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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the rangers remind there is no soft play soft plays around the boards. out at your blue line in at their blue line. for the penguins, don't turn down opportunities there to get the puck to the net. huge face-off here to the left of henrik lundqvist. >> mike: kessel, hornqvist, malkin, letang out with bonino. off of the tie-up. nudged back to malkin. looks to the front. hornqvist is there. back to kessel. a shot kicked away. comes back to kreider. dumps it back out. zuccarello with the net empty and goes wide. moore gets there. moore. letang. still the battle on. hornqvist able to kick it along.
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high and it goes out of play. 2:02 to go. >> eddie: mats zuccarello is not going to miss often from there. good play from kreider. he uses the glass to get it out. mats zuccarello tries to elevate the puck into the net and just can't do it. it is amazing that he is playing hockey compared to what happened last year. the hit against the pittsburgh penguins and the rangers in that playoff series. now back with all of the head trauma he experienced. amaze to see him back playing hockey as well as he is. >> mike: magnificent story of coming back. wasn't able to speak. jamming it along is miller. stepping to it is dumoulin. dumoulin pulls away from rick nash. zatkoff back in for the draw and charges to the bench again.
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malkin is the extra man but must drop back further. sheary to dumoulin to malkin. 100 seconds to go and the penguins need two and offside is the call. >> eddie: this is just a reminder of what happened last year with mats zuccarello. you can see him jousting down low. the puck comes in off of the stick of ryan mcdonagh and gets him in a very, very bad spot. he comes off of the ice and the doctors perfectly describe the that were he had to go through and all of the horror that he had to battle through. >> mike: brushed back across. phil kessel shaking it back in. lundqvist behind. dan boyle fires it around and letang must stop at center. under 0 to go. letang fed it back over. malkin to get it back on and crosby fed it across. kessel harassed by a pair. must drift back further. met by eric staal.
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still can't get very far with it. taken along by eric staal and again it is letang. >> eddie: just a wall in the middle of the ice by the rangers. >> mike: played back on by crosby and worked in. right there to get it is yandle. pushed back to center. it is kessel again. under a minute to go. played back on by letang and back in once more. lundqvist stops it behind. forced by yandle. tanner glass. kicked back in deep. kessel turning with it there. letang takes it. dumps it towards the net. bonino right in front, hornqvist and a save made by lundqvist. a pile-up there and the whistle is blown with 34.8 to go. >> eddie: i think hornqvist was surprised the puck found him by himself in front of henrik lundqvist. he will be right in front of the net.
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lundqvist comes out to challenge. can't get elevation on the shot. look how he pushes out, eddie. benoit, the goalie coach will be happy with the push out. makes him so much bigger. you see the puck hitting him in the shoulder. if he is back in the net that has got a chance to really get by him. >> eddie: you saw there on that great replay look by the crew the puck went on edge as hornqvist was about to shoot it. >> mike: cullen and moore for the face-off. off of the tie-up. kicked back and thrown over to center and daley pivots with it there. six attackers against a goalie and five. lundqvist couldn't stop that one.
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forced out in front. sheary a shot that is blocked off. rebound. scrambled for and poked by brassard. knifed out in front. another shot by cullen that was stopped by lundqvist. knifeda, way from the reach of cullen and touched back down the ice and wide and icing. 3.3 to go. >> eddie: couple of huge stops by henrik lundqvist. remember, the majority of the last half of the period, the rangers were playing with only five defensemen with kevin klein spending seven minutes in the penalty box. great save there. >> mike: one more draw and it goes to madison square garden tuesday even. it popped in the net well after the horn had sounded.
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the net with an eye injury. he said it was blurry when he came up from having the stick to the eye on wednesday was pronounced fine and now pronounced himself with this performance more than fine. final score 4-2 rangers. best of seven even at 1-1.
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the president. >> the countdown is on. >> a livery cab driver slashed on the job. the hunt intensifies to the slasher who may be linked to a murder. good evening. >> we'll have much more on that story in just a moment but first we're covering breaking news on the upper west side. a hotel guest plunged 10 floors out of the window at the day's u.n. on west 94th street. the man landed on a shed in the back of the hotel. >> we're told the victim is in critical condition. it's not yet known if he fell from that window, was pushed or jump. he is from out of state and has been staying at the hotel since thursday. getting back to the livery driver attack. police say that man might be the same man who murdered a man in a shelter.
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the slashing happened on van cleef street and's where we find michael george with the latest. michael, any leads on the suspect? >> rob, police were able to trace the same guy to both the robbery here and a murder in manhattan. now, it happened here around midnight, a cab driver was dropping off a passenger, police say that passenger then slashed the cab driver. we spoke with that cab driver just after he got out of the hospital. livery cab driver manuel vera is lucky to be alive. he doesn't want his face shown, but he did show us the cuts on his neck and shoulder after a vicious attack. "i defended myself because i know his only intention was to kill me." police say manuel picked up this man, 53-year-old william smith and gave him a ride to a holiday inn saturday morning. when they arrived, smith slashed manuel repeatedly and tried to rob him "in that moment i just felt a pinch, nothing else.
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getting stabbed. i'm not sure if it was because i was desperate but after i reacted and saw the injury." manuel fought back. "when i grabbed his hands we struggled back and forth but it was hard for me to keep holding him because of the way i was seated and i was also injured so he took advantage and opened the door and fled." police believe smith may also be responsible for the murder of a homeless man at the bellevue shelter on friday morning. detectives are asking for tips from the public to find smith. he's armed and dangerous. live in corona, michael george, news 4, new york. >> michael thank you. three days and counting until new york's big primary and most presidential candidate are spending this saturday campaigning elsewhere. that doesn't mean their supporters are keeping quiet. >> we are the 99%. >> bernie sanders supporters
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this afternoon. he's back in town after that trip to the vatican while rival hillary clinton is fund-raising on the west coast. here's news 4's ray villeda. >> >>. >> reporter: the clock is ticking, 291 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats and the push is on in new york city to get the votes. bernie sanders supporters rolled into the bronx. the group of nurses at national nurses united made stops throughout the city this morning. they stopped by bronx community college. sanders, in the meantime, returned from the vatican where he briefly met the pope. >> it was a real honor for me, my wife and i, to spend some time with him. i think he is one of the extraordinary figures not only in the world today but in modern world history. >> sanders will be part of a round table at the first unitarian congressional society in brooklyn with reverend al sharpton. supporters lined up early for a spot. >> he's the strongest candidate for climate change, economy, justice, and peace.
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street and the banks and we need a person who does not have strings attached. >> at the same time, hillary clinton supporters are revving up support. representative carolyn maloney held a rally at an upper east side cafe. >> she has a record of getting things done, of not only talking about it but pulling the issue off the table. >> reporter: the former secretary of state is fund-raising in california. >> hello, south l.a.! >> reporter: tonight she's at a dinner hosted by george clooney. meanwhile, bill clinton is stumping for hillary in upstate new york, making stops in syracuse and albany. >> i don't think hillary was ever any happier at work in her life life, and my acquaintance goes back 45 years now, than when she was a senator from new york. >> reporter: an nbc 4 new york/"wall street journal"/marist poll has her ahead by 17 points in new york state. meanwhile in the city clinton is ahead of sanders by double digits.
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reporting from midtown, i'm ray villeda, news 4 new york. on the republican side, donald trump spent the day upstate. only ohio governor john kasich was here in our area and he spent the day reaching out the the jewish community on the sabbath. we caught up with him at p.j. bernstein's on the upper east side where he enjoyed pickles, a bowl of matzo ball soup and a viewed the l strew dell as well. he spoke to hundreds at a synagogue in great neck. >> i didn't want to make a political talk. you go into synagogue you talk about faith, i think. given an opportunity to speak to the congregation will go down as one of the great moments in my life. >> donald trump stayed upstate speaking to a group of 5,000 then he headed north to the watertown airport where he held a rally in a large airplane hangar. he touched on everything from
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security to gun rights saying things would have been much different in san bernardino if he were president. >> if he had his gun and he's standing on the other side, you don't have 14 people dead. you have a couple of bad ones people. same thing in paris. >> senator ted cruz spent the day in wyoming hoping to bag that state's 14 delegates at the state gop convention. last month cruz scored nine of 12 available delegates at wyoming's county conventions. donald trump and senator marco rubio each scored one. as we said, the primary is this tuesday, count on news 4 new york for all the information you need in the days ahead and beyond primary day. you can always check nbcnew for constant updates. pope francis today on a mission of mercy. he made a brief but emotional trip to a refugee champ and he chose to bring three families back to the vatican with him. the visit to the greek island of lesbos is at the center of
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the story now from nbc's bill neely. >> reporter: that was short but dramatic visit by pope francis to the front line of the migrant crisis on the greek island of lesbos. and it ended in dramatic fashion with the pope taking back with him on the plane to rome 12 syrian muslim migrants. the pope went inside the razor wire and high walls and fences of a detention camp in lesbos, temporary home to three and a half thousand migrants who are not allowed to leave. they are held their against their will and many of them are likely to be deported. the pope met hundreds of them. >> thank you, god, thank you. >> reporter: quite dramatic scenes. . he has said he is there to stand with them, that they should not be forgotten.
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governments to show courage and compassion in their dealings with the refugees. he said that, although the vatican stressed this was not a political visit. that this was a humanitarian one. one. >> the pope demonstrates in this way that everyone has to engage themselves in solutions or try to help the solution for these situations. >> reporter: however, by his very presence here, by some of the things that he said and by taking back those 12 syrian migrants, this was a political act and a moral visit, a short visit, a symbolic one, but a very, very significant one. back to you. when we come back, a cyber attack targets one local police
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>> reporter: a 12-year-old boy from long island is facing arson charges. he was playing with a plumber's torch in hempstead last night. the garage caught fire. it was completely in flames when the fire department got on the scene. nobody was hurt. newark's police department computers are back up and running after a recent cyber attack. authorities tell us a virus infected their systems last week, temporarily locking down the servers. there's no evidence any information was compromised. a backup system was used for dispatch services. officials say they have added safeguards to prevent future attacks. tonight we're learning new
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city of newark and uber. the agreement will keep the ride-hailing service running in the city while protecting its riders and the taxi industry. under the tentative deal, uber will pay $10 million over 10 years to operate at newark airport, conduct background checks on the drivers and enforce a zero-tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use by an uber driver. >> great looking weather coming this way.
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton.
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search crews in japan are digging through the rubble trying to find survivors collapsed under buildings. the death toll stands at 41 after two earthquakes. around 1500 people are injured. landslides and aftershocks are adding to the urgency to rescue
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these quakes -- one a magnitude 7.3 -- struck the can kyushu region a little more than 24 hours apart. that largest one, the 7.3, hitting early this morning. family and colleagues of a zoo keeper mauled by a tiger in florida came to mourn her death. the animal killed veteran keeper stacy conwiser yesterday as the 38-year-old performed the daily tasks in the enclosure where the tigers are fed. zoo officials said today they plan to create a memorial fund in her honor. >> our hearts are with her husband who is also a keeper at palm beach zoo. while we will never speak with her again, her memory will live on. >> authorities tranquilize it had tiger after the small it's recovering. the zoo will remain closed as investigators continue to search attack. the duke and dick cheney of cambridge are wrapping up their
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late princess diana. they were photographed in front of the same marble bench in front of the taj mahal where the prince's mother posed. that was the year diana and charles separated. this is the last scheduled event for prince william and catherine. the couple flies back to london tonight. >> just taking that walk into work pretty slow. this weather is going to stick around for another couple days at least. tonight it won't be as cool. we had some hard freezes in some of the outlying suburbs. that won't happen tonight. tomorrow high temperatures are going to reach into the 70s. we haven't seen that in quite a while. the warmth continues on monday so those 70s aren't going anywhere any time soon. today's high temperatures are above average for this time of year, not really warm yet but we're getting there.
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jfk, 67 also in newark, 66 in bridgeport and 63 in islip. but as we pan out, show you a wider view, even in ohio, detroit at 71 degrees. 76 in indianapolis, 78 in nashville. this is the warmth heading our way. will this will drift towards us and it will impact our weather tomorrow. we'll see the 70s enter the forecast and we'll keep the clouds out of the forecast as well. you can see here on storm tracker we're completely clear. that's how we'll keep it tomorrow, maybe just a few clouds from time to time. overnight tonight, a nice moonlit sky, 46 degrees for low and midtown. 30s in the outlying suburbs but no hard freeze in the forecast for tonight. then tomorrow absolutely picture perfect. it will be cooler at the coast especially on the north-facing shores because you will have a breeze out of the north. a high temperature of 70 degrees in central park and most us will get into the 60s. then on monday as a cold front starts to make its approach from the north, it's called a back
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most cold fronts arrive from the west. this one from the north. those clouds will start to filter in here but it won't hold down temperatures. we'll be warmer on monday with a high temperature of 75 degrees. let's look at day planners for you, work you through hour by hour. 7:00 a.m. in the city and nearby suburbs it will be 48 degrees, just a light jacket and you can get rid of it by noon, 64. tons of is upshine and 68 degrees by 5:00. it will be just cooler at the jersey shore. we'll start off with 38 degrees, up to 61 degrees by noon and 5:00 it will be 66 degrees. the closer you get to the water the cooler it will be but it should be a very pleasant day for all of us throughout the tri-state. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. we'll get up to 70 degrees tomorrow. just a few clouds late, nothing will give us any impediment to the weather. it will be beautiful. monday a few more of those clouds entering enter the picture but still dry.
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on tuesday, though, as that cold front moves through, a few showers, it's only going to knock our high temperatures down into the mid-60s, though, and we're going to stick with the 60s on wednesday. thursday back into the 70s. so after that long spell of where is april, where is spring, well, here it is, guys, we finally have really nice pleasant temperatures and dry weather where you can enjoy. >> i'm so happy. >> you've been asking for it for weeks. >> it's emotional. >> looks like it's sticking around. >> it will stick around. talking about this weather. such a beautiful day to get outside. 4,000 volunteers did just that and more. check it out. they added planted to parks, they cleaned shorelines from the bronx to staten island. this is all part of the 22nd annual new york cares day. here are some of the volunteers at riverside park on 68th street. the target area for sprucing up for spring included 74 parks and gardens in the five boroughs. great day to get out there and work.
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john is here with sports and the rangers looking tough, huh? >> good performance from the rangers here on 4 new york this afternoon. and it helped to have this guy back in the crease, right? all the questions were would henrik lundqvist play. oh, he played and he played well. he gave the rangers the boost they needed.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy
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and i approve this message. >> starting with the rangers here. how about that? >> people thought this isn't the rangers team we know and have come to appreciate in the playoffs. well this one looked like the rangers today against the penguins in game two. they got a boost with henrik lundqvist back and got even with pittsburgh in their first round stanley cup playoff series. hank back in the crease after taking a stick to the mask in game one. vision was fine. no trouble seeing the puck clearly. lundqvist was ensagsal including
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penguins led 1-0 in the second. nobody picks up keith yandle knocking on the back door. he's wide open for the goal and we are even at one. not even 20 seconds later just over the blue line on the breakaway and he scores to give the blue shirts a 2-1 lead. but they have to review this goal. it was close to off sides it stands and the rangers up 2-1 and matt zuccarello makes it a 3-1 lead. chris kryder and jt miller grew up in into penguins problem today assisting on three rangers goals. he was sensational. so was lundqvist and the result, just what the rangers were looking for, a 4-2 win to tie the series at 1-1. islanders and panthers are also tied at one in their first round series, game three tomorrow night in brooklyn. yankees are 0 for 24 with runners in scoring position in two straight losses now.


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