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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EDT

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>>o > she never saw him coming. exclusive video of a man police say attleked a womanen a city sidewalk. how she says she broke free. >> then he's trained to fight in thenring. tonight this brooklyn boxer is wanted by the nypd accused of using his fists on his girlfriend. >> he tried to rs away with her. >> ae 11-year-ola girl is grabbed as she walked to school. what the child's fathe said this man did next. >> good evenng, ev yone, i'm bila vargas. and i'm chuck scarborough. >> it happened near the corner of webb avenue in the kings br ge smctiont f the bronid we're live with details. >>he reporter: sibila, this survivor tells me she was just walking down the street when she was attacked by a man she'd never saw before and she says she was saved all because of her
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>> the closer to the grocery store and pulled my pants down.y>> reporter: this woman does not want her identity known, but she does want her story heard. did he say something to you? >> no, nothing. he just put like this, my panties down, and in the corner. >> reporter: in this exclusive video you can see the survivor walking near webb avenue, her attacker silently stalks her from behind. pay close attention to the guy's red jacket. moments later he attacks. he's in the corner. he grabbed me. >> reporter: was it strong? >> yeah, strong. >> reporter: puts her in a bear hug. >> he's grabbing me, i panic. >> reporter: then pulls her pants down. >> and my pants is down. >> reporter: he pulled your pants down? >> yeah.
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fights back. smashing the man in the ft e with that cell phone. >> i don't know who this, but i hit him in the face. >> reporter: the woman runs down the street for help. one good samaritan drives for police and one drives down looking for the suspect. cameras do spot that same man in a restaurant year by. for this survivor she says her sense of safety is shaken and an arrest is key to keeping the neighborhood safe from this predator. >> that's no good. be careful. >> reporter: the survivor tells me she's doing okay physically, but understandably she's have been a difficult time dealing with the stress from the attack anded she says with this suspect still on the loose, she refuses to leave her house aft dark. 're live tonight in the bronx. news 4 new york.
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released video showing two men wanted for a slashing and robbery in the bronx. this happened around tsday at around 1:15 in the morning on the southbound 2 train. the video shows the suspects at the subway station. police say a man stole a book bag from a victim on the train and slashed him on the back of the head when he tried to fight them off. if you recognize the suspects please call the nypd. >>ar> and right now police re trying to track down a brooklyn boxer accused of knocking out his girlfriend. >> the woman was injured so badly by the punch she is now in the intensive care unit. we're live outside methodilt hospital. >> reporter: chuck, sibila, police are searching for a brooklyn actor and a boxer. he beat his girlfriend so bwhly she was rushed to methodist. we've learned she was put in a medically induced coma. now police are searching for the man who hasn't been seen since the early morning assault. >> yeah, you're looking at this
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>> reporter: he's an actor, a boxer. you can see him in the ring and on the screen, but now police are looking to see him too. >> wow, i did not see him as thevetype. i did -- okay, it makes sense now because they were here last night and i heard the description but i didn't think it was him. it's suronising actually. very surprising. >> reporter: so police came over to the bar? >> they didn't come in, but they pulled up. >> reporter: he saw police after closing time. he also remembers seeing josh lute ran just a couple of weeks ago. >> he comes here and there, not all the time. he pops in and pops out. he eats with his girl or his friends and he just leaves. >> reporter: he assaulted his girlfriend inside their apartment early tuesday morning. news 4 learned the two oi parentally were fighting over money. the 38-year-old woman, his liisve-in girlfriens wev struck in the head. she was rushed to methodist hospital and put in a medically in'tduced coma.
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a criminal defense attorney tells us despite him being a boxer his fists would not be considered a deadly weapon in new york. >> a fight between two individuals even if one is more skilled, a boxer or a proficient in karate is not going to elevate the crime to a more serious assault. >> reporter: now as his girlfriend recovers the search is on for a brooklyn boxer. he's wanted for an alleged beatdown outside the ring. >> he's a regular customer. come here to buy stuff. nothing else. a good guy all the time. that's it. >> reporter: at least check that victim is in critical but stable condition here at methodist. if you know anything about the where abouts of the boxer you're asked o give the nypd a call. thank you. this man is charged with fatally stabbing his girlfriend's ex- in an early morning confrontation on the upper east side. he said nothing to reporters as
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this afternoon. police say r riguez stabbed 22-year-old ol var es several time, in the chest after the two got into an argument on east 94th street. he faces a series of charges including second degree murder. if you are a verizon customer, tens of thousands of employees are poised to strike tomorrow while the company says that your service will be unaffected. conguld leave to prolonged outages and customer service delays. they have been working without a contract since august. a similar strike back in 2011 lasted two weeks.lathe company says it is prepared with thousands of nonunion employees trained and ready to fill in. >>?> a family is mourning the death of a young mother struck by an out of control car. this vehicle slammed into 25-year-old and her dog. her pet was also killed. she had just dropped off her 5-year-old son at a school bus
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from her front door when the car mowed her down. >> she was an amazing person. she just cared ability her son more than anything. >> she was the best person you could ever think of. beautiful person and i loved her a lot. >> authorities say it's not clear yet what caused the 50-year-old driver to lose control of the car, but she has crimes. the victim's family believes speed may have played a role. tomorrow a judge in brooklyn is set to determine whether or not to overturn the conviction of former nypd officer peter ang. he was convicted in the 2014 accident tall shooting death of gurley. he sought a new trial after a juror told newspapers his father served time in prison on manslaughter charges. the judge must determine why vargas didn't share this information before he was seated on the trial. >> do you think the judge will throw out this case? >> i think there's an extremely strong argument for it.
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the prosecution and the quest for justice. >> brooklyn d.a. has already recommended that liang receive probation and six mon s of house arrest. new york's presidential primary is just a week away now and there's still plenty of delegates up for grabs in the next few week, but the republicans and democratic front runners are putting together their play booking for the general election campaign anticipating they'll be facing each other. donald trump plans to go after hillary clinton on economic issues accusing her of not creating jobs and lacking private sector experience. heat also expected to step up attacks concerning her e-mail practices. meantime at rallies today in syracuse, bernie sanders vowed to defeat both of them.
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matchups, we are beating trump by 20 points. and we will win a major victory here in new york next tuesday. [ applause ] republican ted cruz did not have any rallies scheduled day, bp. in a radiocinterview with glen beck cruz accused trump of being a bully acr saying he was a bad businessman adding quote, he can't run a lemonade stand. and when it comes to running for president house speaker paul ryan made himself perfectly clear today no, means no. >> do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> a number of republicans are openly pushing for ryan to write in to clfd this summer and save the party from a bitterly
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but he repeatly said today he has no intention of jumping into the race. and new jersey judge ruled that ted cruz does meet the constitutional requirements to be president even though he was born in canada. that ruling pafs ves for cruz to appear on the ballot. the judge says that cruz is eligible because he was born to a u.s. citizen. and count on news 4 new york for coverage of the primary contest in new york. voters hit the polls tuesday, april 19th. you can get the latest on the candidates at nbc new coming up, canvassing a neighborhood. >> police on the hunt right now for this man accused of grabbing an 11-year-old girl as she walked to school. what the child's father said the suspect did next. >> your most important accessory will be your sunglasses but tomorrow morning you may need a heavy jacket.
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>> and a blast explodes at a self-serve car wash. what may have triggered the blast. if you're told
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now to new jersey and this deaf stating fire from friday. tonight we're working a roofer who was working on the building where the fire began is facing serious charges and this is not his first brush with the law. 28-year-old andrew mayor is charged with working without a permit, working without a license and driving without a license. at this point he's not charged in connection with the fire. he was already facing charges of animal cruelty and criminal mischief from an incident last march. you might remember the story. police say he was doing donuts on tom's river when his pickup truck fell through the ice. he and a friend made it out
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if you see more police in brooklyn tomorrow morning it is because they say a little girl was grabbed on her way to school. this happened near pip kin avenue in east new york today. news 4 spoke with the child's father who explained what allegedly happened next. >> reporter: it's a parent's worst fear. their child attacked by a stranger. police say this man exposed himself to an 11-year-old girl. tonight we talked to the child's father who says his little girl is now afraid to walk to school. >> an emotional father says he feared the worst, racing from his east new york home in just his boxers after getting a call from his son that his little sister had been attacked and almost sexually abused. the father speaking to us in spanish, doesn't want his face shown to protect his daughter's identity. he says the 11-year-old is traumatized after police say
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grabbed the girl by the arm and exposed himself. >> the man just grabbed the daylight. what she was seeing. she was sitting in front of this morning. she saw the girl walking to school with her brother before the man swooped in, latching on to the child. >> reporter: lifted her up? >> yeah, he was trying to run away with her. >> reporter: after hearing the child's cries this deli worker ran outside but the attacker had already dropped the girl and run off. >> she was trying -- she was shaking. >> reporter: police stapled flyers with the man's picture on nearby posts as neighbors promised to be on the lookout outraged anyone could do that to a child. >> i don't think if you caught him you would have got arrested. >> reporter: you can see a $2,500 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in this case. meanwhile the girl's father tells us he now plans to take
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children to school. a judge sentenced a woman to five years probation today for her role in her daughter's death. she sobbed in a courtroom as she learned her fate. 6-year-old lacy carr died last year after finding her mother's stash of drugs in her home and ingesting a toxic mix of benadryl, morphine and other pills. both the state senate and assembly have now passed legislation to exempt tampons and other feminine hygiene products from state sales tax. five other states including new jersey have enacted similar tax exemptions. >> the health department wants to keep mosquitos away. you can pick up free mosquito dunks at the health department
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the product contains bacteria that killed the bug in the water. officials are helping those giving away fish that eat mosquito eggs, but you'll have to place your order by friday. >> the pepsi cola sign in queens is now a landmark. it overlooks the waterfront. it was built in 1940 first erected atop one of the soda company's bottling facilities. today it's overlooking the plaza state park. the landmark's preservation commission called it one of the most recognizable features on the waterfront. that is true indeed. >> you can't miss it. >> it will never be gob now. it's preserved. >> and we won't miss the weather either. >> that's a great segway. we've got this fantastic stretch of dry days and warmer temperatures by the weekend coming up. here's a look from the top of the rock camera tonight.
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day, a nice night out there, but it's going to get cold in spots tonight. temperatures 46 degrees in the city under mostly clear skies but north and west we're expecting another freeze with temperatures in the 20s in a lot of locations and there's a warning in effect which i'll show you. focus on the sun. that's our biggest prize in terms of the weather for this week going into next week too, and slowly and steadily climbing temperatures by the end of the week. i think you'll like what we're going to see. the average high of 60 to 62. 50s tomorrow to right around 60 on thursday. slightly above that on friday and then by sunday we hit 70s and that's the jackpot day, but it will be a little warmer after that going into monday. so we're not quite done even by sunday. here's a look at that freeze warning. it encompasses north western new jersey. the counties in the hudson valley and fairfield county too up through 8:00 tomorrow morning where your temperatures most cases will be in the 20s.
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of the island from middle village out to the hamptons. monticello is at 34. going to get colder. ss,x at 38 degrees. slight northerly breeze tonight. we'll keep it on the chilly side across the area. clyoear skies, no worries from rain. this big high pressure system that's carving out a nice clear area from st. louis dow a n to the south all the way to the east coast. in the morning it will be cold enough for heavier jackets and maybe even a coat, but by the afternoon we'll be in the 50s. the coastal sections will stay cooler than t l inland areas so keep that in mind. tomorrow's high 68. we showed you the 70s showing up by sunday and monday mid to upper 70s. maybe even 80 over the inland areas. back to the 60s on tuesday. still a few degrees above average. you can see above average for a ange. that's coming up this weekend. >> it looks like we just pulled
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>> you got three wows from bruce today. >> here comes the sun. >> love it. >> all right. well, the mets turn t their flame thrower, syn rgaard to stop the bleeding at citi field. coming up, he does his thing, but where's the offense? that's the question mets' fans are asking. and the yankees go north of the border and mccann continues to sizzle. highlights against the blue jays
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an explosive scene at a dallas car wash and the owner says this is a cautionary tale. the man in the red want pants was trying to vacuum. the man casually puts some e change into a ther machine, doused the flames on his own and drove away. the car wash owner says he is just happy no one was hurt. >> it's hardty the crime of the century, but a break in a connecticut cold case. the theft f a tv in jewish center. he flew in from florida last weekend and turned himself in after finding out there was a warrant out for his arrest. he was a custodian at the jewish center at the time of the theft and he's expected back in court next week.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised. to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, j ma, and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you wanna piece of cake? our switchers guarantee makes it easy to get 100 meg internet. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer these speeds at this price. only fios can. bruce keeps telling us not to worry abo the mets but come on.,what's going on here? >> each day it gets a little more serious. the mets needed a win in the worst way.
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marlins at citi field. he was giving up just one run and striking out twelve batters but he left the game with the score tied at one and he didn't factor in the decision. the marlins loaded the bases in the eighth and flies one to right center. it was good enough for a sacrifice fly as gordon scores the go ahead run and once again, there was no mets rally. the six hits as they l their fourth straight game 2-1. they blow a gem from one of their as and fault a 2-5 on the season. in toronto, mccann belted his second homer of the year. a solo shot in the sixth to pull the yankees even with the blue jays at 2. then in the 7th, one to leftfield with two men on base,
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bombers on top and the bull pen did the rest. four outs and andrew miller nailed down his second save of the season. the yankees win it 3-2, but mccann left the game with a bruised toe. the rangers drop the puck in the stanley cup playoffs tomorrow night in pittsburgh. a brief appearance at practice today. the captain will miss at least game one and likely more with a hand injury. but he could return late in the series against the penguins. the islanders face the panthers in game one on thursday night in florida. the club went througi a spirited practice today. the isles haven't won a playoff series in 23 long years and they know their fans are hungry for a post season run. >> it's going to be a hard fought battle. it's always an exciting time of the year for us as players, for
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we'll make our fans happy. >> our fans have been waiting a long time for a series win, for a stanley cup and we would like to make a run and write our own little piece of history. >> in the nba the knicks' dreadful season came to an end tonight in indy. fittingly it closed withfa loss. early in the fourth quarter lawson feeds turner for the flush. indiana rollst102-90. the knicks finislld the season with a record of 32-50. ouch. and finally, what a sight in los angeles today as belovedo dodgers' play by play man skully was introduced before the final home opener of his career. the fans at dodgers stadium gave him a rou ng ovation. this is his 67th and final season behind the microphone at 88 years of age. he still does it better than anybodylelse.
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brooklyn in 1950. hi, everybody, and a very pleasant evening to you wherever you may be. the melodic sounds. he's amazing. >> and looking good still.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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hat's it a news 4 new york at 11:00. the tonight show straight ahead. >> good night and we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the


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