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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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recognize him. overnight police release a sketch and video of a suspect police say tried to rape a woman in prospect park. donald trump trying to shake things up, including the way he delivers speeches. and why millions of con ed customers will be getting some money back. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 4:30 a.m. on this thursday, april 21st, i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett in for darlene. >> chris cimino is here with the forecast. a little chillier this morning. >> some spots down to the 30s. the city down to where it was yesterday morning, 50506789 in in chelsea, same thing in hoboken. 36 in sussex, jackets needed, by the afternoon, warmer today than yesterday. a few high clouds working their way in from the west. the rain clouds are further out
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crawling slowly in our direction. that gets in here tomorrow. a nice looking day, just an increase in clouds. a good deal of sunshine, breezy and warm. forecasting a high today of 75 degrees. it's a thursday morning. let's say good morning to lauren scala. good morning. >> good morning. suspension on the 6 train, no service in both directions between pelham bay park because of a police investigation. very colorful today, so make sure you're aware there will be delays and service changes. new this morning, video and a sketch of the man police say attacked a woman in prospect park. she was jogging early yesterday morning when the suspect threw her to the ground and told her he was going to rape her. "today in new york's" jen maxfield is in prospect park with the sketch police want you to see. jen? >> reporter: that's right. this is an incident that has
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park. at female jogger, so brave yesterday morning. she was out jogging at around 5:15 when this man attacked her. police wanted everyone to see this sketch and surveillance video. the man is described as being in his 20s with light facial hair. police say he was wearing all black and black sneakers with white bottoms. you can see that police were able to get surveillance video from people who live in the neighborhood. this incident happening yesterday morning. the young woman was jogging around 5:15 when she told police a man attacked her from behind, threw her to the ground, showed a knife and told her he was going to rape her. the woman struggled and was able to get away. she had to get stitches on her hand from where the knife went into one of her fingers. other than that, she was not badly injured. obviously a frightening situation at prospect park. police hoping to make an arrest
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that sketch and surveillance video. that's the latest live from prospect park, now back to you. >> thank you. there are reports that somebody stabbed a livery driver in yonkers. this happened on cedar place near an elementary school. katherine creag is there. >> reporter: lots of houses on this street as well. what an awful scene that took place. the victim's car just left here in the middle of the street, pretty much where that vehicle that you see right there. the victim badly injured, badly bleeding, tried to make his way out of the vehicle. we want to show you this video. lots of police on the scene earlier as they gathered as much evidence as they could and took photographs of the sedan. this is on cedar place and highland avenue. at 1:00 this morning, we understand a livery cab driver was robbed and stabbed. this is a residential area. lots of houses up and down the
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we're waiting to find out what happened. we are waiting to hear back from the taxi company, also detectives from the yonkers police department. back to you. >> thank you very much. 4:33 right now. an investigation underway after a car hit four people on long island, one of them died. it happened on lyndon avenue in hempstead before 5:00 yesterday evening. one woman died, three other people were taken to the hospital with injuries. at mangled bicycle was left at the scene. it is not clear whether the driver stayed or took off. an alert for subway riders inne the the bronx. no 6 train service between pelham bay park and hunts point avenue due to a police investigation. lots of activity as you can see. there we'll keep an eye on this situation. stay with us. we'll have updates and how it could affect your commute. >> it's 4:34 right now, we'll check in with lauren momentarily, but chris, chilly out there, but still nice.
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we're getting greedy. temperatures will be warming up nicely this afternoon. the suburbs seeing some 30s out there early on. the sun mixing with high clouds from time to time today. a southwesterly wind, warmer afternoon. temperatures into the 70s. only exceptions are the south-facing coastal areas, your temperatures no higher than the 60s. 50 degrees right now. skies mostly clear in town. patchy high clouds here and there. by noontime closing in on 70. by mid afternoon, in the mid 70s. some changes in the seven-day, we'll get to that on the fours. let's get over to lauren scala and find out about the thursday morning commute. >> good morning. we have road work out there. at the lincoln tunnel, the helix is shut down between pleasant avenue and the tunnel entrance. all lanes closed there. goat off at the weehawken exit. otherwise we also have road work at the west tubes closed, the
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traffic. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. your next weather and traffic update on the fours. on long island, home owners hit hard by hurricane sandy will begin picking up the pieces once again cheeping up from a devastating fire. apparently it was an electrical problem that started this fire in east santa barbara road in lindenhurst. a mother and child were home at the time but got out safely. the winds spread the fire to a neighboring home and then a nearby brush fire and three other homes were also damaged. >> families are still recovering from superstorm sandy, and then for this fire to occur here is unfortunate. >> the neighboring home had just been rebuilt after it had been destroyed by sandy. the homeowners were two weeks away from getting back into their house. two firefighters had to be treated for smoke inhalation. look for donald trump to deliver fewer offer the cuff speeches.
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last night. he's now planning to use a teleprompter and a speech writer, all part of a shift in strategy. his new convention manager is taking more control of the campaign in order to try and win more delegates. coming up on the "today" show, there will be a donald trump town hall live on the plaza. his family will be there as well to take questions. that will begin this morning at 7:00. last night hillary clinton held a rally in philadelphia hot off of her win in new york. this morning she'll be in connecticut ahead of that state's primary on tuesday. she'll join several families that have been impacted by gun violence. she's been critical of senator bernie sanders on the issue of gun control. sanders is campaigning today in pennsylvania. 4:37 now. new york state's attorney general will investigate complaints regarding new york's presidential primary. complaints sparked protests yesterday in brooklyn by some supporters of senator bernie
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there were 126,000 democrats in brooklyn purged from the voting rolls. the state attorney general eric schneiderman said his office got 1,000 complaints, so now he will audit the city board of elections. a postal worker who was allegedly beaten by two nypd detectives will speak with reporters. the two detectives were indicted on assault charges yesterday. they are accused of beating kareem baker in 2015. baker's lawyer said he had been systematically harassed by police since 2014. also happening today, the so-called ninja burglar expected to plead guilty to burglary charges. robert costanzo admitted to targeting more than 100 homes on staten island through the course of the past decade. because of the statute of limitations, he only faces three
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investigators say he got caught after committing similar crimes across the tri-state. now to the desperate situation in ecuador. ecuador's president imposing a one-time tax on the wealthy in his country to help rebuild the extent of the earthquake devastation is widespread. the government estimates reconstruction will cost about $3 billion. the search for possible survivors and recovery of the dead goes on. the official death toll now is close to 600 people. also right now, president obama he is in saudi arabia meeting with the leaders of the mideast gulf states. the president trying to ease strains in those countries including the conflict ongoing in yemen, syria and lebanon and america's nuclear deal with iran, the terror threat posed by isis also on the agenda. con ed is crediting millions
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the settlement stems from a nine-year construction kickback scheme by 11 supervisors and workerers that ended in 2009. electric customers should see about $11, $22 for gas customers. another school in new jersey found lead in their drinking water. this was in northern new jersey, leonia huge. the district has not said in which buildings those tainted water fountains are located. happening today, standardized testing expected to resume in new jersey schools. yesterday morning these tests known as the p.a.r.k. were abruptly shut down throughout the state because of a computer glitch. state educators blamed pearson, the test administrators, for the problem.
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students across new jersey affected. wrestling fans mourning the loss of legendary female wrestler chyna. joan marie lawler died peacefully at her home in california. rot chest she rose to fame in 1997 billed address the ninth wonder of the world. she broke barriers by wrestling against male competitors. she was 45 years old. ahead, the unusual rescue that nypd officers made, they did it in the basement of a manhattan building. and new concerns about the 2nd avenue subway and whether it will be opening as promised. >> shocked to hear that news. and when we could see some rain. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up.
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. here's four things to know this morning. overnight police released this sketch of a man wanted in an attempted rape in prospect park. it happened as a woman was jogging early yesterday morning. new york state attorney general announcing an investigation into problems with tuesday's new york primary. 126,000 democrats in that borough were purged from voting rolls. new details about volkswagen's emission scandal. the associated press reports the company reached a deal to pay some customers $5,000 in restitution. california. according to the american lung association, the new york
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that includes suffolk county and most of northern new jersey. the full results on our website, >> that's not good. 4:44. we're dealing with a day that's nice out there. the air is moving around enough so the air quality levels should be decent for today. temperatures starting out on the chilly side in the suburbs. warm and wonderful afternoon. upper 70s in interior sections, 60s along the south-facing shorelines. thunderstorms roll in for tomorrow. gone by the weekend. we see a clearing trend. it's chilly in the suburbs. a frost advisory for ocean county, new jersey, northwest new jersey, hunderdon, orange and putnam county and interior sections of fairfield county. 50-ish from chelsea to hoboken and the 30s for morristown, sussex. danbury, you're at 35.
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everybody under a clear to partly cloudy sky. high clouds trying to push towards us. here's the next unsettled weathermaker, a cold front moving slowly eastward that blocking pattern has been breaking down. even that hasn't happened that quickly. it will take a while for the clouds to increase tonight and the showers to get in here tomorrow. future tracker shows we're in good shape today. at noontime, a patch of clouds here. by overnight, the clouds thicken up. most of the showers stay way to the north and west of us. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, should be decent to start the day. later in the day a couple of shot showers. the real line of shower activity gets organized around 6:00, 7:00 that pushes through overnight. by 7:00 a.m. saturday morning, leftover cloud force eastern long island, the clouds will clear the coast of new jersey, back into sunshine for saturday afternoon and sunday. for today, a warm one, 75 in the
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larchmont, 71. interior sections of new jersey, those temperatures well up to the 70s. along the coast, out across long island we stay in the 60s with that local sea breeze kicking in. for tonight, mild. overnight low with clouds in the picture, southwest wind of 59. in the suburbs north and west, no 40s. no 30s that's for sure. temperatures in the 50s north and west of town overnight. the clouds yielding showers tomorrow and an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. toasty, 80 degrees ahead of that front. back to the 60s for the weekend. low 60s with sun and clouds on wednesday. let's get back over to lauren scala and find out how the early morning commute is treating us. >> good morning. we have a suspension on the 6 train in the bronx. service has been restored. mostly good news for the roads. a live look outside at the george washington bridge where things are moving along nicely into the toll booths.
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the holland doing fine. a backup on the bqe. a slow ride as cars make their way eastbound around the bend. there is road work that gets in your way, leave yourself extra time. by the long island expressway, smooth sailing here. queens overall doing well. it's the bqe in brooklyn that's an issue. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. your next weather and traffic on the 4s. >> the mta is approving billions of dollars in capital spending but there are doubts that the 2nd avenue subway will open on time. the money will go towards system upgrades, new train cars, new buses and a new fare payment system and restores funding for the next phase of the 2nd avenue subway. the first phase will open in december, but completion of the 72nd street entrance is a concern. the mta acknowledging that the contractor has not agreed to a faster timetable. andrew siff put the mta chairman
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>> do you have the ability to open and skip 72nd street and run the trains to 86th and 96th? if not, why not? >> theoretical question we're not answering at this time. the independent engineer has identified some risks associated with that project with respect to our being able to open when we said we're going to be able to open. that's where the focus is. the intense focus on that project for the past six months is focused on that. we're going to keep the pressure and the focus on that to get it open. >> we called the contractor for a response, so far they have not issued one. happening now, police are trying to find two robbery suspects who they say targeted more than a dozen cab drivers in queens. investigators releasing this video of the two men. it's not very clear, but police say it shows the suspects following the livery cab drivers to their homes and robbing them at gun point when they get there. these men hit at least 14 times
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one driver said his uncle was one of those victims. >> how much money did they take. >> around $700 and two iphones. >> the latest incident was a week ago in south richmond hill. most happen in the early hours of the morning as drivers ended their shifts. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a crash that killed an ambulance driver and patient on long island. the driver lost control and hit the stonework support of the eagle avenue overpass around noon yesterday. the lights and sirens on the ambulance were not in use, which suggests it was not speeding. a third person in the ambulance survived. less than two weeks before he's due to be sentenced on corruption charges, former assembly speaker sheldon silver is saying he's sorry. according to the "new york times," silver wrote to the judge to say he regrets failing the people of new york.
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this apology could affect his sentencing on may 3rd. the 72-year-old, his attorneys say, should get little to no prison time because of his age and health. prosecutors want him to serve at least ten years in jail. an eye on the sky will be looking down on the parks in stanford. a pilot program will put security cameras there. this after a murder and sexual assault in two parks last fall. the mayor says more could be installed in other public places across the city. the connecticut department of motor vehicles expects to resume full operations today. some customers were waiting for up to three hours yesterday. the dmv says anyone's license who expired between sunday and monday night have until tonight to renew it. still to come, one student's
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for college. and ahead at 5:00, which new york city borough is expected to see the biggest spike in rent? >> can't figure that out. and two nypd officers swoop in and save an animal in distress, it's a falcon stuck in a tight spot.
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a falcon is being nursed back to health and it's thanks to nypd officers. these officers rescued the bird from a basement of a building in soho yesterday. there. the falcon is being treated. it was dehydrated, but otherwise okay. so good work by the nypd there. >> look like little guy.
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>> a falconette. >> is that what they're called? >> no. i made that up. nice weather continues. no complaints here. so far so good. today another warm one. warmer than yesterday. yesterday made it to the upper 60s. that's still above normal. in the mid 70s this afternoon. inland spots could be upper 70s. unseasonably warm, sunshine, mixing in with clouds. tonight, we keep the rain away. overnight low of 59. probably not able to keep the rain away tomorrow. we do need some. showers and a couple thunderstorms tomorrow. the good news about the timing, by the weekend it looks like it's out of here. >> perfect. >> what's happening, lauren? frnlgts >> the united nations in town today. closures on the east side and plenty of delays. 1st avenue from 42nd to 48th, and 44th, 45th, and 46th between 1nd and 2nd.
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the east side as well as 2nd avenue as far north as 57th treat. a live look at the tappan zee bridge. things moving along nicely. you're in for a nice ride as you head out the door. it's 4:55. amazon is selling digital textbooks to new york city schools this fall. the "wall street journal" reporting that the company wanted a three-year deal worth about $3 million. amazon will sell content through an internal marketplace. in turn they will earn a 10% to 15% commission. connecticut is a step closer to phasing out plastic and paper bags. the state senate voted on the bill yesterday it requires stores to reduce the number of disposable bags they give out by a thursday by ird by the year 2021. the goal is to get customers to
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it's 4:56. a new report is revealing three surprising links to stomach cancer. 17ca million adults were studied. researchers found having three or more alcoholic drinks a day increased the risk of stomach cancer. the risk also rose for every 50 grams of processed meat consumed each day. they say obesity plays a role as well making stomach cancer the 11th type of cancer linked to excess body fat. another new report suggests that money problem are keeping many americans from sleeping. a report from credit shows 6 in 10 americans lose sleep and it's over financial issues. it says retirement is the biggest financial fear for both genders and paying for healthcare and insurance bills was the second biggest concern. paying for skill ranked second among men. when high schooler has been made an internet sensation.
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boston parking lot with a sign in her hand and said she can't afford college even with a scholarship and two jobs. over two days she earned $600. >> the cost of college is insane. it's unfair really. i don't think it should be like this. >> she took her fund-raiser online to a go fund me page, that's when her donations took off. she raised $22,000. pretty close to her $30,000 goal. $30,000 also will only get her part way throu the first year. just a few hours cannons will fire around great britain to sell great queen elizabeth's 90th birthday. buckingham palace releasing new portraits. one is with her younger grandchildren and her great grandchildren, another with her beloved dogs at windsor castle.
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this photo is with her daughter, princess anne. it's coming up on 5:00. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> our next hour starts now. new this morning, we are live where someone attacked a livery cab driver overnight. new details and a search for the person responsible. and new clues to track done a man who raped a woman during a run in a park. and donald trump announces some major shakeups within his campaign. he's even speaking differently. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, april 21. i'm michael gargiulo. >> his hair is looking different too. good morning, i'm kerry barrett. >> but enough about chris cimino. >> no comment. >> talking about chillier suburbs, but not chilly out there.
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37 in belvedere. 37 in oakland. you also see some low 40s from the gap towards the city in the upper 40s. white plains, 44. hudson valley, 30s, low 40s. most of long island in the 40s. you will need the jacket early on but not in the afternoon as it turns much milder. a southwest wind will take hold. we see high clouds out across pennsylvania that will move in our direction. the rain-making clouds entering indiana and ohio still hours from getting in here. one more dry day today. enjoy it. take along the shades. a fair amount of sun mixing in with the clouds. a forecast high of 75 degrees. that takes care of weather. you know what that means, let's check out traffic with lauren. >> a remind their we do have the united nations convention today. so you will see closures on the east side, 1st avenue from 42nd up to 48th. 44th through 46th will be shut down between 1st and 2nd.


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