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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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caused by what appears to be the same robocall warning of a bomb in a school building. students were able to finish class, but for some that was about it. >> destroyed how the day went. we couldn't do anything until sixth period. >> reporter: nobody was in the mood or mind set to do anything? >> no. we just sat there pretty much. ed ed. 4 investigates has found a sharp jump in these threats, the bergen sheriff bomb squad responding to a total of 64 schools so far this year, not
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>> they're very immature and shouldn't do that. >> they're ruining the chances of the next generations. >> reporter: not all of this is robocalls. at passaic high school there have been some eight bomb threats so far in the school year. many of them are in school messages, so many that sheriffs officers came to the high school to warn them of the consequences. that still doesn't deal with those robocalls. we still don't know who's doing them or where they're coming from and law enforcement desperately wants to know. in midtown, a 16-year-old boy was slashed. >> we're hearing this attack started as a fight. >> reporter: police sources tell me the latest slashing happened here in midtown. we're told this all started as a
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vendors and this 16-year-old. po.lice are right now circled around the area where they're ga thering evidence. we're told that 16-year-old was rushed to bellevue hospital. this happened around 3:30 this afternoon. police sources tell me it appears it started as a fight. that fight then spilled over here onto the corner of 31st and fifth. police are still here at this hour. the teen's injuries appear that he's going to be okay. right now police are looking for the perpetrator behind all of this. i wanted you to take a look as to where we think this all started. witnesses tell me it started down the street from where i'm standing. it started there, escalated here near the corner of 31st and fifth. we're told the 16-year-old slashed across the torso,
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and a warning in nassau county. an armed thief is hitting businesses that you may be visiting during your morning commute. it's happened nine times. >> reporter: nassau county de antectives holding a press conference just a short while ago. the majority of these businesses have been dunkin donuts coffee shops, one 7-eleven. take a look at video. police say it shows the suspect dressed in dark clothing, wearing sunglasses at night. this was from the march 1st robbery at a donuts in new hyde park. he walked in and pulled out a kitchen knife. so far he's hit nine businesses
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since march. in one incident customers were inside the store at the time. police say so far no one has been hurt. but they want to catch this guy before that changes. >> we're all on heightened alert. we're intensifying our patrol around the areas of concern, the dunkin donuts, the 7-elevens and the subways. >> reporter: police believe this guy is targeting these businesses because they're open late at night and often have large glass store fronts so he can see inside when the clerk is alone and vulnerable. presidential candidates are making stops across the city, with new york primary less than one week away on april 19th. a live look now at washington square park. bernie sanders is set to hold a rally there at 7:00 tonight.
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hopefuls have been all over nyc today. in just about two hours bernie sanders attending that rally at washington square park, while hillary clinton is set to head to a community event in the bronx. both covering a lot of new york ground as our primary less than a week away. pumped up protesters cheered on bernie sanders from the picket line in brooklyn today. sanders stood with thousands of striking verizon workers after they walked off the job. >> you have chosen to stand up for justice and to take on an enormously powerful special interest. >> earlier this morning sanders stood with another union, transit workers local twu 100
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the daily news said new yorkers have in clinton a super prepared real list. realist. clinton took the stage. today she attacked both donald trump and senator ted cruz. >> and not to be out done by his primary rival, ted cruz would treat muslim americans like criminals. >> on the republican side, headlines focused on donald trump versus the republican national committee. trump blasted the republican party, calling the delegate system rigged against an outsider like him, saying the rules favor insider politicians, not the voters' will. >> the republican national committee should be ashamed of themselves were allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> the rnc chairman has fired back, tweeting it's the responsibility of the campaigns to understand the nomination process. john kasich just held a rally
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ted cruz was in pennsylvania where trump is campaigning also today. a new poll out of albany shows clinton and trump favored by new york primary voters. the polls showed trump was packed by 50%, followed by cay kasich and cruz. an uproar in a community. what has them so upset about trump's visit coming up at 6:00. bernie sanders supported verizon workers as they walked off the job. tonight those workers are making their way to washington square to return the favor. are customers going to feel this? >> reporter: well that's a big question. obviously verizon says no, customers shouldn't feel an
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union workers are counting on public outrage to help boost their cause as they fight to get verizon to share the wealth. that's why you see a lot of dressed in red union workers here in the crowd at bernie sanders' rally. they are more than willing to try to get that bump from senator sanders as they try to fight job security and cuts in benefits from verizon. some 36,000 verizon workers walked off the job and into picket lines throughout the northeast. they are fed up with verizon's demands. >> they don't respect the working family. they're out here, they're making billions of dollars and we're just trying to earn a living. >> reporter: the strike starting at 6:00 a.m. after a ten month negotiating steal alemate stalemate.
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>> reporter: he thinks verizon's proposal to reduce pension and healthcare benefits is too much. >> you wanted us to take a pay cut from the little we get? all we ask is to be treated fairly. >> reporter: verizon says the unions are stuck in the past and ignoring today's digital realities. >> they said we're at a loss and we need you to give, so we did. this time we're not at a loss and they're still asking us to give. >> reporter: that includes land line phones, high speed internet and television. no wireless service is affected. verizon says it has trained 10,000 employees to cover the workload, but stresses customers won't feel any effects. workers are prepared to strike for weeks, not just days. it's worth pointing out that the last verizon strike in 2011 lasted two weeks long.
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workers tonight here at bernie sanders rally. they'll be back at the picket lines tomorrow morning. new at 5:00, an arrest in the killing of a rutgers newark student. marcus feliz is charged with murdering shani patel. patel's roommate was also shot but survived. investigators have said the shootings were not random. and new at 5:00, police are cracking down on speeding cars one day after a young mother was hit and killed by a vehicle on long island. officers pulled over drivers caught going off the speed limit and issued tickets in east islip in the area where the 25-year-old was struck yesterday morning. the woman had just dropped off her son at school when a vehicle jumped the curb and hit her and her dog. the driver is not facing any
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a hearing ended moments ago. peter liang was found guilty in the accidental shooting death of akai gurley. but that could change. >> reporter: sibila, just minutes ago a special hearing ended today. it's going to have to continue tomorrow. that means that peter liang's sentencing has been postponed. it was just tomorrow that liang, the former rookie officer with the nypd who was set to find out whether he'd be sent to jail or get probation for killing an unarmed man in brooklyn's pink houses. at issue is a jury, michael vargas was part of the jury that convicted liang two months ago. now he's being grilled for failing to disclose that his own father has been convicted of
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about anti police facebook posts to show he was not a fair juror to begin with. liang's defense lawyer said you lied during jury selection didn't you? vargas answered that's your opinion. this hearing lasted a lot longer that many expected. one of the possibilities here is that the judge can throw out the trial or that the judge will conclude that despite these writings and comments it was a fair trail, a fair verdict and sentencing will take place when it is now scheduled for tuesday april 18th. live outside of court in downtown brooklyn, andrew siff.
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one of the strangers he shot breaks down in tears. explaining the memories he can never erase. plus, a grandmother trapped in the woods for nine days with no food new york city watt , no water and no direction. we made the 50s today. the temperatures will just keep rising beyond this. the problem is the nighttime. i'll let you know what you have to watch out for again tonight coming up in the forecast. a special birthday gift for a long island woman.
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. shge fought in the senate to end racial profiling and discriminatory sentencing. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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. police in westchester county need your help identifying a man who was found dead along the bronx river parkway. they have released this sketch of the man. a driver going southbound on the park way noticed his body near the scarsdale road exit. a man accused of exposing himself to an 11-year-old girl is behind bars.
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young girl by the arm, then exposed himself as he screamed for help. the young girl is expects to be okay. passover doesn't start until last week but a woman in long island held a special seder. ellen grossman and her friends have been organizing a holiday gathering for holocaust survivors. she started holding these seders to give back to the community and to make sure that no one forgets what happened. >> i think it's important that my friends experience one on one with these people at a seder so they can get to know them a little bit and get to know their stories and maybe it pass it onto their stories. the weather is sup
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>> let's keep looking forward. we've got a lot to talk about in terms of improving weather. it just continues. today was the first start to our wonderful glorious next seven days when the temperatures just keep warming up. not bad now at suffolk county. the skies are clear. noinw it was cold this morning. look at all the 20s north and west of the area. the city was at 40 but everyone north and west and parts of long island well below freezing. right now temperatures are mainly in the 50s. it's pretty nice out there. cl aear skies except for a few clouds we noticed back to the west moving across the great lakes. they're getting some rain showers over lake michigan just north of chicago. that little band of upper level disturbance will be moving over our area tonight.
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here but you may notice clouds if you're out late tonight. north and west, though, another night where you could see temperatures below 32 degrees. it's going to be another cold start. we still need layers and heavy jackets during the morning. in the afternoon, though, we get to shed those as the temperatures warm up. each day we'll tack on a couple more degrees. 41 tonight in the city. not to worry about any freezing conditions in midtown. but once again, north and west you will see that. in ocean grove, 39, you'll need your coats and jakts ckets. chilly north and west in the
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63 on friday and we keep going up. 64 saturday. here come the 70s for sunday and monday. still a pretty decent forecast all the way to wednesday. the tribeca film festival kicks off tonight. we're giving you a peek at what you can see. >> the tribeca film festival is back and so is story scapes. >> it really is a hugely expensive program. it includes everything from virtual reality to interactive installations. it's a space to hold all the new kind of story telling that are emerging. >> reporter: visitors can come and lose themselves in teen unique interactive experiences covering an array of topics. it allows festival goers to be transported to imaginary worlds.
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put people actually physically in the space or at least give them the illusion of being in the space with these animals. >> we build a replica rhino crate to give the viewers a sense of the size of a rhino. basically the experience is their that you are in these two environments simultaneously. it's a solitary moment where you can contemplate extinction really. >> this is another kind of space to experience. that's what makes the festival feoel, to me, richer, because there are all these different kind of experiences.
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over flowing trash cans, residents in one local neighborhood say it's a common
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new information in the shooting death of former nfl star will smith. a coroner's report says smith was shot eight times, once in the chest and seven times in the back.
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smith's wife tells politician that cardell hayes shot smith after a verbal dispute in the street. a passenger in hayes's car claims submit mith pulled out a gun first. music will once again fill the concert hall in paris where a terror attack took the lives of dozens of people. bataclan has announced a line of band set to start in november. the theater is still undergoing renovations. the november attacks across paris left 130 dead. a 72-year-old arizona woman is proving that with age comes wisdom. she put survival skills to the test when she was lost in the wilderness for nine days. she can laugh about it now.
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grandkids in phoenix but took a wrong turn and ran out of gas in a remote area with no cell service. she survived with her dog for nine days surviving on creek water and shrubs. >> i felt down and angry. i was frustrated but i knew there were people who cared enough to make sure somebody found me some time out there. >> and as you just saw, she is doing just fine. state troopers say she suffered from exposure but was otherwise in good health. and her faithful dog is in good health too. a 15-year-old boy slammed to the ground, knocked out cold six times as he was stopped at a traffic light. the gunman, a former police officer.
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coming up, you'll hear what he
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. right now on news 4 new york, ten drinks, 14 bullets, two innocent people. it all adds up to close to a decade in prison for a former nypd cop who shot up a car in a westchester intersection. almost two years after that shooting the officer apologized topp his victims. >> it is an apology they did not accept. >> reporter: it was an emotional


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