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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  April 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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statements, melissa butler, the woman with girley when he died. >> bec se of your reckless actions, my life will no longer be the same. >> and the mother of his daughter. >> every day, she a s wde her dad was killed by a police officer. >> reporter: the judge reduced the t charge of manslaughter sayi theee was insufficient c idence to support manslaughter. he opted to give him no jail time, 800 hours community service and five years probation. the courtroom was silent upon sentencing. expletives could be heard in the hallway. right after the sentencing, brooklyn"district attorney released this statement saying he is the first nypd officer, sorry, the statement is saying
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recommendation was fair under the unique circumstances of this caouse, we disagree with the decision of the judge to reverse the jury's verdict. he's going to app al the judge's decision. aloso appealing the verdict is peter l iang's attorney. the judge considered whether or not they should give him some home arrest, home confinement, which is what the d.a. suggested. the judge said this is actually a better time for him to go out and serve his community rather than spend the taxpayer money to keep him under watch at home. live from brooklyn, pei tze cheng, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. reaction to the sentence is pouring in for and against it. >> checkey beckford is there at the courthouseanith that part of the covera?e. crowds lined both sides of jay street this afternoon.
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supporters across the street. when the sentencing came down, one side was relieved, the other shocked and disappointed. what was mainly a quiet scene outside the courthouse turned volatile after the sentence as protesters tried to block the emotional reaction of the family. they nearly came to blows with members of the media. >> reporter: are you in shock right now? >> yes i am. the mother of his 3-year-old daughter has no intention of telling the child just yet, the officer convicted of killing her father will not serve jail time. >> s don't uouerstand what happened. i wouldn't tell her what happened today because she doesn't understand. >> his mother was relieved at the sentencing. >> we were worrie>> about our son u'going to jarl. in, it's a result -- it's a family still sympathizes with the family. >> reporter: supporters filled
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they say justice has been served. they believe he was being used luas a scapegoat for other off fer involved shootings. >> this is an accident, a tragedy. we feel sorry for the family. >> reporter: the lawyer for kimberly, the mother of his daughter says this has no impact on the civil case they plan to bring against the city, the nypd. checkey beckford, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. this sight rattled nerves all over the a today with many asking what is going on? brush fires burned through parts of new jersey. this was a view from cameras in rutherfoth. smoke miles. we got pictures like this from a viewer in brooklyn. news 4 is at the penn station with the situation there and the
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service tonight. >> reporter: the brush fires are under control. they have been for several hours now. the effects are being felt tonight. commuters at penn station were stuck trying to navigate a new way home. the transit lines are back uhtp andrunning, but delays are about 30 minutes. all hands were on deck to make sure it didn't get worse. >> oh, my god, talk about, like horror movie statn . >>halforter: billowing black smoke seen for hours. those who saw it stopped to snap otos and video. so tme so close you could see the flames and taste the smoke. >> a lot, a lot of smoke. >> reporter: a pair of brush fires scorching hundreds of acres. no buildings burned, but it was close. >> some businesses were close up to thefire. really, there was ao imminent danger that i saw. >> i should have beba home a long time ago.
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trains from new york penn station came to a screeching as the fires roared. >> fivehminutes turned into ten. ten into 20 and 30. everybody starpt ted vacate ing the train. >> they have no idea what they are doing there. >> reporter: frustrated and looking for a way home as trains get back on schedule and firefighters put out hot spots. again x you can expect delays of about 30 minutes on new jersey transit lines between new york and new jersey. investigators don't know what caused t fire, but theyare urging everyone to be careful with cigarette butts during the dry and windy weather. "news 4 new york." >> thank you. let's bring in janice huff to tell us more about the dry conditions that fueled the fires. >> we have bee m,enjoying sunshine and dry weather thanks to a blocking pattern in the
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today, we added in the winds. once t fires start, that's what helped them to move quickly. low humidity, liky low relative humidity, wind gusts 24 miles per hour. a stretch of dry air. the northwest wind is what we ve today pussing the smoke toward the south and east. being able to detect it on the radar and storm tracker, we ca ur see the plume, which looks like a big thundermtorm is actually the smoke. occasional radar can detect that. that moved across staten island and coney island today, the smoke plume from the fires. north and northwest winds are strong out there right now. gusts up around 30 miles an hour in many locations. theyacalm down a little bit tonight. it's going to take time for that to happen. relative humidity is down to 14%, mostly around 20% in most areas.ecthe red flag warning for the high fire danger remains and may have to be put in place
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no changes in the pattern. i'll talk about that in the recast in a f minutes. back to you. >> janice, thank you. the new york primary election is under way as we speak. you have until 9:00 to vote. this is critical for the first time in decades. results here in new york will greatly shape the results for the white house. we have team coverage on both sides of the aisle beginning with melissa russo. melissa? >> reporter: tonight's vote, tonight's outcome crucial for the outcome. hillary clinton hoping to avoid an embarrassingly close race here in the empire race while bernie sanders is hoping for validation of the momentum he claims to be building and the viability of his candidacy in this race. >> i love new york and this has been a joy. >> reporter: voting today in her hometown, the democratic
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faces at her poll site. >> hey, jerry, how are you, dear? >> reporter: hillary clinton hoping she is the choice of her adopted home state and dash plans for a contested convention. before filling in the bubble on her ballot, she joked about keeping her choices secret. >> this is a private ballot. >> reporter: and urged new yorkers to show up. >> come out and vote tonight. >> reporter: bernie sanders claims the more that come out and vote, the higher his chances of winning. he points to the record breaking crowds he's drawn from brooklyn, the bronx and last night in queens. >> each and every one of you are powerful people that can help transform this country. there is nothing we can't accomplish accomplish. >> got my vote. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: during his second
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sanders says hillary clinton is wrong if she thinks she will seal the nomination tonight. >> afraid she's going to be disappointed. >> reporter: sanders made a reference to the fact that unaffiliate unaffiliated, known as independent voters cannot participate in the closed new york primaries. only registered democrats can. >> the large voter turnout despite the impediment of people not voting we are going to do fine. >> reporter: sanders is off to pennsylvania. he does not plan to return to new york tonight. some read it as a sign he york. others interpret it as a message new york is hardly the final race. hillary clinton, win or lose, will be back here in new york tonight after a trip to washington this afternoon. she'll be watching the returns here in midtown at the share
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sheridan. andrew siff iswet trump tower keeping an eye on the race. >> reporter: quite a scene here, secrete service, private security, ten months after donald trump, here in this building jumped into the icce. few thought he would last as long as he has let alone be the commanding front-runner into a new york primary that matters in a state that could bring him closer to clinching the nomination. he voted at central synagogue, blocks from his office. trump acknowledged happily voting for himself. >> i think the campaign has been doing well. many, many senators, governors, they are all gone. we have tremendous support. having ben carson and chris christie and so many others supporting me, senator sessions, we have amazing support. i'm honored and putting in that vote today was something terrific.
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pittsburgh, yes, pittsburgh, not in new york, john kasich one of trump's challengers held a rally there, one week ahead of the pennsylvania primary. kasich all but acknowledged he can't win new york but is hoping to do well enough to win delegates. keeping with the tone throughout the campaign, he stayed positive. >> people talk about how bad everything is. you know, it was a lot worse years ago. we have challenges today. yeah, job insecurity, what's going to happen with our kids but we can overcome this. the thing we have to fix is the spirit of our country. it rests in us. >> reporter: as for ted cruz, who has been running third in most of the polls in new york, he also is in pennsylvania tonight, ahead of thatckstate's pr ary next week. he, too, is hoping to win delegates today. the key figure for donald trump is 50%.
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throughout new york state, he has a chance to sweep the 95 delegates at stake. we'll have more at 6:00 including a slice of donald trump's new ad, which some say is taking a new presidential tone. live in mi anown, andrew siff, nbc 4 new york. >> thank you. some of you have been contacting us about problems at the polls. we sent crews out to see what's going on. stay with news 4 for election coverage tonight. we'll have updates on download the news 4 app for the latest alerts. watch news 4 at 11:00 for complete primary results. still ahead at 5:00, the tests mta officials a ordering for the men and women who control the trains you ride. that's new tonight. a man found alive after three days of being buried in the rubble. tonight, how he was able to get his rescuers attention.
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you don't want to buy into. a man's been busted for selling
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new information on the earthquake in ecuador. we are seeing video of the man that worked at the hotel. he managed to call a relative after the quake saturday. he had a smile on his face and was carefully removed from the rubble and carried away on a stretcher. 413 people were killed and more than 2500 were hurt. we have new information on the gang bust in the city's housing projects. >> these are the accused criminals here. dozens of them. they deal in drugs and serious violence. we have a message police hope this is sending. mark? >> reporter: this began after the killing of a police officer. today, after the arrest of nearly three dozen people, it could mean the end of a violent turf war between two competing gangs.
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joined by a common bond, hagdcuffs. nypd chopper provided air pport taken during early morning raids. police and fbi act gents on the ground from the east river and washington houses as well as metro north plaza. terry williams lives in the neighborhood and hopes these arrests bring backaa sense of security to a area. y>> the alcohol and drugs that are here, it will bring people to the community. that's what we want. >> this is going to go a long way to reducing the -- >> reporter: the investigation started with the assassination of randolph holder. >> we made a pledge, i made a pledge to the people in the washington houses and specifically a pledge to the people of psa-5, the cops from psa-5 to get the police involved.
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it sends a clear message. hopefully the younger,> p and coming youth will see, this is not the way of life. >> reporter: community activists know these neighborhoods and know these arrests will make a difference in the quality of life here. he hopes it's a lasting change. >> this is a great start and we have to now follow up on, you know, what's next. let' continue to be proactive and not reactive. >> reporter: police say these gangs were selling heroin, crack and pills throughout the area including near schools and hospitals. we are live in east harlem, marc santia, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. new at 5:00, mta will begin screening railroad engineers and conductors for sleep apnea. governor cuomo made that announcement today. they tested some last year after this deadly derailment in 2013.
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sleep apnea fell asleep at the controls. tuesday started on a terrific note. it's still beautifulaout there. >> the weather is beautiful. th woese conditions can cause high fire danger. more sunshine, cooler today in some spots, but well above average. 70 in washington township. the headlines, we have that evening fire danger. the winds are gusty and the atmosphere is dry. tomorrow, the winds should be lighter, still on the dry side, though. we need more rain. that's not going to happen for several more days. the red flag warning is in effect for the morning. look at the winds, gusts up to near 30 miles an hour in the city. generally between 25 and 30 miles an hour. it's strong coming in out of the north and northwest. the atmosphere is dry. these numbers are higher than yesterday, but still in the 20% range. the city with 14% relative
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60 in islip and farmingdale. the temperatures are between 5 and 15 degrees cooler than yesterday around the same time. ye i'sterday, we were around 80 and above in a lot of spots. even though we cooled down, it will be cooler tomorrow at 67, the temperatures remain above average going into the weekend. in the 70s thursday and friday. meantime, dry skies for us, attered high clouds here and there. we have high pressure in the upper atmosphere that's in control in the higher eastern sea board. it's breaking down a little bit. this area of rain and thunderstorms to the west will slowly move into the area, but not until friday. for the meantime, tonight, nkee stadium looks like it will be cool, dry and breezy with temperatures in the d-60s and cooling off more as we go through the night into the upper 50s by 9:00 and mid-50s by 11:00. a chilly start in the morning.
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afternoon, in the mid-60s. long island and coastal connecticut, 40s in the mornings and 50s in the afternoon. same for the jersey shore. you should top 60 deg e tomorrow. seven day forecast show the 70s thursday and friday. good news because we need it. a chance for thunderstorms although they may be scattered throughout the area. david price is coming up next to tell us how much rain we may see. >> still ahead, shoppers in the suburbs may like this. >> rescue efforts are under wa they are facing a new threat. that's new. >> david has a look at what's coming up at 5:30. >> revolutionary. 90% of stroke patients were healed by a new treatment if patients pay close attention to their symptoms and get to the hospital in time. a neighbor runs to rescu a
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until two other people stepped
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tonight, the fourth largest city in the country is under water and more in texas adding to the flooding. six people have died, all drown after driving on to flooded roadways. water began to fill an assisted living facility. it began to fall quickly filling the rivers, creeks and bayous. more than 100 homes are flooded. >> i lost a lot of things but they are just things. they can be replaced. i'm happy to be rescued. >> the death toll could rise as they uncover cars and debris trapped in the water. the worst of the flooding may be
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there's a 50% chance of more rain in the next 24 hours. a court win for a transgender teenager banned from using the boy's bathroom. he was born a female but identifies as a male. afteromplaints from parents, the sch l board adopted a policy that forces them to use bathrooms that correspond to their birth gender. they overturned it saying it is discriminatory. business as usual tomorrow, but it was anything but business as usual today. some described intermitt tant outages. tohay,avt was so bad, hey sent our t a notice telling them to come another day, if possible. the technical staff is working on a problem. cvs is offering curb side pick up if you don't want to
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it's cvs express. it's in georgia and california, but not our area just yet. you can place orders through the drugstore's app. cvs express does not allow prescription pick up, however. we are going to a polling place where people were tald to go home and come back later. what lengths would grow to to t get a ticket to the hottest show on broadway?
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american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies
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and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. o) we developed the world's first transvenous cardiac pacemaker, performed the world's first coronary bypass, and have world-renowned specialists taking on complex cases others can't
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right now on "news 4 new york," for the first time in years, the new york p mary is critical in a presidential race. you can imagine the deep disappointment for scores of voters who ran into problems at the polls this morning. >> not everyone had troubles, of colaurse. voters cast their ballots with ease. witnesses saw trump cast her vote. things went smoothlys not so for p weoe that stefan holt talked to.


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