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tv   News 4 New York  NBC  April 17, 2016 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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>> we have no reports right now of anything other than the suspect fled the campus. so we have no evidence to the contrary of that at this point. >> reporter: and, again, police have not been able to verify whether there was a gunman at any point. they are still continuing the search, but the search is now moving off campus. they are leaving the campus right now. and we're told class will be on as usual tomorrow. live at suny purchase, michael george. >> good news on that one. thank you. now to the race for the white house and the race to win new york. about 30 hours until the polls open. hillary clinton and bernie sanders pulling out all the stops today, hitting the burroughs before voters hit the polls. we have a wrap up of today's events. >> if you will go out and voigt for me even on tuesday, i will fight for you during this campaign, and i will fight for you every single day in the white house!
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calling all democrats from the diehards to the swing voters. >> she has more experience on local issues and foreign. >> hello, washington heights! >> reporter: it was time to motivate the vote, and to do that, hillary clinton used salsa in upper manhattan. and anti-gun violence message in the church pews of mt. vernon. >> nobody else running on either side is willing to take the stands that i think must be taken. >> reporter: and bill de blasio's progressive street cred in bed sty. not far away another massive sanders rally, drawing thousands of new yorkers, even their yorkies, passionate about his message. >> the earth is under fire right now and needs to be addressed. >> i believe he's a legit person.
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he's not a typical politician. >> with your help on tuesday, we're going to win, right here in new york state. >> reporter: the sanders campaign marketing a revolution along with sanders candles, so you can feel the bern at home. sanders himself cooled down using his credit card to buy some lemonade in brooklyn bridge park. >> this is a campaign that a year ago was considered a fringe candidacy. 70 points behind sent cretary clinton. well, they don't consider us fringe anymore. >> reporter: here on staten island, clinton supporters are hoping that younger voters berning with sanders passion won't deliver at the polls. >> i think that age group will be much less likely to translate their enthusiasm into votes as opposed to let's say older voters. >> reporter: but the sanders
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and loyalty that brought out what they say were record-breaking crowds at their prospect park rally today is under represented in the polls, which show clinton leading right now, by double digits. reporting from staten island, melissa russo, news 4 new york. now on the republican side, donald trump campaigned as if he were the underdog even though he has a huge lead heading into tuesday's primary. >> i worked on staten island for four summers. i love it. >> trump drew a large and enthusiastic crowd to a brunch held by richmond county republicans. then it was on to poughkeepsie where he called winning new york vital to his quest to lock up enough delegates to secure his party's nomination. >> rest up on monday. make as many calls as you can to get everybody out and go and give us a big mandate, a big, big mandate for the movement.
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rivals, john kasich plans to campaign tomorrow in syracuse and skin eckdy. but ted cruz has no planned appearances. he plans to meet privately with what his website calls grassroots supporters. count on news 4 new york for all the information you need to know in the days ahead and on primary day. you can always check nbc 4 for updates. in washington tonight, people with very strong opinions are camping out outside the u.s. supreme court. tomorrow the justices are scheduled to hear arguments on a major immigration case, an attempt by 26 states to block president obama from creating a path to legal status for millions of undocumented workers and their families. the justices are not expected to issue a ruling on this until june. a story of hope and new life. a group of syrian refugees is speaking for the first time about the great gift they
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future, thanks to pope francis. nbc's anne thompson reports. >> reporter: these are the chosen. three syrian families, now living in rome. 12 refugees brought to italy by pope francis. >> it's like a dream. it's like a beautiful dream. >> reporter: today she took her first italian lesson. a mike roy biologist in syria, her husband and their 2-year-old boy are finally looking forward and expanding their knowledge of italy. >> lasagna, pesto. >> reporter: something they found impossible in their war-torn village on the lebanese border and in lesbos, greece, their home for the last month. all the families got word late friday of their new home, just hours before the pope's visit. still stunned, they flew to rome on the papal plane, and when they landed, it was francis who greeted them. >> i said to him.
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thank you very much for changing our fate. thank you for my baby beautiful future. >> reporter: sahala who came with her husband and three children initially thought it was a trick to send them back to turkey. today she called pope francis an angel. all the refugees are muslim, but they say this is not about religion. it is about humanity. >> a human being. he's really caring. he's not like the others. >> reporter: finally safe from the violence of their homeland, given new hope by the man they say is the father of peace. anne thompson, nbc news, london. still ahead here on news 4 at 11:00, an i-team exclusive. rare access behind department doors revealing how police target crime.
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our best fuel ever! now to an i-team exclusive. going inside the nypd and the fight against crime. since the 1990s. they have reduced crime with an
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>> it's a combination of things, and we got rare access to how it all works. >> 911, where's your emergency? >> there was a shooting. just now, just now. >> reporter: it's 4:00 in the bronx, and new york city has just logged another homicide. >> a camera over there. >> reporter: nypd detectives canvass the neighborhood. two recent shootings targeting police officers and a big jump in robberies have commanders under pressure. >> we're up 50% over the 28-day period. >> reporter: downtown at police headquarters, sergeant manning answers solutions. uptown -- >> we also have an increase in arrests. 53 total robbery arrests compared to 25 last year.
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at 8:00 sharp, valadez and his team stand before the chief and over 200 nypd leaders. >> carlos, you know why you're up there. a lot of things going on in the 4-0. >> reporter: it's a rigorous process they call com stat. >> on the robbery front, what is the strategy. >> reporter: today they've agreed to let our cameras in, something they've never done before. >> although we have grand larcenies, we are also up in arresting those index crimes. >> reporter: they drilled their commanders on case after case, detail after detail. >> i'm not going to hold you exactly to this, but it's got to be close. how many robberies involved stolen phones? >> i want to say it's nine. >> how many of them have we obtained and put an alarm on those phones? >> i' have to get back to you on that, commissioner. >> how are you doing with robbery warrants? this is basic stuff here. if you have a robbery issue, everybody at that podium needs
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i'm not sure if i'm hearing that. >> reporter: the pressure in the room, intense. >> what we've done, chief is every monday we anlied, just like always, we analyze where the robberies are occurring, what time they're occurring and try to pinpoint those locations. >> looking at this pattern, to me, it looks like maybe we missed a couple here. >> their is is going on too long. we need it fixed yesterday. >> we're not looking to embarrass people. we want to make sure the whole operation is efficient. >> reporter: in the early '90s, crime was rampant in new york. time magazine called it the rotting of the big apple. but bill bratton and deputy jack maple came up with com stat, based on the broken windows approach to policing, which is to say focus on smaller crimes to help prevent bigger ones. >> in 1993, we had 1946 murders.
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called the new york miracle began 22 years ago. >> reporter: since com stat started new york has seen a 70% decrease in crime overall. >> this is a team effort. we're not looking for anyone to fail. we're looking for everyone to succeed. there is direct accountability. and that's the genius of com stat. welk l well, coming up next, a history lesson all in one. >> the city kids who saw "hamilton" for just $10, we're serious, and they're not the
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i'm passionately waiting, every action, an act of creation. >> the smash hit broadway musical "hamilton", is not only the most-talked about show of the season, but it's also giving back. brighter than the lights on broadway will be the faces of 20,000 school students. >> tickets very often hard to come by and very expensive, but a grant is making it possible for students to get a hip-hop history lesson on stage and in the classroom. >> they call me aaron burr. i'm the dude responsible for alex getting shot. >> reporter: it is an off, off, off-broadway performance in the bronx, inspired by a slightly harmer production about 180 blocks south. >> reporter: by now, of course, the popularity of the broadway
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along with the genius of its creator. alexander hamilton >> reporter: who grew up in inwood and attended the city's elite public schools. he has long said he wants to inspire curiosity and encourage people who don't see themselves on the great white way. >> it was great to see cultures responding and performing. >> reporter: these are among the first of 20,000 school students to attend a matinee of "hamilton", for just $10 a ticket thanks to a grant from the rockefeller association. >> we first started as political enemies. >> reporter: the poor immigrant, abandoned by his father, who then grew up to be one of the founding fathers of the united states.
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>> i felt like, history leaves out so many important details that we have yet to learn about. and this is one of those opportunities where you can learn almost anything about alexander hamilton. >> we get to use our imagination to symbolize something. >> i'm a math/science student, so i'm not much of an english student, so this creative piece brought my writing skills out. rise up, rise up >> reporter: diggs plays thomas jefferson. >> to get to reach a broader background of people is always going to be more fun. it's always going to be more interesting. >> reporter: david ushery news 4 new york. >> the first wave of students attended the matinee this week. that program will continue through december.
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>> i love how they have the curriculum to go along with it. that's neat. >> that's awesome. great forecast. >> well above our seasonal average. we should only get into the low 60s this time of year. today we reached the 70s. we'll do it again tomorrow. the0s # the 70s are going to stay put. but first, taking a look at the current temperatures. in redding, 48 degrees, 50 in westport. 47 in stanford, 43 in fairfield right now. widening out the picture, we have lots of temperatures, notice this is well above where we were yesterday at this time. 59 in monticello. on storm tracker, beautiful, high pressure. a big area keeping us completely dry. we are still waiting for the next storm system to make its move.
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over the plains states, and that's where it's going to remain tomorrow as well. so we'll go from sunshine to cloud cover, because of a weak frontal boundary, but tomorrow will feel like may again with a high temperature of 76 degrees. we'll be into the 60s on tuesday and wednesday as the front passes through. it will deliver just a few light, spotty showers from monday night into tuesday morning and a cool breeze develops. that's going to knock our high temperatures down into the 60s and give us a little bit of wind. tomorrow still very calm and pleasant. sunny and 56 degrees. as you're heading out the door, 71, with a few clouds, and by the time we get to the evening, more clouds developing, but it's still dry, i think, at dinnertime. fast forwarding to tuesday for the oakland as game. 60 degrees, so it will be much
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here's a quick look at the seven-day forecast and the 60s on tuesday and wednesday, but back to the 70s as we head into thursday and friday as our next big chance for rain. back to you guys. >> no complaints. we're coming right back, but first here's bruce with a check of what's ahead in sports. >> the schmoozer, sam rosen is in the studio to talk hockey. what do you expect? >> there's nothing like play off hockey at madison square garden. i expect the rangers to come out and keep hitting the penguins to wear them down an grab game three. >> we've got islanders highlights and yankees and mets coming up in sports final in a
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he say's we should punish women who have abortions. there has to be some form of punishment. that mexicans who come to america are rapists. they're rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. total and complete shut down. donald trump say's we can solve americas problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against
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america stand for. with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton.
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giant white rabbits are popping up in lower manhattan. the sculpt tour unveiled at brookfield place this weekend. >> each of the seven rabbits is sewn in white nylon and inflated and they light up at night. it's called "intrude", and it's the work of an australian artist, amanda purr. and sports final is flex with -- next with bruce. hchlt well welcome to the show. the yankees found a way to break into the wind column. the weather foundity way ity s way into
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and the islanders work overtime and the rangers and penguins get back to work tomorrow with game three set for tuesday. we've got you covered on all angles. here's tonight's sports headlines. no doubting thomas in the first-ever playoff game in brooklyn. the islanders trailed 3-1 but forced overtime. and in sudden death, thomas hickey gives new york a thrilling 4-3 win. the isles lead the best of seven game series, two games to one. name-dropping. joe girardi bumped the slumping alex rodriguez down to the six hole in the line up. and the move paid off as alex had a two-run blast. the yankees end a losing streak,
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4-3s 4-3. matz more like it. so for the first time all year, the mets and yankees both won games in the same day. and both teams are 5-6 on the season. yes, it's early, and as terry collins has pointed out, it's no time to panic. i know one guy who has remained calm through the first two weeks of the season, john harper. he's one of the top baseball columnists in town and has been with the daily news since 1994. and don't forget to get out your smartphones and tablets and go to nbc 4 new to play along with john and me in our interactive segment in just a few moments. can mets fans exhale after this weekend? >> i think so. they're starting to swing at
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they're relieved to see steven m mat # matz. using all of his pitches, the changeup, i still think this kid can be a really dominant pitcher. >> he gave up seven runs in one and two thirds versus miami on thursday, and he comes back today, no runs, two walks, nine ks, like you say, he was outstanding. >> great fastball location. he's using it here, got a great kuv curve ball. i think everything falls into place for him. control gets away from him once in a while, but he's a big-time pitcher. >> the other thing is his era went down to 7.27. it might take a few weeks to get there, he did it in one day.
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>> no question, and he's the lefty. so you want the lefty to be going well. now speaking of the other guy who's a righty, matt harvey, off to a slow start here. 0-3. his era is 5.71. his width is 1.56. is there any reason to panic when you're talking about harvey? >> i don't think panic, i don't think so, bruce, a little concern obviously, because he hasn't had the swing and miss stuff that we used to see from him, even oming off of tommy john surgery. and the slider hasn't been there, that's been his huge swing and miss pitch. dan wortham said there was a little bit, but i think as he settles into a routine, he may be not as good as we saw him a dominant guy. >> he started out so well
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was going to be a great day. and then it got away from him a little bit. >> each of his three starts, maybe it has something to do with his stamina, maybe it's kind of something that's happened to him. but i believe we're seeing some of this in harvey's head now. he feel the s like he's got to force the velocity a little bit. >> at least the offense is back. if you look at the first eight games of the year, they score 20 runs, but yoenis cespedes. two homers, 5-12. it looks like he's the guy in the middle of the lineup that can change everything. >> when he swings a hot bat everything falls into place for this team. i think it takes all the pressure off these other guys. he can take any ball out. he'll chase at times when he's cold like early in the season. when he's cold he can miss pitches, fans got on him and booed him.
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and when he goes like that, of course he did get a little help from the sun, a couple of lost fly balls in the sun. >> but in general, cespedes is a guy who can get everybody fired up. there. not only does it help the lineup, but there's something about the magic that he brings to the whole team. >> kevin long calls it swag. he says cespedes has swag. he believes he has such a presence that it makes everybody's job easier. pitchers seem to focus on him. even conforto said he does have more pitches to hit. he does have that ripple effect in the lineup. >> let's go to the yankees and talk about one of their hitters, alex rodriguez who broke out


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