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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  April 14, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. right now on news 4 new york, money, lies and power. the feds say it's all the center of a corruption case that has a top down official in rockland county facing serious charges tonight. tonight the town supervisor and head of a local development corporation were arrested, accused in a 150 million dollar fraud. it's the latest corruption allegation in a community that has had a lot of them.
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charles st. lawrence may not be a household name, but he's now in the big leagues for all the wrong reasons, targeted by none other than the u.s. attorney for the southern district, the securities and exchange commission. st. lawrence and head of a local economicindicted on 22 counts of securities fraud and other charges. >> they kicked truth and transspare si trans spare transparency to the curb. in doing so, they defrauded both the citizens and thousands of municipal bond investors. >> reporter: at the heart of the case a minor league baseball stadium, provident bank park that st. lawrence said would not be built with public money. >> through lies and accounting manipulations, they found a way for the town to fund more than half of the $58 million it cost
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>> reporter: long time resident connie frazier says she always wondered. >> there are millions of dollars of public monies. where is that money going to come from now? i voted twice against the provident baseball park. how did it get built? >> reporter: the fbi recently raided several new locations in the community after seizing several boxes of documents and computer hard drives from town hall offices in 2003. and sources say there may be a new criminal focus in the wake of questions about illegal housing conversions and out of control construction. mike kramer is on the down's illegal housing task force. >> from my standpoint the illegal housing, it is a question of when we're going to line body bags outside, not if. >> reporter: just the mass construction, that's your focus? >> the mass construction. again, the illegal construction. >> reporter: after pleading not guilty to the federal charges both men were released after
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bond and securing their homes. from white plains, sarah wallace, news 4 new york. an update breaking news right now, an accident involving a military vehicle that flipped on the new jersey turnpike near exit 8a in south brunswick. the crash has now been cleared by but traffic still backed up as much as ten miles on the southbound side. we have new information in a disturbing case we've been following for years now, the upper west side nanny charged with murdering two children in her care turned down a plea deal today. prosecutors offered her 15 years to life for each murder charge. the time would be served consecutively. she pleaded not guilty in the killings. a woman is being treated for burns after a fire at a new jersey perfume company. chopper 4 was above the scene thois afternoon as the
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the workers were rushed out. it's not clear what caused the fire. but officials say there was some sort of spark in a chemical vat there. on long island, suffolk county police are looking to the public to help crack an unsolved murder case. 29-year-old michael johnson's body was found back on february 2nd in a wooded area between suffolk avenue and 2nd avenue in brentwood. his death was caused by a head injury. johnson was last seen five days earlier at sycamore plaza in brentwood. if you have any information, you should call police. an orange county school district trying to crack down on fake threats. now getting help from the governor. the fcc has granted the school district a waiver to allow caller id's to remain anonymous. they hope this will help track down the people making the bogus calls.
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story you saw right on news 4 about the connecticut bar serving underaged drinkers. the gold star bar has lost its license after the sexual assault of a 19-year-old sacred heart student who went home with a man she met at the bar. attorneys for two former aids to governor christie charged in the so-called bridgegate case called their indictment a, quote, fantasy. brinlt they argue creating a traffic jam like what happened at the george washington bridge access roads in 2013 is not a federal crime. the two are accused of wire fraud and violating civil rights. their attorneys say there is no constitutional right to be free of bad traffic. we want to give you a live look right now as chopper 4 is over midtown. you can see huge crowds gathering for a protest against republican presidential
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coming up at 6:00 we're going to talk to some of those democrat demonstrators demonstrators. another 85 million air bags may need to be fixed in a major recall. up next, when the federal government says the air bags are likely to explode. plus, bloodthirsty mosquitos terrorizing a manhattan neighborhood. neighbors say they're getting eaten alive and what the city is doing about this. it looks gorgeous. how's that for a tease? the question is, how long can we keep it going? the full forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. lester holt has a look at what he's working on for 6:30. ahead for us, clinton and sanders in battleground new york. we'll preview tonight's debate. we'll look at how you might be able to shave off a big bite from outstanding student lone an debt. and tickets to hamilton for some kids.
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tonight a new warning that tens of millions of cars may still be driving on the roads with hazardous air bags. air bag maker takata has already recalled more than 28 million air bag inflaters because they could explode with too much force, hurling pieces of shrapnel at drivers and passengers. now there are 85 more air bag
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recalls. they too may need to be fixed if takata can't prove they're safe. >> we're only seeing ruptures at 7.5 years. that is with all the other risk factors involved as well. >> the faulty air bags have killed 11 people around the world, including a texas teenager just two weeks ago. fixing the inflators could take years and cost takata billions of dollars. the streets of new york city were awash with protest earlier today. not the least of which was a huge coalition of community organizes gathered on the steps of city hall. they were calling for the immediate shutdown of rikers island. >> this is the beginning of a campaign that will not end until rikers is shuttered and criminal justice in new york city is
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>> jesus christ himself would say close rikers! >> the organizes claim that 85% of people on rikers island are too poor to make bail. coming up, after a lengthy effort something is now legal in new york state that had been banned for nearly 20 years. burglaries rifling through a woman's apartment until something sends them racing out the door.
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we've got some breaking news right now in north bergen. take a look at these images. dennis, what's going on? >> well, david, a very serious
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in bound at route 3. acmecident happening within the last five minutes or so. first live pictures here of this car fire. you can see it blocking all three lanes on route three. you can see out bound traffic is very slow getting out of the lincoln tunnel. and route 3 backed up already from the new jersey turnpike. no word on the driver or possibly passengers. a fully involved car fire here inbound on route 3 in north bergen right at jfk boulevard. we'll keep you updated. >> thank you. hoping everyone is okay there. a new jersey woman managed to scare off two men trying to rob her home even though she wasn't there at the time. [ dogs barking ] >> those men you see broke into the southern new jersey home this week.
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scare them away. but the homeowner receives an alert through her motion security camera. using the phone she was able to yell at the burglaries. they did manage to get away with a lock box filled with jewelry. >> we can imagine what she said. come up with a couple of the words. >> we can imagine what they said too. >> yes. that's true. >> onto better news, folks, we have some wonderful weather. the only thing that's going to be blue around here is the ski. it's going to be terrific over the next several days. still a frosty night tonight. temperatures dipping down. that will have some affect on the temperatures to the west of the city. a real warmup in store. 62 in the city right now. in the 50s and 60s throughout the tri-state area. very pleasant weather. storm tracker picks up absolutely nothing. just a little weather geek information for you but it's interesting. if you trace this, the low sits up here.
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we go down this way. there's another low. we go this way and down. it forms the greek letter omega. so it's an owe mega high. 1300 miles of great conditions. thanks weather underground for that terrific picture. through the evening, sunset at 7:35. clear and cool in the overnight, down to 50. temperatures at about 48 in the city during the overnight hours. we still have those cool air alerts, a frost at advisory over the next 12 hours or so. tonight down to 41. quite cold in some arias. ir rea areas. up in arlington 36 degrees in duchess county. heading into tomorrow, milder. 54 degrees. 63 and just beautiful as we head through the evening hours.
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outside. and the next several days are going to be like this as well. why? the combination of mild temperatures, low humidity at about 25%. a cool breeze and sunny skies. everyone likes to run in that with a uv index at about 6. still wear that spf. here's your seven hfr day -day forecast, everyone. there's nothing but good news in it. 76 on monday. back door front is going to cool things down for about 48 hours. and there you go, back to the mid 70s by thursday. all smiles, people. >> looking good, dave. thank you. it is official mixed martial arts in longer banned in new york. narc new york was the last state with a ban on mma. critics described it as too violent. a pay per view event in madison square garden already scheduled
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an important recall involves a popular swing for infants. fisher price is recalling about 34,000 of these cradle swings that could fall apart. the swings were sold between november of last year and march of this year at bye-bye baby, target and amazon. if you have one you should contact fisher price for instructions on how to fix the issue. many restaurants keep an eye on their online reviews because they know it could generate business and it's easier than ever to post. what happens when one of them claims your restaurant is closed yet your doors are open? better get baquero. >> it's a big problem. the information we're talking about is on a popular website. what to do? reach out to us for help, of course. in a picturesque hamlet in ul lies
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vern called the wood. uld. >> after attending the culinary institute of america, claire owns the restaurant which is open for dinner and serves farm to table. >> obviously we're in the country so we have a lot of great farmers. we can get all kinds of different vegetables. >> yelp is a popular customer review site. but when it comes to the would, the site says yelpers report this location closed. >> they were like we just want to let yelp know the would restaurant is not closed. we're sitting here eating dinner. >> she says she tried to contact yelp to correct the information. >> i called the number and it rang once and clicked off. then i was like let me look for an e-mail address. i couldn't find one, so i started panicking. how am i going to put this fire out? >> even though there are photos
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not closed, claire worries about the accuracy of the information online. >> i would like you to call yelp and see if they will answer the phone and ask them why they would list a restaurant closed. to me, it's a simple phone call. >> we did call yelp and they call this an interesting case. in fact, so interesting they tell us it's actually triggered conversations right now about how to make it easier for business owners to report situations like this. they're not sure when a new tool will be ready but for claire, we're happy to report problem solved. the listing has now been corrected to reflect that her restaurant is indeed open. david, back to you. >> thank you. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team send an e-mail to better get baquero at nbc new york. remember, from now everyone who reaches out will get a response from the team at our new consumer investigative center.
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a bit of the holiday treatment. parts of the board walk have been turned into film sets for a brand new movie . it's bringing attention and dollars to the community at a usually quiet time of year. >> the town needs this. we needs this publicity. >> already had a few of the crew come over and get something to eat. >> everyone's been super sweet and interested and wanting to help. >> the new jersey motion picture and television commission says interest in filming in the state is at an all-time high. one of the reasons production specific exemptions from new jersey's 7% sales tax. >> > next on news 4 new york, insect invasion. from under the streets right into apartment buildings. neighbors say they're being eaten alive and the city is not doing enough. tonight we get answers. chuck is here with a look at what's coming up new tonight at 6:00.
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street with those protesters. we'll join him live. ever wonder what happens behind closed doors at police headquarters. tonight's i-team exclusive takes you deep inside the nypd's crime fighting plan like never before. we have one woman's story tonight for you. those stories and much more coming up tonight when sibila
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. there is a mosquito invasion
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swarms of the insects have been making their lives miserable for several years now. >> we brought you this story four years ago and it looks like little has changed. >> it's annoying. it's pretty annoying. >> reporter: annoying and painful. in this photo -year-old 8-year-old eli's eye is swollen shut from mosquito bites. eli and his sister are not alone. on 84th street on the upper west side a mosquito mystery has plagued the neighborhood for more than five years. >> when you see them in the middle of the winter in new york city, it's baffling. >> reporter: neighbors have petitioned the city to solve the mystery. >> for kids that are allergic or are affected by these mosquitos it's on the city to try even harder to figure out what to do
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>> reporter: council woman helen rosenthal says the city should do more. she agrees with neighbors that mr. must be stand there must be standing water underground. they're putting more larvae cide in the catch base ins. >> this is a life safer. mosquitos don't get away when you hit them with this. >> reporter: dan's family are finding their own ways to solve the problem. sleeping with mosquito nets and using strainers in the sink. the councilwoman tells me she homeowners associations the city --
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that does it for us. thank you for watching. >> stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. a street filled with angry chants. a growing protest against trump, ted cruz and the entire republican party. outside the new york state gop glal. gala. >> and the democratic battle is in brooklyn tonight. deep inside the nypd. rare access behind department doors, revealing how police target crime. in the race for the white house, the battleground tonight is the big apple. >> all five presidential candidates are here and it's trump and the republicans who are getting the biggest reaction. several different groups have come together to protest outside the new york state republican gala at the grand hyatt hotel in midtown. michael? >> reporter: chuck, as we speak
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to converge here on the grand hyatt hotel. all the major contenders for the republicans are going to be here. donald trump is really the focus for these protesters. they hope to disrupt that rally. let's take a look at what things looked like at times square just a short time ago. mostly union workers gathered at times square. they are marching right now at the grand hyatt hotel to meet another group of protesters, many of them anti-trump. the goal is to disrupt this event. this is a fund-raiser event for the gop. some of the protesters told me ultimately they're hoping to prevent trump and some of the other candidates from arrive ing here. they have numbers in the hundreds at this point. they're hoping for numbers in the thousands. we spoke with one of them. >> i've seen donald trump's interviews and i read up on some


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