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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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now at 11:00, heartbreak times two. four years after hurricane sandy destroyed their homes, families watched their rebuilt houses go up in flames. ambushed at gun point. cabdrivers cabdrivers facing a new threat. and the investigation under way one day after voters flooded a complaint hotline. >> crews battled those flames for hours as they spread from home to home and touched off a brush fire. now reality for families who emerged from one disaster only to face another. >> this is ray villeda where another daunting task begins, ray? >> reporter: chuck, natalie, this fire started just before 2:00 this afternoon, and you can still smell the smoke in the air. it started at this house, and i call it a house, but look at what's left of it. all that's here is rubble, beams, and where there was once
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dumpster filled with some debris. the fire spread to the house next door and this house. it was razed after superstorm sandy. this community that's had to deal with disasters irene and superstorm sandy, and now this. this is the homeowner, left speechless. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: police say an electrical problem with an air conditioner sparked a fire at this home, which spread, damaging four other houses. the homeowner's wife and child were inside the house at the time and ran out before flames took over. >> she smelled spoke moke, was able to spot smoke and called 911. >> out of nowhere, flames shot up, and they were trice wice as high as the house itself. >> reporter: it ignited a brush
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a massive force of firefight others responded and doused the flames. >> it looked like an inferno. went up really fast and hot. real hot. >> get out of the house! get out of the house! >> reporter: a community watched another devastating blow hit their neighborhood. the home next to it had been razed. >> these are all my neighbors, we went through hurricane sandy together. there was water this deep in this neighborhood, so, you know, they're all good. we're all alive. >> oh, my god, this is crazy. the island is just engulfed now. completely gone. >> reporter: after a thick ceiling of fire covered these homes, uncertainty now washes over this part of the southern shore. >> families are still recovering from superstorm sandy, and then for this fire to occur here is very unfortunate. >> reporter: the police commissioner says this community is resilient, and they will rebuild.
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have been displaced, we're told they'll be stand stay ying with family members. two firefighters were injured as a result of this. we're told they were just treated for smoke inhalation and will be fine. >> and you saw in re's report, that raging brush fire on indian island. fire danger, brush fires is existing in parts of the area tomorrow. our storm team meteorologist is here with us. janice? >> same thing today and the day before. the chance for brush fires that could spread quickly if they happen across the area due to the extreme dry conditions we've been seeing. the good side of course is the beautiful weather and sunshine. but we have to deal with this part, too. gusty winds, low humidity. any brush fire that starts could spread quickly under these conditions. so a fire watch tomorrow for new
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tonight is not a problem because the humidity levels have come up a bit. that happens a lot at night. the humidity is around 60%, 70% right now. tomorrow when the air dries out again, that's going to be the issue. now it is going to be a beautiful day. upper 40s in the morning, a bit chilly. mid-60s by noontime and 70 in the afternoon. we will see changes in the forecast, good news in terms of getting rid of the fire danger but some rain. we go now to a disturbing crime spree in queens. two men, wanted by police accused of stalking, then robbing cabdrivers, ida siegal was live in south richmond hills with the locations where the suspects could be scoping their next mark, ida? >> reporter: that's right, and i'm on 97th avenue here tonight.
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site. just a week and a half ago. police have shown us security video of the two men they believe are responsible for these robberies. right before they make their move. the security video is not very clear, but nonetheless, police are hoping it helps them find two serial robbers who have been targeting cabdrivers in queens. kareem singh says one of the victims was his uncle. >> i think they took around $70 and two iphones. >> reporter: two men are working as a team, and they follow the driver home and pull out a gun. they've taken thousands of dollars in cash and cell phones. kareem is also a driver and worried about his own safety. >> sometimes, we try to find parking as close as we can. sometimes we have to walk two or three blocks.
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what can happen. the robberies started on march 3rd and there have been 14 total. most are in the early morning hours, right when drivers are coming off their shifts with lots of cash. >> our goal is to make that money. >> reporter: a big loss. >> a big, very big. >> reporter: in total, police say the two men have gotten away with nearly $6,000, and they have not been arrested just yet. if you have any information that can help the police, you should give them a call. reporting live from richmond hill, ida siegal, news 4 new york. a tragic scene on line. an ambulance driver and the patient in the back were killed when the vehicle skidded off the parkway. police say the driver lost control, hit the stone work support of the eagle avenue overpass. it's still not clear why he lost control. police also say the ambulance was not using its lights and
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speeding, and an emergency medical technician in the ambulance was the only survivor, suffering a broken leg and concussion. heading to brooklyn where the nypd wants to track down a man who threatened woman and attacked her. she was jogging around 5:00 this morning. the man grabbed her from behind, threw her to the ground, held her at knife point and threatened to rape her. she managed to get away and i took off. >> the battleground has moved across the border. the five states with primaries next tuesday, pennsylvania has the knost delegate the most delegates up for grabs. >> my late father was from scranton. i was baptized in scranton. we spent summers. >> hillary clinton talked about her own ties to the keystone state.
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give her a decisive edge over bernie sanders. a group of protesters shouted "don't vote for hillary, she is killing black people." >> how do you hit the home run? he said i don't know, man. i just swing at it. that's it. >> in maryland tonight, donald trump compared himself to baltimore native babe ruth, claiming his ability to create jobs is like ruth's ability it swat homers. but he got booed when he invoked the name of tom brady. as for ted cruz, he conceded he cannot win enough delegates before the summer convention. but at a meeting in florida, he said trump can't win enough delegates either. >> what is clear today is that we are headed to a contested convention. >> and fellow republican john kasich also said today he is
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convention. bernie sanders spent the day back home in vermont, but he said last night he has no plans to pull out of the race. and in downtown brooklyn dozens of bernie sanders suyopporters took to the streets complaining about alleged irregular lites in ities irregularities. they were wrongly purged from the polls. 126,000 registered democrats had been removed from the rolls in br oooklyn since november, but those people either died, moved or changed their registration, they were told, but demonstrators are not buying that. >> people are really angry, and they're fed up with being ignored. >> new york attorney general eric schneiderman announced he's launching his own investigation. he's deeply troubled by the volume of voting irregularity
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still to come, time is running out. the search for survivors following that devastating earthquake in ecuador quick noose -- kicks into high gear. and the latest school district in the area shutting off the water fountains after high levels of lead. plus, how far would you go to get viagra? in one state you may first have to get a notarized note from
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tonight, we are getting a look at the aftermath of a deadly crash in kwaens. a car hit the median on the white stone expressway, flipped
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upside down 25 feet below. the driver, kevin temmisfar was taken to the hospital where he died. the ninja burglar is ready to plead guilty to charges tomorrow. he admitted to targeting more than 150 homes on staten island in the past decade. and because of the statute of limitation, he faces only three burglary charges in the borough. he got caught after committing similar crimes across the tri state. >> i think that's wonderful, because now we can sleep a little better at night. >> castanza was dubbed the ninja killer. the death toll in ecuador following last week's earthquake now tops 500. and time is running out to find survivors still trapped in the rubble there. we have a reporter in the disaster zone where people are still clinging to hope.
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had one of its strongest aftershocks, 6.2 on the richter scale. most people are just simply scared to sleep in their homes. in manta, rescue efforts continue. officials believe at least 40 people are still buried under this rubble, but chances of life are slim. up to now, only 54 victims have been found alive across the nation. thousands are missing. help is coming from around the world. this group of volunteers from mexico. truth is we still have hope, he tells me. we want to help till the end. and this is how one of the one main roads ended up quite literally a path of destruction. we're talking about it being at least four feet beneath where the road actually should be. many haven't had any food in days. victims are desperate for water and basic necessities. where there is help, the lines are endless, and it's never enough.
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there's nothing left at the market, she tells me. tonight the ecuadorian government says there's 20,000 people who are now homeless. they are trying to get back on their feet, in the middle of the tragedy trying to find a source of normalcy. just a few hours ago we felt another aftershock. many people have spent days without water, food or electricity. two employees of the michigan department of environmental quality were in court today facing criminal charges in connection with the flint lead contamination scandal. they failed to provide safe and clean water to the families of flint. a third man who works for the city of flint was also charged today and more indictments, we're told, could be on the way. and since flint many school
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found led in their water. leonia has shut off its water fountains. newark, newark and patterson. harriet tubman is poised to replace andrew jackson on the front of the $20 bill. he's not completely getting the boot. he's moving to the back of the bill. we head to the harriet tubman statue for reaction. >> it's fantastic, wonderful. >> it's wonderful, a woman. >> it's good to see someone who looks like me on the $20 bill. >> and those aren't the only changes. leaders of the women's suffrage movement will be on the back of the $10 bill. we've been tracking the dry conditions. >> at night it's not so bad, but it does kick up again tomorrow.
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mass above us. that's not going to really move out until that front to our west comes our way on friday. we're tracking that for you. in the meantime, it's a beautiful night out there, yet get. again. we have a stretch of beautiful days and fire danger, but other ways, fantastic. skies are mostly clear, 57 degrees. it's going to another beautiful day tomorrow and a warm one indeed, but the brush fire risk or the spread of brush fires continues tomorrow. you just have to be careful out there if you plan to spark up the barbecue or with your cigarettes and so forth. and nothing's going to change until we get the storms on friday. that brings higher humidity. even if it doesn't rain in your area, it will help the conditions. they've had more heavy rain across parts of louisiana today, some of the same rain that hit houston, and they're going to get more tonight and tomorrow. there's heavy showers east of st. louis, moving through
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and there might even be some thunderstorms with that when it gets to us on friday afternoon. this is midnight friday. we'll start to see the clouds moving in throughout the day and throughout the morning on friday. and then by the afternoon, say 1:00, we'll start to get some thunderstorms popping up north and west of the city. that passes through, but we'll continue in waves until the front passes us on friday night. should clear out in time for the weekend. and that's the best news, of course. 49n yonkers. 52 in east seaside park. and the light winds will drop off tonight. here are the light winds here, and that's why there could be some patchy fog in some spotting. but north and west you'll have a few more 30s on the map, even
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start in the morning. the frost advisory is from fairfield county around the hudson valley and northern new jersey and ocean county until 8:00 go in the morning. the growing season has started so if you have plants you want to protect, bring them inside. the conditions are the same everywhere. the weekend looks great. not that much wind, beautiful skies. monday we start to see some showers in the forecast. we really need the rain. we're running a deficit since the first of the year, so any rain is welcome. next week is a bit unsettled and cool after monday. so a chance for showers each day. maybe not a washout every day, but that's the change in the pattern that we're going to see, otherwise, great weekend coming up. >> thanks, janice. chuck, the islanders need only two more wins to do something they haven't done in over two decades. coming up in sports, the isles
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their first round stanley cup playoff series against the panthers. we've got highlights of game four and john chandler has the
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introduced today to regulate erech tile dysfunction drugs. but they say it has nothing to do with erech tile dysfunction at all. it would make someone want being the viagra to wait 24 hours and get a notarized statement from his partner, and be counseled on celibacy as a lifestyle choice. queen liz elizabeth's birthday, she plans to spend the day at windsor castle. she's showered with all sorts of gifts, including commemorative stamps of the royal family. she's also received a sculpture made of auto parts.
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for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. well, there's no need for islanders fans to panic. >> no, not yet. the islanders tried to get one
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playoff series win in 23 years, and in the process take a 3-1 stranglehold on their series with the panthers. the islanders trailed it 1-0 late in the second, but on the power play, john tavares makes a great play and roofs one by roberto longo. and one sneaks by to be the game winner. the series is now tied at two games apiece. john chandler took it all in at barclays center. >> the games have been decided by just a goal, another one-goal game, another slow start fort islanders. captain john tavares scored his third of the series. afterwards he was frustrated by
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islanders came out a half step too slow in this one. >> just weren't able to break through in the third and come, come through late. so it's, we get a final way to get a little more production. >> best of three at this point. and we're heading back there and ready to rock. i said it after we won our last game. we have to turn the page. you've got no time to dwelling on it. >> reporter: thomas greiss was spectacular. boychuk says the line has to be better, they have to cut down on the turnovers, and they'll get a chance. all evened up at 2 apiece. next game in florida. now to baseball. the suddenly surging mets who went for a sweep of the
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record third straight game, the mets hit back to back homers. cespedes cespedes, and one is grounded to third, and freddie galvez races home. 5-4 phillies the final. meanwhile, the yankees offense is stuck in the mud. alex rodriguez goes down looking against kendall graveman. it was tied at one in the fourth. and one is served to shallow left. and brian mccann can't hold on. the yankees have lost six of their last seven, 5-2 the final. the basketball world is mourning the loss of a new york city legend. dwayne pearl washington lost his battle with brain tumor at the
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he was the star of boys and girls school in brooklyn. his most famous play, this half-court shot to beat boston college at the carrier dome in 1984. i remember the big east tournament in 1984. syracuse against villanova. there was nothing like watching pearl. thtiat day was magic. >> thanks.
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our visit will take pbefore your appointment starts. that's it for news 4 new york at 11:00. the tonight show's straight ahead. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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