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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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it was a big night for donald trump and for hillary clinton. but not without some controversy at the polls. plus right now president obama on his way to the middle east. for what could be a tense trip. and an arrest in a notorious crime spree by a thief known as pae ninja burglar. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. 4:30-a.m. on this wednesday, april 20th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett in for bar lean. >> let's check in with chris cimino with our post-primary forecast. >> i think we got through the day unscathed. >> we did. >> temperatures nice. cooler in thetsuburbs. city in the low to mid 50s. 50 to 55 is the range 53 in jackson heights. 47 in white plains. 50 in long ioanch. upper 30s to low 40s across new jersey out in the pine barrens, too. yesterday we had the red f g warning for the area.
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sterl a moderate risk throughout the tri-state. be caseful, conditions are still dry out there. another bright, beautiful looking day. lots of unshine from sun up to ndown. 60s for noon. forecasting a high of 67 degrees. lauren scala is back. good morning. >> good morning. early on things looking good on the road. nice green traffic flowop we have one traffic on 27. northbound, all lanes shut down after finnegan's lane besause of a downed pole. southbound lanes are taking on two weigh traffic. otherwise it's just road work. atat the queens midtown, overnight road work is out there. the north tube is closed, the south tube is taking on two-way traffic, more weather and traffic coming up on the fours. now the results of the big th w york presidential primaries. in their homestates donald trump and hillary clinton scored big victories.
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decisive win beating bernie sanders by n maearly 300,000 votes. that victory does include some controversy at the polls. katherine creag is at the board of elections in lower manhattan with that. lots of questions about missing voters, kat. >> reporter: the people in charge here at the elections board looking at what went wrong. you had voters complaining, even voters contacting our newsroom telling us their information, their address, it was missing. and even our co-workers they had problems, too, especially in polls places in brooklyn. hillary clinton, she was back in new york for the new york primary, it resulted in a victory for her. she took 58% of the vote. this huge gathering took place in midtownhmanhattan. as for bernie sanders, his day started out fine enough with a rally in pennsylvania. the pennsylvania primary is scheduled for next week. but he was certainly a bit more subdued later on when he was
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voters. ain, especially in brooklyn who had problems at their polling places. tasake a listen. >> the comptroller of the city of new york thlked today about voter irregularities, and about chaos at the polli places. as did the mayor of the city of new york. >> the race for ther emocratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. >> among the numerous probltos we were told about that took place at different polling places, upper west side included, there were farms missing, elections workers trying to figure out what went wrong, making phone calls. some people couldn't vote. others had to fill out an affidavit. we know mayber er mayor deblasio looking at this and the board of investigations look at this. back to you, michael. >> thank you very much. as for the republicans, front-runner donald trump came
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he captured 61% of the votes in new york state claiming 88 of the 95 delegates up for grabs. john kasich's only win was manhattan, donald trump's home turf. >> we will go into the convention, i think, as the winner. but nobody can take an election away with the way they're doing it in the republican party. >> it looks as though ted cruz may not have gained any new york delegates. he didn't mention trump in his speech but saidethere is nothing new about a politician winning his homestate. skelos s too close to call.
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chris mcgrath with 53% of the vote. late last night, kaminsky declared victory but mcgrath said the w ner will be known in a couple of days. >>me> democrat alice cancel has won the assembly see the left open by sheldon ?ilver. she did win 41% of the vote there. silver now faces 20 years in prison after being convicted of corruption. >> you can find much more on ouinr website,, inn cluding the latest delegate tracker. you can check the map and see how did your county vote? 4:35, time to get a first check of traffic and weather. hello. >> good morning, guys. starting out crystal clear out th'vere. temperatures in the 40s in the distant suburbs to a little nwir 50s in town. cool, clear start. lo thts of sunshine throughout the day. another dry day ahe of us. while pawn like this beautiful weather, things too dry.
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not as windy today, so a moderate risk for brush fires in the tri-sta area. continue to be extra careful.yonext chance of rain probably not getting in here until the end of thcoe weekr e52 in the city. we may slip down a degree or two in the morning. look at the sun throughout the day. 60 at noon. mid 60s at 3:00, forecasting a high in the upper 60s. let's get over to lauren scala, what do commuters need to know? >> we have a few bus detours out there for the city. the b4, 68, and m5. for new jersey transit, 125, 190 and 703. major commuter lines doing fine so far. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. weather and traffic on the 4s.
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a string of break gin ins on staten island has bee caught. one victim claimed he waived nuthnchakus during a struckal there's a news >> conference heduled for this afternoon. in brooklyn police shot and wounded a man who they say pulled a gun on them. the suspect, who was shot in the hand, yelled at officers as he was taken into custody yesterday afternoon. investigators say he pulled a gun from his waistband as four plainclothes officers approached another man wanted on low-level waerrants. police fired, hit his hand. the gunman ran and was capturid. >> i really think it's a terrible thing. gun shooting is outrageous. >> the suspect wanted on those warrants was also arrested. police have not said whether that man with the gun ever fired a shot.
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him running intd the houses, no apon was recovered. former officer peter liang will not face charges in the case of shooting akay gurley. he asked for a chance to rebuild his life. >> the shot was accidental. i wish i could take back what happened. my life has forever changed. i hope you'll give me a chance. >> the judge reduced the manslaughter conviction to criminally negligent homicide. he said there was insufficient evidence to support manslaughter. he could have gotten 15 years in ison but instead got 800 hours of community service and five years of probation. the mother of gurley's 3-year-old daughter says she was in shock. >> i wasn't hoping for anything. i thought the conviction of manslaughter would stay. never in my mind did i think it would be reduced.
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decision, liang supporters clashed with gurley supporters. the brooklyn d.a. recommended that liang serve no prison time but did disagree with the judge's decision to reduce the jury's verdict and says he pluns to appeal. president obama is on his way to saudi arabia for a fence-mending summit with america's middle east allies. the president left washington yestcrday and will try to use the current string of relations between the u.s. and gulf states, which includes the saud disz saudis lessening tensions withn iran. the death toll in ecuador's earthquake is nowtsver 500. dramatic rescue scenes will be less frequent asch time goes on. this man was pul cd alive from a collapsed hotel. several countries are helping relief efforts to look for survivors. r it is 4:39. today criminal charges are
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contaminated water crisis. sources telling nbc news that michigan's attorney general will make that announcement later today. as many as three government officials will be named. two of them are with the state's department of environmental quality. the other works for the city of flint. the attorney general's office would not confirm details of the briefing but did call it a significant announcement. 4:40 right now. ahead, the surprising comments that comes in a rare appearance by fidel castro. and an explosion inside her car. what a local woman says caused severe burns. and storm team 4 looking at ver nice day ahead as we look at the belt parkway there.
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. 4:42 right now here's four things to know right now. hillary clinton and donald trump are the big winners of new york's presidentialprimaries, but a problem at the polls for tens of thousands of voters is the subject of an audit. we'll have more on that in about 15 minutes. also right now president obama is in the air on his bay to saudi arabia. he's meeting with some of the united states mideastern allies. among the topics expected to come up, the fight against isis. >>uc> an announcement that some people on staten island have waited to years for. we'll find out more about the ninja burglar. the man behind a spree of break-ins on the island. robert costanzo is linked to more than a dozen thefts in se endl wealthy communities that happened nearly ten years ago. >eand tonight mayor deblasio is heading to staten island to hold a town hall meeting to talk about the quality of life there.
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approaching 4:44 on a wednesda morning. in good shape. starting out nice, dry, cool and comfortable out there. some suburbs are chilly. temperatures climbing well into the 60s with sunshine, warmer yet tomorrow. though the sun will probably fade behind some s will lead to showers on friday. we're in a deficit and are too dry out to re. yesterday we had that fire danger. had that fire in new jersey. this morning we are talking about frost advisories until about 7:00 a.m. temperatures flirting with that 32 to 34 degree range. anything delicate put out a little too early may have issues. that frost advisory until 7:00. pollen report, tree pollen way up there. that's about the only game in toanwn. most of the other things get active later in the season. the tree pollen, they're all coming into bloom. looks nice, but if you're an allergy sufferer doesn't always feel great. most of the action in the country in terms of rain and cloud cover is
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morost of this, notice again, moving south to north. not so much psessing in our direction. while the blocking pattern is breaking down, it's a process, a slow process. seeing more of the moisture work eastward and get into that by the end of this week. right now, zooming into a clear sk wey, so lots of sunshine. not a lot gopling on. noontime through the evening hours, same old blank map, clear sky for the most part. then even during the day tomorrow, starting out at 7:00 na.m. with sunshine. seeing high clouds creeping in late afternoon and evening. showers stay to the west and northwest of us. overnight basically dry, maybe a shower towards friday morning. the main push for rain on fret, ay, you canhe see it's coming toge her then later in the afugternoon to evening. friday night could be a soggy one across the area. embedded in there, an isolated thunderstorm. yankgs back in town at the stadium.
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60 degrees, maybe dropping back to the 50s. 70s tomorrow and friday. friday a muggy day, hih of 76. showers and an isolated thunderstorm or two poheible. at activity pushing east on saturday. any leftover clouds should end. then sun returns in the afternoon. back to the upper 60s. sunday, looking good. sun and clouds, mid 60s. cooldown next week, mondayat. clouds increase, tuesday upper 50s with some on and och showers once again. lauren scala back in her traffic chair, what can you tell us. >> i don't have too much to say which is always good news from traffic department. one problem on route 27 heading northbound, all lanes shut down after finnegan's lane. downed pole out there. southbound lanes takingen o-way trsffic. live look outside at the george washington bridge where construction has cleared out. theolower level is open. you'll need easy pass if you'reh headed to the lower level.
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just find. here is the long island expressway in queens, smooth sailing here on both roadways. overall roads are in gre d shape. it is 4:46, a commuter alert for you. get readyor police roadblocks if you're driving or walking near the u.n. starting at about 8:00 tonight, the upper level of first avenue ll be closed, so will several sidemitreets there. tomorrow morning there will be pedestrian checkpoints. it's because world leaders are going to be at the u.n. tomorrow and on friday to sign the paris agreement on climate change. a rare public appearance by cuba's fidel castro is being seen as a fairwell speech. he spoke yesterday to the communist party convention in havana. the one-time revolutionary leader mentioned he will turn 90 coming up in august and this is likely the last speech he'll
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his brother, raul was granted another five years as party leader. it was 17 years ago tha two teens carried out one of the deadliest school shootings in u.s. history. two columbine high school students killed 12 classmates and a teacher before killing themselves. today classes are canceled but students and sinvivors are expected to gather at the school. >> t> auwonnecticut judge has clnleared the way for the family of the sandy hook elementary school families to sue the gunmaker remington used in the shooting to kill 20 people. the families are suing saying the rifle is a military-style weapon and should have not been so uld to civouians. a new town teacher expected in court today on gun charges. 46-year-old jason adams brought a gun to the town's middle school.
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as sandy hook elementary was. adams had a valid permit but connecticut state law prohibs co nncealed firearms on school grounds. a ex offender who assaulted a cab driver on long island is expected to be sentenced this is francis barrios, he was picked up in port jefferson last december. prosecutors say he atacked the iver and she crashed into a fence. he then dragged her into the backseat and raped her. he is fating 24 years behind bars. the man accused in the shooting death of a rutgers university student is pleading not guilty. police say 25-year-old marcus feliz shot and killed 21-year-old seany patel at patel's off-campus apartment on april 10th. prosecutors say feliz has no connection to the university but believes the shootings were not
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feliz can charged with murder and robbery. a woman in queens taking legal action after her pocket caught fire and the cause, she says, was a faulty rechargeable battery. katrina williams says the battery is for her vaporizer. she says the battery blew up earlier this month burning her leg and damaging her car. her burns are so bad we are only showing you the bandages and the damage to her car. katrina plans to file suit against the manufacturer and the canal street store that sold it to her. >> i was in shock. it was like a firecracker. it launched into my dashboard. i didn't even know what was happening. everything happened so fast. >> a spokesperson for the battery manufacturer says they don't sell individual batteries directly to customers. a pair of brush fires that tore through hundreds of akers in new jersey is now under contl. look at the thick, black fire and smoke.
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yesterda afternoo people as far away as brooklyn took the pictures of the heavy smoke billowing over manhattan. new jersey transit was forced to suspend service for several hours. nobody was injured. look how thick that smoke was. >>r that's a lot. that's scary to see. it's 4:50 right now. still to come, the local airport th pat now has a futuristic place to catch a nap. > and a dog in distress, where firefighters rushed to help this little guy. was stuck high above the street. also new dev opments in the plans for a building that could reshape the skyline of brooklyn
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welcome back. beautiful shot of the statue of liberty. 4:53. 52 degrees out there. look at these. >> wow. >> jetblue added these nap energy pods at jfk airport. they look like a futuristic recline recliner. you can sit in them for free for 20 minutes. when nap time is over, the chair wakes you up using lights and vibration. >> do you -- ia does keep you om seeing the guy taking your wallet. >> with that little pod thing. i'm always leery of sleeping in the airport. >> if you can get a picture of chris cimino sleeping in a sleeping pod, sent it to me. >> reminds me of one of those big hair dryers from bseuty tarlors back in the day. 80 to start the week. 70s yesterday. today upper 60s. still above normal temperatures.
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it's a full day of sunshine. breeze calms down, too that's why the fire danger risk is less today. be careful out there. things are very, very dry. tonight, mainly a clear sky. on the chilly side. upper 40s in the city. upper 30s and low 40s in the suburbs. we have a little bit of rain in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we need it. >> look who is back. lauren scala. what's going on? >> not much on the roads. a lot of overwork track work. 12 lines affected. that will be going on for 5, 10 more mi tes. a live look at the brooklyn bridge, things moving along nicely on the span. we will see the delays on the bqe, if you look to the left lower half of your screen, you can see stop and go traffic heading on to the bridge. well, if you're out driving th connecticut, the department
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toreday, but the agency is urging you not to visit or if you do get ready to wait a nuong time. the dmv experienced computer oblems yesterday statewide. the system shut down over qught to try to fix the glitch, but it may still be a bit sltigish. >> when is the dmv not sluggish? >>l right. more mta workers will be required to be tested for sleep apnea. the mta began testing engineers after this fatal derlment in the bronx in 2015. now the program is being expanded to include conductors and long island railroa crews in that 2015 crash, an eng eer with undiagnosed sleep apnea fell asleep at the controls. four people died. on long island a bus driver is facing felony drug chasges.
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to a person. he was caught making the drug deakal on a street corner monday night, according to news day. the bus transportation company rfsaysrocket won't be driving until the charges are resolved. a manhattan man is indicted for selling fake tickets to "hamilton." prosecutor says the tickets were listed in ads on craigslist. one e couple told police they paid $300 for tickets that they couldn't use. the show's creator and star has tweeted a warning urging fans to beware of scammers. atlantic city is going all in. they're suing the state over $33 million. atlantic city says the state owes them that money and they never got them. the $33.5 millions would have come from an atlantic city rescue package that governor christie vetoed twice. the gambling resort town is basically going broke.
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money for this year's budget, according to the lawsuit. in brooklyn, the city's tallest building outside of manhattan will be on the rise. the landmark preservation commission approved the plans in downtown brooklrn. it's a 73-story building that will have about 500 apartments. when completed it will stand 1,066 feet high. it wouldnde the tallest tower in the outer boroughs. a dog in some danger in new jersey. we want to show thank you scene from hoboken yesterday afternoon. that is a dog perched on an apartment ledge. skip other the dog broke through a screen to get some sun, wandered out the window and couldn't get back. firefighters used their ladder to bring him to safety. skipper is back safe. >> he was determined. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. boost for the front-runners.
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big for hillary clinton and donald trump. what happened, though, at the polls is now being investigated. and an arrest that some have waited years for. this morning what we know about the man suspected of being the so-called ninja burglar. and today criminal charges expected to be filed in connection with the water crisis in flint, michigan. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, the 20th of april. i'm mike gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett in for darlene. >> let's check in with chris cimino. these are the days we check in with you, everything is great. >> i like this. >> this is a good run. we get some rain by the end of the week. to rain today, just take along the shades. chilly in the someone suburbs. franklin down to 38. 44 in high point. 42 in oakland, new jersey. in the city, right around 50.
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40s in the hudson valley. the fire dangers the greatest in connecticut, red flag warning. moderate risk elsewhere. be extra careful throughout the day because it's dry. just not as windy today. plenty of sunshine. 60 at noon. low 60s through lunch time. upper 60s the forecast high for the mid to late afternoon.s5:00 a.m. straight up, lauren lauren is back. let's look at the commute. how is it looking? >> things looking good. we got reports of an accident on the van wyck expressway. heading northbound, that blocks the right laneen. it's not causing much of a delay because it's quiet. heatading over to the connecticut turnpike, we have delays because of construction. 95 out in the stratford area, experu delays southbound out by exit 33. more weather andn raffic coming up on the fours. now to the results of the new york presidential primaries. the front-runners edge their leofads. they won big on their home turf.


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