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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the job in a strike. what you should know if you're wondering if this is going to affect your service. changes this morning after a man attacked and exposed himself to a young girl on her way to school. a new endorsement for one candidate on the campaign trail. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. wednesday morning, april 13th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. raphael miranda is here with the forecast. raphi, you said it would be colder this morning and colder it is. >> that's right. we're feeling that chill this morning. especially in the suburbs. temperatures below freezing in some spots. in the city, in the low 40s. a nice quiet picture here. rain or snow. we're exp ting lots of sunshine throughout the day. it's going to look very nice but feel chilly. especially early on. again, 42 degrees in the city. back to the 50s later on today, 57 your high temperature. this is just the beginning of a
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some warmer weather is also on the way over the next few days. we'll look at the seven hp day forecast in a few. lauren scala is here with a look at your commute now. >> hey, raphael. good morning everyone. on the subways, delays on downtown 2 trains. we have fastrack maintenance on the 2 also. no 2 trains wean 3rd avenue and 149th and 96th street. in the meantime, more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thanks, lauren. in less than two hours, verizon workers are planning to walk off the job. the unions and erizon have not agreed on a new contract. leaving your service hanging in the balance. tracie strahan is live with the backup plans being made. tracie. >> reporter: no activity out here so far.olthat could certainly change. the phrase echoed by thousands of verizon workers. i am ready to strike fl they've been without a contract since august. after months of unsuc ssful
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off the job in the next 90 minutes. the two unions representing nearly 40,000 workers are accusing verizon of corporate greeld. they're looking for improving pension benefits and providing job security for workers at call centers by preventing the outsourcing of jobs to other countries. they're looking to cut $3 billion in annual health care costs, but they've offered a 6.5% wage increase. workers gave their thoughts on a verizon. >> my fight for my family ie very important. my fight for my home is important. my fight for my sweet girls are important. that. >> reporter: this is a work stoppage that could affect northeast. but the company, darlene, says they have plans in place for dealing with that. coming up in the next half hour, we'll lay out exactly what the back to you.
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police are releasing surveillance video of two men wanted for a slashing and a robbery on a bronx train. it happened last night or last tuesday around 1:15 in morning on a southbound 2 train. this video shows the men at the jackson avenue station in mont haven. police say they stole a backpack from the victim and slashed him on the back of the head when he tried to fight back. if you recognize these men, call police. police in the bronx are searching for a home invasion robbers in a minivan. the nypd just released surveillance video of the suspects and their unusual get away vehicle. police say last week the four men stormed an apartment in kings bridge heights. they tied a couple up with duct tape and police say they stole phones, jewelry, sneakers cash and otherthings. they took off in the blue minivan you see here. >> happening today, the rangers in their quest for the stanley cup. the blue shirts took in a
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they'll take on penguins in pittsburgh tonight. while cap tap ryan mcdonagh made a brief appearance, he'll miss at least one game and possibly more with a hand injury. we're the huse for the 2016 stanley cup play yochlts you can catch the ranger game on usa starting at 8:00 p.m. to s see the full playoff schedule and where to watch the game. >> mcdonagh out and going to escape the second line. we're very excited about that. >> she hits hard, though. >> in the weather center all the time. >> she's tough. >> she's very rough. bu it's a little chilly out there. freeze warnings and frost adt visories in effect. all these counties shaded in pink and purple, that's where you have the cold spots this morning. those are in effect until 8:00. got to take them inside. this is why they're seeing the warnings. we're below freezing in
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31 in white plains. chilly in westchester county. here's a live look at storm tracker. you can see not much going on. no rain today. it's an umbrella-free day. expecting plenty f sunshine and a high temperature back to 57 degrees. a little bit cooler than average. but still a nice pleasant spring day ahead. warmer weather on the way. we'll look at that in the seven-day forecast. right now lauren scala has a look at the commute. we have our first accident on the roads. we're going to head over to the southrn state parkwa a live look at it. eastbound, this is after peninsula boulevard, you can see two lanes blocked out there, emergency vehicles on the scene. delays are minor getting into this area. something to note. i'll keep you posted on it. otherwise, on the roads, things look pretty good. you have roadwork at the queens midtown tunnel. the south tube is taking on traffic. that will wrap up at 5:00 a.m. ternate side of the street
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today. .police are putting up flyers in the search for a man who grabbed an 11-year-old girl on the way to school and exposed himself. katherine creag is live in east new york. kat, you can say, there's going to be a greater police presence there. >> reporter: absolutely, michael. as you mentioned, the flyers, they're already hanging. extra police patrols are expected to take place in this neighborhood. frightening for so many people. that image that you see there of the suspect. he's accused of exposing himself to an 11-year-old girl and not only that, he also grabbed her. to witnesses it appeared he was ready to take off with her. this happened around 8:30 in the morning yesterday at the corner of elton street and pit kin avenue in brooklyn. that little girl and her 12-year-old brother were walking to school. the building only a few blocks away. the witnesses told us the girl screamed and she fought back and it was a good thing, they said, because the attacker let her go. also, michael, the dad of the
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take time off from work and start walking his children to school. a lot of kids and the ages of of the brother and sister, 11 and , the dad emotional. he wants to be with them in the morning and the afternoon. back to you, michael. totally undengtandable, ,at. right. thank you very much. > we're counting down to esday's presidential primary in new york. hillary clinton will speak in manhattan to the reverend al sharpton.t'senator sanders address that is grouplen friday. the daily nyds is giving clinton a front page endorsement. the editorial board of the newspaper says they favor their plan to help working and middle class americans. sanders believes he has a better chance of beati ng a republican challenger. >> in general election poll matchups, we are beating trump by 20 points.
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to hold a rally and concert in washington square park in greenwich village. he's joined by spike lee, tim robbins and vampire weekend, among others. today on long island, protesters will demand that donald trump skip the fdraiser tomorrow in a community rocked by a hate crime. trump plans to speak in patch how long. his brother says he finds trump's anti-immigrant stance troubling. meanwhile, trump was upstate yesterday. >> the rules are no good when you have to play dirty tricks in order to pick up delegates, okay? >> trump continued to rail against the rules that allowed ted cruz to pick up all the gop delegates in colorado. the republican chairman tweeted that nomination process known for a year and beyond. ted cruz can appear in new jersey's primary ballot in june, that's the ruling of the judge.
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decision up to the lieutenant governor of the state. the judge rejected challenges to cruz's eligibility to serve as president b ause he was eorn in canada. the ruling finds that cruz is a natural born citizen. house speaker paul ryan is trying to put the rumors to rest about presidential ambitions of his own. yesterday he said, "i do not want, nor will i accept the republican nomination." there's been speculation in washington that the gop could turn to ryan as a candidate if there is, in fact, an open convention. he insists the party must choose from the existing candidates. the new york primary a week away. you can get the latest coverage on a long island family is stunned by the death of a young mother struck by an out of control car. in east islip, 25-year-old sky brunetti was walking with her dog when a car jumped a curb
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she had dropped off her 5-year-old son at a school bus stop and was steps from her front door. no word on what caused the 50-year-old driver to lose control of e car. no charges have been filed at this time. happening today, a judge in brooklyn is holding hearings on the conviction of a former nypd officer, peter liang. in february, liang was found guilty in the 2014 accidental shooting death of akai gurley. liang's attorneys say the juror, michael vargas, did not deveal to the court thaturis father had served time in prison before he was seated as juror in that trial. they have filed a motion now seeking a new trial. >> you think the judge will throw out this case? >> i think there's an extremely strong argument for t i think this is a huge concern for the prosecution. >> liang is set to be sentenced tomorrow. the brooklyn d.a., ken thompson, recommended that he receive probation and six months of
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happening today, parents will be demanding answers for ineffective teachers put back into classrooms. they will rally at 10:30 this morning. they want information on the absent teacher reserve pool. that's the group from which substitute teachers aret chosen. many ended up there because of downsizing or performance issues. local students will show off their inventions at the white house today. president obama is hosting his sixth and final white house science fair. this is video from last year. some students from manhattan will be there. they're going to show off a robot designed to clean debris off subway tracks. and an inexpensive ten to test for the ebola virus. good for them.
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still ahead, the city where uber iss threatening to pull out of. exclusive video of a mf who police say preyed on a woman on a city sidewalk and what she says helped er get away. the new calendar that will pencil in time for exercise and private time with your spouse even when you don't want it. >> alway want to. big break in the forecast and the weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. a look at the belt parkway there. follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, michaelg4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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4:44. now it's time for a check of your weather forecast for today. a l tle chilly as we're
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an improving pattern over the next few days. you can see that in the weather headlines. lots of sunshine. we finally stay dry for days. a beautiful stretch in the seven-day forecast. i'll show that you in a minute. we're warming up nicely into the weekend. not warm now but dry. we're not dealing with any rain on this wednesday morning. storm tracker showing a high pressure day. high pressure in control. your first forecast shows 42 degrees outside. you need the jackets in the city. as the day goes on, it warms up gradually. temperatures in the mid-50s by lunchtime. mperatures a bit below average. notice this. sunshine right throughout the rest of the day. mostly sunny skies. bring your shades as you head out the door. the good stuff happens over the weekend. that's when temperatures warm up very cely. starting on saturday, 64 degrees. you definitely want to make outdoor plans. it will be breezy andbeautiful. 72 on sunday. we're goi to see if we can up the temperatures maybe even a little more as we head back to work on monday.
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today, not much going on. this is high pressure. this is what it looks like. a quiet pattern. it's been so active the past couple of weeks. this is a nice thing to enj y. by tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. more sunshine. another quiet commute as you head back to cark. that repeats over the next few days. 57 for a high for today. again, we have that chilly start. temperatures in the 30s north and west of town. we are warming up around the region. back to 41 or back down to 41 overnight tonight. it's a quiet night ahead. let's take a look at the seven-day forecast whene all the good stuff is. tomorrow, 61 degrees. loads of sunshine. coasting in the low 60s on friday. be soautiful finish to the workweek. the weekend is when temperatures warm back to the 70s on sunday. 75 degrees a possibility on monday. more clouds but comfy on tuesday. there's your seven-day forecast. something to smile about this morning. lauren. >> the commute is something to smile about for the most part. lots of greens on the maps still.
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two lanes on the southern state patarkway eastbound after peninsula boulevard. that's all been moved to the shoulder. the accident has cleared. delays havedyased out. we'll take a live look outside. the queensboro bridge, things are moving nicely in both directions. we have roadwork at the midtown tunnel. this is the perfect alternate option. on the rails, we have delays on dohawntown 2 trains and fastrack on the 2 and the 3. the 4, 6, 7, d, f, n and r, exatpect delays and service changes. police are trying to find a boxer and actor. josh lieutenant rein punched his 38-year-old girlfriend around 1:00 yesterday morning. we're told the two had been fighting over money. by the time police arrived at the home, he had fled. his girlfriend is now in a medically induced coma. happening now, police are searching for n attempted rapea
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the victim in the case spoke exclusively to marc santia. the 47-year-old woman does not want to be identified. surveillance video shows her walking near the corner of web avenue in kings bridge on monday. her attacker is seen in the red jacket behind her. she says he grabbed her and pulled her pants down. that's when she hit him in the face with her cell phone. >> my pants is down. yop i don't know who is this. >> you an hit him in the face? >> yeah. >> cameras got a look at the suspect at a nearby restaurant. the woman is still shaken and refuses to leave her home after dark. we want to up dapt you now on that fatal stabbing from yesterday that was breakncg news. police charged a 19-year-old, gustavo rodriguez with murder. he's accused of killing javier ol var ez. they got into an argument and
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have started that dispute. nj transit is defending its use of audio and video surveillance on some of its trainsa th ye surveillance system is currently in use on the river line between trenton and camden. the railroad plans to use it also on light rail trains in newark and hudson county. they use it in whatever tools at its disposal to keep riders safe. they're questioning wt ther it's an invasion of privacy. uber threatening to pull drivers out of newark completely. they insist they're not going to pay the airport and licensing fefre proposed by the city.wark wants to saddle with -- they don't want to saddle drivers with higher costs. others say it's not say. mayor ras baraka says uber should pay its fair share of fees. a new budget plan aimed to close the $900 million budget gap.
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tax increases but it would require nonunion state employees to pay more for health care and cuts funding for education and hospitals and ewaminates 2500 jobs.y congressional committee is going to take up the flint, michigan, water crisis. two top aides are set to testify. the energy committee is looking at the health impact of the wattser crisis and infrastructure issues across the country. lead levels in the water spiked after they changed the water source for the city. a task force is issding a scathing review of the chicago police force. the independent panel was set up by chicago mayor rahm emanuel in the wake fts laquon mcdonald shooting. they found a pattern of racism and institutional failures in chicago pd. they're calling for the department to acknowledge its
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claims of excessive force. google is introducing new features to make time for people to stick to personal goals. inside the calendar, users can choose from a menu of goals like exercise, me time, or call my parents. google's algorithms can -- the calendar is going to tell you when to do these things. >> right. >> this calendar was designed to compete with apple, microsoft and facebook getting into, darlene, the life management business. your phone is going to tell you, calm your mother. >> telling me what to do. that's what i need. one more. it's 4:51. still to come, what you don't want do at a car wash that could cause an explosion. you may not be able to get ats to hamilton, but hundreds of local students have still the hottest tickets in town today
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a car wash owner in dallas admits he's neverieeen anything like this. a vac ul exploded in flames. he was trying to suck up spilled gasoline from the trunk. that's a no no. the driver doused the flames with water. that driver could have been electrocuted. who knows what could have happened. luckily, no one was injured. >> you can't be doing that. >> sucking up gasoline with a vacuum, an electric -- >> probably not good idea. >> we're all learning.
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before. now i know. don't vacuum it. we have a nice a day ahead. it's going to be sunny and dry. no more rain from yesterday. temperatures will be on the cool side. 57 is the high. still warmer than we have been. a bit below average. 55 in larchmont. winds are light out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. baseball weather, great. dress for cool sunshine. the marlins taking on theymets. 52 degrees. again, bring your shades for whatever you're doing outside. it's going to be a bright, beautiful day. overnight tonight, not quite as chilly. down to 41 in the city. not expecting as many freezing spots. 37 the low in franklin lakes. winds continue light. the warming begins starting to 12ow. it's our base point for the warming trend. it gets better day by day. >> thank you, raphi. looks pretty good. especially the road. start with the buses. a couple of detours this morning. the b 36 and 68.
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a live look at the inbound side of the holland tunnel where everything is moving along fine. delays into the hudson river crossings. one accident on the roads that's cleared already. nice commute at 5:00 a.m. thanks, lauren. police now say that a loaded gun has been recovered from the car door of new orleans saints player will smith that was smith. it shows his mer aids bumping a hummer saturday evening in new orleans. as the hummer pulls to the side, the mercedes drives off. shots ring out two blocks away. hayes pulled out a gun and fired. his attorney says smith also had a gun and hayes was defending himself. >> witnesses i have talked to and the stories that they've given me is completely inconsistent with what was reported initially by the nopd. >> detectives discovered a fully
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along with alleged murder weapon found at the scene. lawyers for bill cosby will be back in court in philadelphia today. they want a judge to reseal testimony cosby gave ten years ago about havingmaxtramarital affairs and buying quaaludes to give to women. cosby's lawyers are trying to prevent it from being used in legal battles against him. sexual violence at the university of connecticut, most students generally feel safe. 6,000 students were surveyed. more than 5% say they were the victims of sexual assault. more than a quarter of those students say they were unable to give consent because they were incapacitated. the new jersey ocean city police are investigating a former city employee caught on video taking items from a resident's home. the video recorded last month
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a refrigerator in a home where he tested a smoke detector. police are reviewing other thefts at homes that he inspected. he's the stepson of ocean city mayor jay gillyan. star wars fans will get the rare chance this summer to see the films that started it all on the big screen. alma draft house plans to show the three star wars movies back-to-back to back at select location this is august. in here in new york, they're planned in manhattan at town hall and the kings theater in brooklyn. the tickets, though, will not go on sale until may 4th. >> that's right. sev al hundred new york city public school students will be the envy of the theater world today. >> they're going to attend an exclusive matinee performance of hamilton. tickets super hard to come by. but they were made available to students for $10 thanks to a $1.4 million grants from the rockefeller foundation. not only will they get to see
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the members of the cast and even perform songs for them that they created in their own classrooms. >> we get to use our imagination to create whatever piece that we want, to symbolize something that this man, this great man that he did. >> 13 other students will be attending the performance. the rockefeller foundation grant will help as many as 12,000 students see the show. >> that's great. theater tickets are very expensive. not only are they hard to come by, but it gives access to a lot of kids. >> broadway and history at the same time. >> fantastic. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're heading out the door, take us with you. >> download the nbc 4 new york app on your phone right now. nearly 40,000 verizon workers are preparing to hit the picket lines. >> battle for new york.
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local endorsement. the mta one step closer to getting rid of metro cards. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, april 13th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. chris is off this morning. storm team 4's raphael miranda is here with the forecast. raphi, good morning. >> good morning, guys. finally got a rain-freo morning for the past two unsettled days. no rain to speak of. nice and dry on storm tracker. quiet conditions around the region. this is the beginning of an extended stretch of dry weather. it's also chilly, though. you do need to grab the jackets. we're down to 41 degrees right now in the city. back up to 53 by lunch. temperatures on the cool sidi but pleasantly cool. a great spring day ahead. look at all the sunshine to enjoy. sun incompetent through the evening commute. good weather means a good commute, lauren scala. >> right now we're okay. we had an accident on the southern state parkway eastbound by peninsula boulevard that has cleared.


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