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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  April 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news4 new york, armed and dangerous. two men get violent during a brooklyn robbery attempt. the store owner fought back and was shot in the hip. >> it all happened so quickly, he didn't even know he was hit. that store owner fighting to save his livelihood, and of
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hooded thieves waved their weapons around. this happened on nuance avenue in new york last night. just a few hours later, we caught up with the store owner as he returned to work. >> reporter: that's juan sayed getting lots of hugs from long-time customers in his eastern grocery store. the 35-year-old back at work just hours after he was shot in the hip while struggling with an armed robber. >> they said, give me the whole money before i kill you. he grabbed my hand and he said, move back, move back. >> reporter: video surveillance shows two men holding up the store on new lutz avenue just before closing sunday night. while one grabs cash from the register, the other holds a gun on saeed. but saeed sensed the gunman was tense. >> i tried to take the gun and
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>> unaware he was hurt, he ran out for help. >> people come in to rob, to take from people who are working hard to take care of their families i just think is wrong. >> reporter: saeed, with cuts on his hand and bandages on his hip says he doesn't regret going for the gun but says he was lucky. >> when it's your time, it's your time. >> reporter: the robbers made out with a few hundred dollars. police are asking for anyone who recognizes them or has any information to call crimestoppers. in eas rn new york, lori bored bordanora. a camera appears to show a woman running away from the nypd man. the police grabs her throat and it shows the cop holding her
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the nypd says it doesn't appear to be a recent incident but has forwarded it to internal affairs for a review. also new tonight, the u.s. ambassador to the united nations offering her condolences after an armored jeep in her motorcade struck and killed a young boy in cameroon. it happened in the north just outside maroua. she was about to address the boko haram when the 7-year-old boy darted in the road. she turned around to meet with the boy's parents. chopper 4 was over the sea of red this afternoon as they marched through midtown. these verizon workers walked off the job six days after no agreement coming in eight months. they said they just want to be treated fairly. >> we just want a fair contract so we can support our families and continue the great work we
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>> we are real people, not machines, and we want a contract and we need a contract now. >> and there's no indication when the two sides may reach an agreement. the strike affects ver eye john's cable and phone business, not its much larger wireless business. it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer for the second avenue subway. plans to open the first section in september are now in jeopardy. the reason? the project is running behind due to elevator and escalator problems, especially at 72nd street. they hope the contractor will be able to pick up the pace between now and the end of the year so it's not pushing the opening day back just yet. well, we, of course, have been focused on the presidential primaries, however, new yorkers are going to have their say in a few other elections locally. voters are going to select new
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the former house speaker and majority leader both resigned after scandals. the 56th district represents lower manhattan. there are several wanting to replace skellos and that represents part of nassau county. in all other counties, the polls will be open tomorrow from 6:00 in the morning to 9:00 p.m. in all other counties the polls won't open until noon but they will remain open until 9:00 as well. why a woman who bought hundreds of dollars of steaks and seafood found herself saying, you guessed it, better get bacaro. the temperatures sliding down the next couple days. still above average, though. we'll talk about the chance for rain and some usty winds on the way.
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stay with us. on assignment and overseas. we'll have a look at what he's working on at 6:30. >> the iraqi prime minister is prepared to announce new u.s. steps to bolster defense in iraq.
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some breaking news involving the new jersey transit during an evening commute. service is suspended in both directions on the morris-sussex line. we are told a person was hit in the south station. we will keep you updated. a college is partnering with state troopers to try to track down an armed man. suny purchase was locked down for about three hours after they were given the all-clear about 11:30. at the nation's high court today, a legal debate over immigration and the power of the president. millions of undocumented immigrants are watching and waiting to see if president obama's effort to keep them from being deported will overcome a challenge by 25 states.
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immigrant families emerged from the u.s. supreme court to huge cheers with even bigger hopes after a 90-minute showdown over immigration law and presidential powers. >> i'm tired of going to school and living in fear that my brother and my sister are going to come home to find out that my mom is not there. >> reporter: texas and 25 other states are challenging president obama's efforts to halt deportations for some 4 million undocumented immigrants, including children brought here illegally and parents of children born here in the united states. >> as it transforms unlawful conduct into lawful conduct. if the president has the power to do that, i think that should trouble every american. >> reporter: the eight justices showed signs o f being sharply divided but each side heard encouraging words. >> the justices this morning seem very concerned in vigorous questioning about whether the state of texas had standing or the right to even be in court. >> reporter: demonstrations outside the court were largely
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they focused less on the law than raw emotion. >> i am six years old. i am an american citizen. oh, say can you see >> reporter: a difficult case for an already divided court. just to clarify, 26 states are bringing this challenge. a 4-4 split among the justices would let a lower court stand and mean a defeat for the obama administration. sibila? >> and david, some people from our area traveled down to washington today to show their support for president obama's immigration efforts. they say the program he's proposing would affect millions, including many here in the tri-state area. >> it affects my family. my mom is undocumented. >> we're going to fight for what we believe in, and we're going to show how strong we are in numbers and how united we are as a community. >> the care avan down to washington was organized by an immigrants rights group called make the road new york.
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a bronx doctor should pay millions of dollars to a mother after what happened to her during childbirth. the most prestigious award goes to the broadway hit
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quite the distinction for one of broadway's hottest shows, a pulitzer prize for "hamilton," the hip-hop stage biography. they won the 2015 prize for drama.
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lynn miranda who wrote the musical says he is living the high of his life. criticism winner, emily nusbaum of the new yorker. international reporting went to alyssa j. rubin from the "new york times." tonys are coming and i think we know what will probably happen. >> i have a sneaking suspicion. eric er erika, i know you're not going to take credit for the weather, but thanks to the people pulling the strings today. >> i did receive a tweet from one of our active followers, robin, saying it's just too hot out there. for april, yeah. i would have to agree. it's 20 degrees above average today, but let's enjoy the nice weather while we have it and we'll have it for q uite a while. a sprinkle tonight as a weak boundary pushes through. that will also stir up the breezes.
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average behind this cold front. 80 degrees in sussex and morristown, 72 in farmdale. that ocean influence really being kind of kept in check right now. but here comes that cold front. you can see it here on storm tracke not a lot of rain with this system. as it descends over the mountains, it will lose even more moisture. a late sprinkle tonight, low temperature of 66 degrees, and we could still have a low sprinkle. clear and breezy as this front sdends descends in. it's going to push in dryer air, low relative humidity. we will have a slight fire weather danger tomorrow, so don't flick the cigarette out the window. just try to be mindful of that. bright and sunny on wednesday with a high of 56 degrees, temperatures remaining slightly above our seasonal average. to recap, 56 with a chance of a sprinkle north and east of the
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tomorrow that high of 70 degrees. most everyone stays dry. don't be surprised if you see a couple raindrops on tem windshield and you might not even need the wipers for that. as we head into tuesday, that cooler air does descend in by the time the yankees are hitting the field for first pitch against the athletics. in the 7-day forecast, back up to 66 on wednesday. a very nice comfortable afternoon. beautiful on thursday. more rain arrives on friday. back to you. >> all right, erika, thanks so much. johnny depp's dog dilemma appears to be over. johnny and his wife, amber, appeared in court. they pled guilty of smuggling a couple dogs in the country. that plea allowed her to avoid jail time. the couple also played a filmed apology that appeared in court. >> i'm truly sorry that crystal and poo were not declared. protecting australia is
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>> clear everything when you enter australia. >> the australian government posted that video on line. under australian law, anyone bringing a dog into the country must first apply for a permit. that animal must then be under quarantine after arrival for ten days. do you forfeit your consumer's rights before making a deal. consumers often go in search of a deal, but in this case a deal came to one and she called better get baquero. >> she knew it was an instant great value. one she couldn't refuse. in december, a white van pulled up in arlene sandorf's driveway offering to sell meat and seafood at a discount. they said they were on the way to making a delivery down the street from her. >> they had beef, and then they had seafood.
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of different things, tilapia. i thought that would be good, especially with the holidays coming. she paid $320 by credit card, took them inside and packed them in her freezer. but when she went to make her first hamburger -- >> it was a frozen patty. when i cooked it in the pan, i noticed something strange, but i tried a bite of it and it was just in edible. >> reporter: and arlene says she knows meat. >> we had a farm and what we raised was beef cattle. so you know good quality meat when you see it and when you taste it. and this was not good quality. >> reporter: she recalled that the food came with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so she called the company, northeastern beef, which is part of the whole meat distributor. a meeting to return the food was arranged. >> it said right on it that a check would be received within 7 to 10 business days.
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in december. months passed and arlene never did get her money back, neither by check or a charge-back on her card. >> four months of them giving me every excuse in the book, i needed help. i needed help. so, of course, i called linda. >> reporter: her wish? >> if you could, under any circumstance, get that money back for me, i would be tickled pink. >> we hope she's tickled pink because she contacted meet which is based in yonkers, and problem solved. arlene got her money back, all $320, and we're told the company apologized to her for the incident and for the delay. >> did they just reverse the charges? >> no. that's what she was hoping, but for their purposes they said it was just as easy to issue a refund check to her. that's what they did and she was very happy about that. >> tickled pink. to get in touch with our
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send an e-mail to etter get baquero or call us. up next, $50 million for a bronx woman after what she went through during childbirth. >> reporter: $50 million awarded to a young mother after a lawsuit against her doctor. we're going to have details on what happened to her during childbirth and the life she now has to lead. that's coming up. >> chuck is here with what's new tonightt 6:00. >> we have a new holt in the house. we welcome stefan holt to our news4 family. he'll show us why some people are being forced out of their homes. after that long pause, why some new yorkers and families of eduador victims are having such a hard time sending aid to people who need it.
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childbirth can certainly be one of life's most poignant moments, but for one bronx mother, tended in paufrlg in and suffering that ll last for the rest of her life. as rob schmidt reports, it will also cost her doctor millions of dollars. >> reporter: 31-year-old jocelyn cruz says s 's in pain most of the day. >> most of the time i'm having pain in my private area. >> reporter: injuries sustained during childbirth back in 2009
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a bronx jury found her doctor responsible for mistakes made on an internal incision. according to her attorney -- >> she developed and was caused to develop by the injuries a retroactive fistula, which was undiagnosed, and then she had a second vaginal delivery which caused more damage. >> reporter: cruz has had 13 surgeries over the course of years to repair that tear. >> that was basically from my house to the hospital. >> reporter: she can never be too far from the bathroom, wears an adult diaper to avoid constant accidents, no longer gave sex with her husband, cannot work, and goes through bouts of intense pain that she says can last weeks. we've reached out to cruz's doctor for comment. he has not returned our calls, but he tells the daily news that cruz made up this story and the jury voted with their emotions and didn't look at the facts. in response, cruz's attorney says this. >> for him to say it's frivolous or for him to say it's not documented, that's what he wants
5:58 pm
the jury heard all of their arguments and they heard all of ours. >> reporter: a $50 million verdict is life-changing for cruz just as it would be for about anyone. but it doesn't change her diagnosis. >> i'm always going to be in pain on and off and having problems using the bathroom. so i'm going to be like that for the rest of my life. >> reporter: so $50 million awarded to cruz, but her attorney says there will be appeals and it could be two more years before she even sees one cent of that money. we did try to get in touch with dr. hemaguba, and he did not get back to us in time for this story. reporting downtown, rob schmidt, news4 new york. that will do it for us. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00, campaigning to
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the presidential candidates vie for last votes in new york. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. polls for a crucial primary opened in new york. >> how are voters feeling about tomorrow? we have team coverage with andrew siff covering the republican race and melissa russo covering the democrats. we'll start with melissa. >> reporter: well, chuck, those democrats are definitely making their presence known in and around our area. they're on the 6th avenue sidewalk, they're on the airwaves, they're even on the picket line with striking verizon workers. hillary clinton has been baattracting smaller crowds along the way but larger poll numbers this primary eve. >> new york had my back and i always tried to have your back. >> reporter: hillary clinton is appealing to loyalty of new yorkers, of women, of african-american voters as she pushes them hard to the polls.
6:00 pm
racism. >> reporter: during a radio appearance that aired today, clinton was asked if she's pandering to african-americans hot sauce with her. >> is it working? seriously seriously, i've been eating a lot of hot sauce. >> reporter: clinton says it helps her immune system. she's hoping her campaign will be immune from voters feeling the bern at the polls tomorrow. >> generally speaking, we're underestimating how we do in elections. >> reporter: imagine the surprise on 6th avenue today when voters spotted sanders' signature shock of white hair strolling down 6th avenue passing those big banks he vows to break up, posing for pictures. both candidates are reaching out to women. at a rally in midtown this afternoon, clinton said it's harder to be a female candidate


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