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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  April 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on "news 4 new york," for the first time in years, the new york p mary is critical in a presidential race. you can imagine the deep disappointment for scores of voters who ran into problems at the polls this morning. >> not everyone had troubles, of colaurse. voters cast their ballots with ease. witnesses saw trump cast her vote. things went smoothlys not so for p weoe that stefan holt talked to.
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location where some people went in and their names weren't on the list of voters in the area. a lot of folks chimed in to complain about issues across the city. they called the hot line for voting problems. they received 500 calls and 140 e-mails. the two big words today,h confusion arind frustration. >> really frustrating. >> reporter: she says her husband clme out to vote at bishop high school in brooklyn. those with names m-z was missing. >> this is our first time voting in new york. it was frustrating. he had to fill out an affidavit vote. it won't be counted for some time. >> my name wasn't the w. >> reporter: pete harry cicma is tried to vote and his name wasn't on the list.
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machines, missing names. one ipster e-mai ad "news 4 new yorkm" volunteers in queens, a voting fraud. >> all issues related to the voting process cause concern. >> reporter: mike ryan says his office is investigating the claims and reminds voters to fill out an affidavit. >> we will review those affidavits, if they are registered to the party in the way they should be, they will replceive a vote and it will be unted. >> reporter:eif it doesn'tou match ur registration, it won't count. it will serve as a reg istration for the next election in the proper party that you choose. we heard today the city comptroller announcing an audit. mayor de blasio is calling for reformt the board of elections. i'm stefan hold, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. we want to hea f amut anybody with problems voting today. it is not too late to call the
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that number, 800-771-7755. the polls are open until 9:00 tonight. we are here for you. stay with nbc news and news 4 through the evening for election coverage. we will most constant updates. watch news 4 at 11:00 for complete primary results. the in encryption battle went to capitol hill day. they called for help to allow law en rcem t to catch up tech know l aically with p people they are trying to catch. the card encryption technology puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to figetint terrorism. >> we need to work w h private industry to get them to come up with a solution, a passkey that
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information that we can legally obtain after getting a sea ch warrant. >> it stems from the fbi to unlock ao.hone from the terrorists. an effort that took several months because apple refused to help. >> police want the public's help to identify a driver in a deadly hit and run. it happened on main street early sunday morning. video shows the suv hit 64-year-old warren carson and then sped off. carson was legally blind and walking along the shoulder. the suv was a 20 02-2005 blue ford explorer with notable front ends damage. in connecticut lay off notices to employees. the facility says they expect only four or five permanent staff will be laid off. reduced hours and reorganization are expected to save $1 million.
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employees received notic as a way to balance the bu et. more layoffs ae expected. when we come back, the story that could make you feel creepy. a promising new thing to help sere your life in hours. how long does the warm, dry weather last? when are the changes coent.? we'll have the answers for you, coming up in moments. >> lester holt has a look at what he's wking on at 6:30. >> ahead for us, as the ncw.york primary gets under way, why hillark clinton may not need no just win, but win big. a killer dressed like a police officer was the victim targeted a government with a strong message for teenage boys and the
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there is a new treatment that could be a game changer in the way doctors treat the most severe and devastating strokes. gus rosendale is here now to tell us about it. >> david, that's right, it could be a game changer. it's not available in many hospitals and cities cross the u.s. doctors say a device used to hpull damaging blood clots could om be revolutionary. >> we are seeing dramatic improvements. >> the most common type occurs
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brain cells when the bloicod can't get through. the patients are often treated wioth a drug to help. in some cases, a retriever can be used. it's threaded through blood vessels in the brain, grabbing the clot and pulling it out of thboe body. >> you can see four examples of the clots we pulled out. >> adding it to treatment can reduce fatalities. 90% of those able to get it within two and a half hours had minimal o no disability. each addition nol hour a patient waited increased the likelihood of being left with some type of brain damage. those designatedhcancer cenu rs like uh case medical center in cleveland.
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expand the work force. >> quick treatment is crucial. doctors say it is important to call 911 as soon as any stroke symptoms appear, that includes facial drooping, arm weakness. over to you. >> gus, thank you so much. have you heard the buzz? there's a chance you will. billions of cicadas are set to come as soon as next month. in a matter of weeks, they will breed, die and provide food to lots of othur living creatures, including some people. they don't bite or damage your shrubbery. the bad news, they make that strange noise that sounds like something out of the "twilight" zone. >> something to look forward to. a man ships back a defective phone until he said better get baa kara. how she saved him several hundred dollars. >> food cravings?
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your political views. have a tip for the biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail
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this was a scene today in new jersey. it wasn't a cat in a tree, but said firefighters jumped into action to rescue a pooch from a ledge. they rescued the dog who broke through the screen, wondered out the window and could not get back inside. firefighters used a ladder to get him. a rough day. >> we found this.
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you like may b who you are supporting. google looked at new yorkers who searched online. new yorkers who searched for hillary clinton looked for quinoa. bernie sanders supporters looked for mexican recipes. they also searched for vegan passover recipes. ted cruz, kung pou chicken. kasich, fa lay mignon. donald trump, pork chops, and bars. spicy ladies for bernie sanders. does that surprise you or not? >> did it say anything about popcorn and coca-cola? that's what i like.
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>> dave, what about you? >> on our menu, let's see what's happening. as we begin a gorgeous night in ne york, cool and clear evening conditions. we have a couple clouds. finally, rain on friday. i now it's not pleasant to get out and about in, but we need the rain. let's look at temperatures and htconditions around the region now. up to 70 in new york city. cooler as you head to monticello, the 60s across long island. 72 at the jersey shore at long branch. 73 was today's high in the city. got close to 70 in poeughkeepsie. 70 in br gewater, 6unen west hampton. temperatures running above erage. they have been, they will continue to. average high, 63 to 64 degrees, as we head into tomorrow,ay67.
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we head into thursday and friday, then we cool down for the weekend. gusty conditions out and about today. that was a complicating factor for brush fires thal popped up and moved rapidly. 28 miles per hour in monticello. 29 in islip. 28 in white plains. bridge bather, 24-mile-per-hour guests. again, the gusty winds are going to continue to create a gust. that and the low humidity can make any small brush fire much bigger rapidly. eastorm tracker shows dry conditions and clouds fly g there. this a s the next rainmaker is in the midw ft. that gets here by friday. again, the thing with the thunder howers that may roll
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homogenous. as we widen the picture, cooler. look at th , monticello hovering around the freezing mark, not quite there. tomorrow, 67 in the city. cooler than today. sunrise, 6:09. south winds, five to 15 miles per hour. there's the seven day forecast heading into thursday. a couple more clouds, nice and warm. friday, the thunder showers we spoke of, cooler for the weekend. we could see a spot shower saturday morning before sunrise and heavier cloud cover for the first part of the day. the weekend looks good other thkean that. that's a quick look at the forecast. we'll send it back to you at the desk. >> thanks so much. a man accused of selling bogus tickets to "hamilton" has been busted. he was indicted on selling and atteentieg to sell fake tickets to the show.
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onuee couple bought a ticket bor $300. lynda baquero recommends only buying through ticketmaster. the show's creator and star is warning people not to fall into the fake ticket trap. i have friends who have been scammed on craig and his so-called list. don't buy hamilton tickets off there, please. >> there you go. we have all heard of shipment delays. how about a package that was picked up with a delivery date pending five months later and it's costing you? that's when you say better get baquero. >> our consumer was being charged for the item to the charge of $650. we asked, what happened? we got coswers. ken and his son share a family plan with your mobile phones and were eocited to gre a new iphone 6 plus. it worked great for about six months. >> all of a sudden, it wasn't
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wasn't able to send texts, i wasn't able to edi things on my phone, just wasn't working right. >> reporter: ken turned to verizon wireless. they sent him a new phone and a shipping label. he mailed back the phone in late october and got a confirmation fr inve igate. instead, he found a bill for $650 for the ph e. >> you have a charge. each time i call to find out the atus5 t0e investigation, i get somebody in customer service. >> reporter: armed with a tracking number, the shipp p texas. thl e website shows pending,
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>> they admitted they pickee up e phone from the post office, but don't have record of where it went from eeds his phone. he can't go anywhere without it. as a consumer, i'm being treated unfair. it's affecting my entire family and it's not going anywhere. nobody is doing anything. >> we contacted verizon wireless and asked them to investigate the we value his business and are happenedo the phone? did it show upnanywhere? >> i saw i on the shipping
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theydelbiivery is still pending. no word on what happened to the phone but verizon wireless says it was not in the customer's possession so he's not responsible. >> thank you so much. get in touch with our team, send an e-mail to for now on, if you reach out, you will get a response from the am at the investigative center.ll u next, a newnowrsey woman is lucky to be alive thanks to the quick thinking of others. a raging fire traps a woman in her backyard. i'm brian thompson. you'll hear from two firemen who pulled her over the fence to safety. a look at what's new at 6:00. tons of controversy. now the man at the center of that police brutality case is facing charges for his own leged violent behavior.
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see to protect yourself from identity thieves who can hijack your phone without touching it.
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the new jersey flames and smoke pou ing out of a home this morning. one resident trapped by high festnces, unable to escape her yard. a neighbor and two firefighters worked to pull her to safety. the home was destroyed. brian thompson has dramatic
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>> reporter: the fire simply gutted this old, wooden frame home. everyone got out the front to safety, except one middle-aged woman. >> that backyard was dark, very smokey at the time. >> reporter: you could see the flames? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the firefigmters came to her rescue. it was hot back he foot fence with the flames feet aw . >> very intense. she was panicking. she was screaming, saying she wanted to get out of there. >> the woman was coughing up a lung, having a hard time, in dist ss trying to get over the fence. >> the neighbor had her half way over, the firefighters struggling to get her the other way. i her feet on my shoulders. >> reporter: this section of chain link fence.
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there was a car behind me. i fell on top of the car with her on top of me. >> reporter: that would be this car. fellow firemen uniforms, not firefighter gear. they admitted the save felt good, even amazing. in patterson, brian thompson, "news 4 new york." that will do it for us. thank you for watching. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. ion. we h ce live team coverage. the center of the police brutality case is in trouble with the law for his own brutal behavior.
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fire high into the air. it could happen again at anytime. good evening, i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sa automobile ya vargas. >> this is the first time in years our primaries have been so important for the white house. hillary clinton is hoping to support her lead over bernie sanders. donald trump is trying to sweep most of all of the delegates up for grabs. andrew siff is covering the republican race in midtown. melissa russo is covering the democratic battle. melissa, start us off, please z. >> reporter: the polls predict hillary clinton will win, the campaign is lowering expectations. they are predicting a close contest, while at the same time, hoping for a ten-point victory margin to try to stamp out any sort of bernie sanders momentum. >> i am so excited about both
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voting here in new york and -- >> reporter: hillary clinton, hoping new yorkers love her enough for a landslide tonight. or at least a definitive double digit win. after filling in the bubble on her own ballot with husband bill at her side, today, she urged new yorkers to get out and vote. >>th i just urge everybody to come out and vote before 9:00 p.m. tonight. that would be terrific. >> eporter: then she took off to washington, d.c. for a building trades conference. >> looks like we have hard hats in the audience here ouday. >>ou reporter: she talked about supporting unions, higher wages and the qualifications necessary for the nation's top job. >> our next president will face three big tests. first, can you deliver results that improve people's lives? second, can you keeo us safe? third, can you bring our country together?


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