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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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people who was tweeting pictures on the scene that indeed several people tried to turn that humvee back over on its right side to rescue people, but it was simply too heavy to turn over, which would make sense. these are not lightweight vehicles. it was part of a convoy of two vehicles moving down the turnpike. we see the other one just down the road a little bit. it stopped, of course, right away and its soldiered rushed to the scene to help their comrades trapped underneath. we don't have any more on their condition other than the fact they are being treated. traffic backed up for miles and miles all the way up to the split in newark in some cases. we do now have the southbound lanes in the car side of the turnpike are fully open. on the truck side, there is one
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continue to monitor this scene. live at exit 8 a i'm brian thompson. also breaking, a judge issued a ruling in a hearing involving a former nypd officer found guilty in the shooting death of akai gurley. andrew siff is in manhattan with the decision. >> reporter: the judge has decided that guilty verdict will stand in the peter liang case. that after the defense had objected saying one of the jurors in the case michael vargas had lied. vargas was on the stand for two days and was questioned repeatedly about why he failed to disclose that his own father had been convicted of manslaughter. peter liang, of course, is the former rookie nypd officer who killed unarmed akai gurley inside the stairwell of a brooklyn housing development in november of 2014. as for the juror, today prosecutors questioned him and asked, quote, you took it very seriously, meaning this case? he said, yes, i did.
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he said, i believe i did, yes. you thought about it? he said yes. you cried about it? he said, yes, that's true. outside court the family of akai gurley reacted with relief. >> accountability. he shot someone! there was negligence. he walked over the body, walked on his blood. no cpr, he did not all the ambulance! >> they wanted it to be a mistrial. they wanted peter liang to not be held accountable for anything. that's the message that the defense is trying to send. but now justice, the judge made the right decision. >> he's going to be sentenced. we don't know how judge is going to sentence him. out of these cases normally 59 95% of the time the judge follows the district attorney's recommendation. >> reporter: you may know there
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this. brooklyn d.a. ken thompson has recommended no jail time for liang, citing in part the fact that liang is not a threat to the community, had never committed a crime and that thousands of letters have been sent on his behalf recommending that he get no jail time. that sentencing is now set for tuesday afternoon. live outside court in brooklyn, andrew siff. to decision 2016 now. there is a lot going on here in new york tonight. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will square off in a debate in brooklyn. that's set for 9:00. we're going to be there for all of it. just seconds ago the results of our poll came out showing how new yorkers plan to vote in the primary next week. i ida? >> reporter: we're at the scene of the debate at the brooklyn navy yard, the last debate
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we spent the day today talking to people about this exclusive nbc new york wall street poll which found that hillary leads bernie here in new york by double didn't gits. in brooklyn heights today, word of a hillary lead was good news for some. the latest numbers from the nbc new york poll out today show hillary clinton leading bernie sanders in new york by 17 points. 57% to 40% with 3% undecided. it was largely divided by age. voters under 45 are mostly supporting bernie sanders. over 45 stand with her. >> it doesn't surprise me because young people are ideal idealistic idealistic. >> i'm a bernie girl and i don't fit the demographics. yeah, i think it's going to be an exciting race.
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the numbers by race, hillary leads among non-whites 59-39. hillary also does well among white voters in new york unlike other states. that's because 16% of the white vote in new york is also jewish and they tend to prefer hillary over bernie. hillary versus bernie? >> hillary. >> reporter: why? >> she has a tremendous amount of experience. zblmplt >> reporter: finally we compared the numbers down state versus upstate. clinton has a commanding lead in our area but once you head north they are neck and neck with point. >> he's for the people not for big industry. i'm tired of these companies get double. >> reporter: hillary's lead has grown by three points. because of the margin of error it's not considered statistically significant.
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undecided and so many people firmly stand behind their candidate these numbers are unlikely to change before the primary. that's according to pollsters. we'll give you a live look now at what's expected to be a big anti-trump demonstration in midtown. behind the barricade the people with the flags are the democrat traitors y demonstrators and behind the monitor that's somebody speaking to these people. our position is a little bit farther away. this crowd is planning on forming up and marching with the republican presidential candidate holding an event on long island tonight. greg cergol is in patchogue with that part of the coverage, the event that donald trump is holding. >> reporter: yeah, chuck. donald trump arrived here in patchogue just a few minutes ago about a block from where we're standing but within earshot of the anti-trump protesters along the street here in patchogue.
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for about an hour, but as usual his visit has sparked controversy and concerns. trump supporters lined up early, paying as much as $1,000 a person to see the gop front runner. >> i believe that he's really going to try to help all americans. >> reporter: down the street, a loud anti-trump protest and also a silent vigil for the ek cuador ecuador ecuadorian immigrant murdered her. >> mr. trump tried to plant the seeds of hate in this country, not only in this place but in this country. and i don't going to allow that to happen. >> reporter: suffolk police separated the pro and anti-trump forces using barricades and street closures to keep the
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>> i hope there's nothing crazy going on here today. >> reporter: dave owns a car audio business just across from the fund-raiser. his customers couldn't reach him today but dave stayed open anyway enjoying a birds eye view of the proceedings. >> i'm going to stick around and watch and take down a little bit of history i guess. >> reporter: right now the number is a lot smaller than that. only a few hundred gathered here just down the street from the republican fund-raiser. so far no incidents, no arrests. just more of the political passion we've seen throughout this presidential campaign. live in patchogue tonight, greg cergol news 4 new york. new at 5:00, prosecutors decided to drop the battery charges against donald trump's campaign manager for alleged assault on a reporter. they showed him grabbing a journalist's arm as she tried to ask trump a question last month in florida. there was not enough evidence to convict hip
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now to a devastating scene in the bronx. tonight new video showing the moment a mother realized that flames were tearing through her building with her two young kids inside. mark, still a very emotional scene there. >> reporter: you're right, sibila. this community knew the girls. they would see the girls play. this community now is heart broken. sources close to the investigation tell me that the mom explained to him that she thought an adult was home watching her children. she thought there was an adult there. that's why mom walked across the street to this laundromat here. she was doing her wash until she realized something was terribly wrong. surrounded by family, friends and police, this mom trembles, tears roll down her face as she leaves the place her children, a two-year-old and 18 month old died in a fire. >> this happen, nobody wants to do this.
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>> reporter: speaking on behalf of the family, he explained the children's father was at a nearby mosque and mom was across the street at the loun droe mat aundromat when burning incense sparked the fire in the living room. >> she was about to come back to them quick but it takes long there. >> reporter: surveillance video video shows mom at the laundromat standing at the machine putting a load of clothes in. she sits down, then moments pass and she's seen removing clothes from the dryer. a short time later crowds gather to see a raging fire at an apartment building across the street. mom realizes the fire is at her building, leaving her laundry with her children's clothes and princess backpack on the cart, she sprints across webster avenue, but it's too late.
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children, my children, my kids. she just passed out. >> reporter: gladys lives next door and is haunted by what she heard and what she didn't hear, no working smoke alarms. >> i heard the baby crying. i thought somebody was in there with them. all of a sudden the baby stopped crying after crying for about 30 minutes. >> reporter: this family prepares to say good-bye to two young sisters. >> anything prayer help, anything that they want to help this family. >> reporter: you're taking a live look right now as red cross volunteers help residents here. investigators are still talking to witnesses. they are still gathering evidence evidence. at this time, mom is not facing any charges.
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this year's commencement speaker today, president obama. the president will address the graduates. more than 12,000 students are expected to pack the school's stadium for that occasion. power knocked out in newark. a hospital, schools and other buildings are all impacted. how long it could take to fix this. plus, a state panel shaking up the alcohol rules in new york. this could change where you buy it, when you buy it and your drink options at sunday brunch. janice is hear. >> lester holts ots of smiling faces out there. with skies so blue, why not? even warmer over the next several days, coming up next. don't you hate it when someone is texting next to you in a movie theater? one chain might allow it and if it works according to plan, you might not even see it.
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and now get a $300 reward card. call today, and welcome back. . we're following a big disruption in newark, a fire underground knocked out power. at this hour crews are still working to fix it. >> a hospital, colleges, other buildings all affected. >> we just checked and we found
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but it will be sometime tonight before all the power is back onto everyone as this is a several square block area we're talking about here in newark, all of this after an underground cable failure sparked a fire just this morning. we're going to show you the charred remains of what used to power a big section of downtown newark, which includes much of the campus of rutgers, newark and njit. the outage has affected several office buildings in the area too and st. michael's medical center. the hallways were half lit thanks to a pair of emergency generators. patient rooms are fully functioning. all critical services are in play, including the e.r. h there. several local students were in the dark. >> and i had an assignment to do for a bioclass, which it was the last day to do it. they might reschedule it. i don't know what's going on. so it's kind of put on the back burner. >> reporter: you are literally in the dark?
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>> i was not disappointed at all. it was actually a nice treat. got the day off. it's a nice day out. >> they didn't seem too upset there. but back at the epicenter of the outage chaos the crews started the process of moving that feeder cable to be replaced by a new cable. we will of course keep you posted. another round of pink slips for connecticut state employ eye ees mployees. the job cuts are part of the state's effort to cut his $922 million budget gap. some courthouses and offices are also expected to close. sunday brunch is popular here in new york. soon you will be able to enjoy a cocktail even earlier. a panel created by governor cuomo just released a new list of recommendations for over hauling new york's alcohol laws. it includes restaurants and bars across the state to start selling alcohol before noon on
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it also calls for a simpler licensing system. >> soon we'll be able to drink a toast to janice earlier this sunday. >> let's go. there will be a lot of people out at brunch on sunday and maybe even a picnic on saturday. we've been saying that all along. today was no exception. look at the weather in long beach island right now from our weather underground station in ocean county. 52 degrees and clear blue skies. yes, the water temperatures still pretty skill chilly. it's in the 40s. 26 62 today in central park and newark. 50s at jfk and islip and 56 in bridgeport. not bad. the shore areas remain cool. it is a winning weather pattern across the board. they will continue to warm up. the warmest days will be sunday and monday in the 70s. however, the nights remain chilly.
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effect again tonight, not as bad as a freeze warning. this morning we saw monticello was down to 30. 30 in morristown. 20s in bridgewater and out towards west hampton. 32 in bell mar. it was cold. beautiful day. 51 in islip. so your south facing shores are cool. 40s in west hampton. the skies are still clear. nothing going on except high pressure that's keeping the storms away and keeping our weather fantastic. the air moderates a little bit every day. we warm up more and more. sunset at 7:35. enjoy it. if you've got a nice view, it will be beautiful. falling into the upper 40s by 11:00. we will need coats and jackets tonight and early in the morning. the temperatures are chilly again. but you can shed those layers by tomorrow afternoon. we're up to 63 degrees.
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be close to where we were today. going into saturday, it keeps going, 66. so we warm up even more. just a few high clouds mixed with sunshine. in the city in the morning it's brisk, it's sunny. temperatures in the 40s. low 60s by the afternoon. jersey shore you'll stay in the 50s all day. as long as you're in the sun, it feels pretty good. a cold start. 40 at 7:00 a.m. the weekend is just splendid. here's a look at that seven-day forecast. we keep warming up. by sunday we're up to 70. by monday 76. maybe you're lucky enough to have the day off. sunshine mixed with clouds on tuesday. so we'll drop back a few more degrees, but still above average and the 70s come right back on thursday. >> nice. >> we're on a roll, i think. >> what a forecast. i love it. >> just to add to the forecast here, we're just three days away from our first edition of "ask the mayor" where we take your
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join melissa russo and me to ask the mayor. a long time conductor of the metropolitan opera is stepping down. james levine is stepping down at the end of the season. he suffers from parken -- still ahead as we continue, new findings on the zieshs ka virus. we were pretty sure this is not what apple had in mind when it invented facetime. how some thieves used it to steal from a local store. some people look at reviews online before making decisions about dining out. also, cooking the books? a top official in a rockland
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charges accused in a $150 million sooem. cheme. it's a mosquito mystery in this manhattan neighborhood, an infestation so bad neighbors are fed up and want answers. finding out what the city is doing about it. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the
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with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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a deadly earthquake strikes japan and now there is a race to saver people trapped underneath the rubble of collapsed houses. the powerful 6.5 quake struck about 800 miles south of tokyo. residents reported violent shaking and shocks. crews are still putting out fires across the area. there are two confirmed deaths so far and results of multiple injuries. the zika virus poses a big threat to women and their babies in the late stages of pregnancy. 23% of mothers who spread the virus to their unborn children
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many newborns contracted microcephaly. in other news now, microsoft is suing the justice department over a law that allows law enforcement to view a customer's e-mail and files without a customer's knowledge. microsoft says the government is abusing the electronic communications privacy act by forcing them to turn over the customer files, then blocking microsoft from telling customers about those requests. right now no comment from the justice department on the suit. a group of thieves used facetime to pull off a high end heist. 40 seconds was all it took for seven men to steal $100,000 worth of clothes in this expensive shop in georgia. a shop employee told police that initially one man was pretebd nding to shop around walking around with his phone out. he turned to leave, but when he opened the door six other men ran in and ransacked the place. the man was facetiming the other thieves so they'd no exactly
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it is common courtesy to put your phones away@ at the theater. but amc is considering making texting sections where movie goers would be free to pull out their phones during the movie. the goal is to appeal to younger movie goers. i don't like it at all. >> i hate it when somebody has a phone open in the movies, illuminating themselves. there's a new defense in new jersey's bridgegate fiasco. wait until you hear why two former allies of governor christie say the charges against them should be thrown out. a corruption case that's sure to get residents' blood boiling. up next the accusations that
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. right now on news 4 new york, money, lies and power. the feds say it's all the center of a corruption case that has a top down official in rockland county facing serious charges tonight. tonight the town supervisor and head of a local development corporation were arrested, accused in a 150 million dollar fraud. it's the latest corruption allegation in a community that has had a lot of them.


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