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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. right now, mourning the loss of a music legend. some shedding tears, others dancing in the streets. across the country people are gathering to remember prince. right now president obama is in britain preparing for lunch with the queen. and on this earth day, something that's hard to imagine, parts of manhattan with no cars. "today in new york" starts now. all right. we'll have to see about that. good morning. 4:30 a.m. on this friday, it's april 22, i'm michael gargiulo r giulo gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett. >> how is the earth treating us this earth day. >> earthy weather. a bit of everything. some clouds, some sun, also a few showers. we need some rain around here. it's mild this morning. starting out in the mid 60s. hoboken, 64. look at these numbers in the
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50s across the northern half of new jersey. southwest wind and cloud cover keeps the heat in overnight. a few sprinkles to the north of us. just that, sprinkles. probably won't need the umbrella this morning. this is the actual cold front that will get in here by the end of the day and tonight. the day planner, plan on a lot of clouds. a few breaks of sun. mid 70s by noon. feels muggy in the afternoon with highs in the upper 70s to near 80. thunderstorm thunderstorm risk by the evening hours. let's say hello to lauren scala. >> we have a bunch of overnight track work out there. 12 different subway lines affected. major commuter lines are pulling out, everything looks good. lirr offering extra afternoon service for people who need to get home for passover today. now to the news that shook the music world and shocked so many fans.
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of 57. in his hometown of minneapolis, huge crowds filled the streets in an impromptu block party. they listened to prince's music and paid tribute to him well into the morning. scenes like that took place across the country including right here in our own area. fans came together to celebrate his life by listening to the music that resonated with so many people. katherine creag is at the apollo theater in harlem. people made public these demonstrations about how they feel about prince and his sad passing. >> reporter: absolutely. these are devoted fans. they have cried. they sang. right here there's a mini dance party picking place outside the apollo. a memorial on the sidewalk. sell breaks of prince's life have taken place all over the city.
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see here, about 300 people in spike lee's neighborhood last night. there was another dance party that started in the afternoon and lasted through the night outside the apollo. prince died at his home in minnesota yesterday morning. a cause of death has yet to be determined. fans are devastated. an autopsy is scheduled for today. there is talk that he was suffering from the flu since the weekend. for his fans, just the chance to gather and mourn but also celebrate meant a lot to them. he was the music of fans lives. >> it is prince. he's an absolute icon. i basically lived my whole life with him. my entire childhood was based around his music. he was the backdrom p of my entire life. >> this check you see for $250,000, prince wrote is out to the uptown dance company when it was in danger of closing five years ago. it's still in business today. one of the many charitable acts
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not only did he write songs, sing, act. i know you covered his wedding in minnesota. he also was so charitable, he donated so much of his time and money to these causes. back to you. >> i was there back in the mid 1990s. he did much of this privately, not in a public way. that was prince's life, very public, very private. >> right. he always seemed so shy and reserved during his interviews but so public in his gatherings here and celebrations around the world. >> much more on this purple is the color of choice to pay tribute to prince. this was borough hall in brooklyn. the hard rock cafe in times square changed its marquee and displayed lyrics to his songs "purple rain" with the message r.i.p. prince. we put together a slide show of prince on our website. for continuing coverage of his passing, go to
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investigators on long island are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that ripped think six condominium units. firefighters arrived at the blue ridge condo complex in medford to find four units engaged. then it spread to two others. firefighters got the flames under control before midnight. president obama is in great britain where he and the first lady will have lunch with queen elizabeth. the president arrived in london yesterday. in just a few hours he'll head to the queen's home at windsor castle. the president also wade ing into british politics. he is urging britain to stay in the european union. it's time for our first check of weather and traffic. good morning, chris. >> temperatures unseasonably mild for this time of year. already in the mid 60s. a few sprinkles north of the city early on.
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rainfall for the first half of the day. a few breaks of sunshine. warm and muggy by the afternoon hours. late showers and thunderstorms, that threat on the increase as we get past 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. highs near 80 in inland spots. the weekend clears out but turns cooler. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, 65 degrees in the city. heading into the 70s by noon. upper 70s, flirting with 80, depends on if we get enough peeks of sun. threat of storms late. the latest on the commute from lauren. hopefully it's quiet. >> pretty quiet. we have some road work. some of it is causing a delay. this is the bqe making your way into the area of the brooklyn bridge. before you get there, a couple lanes blocked. things are moving along better at the moment than a few moments ago. but this will be throughout the morning. heading over to the queens midtown tunnel, road work out there. you have one of the tubes shut down. the north tube closed, the south
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and you do need to move your car today. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. your next weather and traffic update on the fours. new this morning, a vicious crime caught on camera. police looking for a group of robbers that hit at least twice in queens and their weapon of choice is a rock. "today in new york's" lori bordonaro is in ozone park with a video that police are just releasing. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago we talked with neighbors who saw that video and heard about what happened. they say it's frightening to think that something like that could happen on their block. look at that video. you can see that suspect there throwing a rock at the 32-year-old victim. then two other men join in and knock the victim to the ground. all three then punched and kicked the victim in the head and body before taking his wallet and cell phone. the attack happened on sunday right here on 77th street. just a day before the same three men are believed to be responsible for a similar incident on glenmore avenue and
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the men came up behind a 25-year-old man, knocked him to the ground and beat him. they also took his cell and wallet. both victims were taken to the hospital. the first in critical condition. police believe those men responsible for the attack are either in their teens or in their 20s. and they're asking anyone who may have any information to call crime stoppers 1-800-577-tips. right now police are looking for a man who robbed and choked an 84-year-old woman in the bronx. it happened on monday inside the victim's apparent at hull avenue and east 209th avenue in norwood. the suspect forced the woman into her apartment, assaulted her and took off with her cash. she suffered bruising to her neck and hip. officials in belgium are marking one month since deadly terror attacks in brussels. in just about an hour, belgium lawmakers will walk to that subway stations where these scenes occurred.
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those attacks destroyed a section of brussels airport. 32 people were killed by three bombs. a powerful 6.0 aftershock striking off the coast of ecuador last night. nearly 600 people have died from saturday's 7.8 quake. rescue crews are searching for more than 150 missing. the country's president said he will raise sales taxes and put a one time levee on millionaires to help rebuild. we could see a different side of donald trump. the candidate's new convention manager is assuring the gop that trump will shift to a more personal persona for the general election, that he will run a traditional campaign. but yesterday on the "today" show donald trump made big news here, lashed out at north carolina's ban on transgender bathroom rights. key allies of bernie sanders
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june, that includes groups that came together to back his campaign. they'll decide what do next if sanders doesn't gather enough delegates to win the vote. the city board of elections investigating itself over tuesday's voting problems in brooklyn. the board is suspending the chief elections clerk, diane haslett-rudiano without pay. they're also looking into why 125,000 names vanished from the voting rolls. board of elections says it is cooperating with the investigation. more than 1 billion people are celebrating earth day today by doing something to improve our environment. this year organizers are urging forrests. their goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020. that is one tree for every person on earth. today leaders from more than 150 countries will be at the u.n. to sign a landmark deal to address climate change.
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its own spin on earth day with its first car-free day. today the city is blocking car traffic on broadway from the flatiron building to union square. streets around washington square park and wadsworth avenue in the bronx. officials are hoping you can bike or take mass transit instead of driving your car. citi bike making it easy to leave your car at home. it is offering free bike rides in honor of earth day. you have to go online to sign up and take advantage of that deal at locations across the city. 4:41 right now. a local neighborhood on edge after two dog attacks. and a woman taken to the hospital after a really close call in brooklyn. when shots rang out while she was waiting for the bus. chris is tracking our chances for an afternoon storm. a live look there at the hamilton bridge.
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four things to know this friday morning. in brooklyn and harlem prince fans gathered to remember the musician. he died yesterday at the age of 57. an autopsy is scheduled for today. right now president obama and the first lady are in london in a couple of hours, they'll be having lunch with queen elizabeth. passover begins tonight at sundown. the nypd is increasing security around synagogues around the city. and the mtv music awards will take place at madison square garden. radio city hosted the show a number of times. the show is august 28th. >> 4:44 on a friday. another warm day. a warm morning. starting out already in the mid 60s. even with more cloud cover and the rain threat around,
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yesterday. showers and scattered thunderstorms, best chance for that will be later in the afternoon and during the first half of tonight. i'll show you that in a minute. cooler weather over the weekend. temperatures in the 60s. another warm start again to next week as well. right now upper 50s to around 60. cream ridge at 58. 58 red bank. point pleasant and howell as well. you go north, mild. 66 in newburgh. 64 in poughkeepsie. these are locations in northern new jersey that was 20 degrees chillier and then some yesterday morning. they're in the mid 50s for morristown to bridgewater and sussex. the city at 65. a few showers working their way to the north of us. this is what we're watching for later this afternoon and also part of tonight. we zoom in closer, there's a lot of cloud cover out there, but notice the sprinkles diminishing in coverage to the north. i think we'll get into a few
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you can see on future tracker pointing to that. by 1:00 in the afternoon, a wedge in here. there should be a couple hours when we get into sunshine. if that happens, 80 degrees within reach. scattered showers during the evening hours. showers, this is midnight. then that's gone. tomorrow morning starts out with clouds. it will take a while to get rid of them. not maybe until early afternoon in some locations. clouds linger tomorrow, brighter to the north and west. certainly by tomorrow night and into sunday then sunshine does return for sunday with temperatures back into the 60s. a quiet start on monday. 79 in the city today. 82 in places like ramsey. central new jersey around 80 degrees. notice out east, wind off the water, your temperatures generally in the 60s. that's the temperature trend for the weekend. at least it dries out. showers and storms late afternoon and evening. clearing tomorrow afternoon, 70.
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76 on monday. showers later in the day or night. better chance for showers on tuesday. dry wednesday. another round of those late april showers on thursday. coming your way now, here is lauren scala. >> overall commute is pretty good. we have a couple of slow spots. a live look at the bqe, you will see the road work out there causing delays heading into the brooklyn bridge there. we will head over to the alexander hamilton bridge. things are smooth sailing here. but on the cross bronx expressway, some road work. on the new jersey turnpike, things are free and clear here out by newark liberty airport. a nice ride. garden state parkway in good shape for people headed out the door. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. more weather and traffic on the 4s. the search is on for a gunman in brooklyn after a woman
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was waiting for an mts bus a bus. it happened on coney island. witnesses told news 4 the woman was in line on the sidewalk when shots rang out. they say she didn't appear to be the intended target, that other people were in the street and those were the ones that were shooting at one another. she was rushed to the hospital and is in serious but stable condition. we're waiting to find out what will happen to the pit bull that went on a vicious attack in nutley, new jersey. this was caught on camera the owner says her pit bull tobey went after a pomeranian, gripped the smaller dog by the throat. this attack happened a week ago. a police officer heard the screams and tried to wrestle the pit bull down. >> horrible. to be walking along and something come along and put your dog's head in its mouth. >> she was screaming he's killing my dog. >> eventually the offer did sub die the violent animal who has attacked before. according to police that pit bull is now with his previous owners.
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the so-called ninja burglar accepting a plea deal. robert costanzo confessed to more than 100 break-ins across the tri-state area. those crimes spanned more than a decade. he pleaded guilty to three downs of burglary. the he is expected to be sentenced to 25 years behind bars in june. just how much did the fbi pay to break into a locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters? a lot according to the agency's director. speaking yesterday in london, director james comey hinted the bureau paid more than $1 million. he said they paid a third party more than he'll own in his remaining seven years as director but says it was worth it. >> somebody approached us and said we think we came up with a solution, and tested it and purchased it. >> officials say that method was
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they haven't revealed what that method was. the money was paid to hack into that phone used by sayed farooq. sheldon silver's wife begging the judge to take it easy on him after claiming he has cancer. the former assembly speaker is awaiting sentencing on corruption charges. in a letter to the judge his wife asked for a lenient sentence. she claims the 72-year-old has prostate cancer. she says she is afraid silver will end up sick and alone. he's expected to be sentenced may 3rd. you remember this guy, this was the guy who flew the gyrocopter on to the u.s. capitol lawn? he will spend 120 days in jail. douglas hughes pled guilty to operating an aircraft without a certificate. after serving four months in jail he will be on probation for a year. before his sentencing yesterday
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because the flight brought attention to money, as he puts it, in u.s. politics. new york state tax officials say they stopped $400 million in false tax refunds. governor cuomo announce ing that number yesterday. he says the state uses software and flagged nearly false tax refunds. officials say the refunds have been set aside for a closer look. this morning the rangers they're in danger of being eliminated from the nhl playoffs as they head back to pittsburgh. last night the penguins stunned the blue shirts. this is at garden. they scored, yes, 69 seconds into the game. right out of the gate. pittsburgh piling on four more goals before everything was done. really done. the rangers lose this one 5-0. pittsburgh leading the series three games to one.
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game five is tomorrow. in baseball, jake air rietta threw the second no-hitter of his career. he got the final batter to pop up. last august he no-hit the dodgers in l.a. arrieta now 15-0 in his last two starts. the cubs won this one 16-0. they didn't need 15 of those. that's two runs shy of baseball's most lopsided victory set back in 1884. that is fantastic. >> still next game to beat that record. all right. still to come, was could soon become a thing of the past inside new york city cabs? and a high-tech change. what's happening this weekend along the tappan zee bridge. and a neighborhood dispute. a plane hauled away from a driveway, but the fight is not yet over.
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time for weather and traffic on the 4s. as the weekend begins, lauren, we're looking past the rangers. these guys seem down because of the ranger game last night. >> blue. >> that's a rough one. thueat might have been one of the most dominated games i've seen. >> i say get it out of your system. >> there you go. it's gone. behind us now. so is the nice weather. no, just a temporary set back in the nice weather today. we have showers heading our way. still it's warm. temperatures heading back to the upper 70s to near 80. certainly not raining all the time. not raining through the morning. it's quiet. showers and storms late afternoon and the first part of tonight. low of 60 in the city. tomorrow we start out with clouds, we break out into sunshine later in the afternoon.
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nice spring day on sunday. a full day of sunshine. we warm it up again heading into next week as well. good looking weekend. if you sleep in saturday you'll miss the clouds and be just fine. >> hi, lauren. >> good morning. we have bus detours out there. for the city only, the b41, m4, m9, m15 and select, and the m104. getting on the subways this should wrap up in a few minutes. a lot of overnight traffic work. 12 different lines affected. >> that's the whole thing, right? >> feel bad for the people who have to commute overnight. >> you'll have a busy morning. it's 4:56. happening today, toll collectors are working their final day on the tappan zee bridge. the freeway authority begins cashless tolls tomorrow for the span between westchester and rockland county. for those without e-zpass, cameras will read your license
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in the mail. this will keep traffic flowing smoothly across the hudson river. according to reports, the taxi and limousine commission is giving drivers the option to remove the partition. the tlc says it helps drivers make better tips. those partitions mandated back in 1994. though were done for safety reasons, but the tlc says they're no longer needed. drivers who do take down the partition, they will need to install a security camera. but certainly times are changing. uber has settled a class action lawsuit with drivers in california and massachusetts. under the deal, $84 million will go to the plaintiffs, more if uber becomes a public company. drivers will remain independent but be able to post signs in their car saying tips are not included. uber also says it will allow arbitration with drivers over their ratings and about being terminated. uber faces similar lawsuits in
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in connecticut, 166 department of corrections employees are out of jobs. 40 new correctional officers among those who received layoff notices. the job cuts are part of an effort to cover the state's $922 million budget deficit. hundreds of state employees receiving pink slips over the past two weeks. these layoffs are effective immediately. one of the moguls of the entertainment world, david geffen, is helping the museum of modern art to expand. yesterday he gave moma $100 million. in return, three floors will be called the david geffen wing. he says his love for modern art dates back to the early days when he ate brown bag lunches in the moma garden. on long island a real bitter battle between neighbor's over a plane.
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neighbor's complaining a single engine cessna plane sitting in a driveway was not safe. it's been parked there for more than a year. hempstead town officials say he ignored 17 summonses to remove it. yesterday while he was out of town, workers spent the day taking the plane down, piece by piece. >> you can't go down the street and take off. >> i'm not there. if i would be there i have a -- anybody who comes near that airplane, i will [ bleep ]. >> okay. he says he plans on suing the town for taking that plane apart. but the town plans to send him a bill for moving the plane. that will fuel another battle. now to an incredible story about giving the gift of life. it's a rare three-way kidney swap. >> it all started when dawn baits wanted to donate her
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they were not blood type compatible. doctors found two more patients who needed kidneys whose donors didn't match as well. remarkably each of those donors matched with one of the other recipients. to all of the patients and donors got together yesterday. some of these folks are meeting one another for the first time. >> i'm thankful for my aunt for starting this process, for having the spirit and attitude that you knew this was going to work even though i wasn't as positive as you were in the beginning. >> it's very, very cool. very sweet. doctors are calling all of the recipients and donors heroes for donating and not giving up hope. coming up on 5:00 a.m., if you're about to head out the door take us with you. >> take us with you by downloading us on your mobile device. paying tribute to prince.


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