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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  April 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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firefighters as a total loss, already burning when fire trucks arrived. this is roughly a half-acre burn, as i mentioned, but the threat of more this week is real and bigger. there was a 10-acre fire in manasquan this morning brought under control. there is a statement by the national weather service issuing a fire alert across the entire tri-state for tomorrow afternoon. spring-like weather this past winter and now summer-like weather this early spring certainly has firefighters on edge. live in howell, i'm brian thompson, news4 new york. thank you, brian. as we mentioned, a few minutes ago this happened because temperatures rose past 80 degrees in parts of new jersey. dave price is tracking the heat tonight. dave? >> tracking it with gains for you. it's beautiful to be outside but it's dangerous. if you're in areas like
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and trenton with humidity levels where we see right now, just as a point of comparison, today in scottsdale, arizona we have humidity levels at about 10%, 9% in las vegas, nevada. those are desert conditions and we are in that neighborhood as we head to sections of new jersey. good news is we have a little breeze from the water right now. that's increasing humidity bringing down temperatures, but still, the combination of the warm [ numbers, 82 in mercerville, hillsborough at 81, 80 in princeton and saraville at 80. that continues the threat, and there is no sign these temperat es are going much lower. so as we head into tomorrow evening, wat for gusty winds and anything could cause a brush fire. >> you can track the temperatures this week with our nbc4 new york app. click on the weather tab and you'll find the latest forecast, the interactive radar and the
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you over that app. well, here we go. weeks of counting down, campaigning and so much political coverage have led to this. it is the eve of the primary election in new york. your vote here is certainly critical to this presidential race. we have team coverage bringing you the last rallies and stops in these final hours before the polls open. we have andrew siff covering the republican side. >> donald trump is in new york, ted cruz in new york, john kasich jetted to miami and he'll be back here. and he has a clear goal, to win new york. donald trump used instagram to try and spur turnouts. after all, in his words, he needs a huge new york win to
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threshold. in all 27 voting districts, if you get 50% of the vote, you win three delegates. if you don't, only two delegates. and that means john kasich and ted cruz could dent trump's lead and be able to cast trump's expected win as a loss. >> i will be the nominee, but to get there, i really do need your help, so please get out in this election on tuesday. >> people are waking up and help is on the way. >> reporter: there are plenty of new yorkers like sidney edwards in eastern new york rooting for trump to clinch the nomination. >> the whole political candidates have not been working, in my opinion. so maybe we need someone with more of a business aspect than a politician. >> reporter: the developer who at times have often alienated women and people of color on the campaign trail hosted what he called a diversity meeting at
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an upbeat closing speech in his home state. >> i don't want to believe the polls. they were beyond anything that anybody has ever seen. >> reporter: now, again, with the story o the republican side, the quest for delegates and the size of an expected trump win in new york state, it's a much different story on the democratic side. my colleague melissa russo is what is expected to be clinton headquarters tomorrow night. >> reporter: we're live at the sheraton. it's one of the favorite victory venues. surely hillary clinton is hoping for a victory tomorrow night, if not a big one. she is appealing for loyalty today from women, from democrats, and from new yorkers who she served in the senate. >> the people of new york took a chance on me in 2000. >> reporter: defending her turf, hillary clinton touting her senate service in new york and
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for women during a midtown ral did i rally this afternoon. >> some of it is not explainable other than good old determination. >> reporter: she pounded bernie sanders for being too soft on the gun lobby, and got an endorsement from gabby giffords for whom the gun l is personal. >> in the white house, she will stand up to the gun lobby. >> reporter: imagine the surprise on 6th avenue today when voters saw sanders' thick shock of white hair strolling down fifth avenue posing for pictures. now is the time for candidates to motivate their supporters. >> i'm supporting bernie sanders because he's addressing the core issue of inequality in american society that is plaguing millions of people, causing children to live in poverty. >> i really don't trust clinton. i don't. they've been in there too long.
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polls showing him double digits behind hillary clinton are underestimating him. >> we have enthusiasm, we have energy. people understand it's too late for establishment, politics and economics. >> bernie had a great message, but hillary had the experience to make bernie's message a reality. >> i think she has the experience, i think she has the intelligence. >> reporter: and sanders supporters are gathering right now for what's expected to be another one of those massive rallies. tonight's will be held in the hunters point section of queens, and whether the passion represented at those huge rallies will convert into huge numbers of vot at the polls tomorrow, well, we'll know the answer to that question in about 28 hours. that's the latest from midtown, melissa russo, news4, new york. most polling places will open early and stay open late tomorrow. westchester, rockland, orange,
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in the morning to 9:00 at night. in all other places, they won't open until noon but will remain open until 9:00 at night. keep an eye on n brks b for constant updates. in midtown, a woman injured by falling debris. checky bradford on the scene. what can you tell us now? >> reporter: it's not something you want to happen anywhere, but especially here on the 34th street. take a look behind me. you can see the area here behind me, the levi store has been cordoned off. that's because the fdny says around 4:00 p.m., just about an hour ago, a woman walking by the store was struck by falling construction debris from up above. you can actually see some of the bloody napkins that she applied to her head right in front of
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she was taken to belleview hospital in serious, but we're told stable, condition at this point. take a look over here and you can see some police officers are still in the area kind of keeping people in this area as they walk along the side here on the street because they're not able to go through this area. now, again, the department of buildings and the office of emergency management have been on scene. they're investigating exactly what happened. but, again, one woman struck by falling construction debris, we're told by the fdny, taken to the hospital in serious but stable condition tonight. we're live, checkey bradford. at least one of the men is captured. police say he's responsible for killing a homeless man and then slashing a cab driver. that's just part of his rap sheet. mark santia is live. mark?
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trying to determine if the career criminal may be linked to other alleged crimes. william smith in custody, tracked down after police say he killed a homeless man in a manhattan shelter and slashed delivery cab driver roman vera in queens. >> translator: in that moment i felt a pinch and nothing else. i wasn't sure if i was getting stabbed. i'm not sure if i was just desperate at the moment, but i reacted afterward and saw the injury. >> reporter: william smith stepped off this train right here in astoria. and as 59 4-year-old weaved his way through people, he couldn't have known what was waiting for him on 34th and ditmer, more than 30 police.
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stand when he saw the regional regional marshal street force move in. >> saw them put him in cuffs. i saw the guy not moving. >> they've had 12 arrests in three of the five boroughs. the arrests include robbery. he is thankful police made the arrest. >> smith is expected to face a judge in the next few hours. we're live tonight in gramercy park. i'm mark santia, news4 new york. bloom police and essex county sheriff's officers are on the lookout for a possible luring suspect. a man in handcuffs tried to get a 12-year-old girl to come with
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the children said he was trying to impersonate a police officer. today sheriff's officers set up portable remote cameras at entrances around the park. the police were near constant as they tried to confirm the luring attempt. there is no doubt that a bus explosion in jerusalem was a terror attack. at least 20 people were hurt when that bus went up in smoke and flames in the heart of the city. police say the blast was caused by an explosive device in the back of the bus. tonight prime minister benjamin netanyahu vowed to find those who are responsible. the pentagon today announced the u.s. is going to send 200 additional troops in iraq, along with a pache helicopters. they're going to advance on the city of mosul to take that stronghold.
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they have reduced the troops in iraq to more than 4,000. defense secretary ash carter specifically tonight on n "nbc nightly news". the death toll is rising tonight after the most powerful earthquake to rattle eduador in decades. more than two days after the disastrous quake, authorities are still searching for victims in the rubble. today the death toll rose to 350, and they just announced a u.s. citizen is among the dead. nearly 2,000 others are hurt and countless others missing, but the aftershocks are aking rescue attempts incredibly dangerous. a north carolina family said they still haven't heard fro their daughter who runs a tiki bar in one of the hardest hit areas. before she moved to eduador, she lived in new york city. many people are now living in camps because their homes were destroyed. the red cross estimates that at least 1,000 people may need some kind of assistance. coming up at 6:00, so many
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donations can't go through. the emergency meeting tonight to try to fix this. it is because of tense relations. in texas, the extreme warning to residents there. plus -- how much do uber drivers really make? a driver is showing us his tax returns on this tax day. what uber says about the dollars and cents. trying to prevent the zika virus from spreading through the city. specific orders from mayor de blasio tonight.
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new information out of southeast texas where tens of thousands of people are being told to stay inside because of flooding. >> over 20 inches of rain fell overnight in the area. cars were stranded, power was knocked out for many. including our affiliate knocked
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authorities warn more rain is on the way here. flash flooding is also being warned for tomorrow night. the dome of high pressure which is protecting us now is locking frontal boundaries and thunderstorms and rain in place for so many people in other areas. often when one area gets terrific weather, bad weather is locked somewhere else, and in this case it's texas. i think some of those are certainly records for rainfall in a single day. for us, very nice this evening. a completely different picture and very dry in our area. showers, though, may change things early tomorrow and a better chance for rain as we head to friday. but it is our first 80-degree day this year, this calendar year. today's high 82 degrees in central park. that's our average high for june 24. the average high for today should be 62 degrees. bonus, but the problem is we are almost five inches below where we should be as far as precipitation goes. so, again, a positive and a negative.
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today got up to the 80s as you headed to the west in sussex, morristown, bridgewater, into the city. a little cooler on the east end of long island, closer to poughkeepsie. 77 in islip and 88 degrees in newark. this is akin to desert conditions. slightly more humid but in the same neighborhood. we are seeing some onshore winds right now bringing humidity up to shoreline locations, but as we head to tonight and tomorrow, watch for gusty winds and low humidity, and any brush fire becomes a dangerous fire. to the north and east of the city, a spritz tonight. that's our precipitation short term. comfy this evening, and pleasant down to 61. all the pollen floating around the air for allergy sufferers, this is not a picnic.
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winds out of the west-southwest 5 to 10. again, a late spritz possible. as we head to long beach and up to millbrook, temperatures cool out on long island. tomorrow, sunrise at 6:10, and temperatures nice and warm. but we still have the threat, of course, of fires. and we're watching all that. here's your 7-day forecast, everyone. check it out right now. up and down we go by a few degrees. we stay mostly dry this week. into the weekend a couple clouds pop in and increased chance of shower activity. folks? >> all right, dave, thanks so much. an uber driver is making his tax documents public saying he is getting ripped off and he wants other drivers to take notice. >> his tax return shows one number, but what's in his pocket is just a small fraction of that amount. so what's going on here? news4 gets to the bottom of this. >> reporter: antonio pacheko feels duped. >> i don't think uber cares.
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if we drop that, to be honest with you. >> reporter: he's been driving for uber for three years. this year his tax return stunned him. paperwork showed he made more than $16,u00 in 2015, but after taxes he's left with just a fraction: $10,000. >> you're putting in for the car payment, the insurance, the gas, the sales tax and all this. this is what is left. >> reporter: hameed kachar prepared his taxes. he worked with other drivers, too. he said uber drivers typically walk away with about 30% of earnings. >> it could be an exception, it could be a matter of what type of deduction do you have. >> reporter: he called pacheko's case unusual. uber said, we will reach out and see what the problem could be.
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call us partners, what they would have.done is said, you know what? let's see what would be a living standard. >> reporter: uber says drivers typically walk away with about 65% of their fare. factors about whether or not they rent a car or work for another car service can make a big difference on the bottom line. reporting in long island city, news4, new york. mayor bill de blasio and city health officials are trying to head off the spread of the zika virus in our area. at a news conference today, they announced a three-year, $21 million plan. it calls for stepped-up mosquito control and surveillance, the hiring of dozens of new employees to test mosquitoes in pregnant women and a city campaign to teach everyone about zika protection and prevention. >> this plan covers all possible scenarios. the one we have now with a modest number of cases. you hear the number now stands
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worst case scenario where we have local transmission and a local outbreak. >> city officials also emphasize that up to now the mosquitoes causing the zika outbreak in latin america have never been found in new york city. the cases here are people who caught zika while traveling. she fought a very public battle on chemotherapy, and now a teen is getting a lot of attention for a post on her facebook page. victims who lost limbs in the boston marathon bombing show pride by running that race today. dave is here with a look at what's coming up new at 5:30. >> the praise keeps coming for the broadway hit "hamilton" tonight. the show just received a major honor. a business owner takes on a gunman who con fronts him in his own store. the gun goes off. we'll tell you what happened next in the frightening encounter. and a bronx family seen here in happier times.
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had lifelong implications and is costing a doctor big time. we'll explain. a woman who found something
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american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving pr neits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton.
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some 30,000 runners showed up in boston for the 27th boston marathon. >> 21-year-old lemmy from ethiopia crossed the finish line first. in the women's race, also from ethiopia, came from behind and won with 2 hours and 29 minutes. three years ago, a bomb detonated and killed three runners. hazel survived the bombing and now has a prosthetic leg. a teen made headlines when
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a new mass was found in her lungs. ka cassandra colender disclosed it on her facebook page. she had undergone chemotherapy when she was just 17. the windsor locks teen is now able to make her own treatment decisions and says she's moving forward with alternative treatments. today the palm beach zoo reopened for the first time since a zoo keeper died from a tiger there. they are investigating the death of the zoo keeper. a spokesman of the zoo did not comment but said they are not blaming the tiger for the attack. coming up at 5:30, a trauma of an ambassador. new video showing a police
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the neck of a woman in manhattan.
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right now on news4 new york, armed and dangerous. two men get violent during a brooklyn robbery attempt. the store owner fought back and was shot in the hip. >> it all happened so quickly, he didn't even know he was hit. that store owner fighting to save his livelihood, and of


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