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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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declaring victory in their hometown tonight. police everywhere, streets roped off after a confront indication that had officers drawing guns. i was in shock. it was like a firecracker. >> an e-cigarette battery explodes. her play by play of the night a nightmare nightmare. we begin tonight with what could be one of the most talked about and raucous primary elections of recent history. both sides battling it out in new york fighting to solidify their leads. >> nbc news projected donald trump the winner of the state's republican primary leaving ted cruz and john kasich behind with votes still being counted.
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clinton is a did. repeatedly said she was. she sure did have w rk energy at this victory party tonight rivaling what we see at those massive bernie sanders rallies. it has been ten years, hard to believe, since she was elected in this state. bernie sanders outspent her two le one in new york.
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blocking win that she so badly wanted at this very critical time in the race. >> today you proved once again there's no place like home. and to all of the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there s much more that unites us than divides us. >> reporter: hillary clinton working hard not to alienate any of the bernie sanders supporters who she will need to bring over to her camp eventually if she secures this nomination going forward. that's thealatest from cdinton headouarters tonight. >> thank you. donald trump was heavily favored going into today's primary. how many of the republican delegates will he pick up? do ted cruz and john kasich have a,chance to derail his nomination? andrew?
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closely to the tone of donald ump tonight. rather than a celebration, it sounded more like a declaration that he is ready for a convention fight. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. >> reporter: his path to victory was smooth as the mosht floors as trump tower. after a land slight win in his reporter: trump's victory speech tonight in the same headquarters w re ten months ag eo the one-time long-shot ndidate first shot to the top of the polls. he has never trailed election away with the way they're doing it in the republican party. >> reporter: while he spoke in front of dozens of cameras,
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celebrated at the restaurant downstairs. they remain hopeful he willmiet convention. >> i am torrieag our vote doesn't count anymore. that's not fair. it's not what america is supposed to be. >> reporter: that last supporter you heard from, she'ss rom connecticut. connecticut volt tes next week. trump plans to head to maryland and indiana tomoirow. more states to go before the convention fight. andrew siff, news 4 new york. the other contenders have been watching tonight's results om campaign events around the country.a davie usher i ds here with what they had to say. ts oth candidates hit the road looking ahead. bernie sanders spoke a half hour ago after landing in vermont to recharge. he echoed what he said earlier campaigning in pennsylvania today at a rally at penhtstate. he complained about potential
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we will hear about that. possibly more than 125,000 according to the controller scott springer. between that and the fac that independents could not vote in new york's primary, he said millions were disenfranchised today. people who might have voted for him instead of hillary clinton. >> i would hope that in future primary elections in new y k state, the officials there make some fundamental changes about nhow they do business. >> reporter: the gap l undermine part of his argument. philadelphia. he ignored the new york results. he invoked not only bernie sanders but john f. kennedy, abraham ncoln, claiming to be a washington outsider likee- him. he almost sounded more like a sermon. he called on voters to unite hind him. >> we ill defeat the shl of isgamists and isis. we will live as neighbors,
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again. weno will heal the sick, feed the poor and defend the defenseless. we will restore our rightful place in the world. >> reporter: johndkasich has prided himself on being the least pugnaciousous candidate. a supporter gave him bombing gloves saying thanks for fighting for us. he made no mention of new york. he did take aim at trump mocking him for pledging to bring the steel industry back to pittsburgh during a rally next month. >> great. you know what? everything that lives in pittsburgh is going to be a billionaire. i'm not going to tell you how i'm going to do it, i'm just telling you, by the way. everybody here will own their own hotel. it's great. isn't it? >> let's talk about where the rubber meets the road tonight in terms of delegates. for the republicans, 95
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trump will pick up 14 at large delegates. we will see how the congressional districts fare. he will pick up a good number. the so-called magic number to seal the nomination, 1237. you see trump has 756 going into today. ted cruz has 559. trump obviously adding to the numbers. for the democrats, the magic number 2383. going in today's primary, hillary clinton had 1749. bernie sanders, 1084. at stake 247. ther are allotted proportionally. with the dounle digit victory, he put more distance between her and sanders. many say the math gets to be really kind of difficult if not impossible. he raced a d raised a half hour ago he said he will keep going. donald trump donald trump says a week from tonight, connecticut, rhode island, delaware, maryland and pennsylvania. >>, thank you.
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new yorkers today. hvoters reportedroken machines and trouble accessing polling plraaces. some people ev claiming fraud. >> never had a probleithis is a e first time ever that my name just wasn't there. >> this is ou ns after the board confirmed more than 125,000 democratic vhuers in brooklyn were purged from the voter rolls. e attorney general's office said it got more than 500 calls to its voting problem hotline. ma gyor de blasio released a statement saying -- >> we will stay on top of the e developments. we will run through the results in a few other important races. we areda
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confronting a wanted man. ineckey beckford is live with one key question investigators trying to answer. checkey? reporter: at this late hour, tht houses are still cordoned off. you can see officers behindtme, the spotlight up at this hour as they continue to investigate. one of the main pie,es of evidence they are looking for is th gun believed to have been carried by the suspect that police fired at. take a look at this. it's video that police put out within the last hour. they say it shows that suspect running into the building behind me with the gun. he was later found in an apartment inside thebuilding. cameras were rollingsearlier today as he along with another man initially sought by police
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ise accessible. they shoulun't be access le. >> reporter: anti-crime officers were looking for another man seen here being arrested wanted on a warrant. they spotted him and the allegud gunman on sand street. police say the man pulled out a gun. three officers fired hitting the man in the left hand. it's unclear if the suspect fired at police. the two took off. police shut down surrounding streets near the navy yards. paper cups acting as temporary evidence markers dotted the scene. >> set up the perimeter and barricaded the area. >> reporter: this man lives in e houses, an area he typically co nsiders safe until today. >> we have cops posted.
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i'm surtoprised. >> reporter: police worki0g right now to obtain a warrant to go into the third floor apartment where the suspect was found. they still search for the gun. the wounded suspect was taken to king's county hospital where he is isted in stable condition. we y're along nassau street, checkey beckford. the former police officer will not serve prison time. strong reactions from both sides today. he expressed his lament. >> i was in shock. >> the judge there was un insufficient evidence to support man slout er augh
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manslaughter. he got probation. >> i wasn't hoping for anything. i just thought that he would be -- the conviction of manslaughter was going to stay. never in my mind did i think it would be reduced. >> this was the volatile scene outside the courthouse just moments after the decision. the brooklyn d.a. recommended he serve no prison time. however, he disagreed with the decision to reduce the jury's verdict and says he plans to appeal. coming up on news 4 new york, a break in a case that terror iced ed ized a nun ed d a community for nearly a decade. a battery exploded inside her pocket. black smoke seen for miles. there's a risk for more fires and flare-ups. what could surprise you at the bus stop tomorrow morning.
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we're following two local special elections to replace two of the most powerful men in albany, both convicted of corruption. >> real quickly, we will begin with they,ace to replace sheldon silver. he was convicted in a corruption case in november. the democrat facing up to 20 years in prison. alice cancel closely associated with silver has won election with 41% of the vote. a lot of leaders did not support her. she was able to win. dean skelos lost his seat to a corruption scandal. he w faces up to 15 years in prison for extortion.
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assembly and governor's office. only 70% of the precincts are reporting. todd kaminsky is leading. as the results come in, we will have them for you on nburewyork.c . >> thank you. turning to a big story in staten island. nearly ten years after a string of 07 woman trainatizing living in constant pain. the battery of an e-cigarette blew up in her pocket. >> she's talking about the
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manufacturer who makes it. we want to warn you, there are graphic images in the story. burned, bruised and traumatized. she's walking with a cafs. much her right leg is bandaged. she blamed a faulty rechargeable baalttery. >> i wasain shock. it was like a firecracker. just went into the dashboard. >> reporter: it blew up in her pockmt. caese pictures show the damage to her body and her car. feels like it's on fire. i can't -- it's like your leg is on fire. thing else can stop the sensation. >> reporter: the battery is for her vaporizer. a report finds 25 fires or explosions involve vaporizers between 2009 and 2014. this is video from an incident in kentu y in february. in her case, the battery was not in a vaporizer. it was in her pocket. i was
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i didn't suspect anything to happen. i didn't even know it was happening. everything happened so fast. >> reporter: she plans to file suit against the battery ma concern for williams. with third degree burns, she says she's living proof of the danger. >>el i want to get better. i hope it doesn't happen to no one else. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the battery manufpeturer tells us they don't sell individual batteries to customers. they are looking into the matter. as far as the store, as you saw, we did come here right before the closing time that was listed on the website. no one was here. ie-mailed. this point, have not heard back. thank you. red flag warnings signaling fire damage have been issued. this is why.
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jersey today after two brush fires scorched hundreds of acres. take a look at this viewer photo sent in to us. those who didn't know what was ppeningathought it was spoke coming from around the world trade center. fortunately, nobody was injured in either refi they are both under control tonight. the dry conditions have gnificantly raised the danger of brush fires. >> that's what we l k at. >> the warnings have expired. we havee, sligh chance across southern new england tomorrow of some h h firh danger. keep a lookout if you are i fairfield county. you are underga fire weather watch for tomorrow. there will be gusty winds, but they won't be as strong as today. very low humidity, very dry air. between now.
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now they are around 20. only in isolated cases. temperatures range from 45 in the city -- 45 north and west of the city to 60 in midtown. it's cool. cool air moving in across the great lakes. mild air to the south. it's going to be chilly in the morning across the area. we had uninnocent red. in the morning, if you are going to be outdoors, getting ready to come into school or work, make sure you have an extra layer. 30s to the north and west. it tomorrow, but thursday, 70 again and mid to upper 70s friday. that's when the rain enters the picture. here is our seven-day forecast. we need the rain showers. we have a chance on friday. and another chance early next week for some showers.
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looks fine. sunshine, t peratures in the 60s, well above average. mid to upper 60s. the w mest days this week will be thursday and friday. we are back in the 70s.
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three daze after ys after an eart.quake devastated ecuador, the death toll climbs. it climbed to 507 with thousands more injured as teams search
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s. in brooklyn, dozens gathered remember those who wereou lt. many in attendance have family or friends dealing with the devastation back in ecuador. >> translator: my family say they need something of medicine, some sleeping bags. >> it shows the people of this aryoua that they ara not one, that tre in hope and that we're here for them. >> the u.s. offered assistance. so far, the president, a strong critic of the u.s. foreign policy in latin america, has yet to respond publically.
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after two games in the steel city, the rangers welcome the penguins to the garden for game three of the stanley cup playoffs.
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game tied at one. minutes into was enough. the pittsburgh penguins right now, to beat them you need a strong game from everyone, starting with myself. >> it's a little disappointing we can't find a way to get a goal. they get a road win and they're up in the series. we have to respond here. te>> think about this for a couple hours, i'm sure.
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>> in baseball news, jacob will rejoin the mets sunday. the mats' bats exploded in philadelphia. a two-run homer in the top of the first inning. the fourth dinger of the season ght game, 11-1 the final. the stadium, the yankees and a's were tied at 2. the bombers fall - y. they have dropped five of their st six gam thes.
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one last look at the projected winners innew rkresi with 58% and 94% of e precincts reporting. >> that's it for news 4 tonight at 11:00. >> for the full wrap of tonight's primaries results, good night and we will see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ab>> ste


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