba to negotiate a long-term contract as we've done with nearly the entire city workforce to date. president obama is joining this conversation just 30 minutes ago, he lilked about the importthce of closing the wage gap. >> if we truly valued fairness, then america should be a level playing field where everyone who works hard gets a chance to suckysaud. >> on average, white women make 79 cents for every dollar white men make. for black women, that shrinks to 60 cents on the dollar. equal pay rallies a being held across the country today. this is a l saive look at one rally on the steps of city hall. dozens of people gathered demanding legislation tlat would
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hillary clinton was at a roundtable discussion about equal pay. >> people will say, oh, there she goes, she's playing the gender card. and what i say to that is i: talking about equal pay and paid leave and more opportunities for women and girls is playing the gender card, then deal me in. >> clinton and the rest of the panel also discussed raising the minimum wage, paid family lesve, and affordable child care. [ cheers and applause ] and bernie sanders also working the new york campaign trail. he held a rally in rochester this morning. the battle for the democratic nomination is tightening up between sandes and clinton. a poll out "today" shows clinton leading sanders only 49 to 43%. ohio governor john kasich is in man ttan today. he s>>poha just a short time ago
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republican club emphasizing the o paths facing american voters. heialso called out the mud shrinking witness during the battle for the republican nomination. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. i will simply not do it. applause ] >> donald trump also making his presence known in the state. he'l bp campaigning in upstate new york with a rally in rome at 4:00. any minute now, we're expecting a judge to rule on whether ted cruz's name will appear on new jersey's primary ballot. yest toer ay, two groups argued cruzais born in canada nd fails to mee the constitutional requirements to be president. cruz he i a natural born citizen. he's spending today at home in texas. as we mentioned, the new york pre imary now just a week away. count on news4 for coverage up through and beyond election day
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the homcalled red light robin hood has been arrested again on long island. rs is steven ruth back in august. he was arrested for tampering with several red light cameras. he recorded himself tipping the cameras up so they can't rea license plates. he was arrested yesterday again. this time, the charge is more serious. police say he cut the wires of several cameras and used a saw todn chop down a camer pole. he faces seven years in jail. two stoney brook basketball players have been hit with felony charges just w ks after playing in the school's firstey ever ncaa tournament game. they are accused of breaking into car and stealing a fellow student's tax return. the school released a statement saying it takes allegations of student misconduct seriously. a discianinary hearing will e held this week. up next, a recall involving salads sold on the whole foods
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also, cracking down on speeding drivers, the new initiative taking effect in new jersey today. all smiles in the weather center right now because we have plenty of sunshine on the way for a good long time. how warm will it get? we'll tell you. all coming up in just a couple of minutes. stay with us. coming up today on "new york live," order's up. we'll take you to rehearsals of waitress. plus andrew mccarthy stops by. and eve talks music, barbershop
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we'll have more at 5:00 and ona in new jersey, police ar putting up new signs reminding drivers to slow down. they'reioryink to avoid accident like one last month where a speeding driver jumped a cusarb and killed two teens. werdave more n the new initiative that police hope will save lives. >> reporter: the electronic sign right behind me here on konnedy boulevard is giving drivers the heads up about this crackdown. when it comes to speeding, people in this area ay it's something they're all too familiar with. rain may have slowed down some cars on kennedy boulevard, but on a street where vehicdes are supposed to obey the 25 miles per hour speed limit, it may not be enough s>> every day i worry f my cild, myself, for others. >> reporter: that fear is the reason she says she'suon board with operation slow down save lives, a campaign involve ing multiple police depa tnts
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enforcing laws. it's targeting an area that's seen tragedy due ti speeding just weeks ago. >> two teenagers died here. >> noel herrera and bryan rodriguez were killed by a speeding car that jumped a curb. authorities estimate the driver was going 74 miles per hour. th >>e incident smruck:fear io parents whose children attend several schools in the area. they don't really care f or the little kids crossing the street. n county prosecutor says specific en rce enforcement will take place on kennedy boulevard. it will be in effect through the summer. but those fearful of speeders hope the operation to save lives lasts even longer. too many people have died, too many car accidents i've witnessed. about time for tie police to step up. >> reporter: news4 new york.
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now before you eat your lunch. whole foods is recalling salads sold at 14 locations because they are mislabeled. the company says 10-o ce packages of this walk off the ob this week. with that wtory, what it could mean, let's check in with bill griffith. >> hey, robb. a pretty good rally under way right now on wall street. oil prices are higher again today on word that opec may come upal with a deal to freeze production with some of the non-opec members. oil prices are higher and that's pushing stocks higher as well. the dow was up 150 points a esnt ago. it's up 126 points in the meantime.
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as many as 40,000 verizon workers may walk af the job tomorrow morning if a deal is not reached by the end of today betwinn the company and the communications workers of americsc most work in the field verizon telephone and have been wom,rking would it a lt august. verizon says if there is a steikel there will be no disruption of service since they have train temporary replacement workers just in case. those negotiations continue through the end of day. goldman sachs is now the last of the major banks to settle with the government over the bank's role in the financial crisis of eight years ago. goldman will pay a $5 billion fi?ne for selling unusually risky mortgage-backed securities to customers. the gov annment collected more than $200 billion in fines from the major financial institutions out there.
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billion. while morgan stanley paid the least aal $3 billion. some of that money is going to be used to pay back customers who lost money on faulty mortgage investments. so a chapter in that egard is nclosed now in the financial crisis. of course it lingers, the effects here, aits many people still feel the effects of the financial crisis and our interest rates are still near zero as a result of all of that. >> so low for so long. >> long time. see you tomorr . dave now with a check of the forecast. kind of a messy morning, but things are getting better. absolutely. wentllook forward. and all is good as far as the next seven days. and that shift is starting to take place right now outside, yeah, rain on the lens. windy conditions out at the plaza. the ice rink setting up for that springtime restaurant when people are out and about enjoying that beautiful sunshine and that is coming our way
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believe it or not. 45 degrees and light rain outside at this point. but we are about to see a rapid improvement through the afternoon in the city, at least eastern end of long island may take you a little long. so the rain ends and the afternoon clears. it should be really nice by tonight. rush hour drive home should be absolutely fine. freeze warning to the north and west tonight. just keep that in mind. temperatures are going to dip. but i think after that expires, we are in for beautiful weather and our patience will have paid off. this is what storm tracker looks like right now. a little bit of a lull in the city. we have more rain rolling out through the eastern end o long island. but we are going to be able to see all of this begin to push on through over the next several hours. south hampton oren to the twin forks, again, y can expect rain probably through 2:00, 3:00,t4:00. we have another batch of rain pushing through right now.
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light rain falling in the city. we see down to the south end now, the heavier rain. but much of this now pushing out into the atlantic, and the wall, the back end of this system really is upon us right now. it's pushing eastward and moving at a relatively quick pace. all good news. the clearing is fwin ing beginning. behind this glorious sunshine followed in the next 24 histories by nice warm temperatures. temps around the area right now, jfk at 47. temperatures up to about 50 degrees or so. a little bit warmer in islip and down to the low 40s to the north and west. you can see based on the conditions and the direction of the winds that the front is beginning to push on out. still a little bit breezy out there. about 5:00 tonight, it's all gone and out of the way. that's the great news. looking ahead as we transition, a little bit cool as we head into the next 24 hours.
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weekend when temperatures are going to approach the 70-degree mark, if not warmer by the time we wrap up sunday into monday. we may begin to tweak some of these numbers as we analyze the data before the 5:00 hour. you'll want to tune in at 5:00 because we may tweak the forecast somewhat. 60 degrees and breezy today, showers taper off. tonight, we're down to 39. watch for that freeze watch. and he's your seven-day forecast. nice isn't it? 61 and 62 wrappings up the week with plenty of sunshine. stays dry and sunny into the weekend. and this is what we love. even though there's a shower chance monday, i'll take 72, won't you? >> dave, you make me so happy. thinking about booking a summer vacation? if you want to try first class for cheaper, try flying on a wednesday. that's according to a new
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travelers can find additional lower first class fairs by traveling on tuesday or saturday. most popular, friday and sunday, the most days to fly first class. soon you'll be able to buy tickets to a game or concert on facebook. facebook is partnering with ticketmaster to let users by tickets through the app. users will be able to buy tickets through the artist's facebook page. all right, "new york live" is coming up next at 12:30. here are they -- >> it's the feel good musical of the season. we're behind the scenes of broad way's "waitress". >> and from opening the barbershop to possibly recording new music, we're chatting with eve right here at 12:30.
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still to come, a new warning for netflix users. someone may have stolen your account and sold it without you even knowing it. how to tell if you've been hacked. that's coming up.
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new york. what makesd t think bigger? go bolder? push for a living wage that's higher. for tuition-free public college. justice that works for all. for a middle-class that... must. be. saved. you do. values. forged in new york. brooklyn born. native son. who knows what we know: we're all in this together. i'm bernie sanders
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well, a warning for anyone with a net flix account. a new scam could mean other people are using your netflix to stream movies and shows. they steal users' account details and sell the subscriptions on the black market. you might not recognize some of tthose shows. if you think someone is usido gur account, netflix suggests changing your password. > one lucky lotto player in
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nobody hit the jackpot saturday night, but somebody in new jersey has a second place ticket th mat worth a cool million bucks. the ticket matched five of the numbers, but didn't get that power ball. the numbers for that winning ticket are 14, 22, 23, 41, and 61. the power ball was 9. the ticket was sold in verona. now the jackpot is $184 million. we'll be right back. he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton.
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call now. well, a young new jersey boy has any idea to keep people warm in the winter. check out his invention that he showed off to jimmy fallon. >> in wintertime, it's very cold, especially for my nose. and there's nothing to warm up the nose. so i made the invention. >> put the earmuffs on. >> he may have hit with his nose and earmuffs. jimmy surprised garry and two
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,000. >> tonight at 5:00, buying online can save you a lot of money, but there are some risks especially when it comes to big cket items like big appliances. breaking news any time, go to "neew york live" is coming up next. enjoy the res
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t hi, everybody. welcome to "new york live." thank you for tuning in on this dark and stormy tuesday. it may be crazy outside, but it's nice in here. you're in for sara. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> and you look gorgeous. we voted on this one. >> you look pretty too, as always. >> we got a great show coming


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