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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  April 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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t look good. no, not you. ordinary fuels can clog your engine with dirt. it' s like lugging this around... it' s dragging down your fuel economy. [ breaking glass ] but over time, using new and improved bp gasoline with invigorate helps clean up that dirt, like hundreds of scrubbing brushes. [ scrubbing bristles ] so that means a cleaner engine, which helps you get more miles per tank. i' ll be here if you need me. new bp gasoline with invigorate... our best fuel ever! now on today in new york, the search for the two people police say opened fire hitting four people in harlem. plus caught on camera. a preteen purse snatching suspect targeting a grandma on a
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and decision 2016. candidates turn their attention to connecticut ahead of tuesday's primary. good morning and welcome to today in new york. it's saturday the 23rd of april, closing in on the end of this month already. hi. good to see you. took a little time off. >> yeah. >> we both did. feels like i haven't seen you in a month. >> little wet as you head out the door. erica in the storm team 4 weather center. >> good morning gus and pat. we're looking at a few light showers moving through on the camera shot behind you we looked like it was pretty clear. now we're looking at more showers pushing through. you can see that here on storm tracker. yet. so if you think you don't need door, you do. you want to bring it along. light rain and 62 degrees at the airport. we're going to see that rain continue until about 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. it's going to slowly move off to
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by noon, most of us returning to some sunshine. breezy conditions set up as we head into the afternoon. we'll reach a high of 70 degrees. that's also your temperature at 3:00. 67 at 6:00 with those breezy conditions continuing. looks like a gorgeous sunday. but then an unsettled workweek. we'll talk about it all coming up in your full seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thank you. happening now, police looking for a man and a woman who shot four people in harlem overnight. it happened about 1:00 this morning near 142nd street. two men and a woman shot. a fourth shot in the arm. they're all expected to be okay. an 11-year-old this morning facing charges accused of robbing a grandmother on a city bus. the whole thing caught on camera. a boy waiting for the bus to stop and then striking.
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reaction. >> reporter: as the bus slowed down to this bronx stop, that's when the thief decided to make his move. the thief just 11 years old. and he had no idea he was caught on camera. while some kid do homework or sports after the bell sounds, this is a different afterschool activity. with a brightly colored school book bag over his shoulder, the 11-year-old strikes, snatching this woman's purse as she sat there defenseless unable to protect her property because she was cradling her grandchild in her arms. >> did she care this woman was probably coming home from a long day's work? not at all. >> reporter: the video has these parents shaking their heads. they live right next to the bus stop in the bronx and are not only disappointed with the child but the adults in his life as well. >> i think it's up to the parent to, you know, keep track of the kids at all times. you know?
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a good job at it. >> reporter: for nearly two months police have been looking for this thief after he stole that grandmother's purse. now under arrest, this 11-year-old who's too young to watch a pg-13 movie by himself is facing a charge of grand larceny. >> whatever punishment he gets, i think he deserves it. >> reporter: police tell me the 11-year-old will face a judge in juvenile court. i'm marc santia, news 4 new york. police are looking for a woman who punched a commuter in the face. this woman grabbed another woman from behind. the suspect then punched the victim before fleeing on a southbound train. no word on a motive in the attack. but if you recognize this woman, call police. police releasing video of two men wanted in a violent robbery.
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and removed his pants to steal his wallet. the suspects took off with cash leaving the pants and wallet on the ground. a makeshift star has showed up for prince. he doesn't have an official star but that doesn't stop fans from paying tribute there. earlier crowds gathered for a flash mob celebrating prince's music. in the meantime, we're learning new details about the final days of prince's life as we wait for word of what caused the 57-year-old to die suddenly. michael george shows us how fans are mourning the music legend here at home. >> reporter: a crowd of more than 50 danced outside the apollo theater for the second straight night. a fitting tribute to one of the greatest performers of all time. >> prince means everything to
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i was born in 1982, so it's just amazing. >> reporter: what do you think about what's happening right now? >> this is so awesome. i came from new jersey to make sure i came to the apollo. >> reporter: many are reflecting on his legendary performances in new york. news 4 got footage of this 2011 performance. fans have unanswered questions about prince's death. an autopsy was conducted but results may take weeks. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at all. we have no reason to believe that this was a suicide. >> reporter: but now we know more about the days leading up to the star's death. a week ago he performed what would be his last two shows in atlanta. at 2:00 a.m. the next morning, his plane made an emergency landing in illinois. the pilot reported an unresponsive male. five days after that he was
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elevator at the paisley park studios. >> for male, paisley park, male down. >> reporter: tmz reported the singer overdosed. fans continue to try to remember him the best they can. >> i've cried everywhere but i'm also happy that we're remembering his life. >> reporter: michael george, today in new york. new this morning, a gunman who shot and killed five people in georgia is dead. police say wayne halls died from the self-inflicted gunshot wound. investigators say the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute and left three men and two women dead. police believe some of the victims were related to the suspect's wife. and in ohio, police still don't know who shot and killed eight members of the same family execution style. it happened in the small town of
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they found the bodies of seven adults and four children. a child, a 6-month-old, and a 3-year-old survived the shootings. shorts say they're all part of the same family and they have tracked down other family members as a precaution. >> we have talked with the members of the family and expressed our concern about their safety. and asked them to be extremely cautious. and the sheriff has also made it very clear to them the sheriff's office will work with them in regard to protection. >> investigators say at this point they don't know how many gunmen they are looking for and are urging neighbors there to be cautious as that search continues. the two front runners in decision 2016 are headed to connecticut this weekend. donald trump and hillary clinton will be stumping for votes ahead of that state's primary next tuesday. today trump planned rallies in
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on sunday clinton will attend a church service in bridgeport. ohio governor john kasich is getting a jump on connecticut as well. he is in glastenburg right now. sanders' plan is undecided. and cruz is focusing on pennsylvania and indiana this weekend. right now president obama is in london for day two of what's been called a whirlwind european tour. he's urging the uk to remain a member of the european union or risk losing economic ground. and have you seen this? yeah. adorable moment shared between president obama and prince george last night in kensington palace. nice threads. the young prince got to stay up past his bedtime to meet the obamas for the first time. >> little princely bathrobe.
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if you see it up close, it says george on the pocket there. of course it does. >> of course it does. >> he's not going to sleep in a burlap bag. still to come on today in new york on this saturday morning, disaster on broadway but not what you think. we're going to take you inside a new production that is far from a sinking ship. plus we'll have this. >> i'm cat greenleaf. this is josh hartnet. my mom says hartnet. what do you say? >> it's a stress on the first syllable. but i like when people can say hartnet. and i'm storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow. a milder trend is going to stay with us for the next several days. but so does the chance for rain. we'll talk about that coming up
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we take a live look at the brooklyn bridge. humidity heading out the door this morning. it hit like a bit of a wall. >> it did, did it not? but the rain drops are going to go away so says erica grow. >> that breeze will feel refreshing in the afternoon. the rain will return to some sunshine this afternoon and we're also going to return to seasonal temperatures. yesterday around 80 degrees in the tri-state area. first time that we've really had to talk about humidity for this entire calendar year fog and mist and 62 degrees and still some light showers pushing through. i'll show that to you in just a moment. but right now we are looking at the showers starting to make their exit. they'll be done by noon throughout the tri-state area. then the breeze develops and it will be refreshing as it pulls
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seasonable and sunny on sunday. it's going to be an ideal day to spend outside. just a one-hour loop here of storm track for. you can see the band of light showers across northern new jersey and into down state new york. also across eastern long island. that is about it for those showers. once we get rid of them around 10:00, 11:00 a.m., we'll return to sunshine. that's the way it will stay until monday. we'll see an increase of cloud kor with this system. and just a chance for a late sprinkle on monday. so heading back to work, i think you can leave the umbrella at home on monday. but on tuesday you're definitely going to want to have it with you with showers and maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast and a high of 65 degrees. you can see on future tracker those showers move out but then here comes the next little disturbance. and showing you right here that you can see you probably won't need the umbrella as you're heading out the door on monday
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until after that evening commute. before today, we're going to clear out the showers. today is a transition day. showers to sunshine. a high of 70 degrees, winds out of the north at 10 to 20 miles per hour. breezy in the afternoon. but then the breezes die down tonight. it will be much cooler than it was last night and out there right now and we will diminish those breezes. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. high of 65 on sunday and tons of sunshine. monday, just that slight chance for a late day shower. most of that holds off until after sunset but it does get higher with a high of 74. stay up-to-date with us any time using the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo? it's available in the app store right now. gus, back over to you. thank you very much. nfl playoffs to tell you about. game five between the islanders and panthers in florida. this one was decided 16 minutes
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game tied at one. quine goes past lon goe. the islanders win 2-1 in their second longest game in franchise history. they now lead the series three games to two. game six tomorrow night at the barclays center. the rangers, though, did not fair quite as well. >> john chandler has to story and more in your saturday sports. >> the rangers hopes are closing this year. they trail the penguins three games to one. winning game five is a must tonight. a desperate team. they also trailed the penguins in 2014 and rallied to win three straight. they be ma explains the excitement in yesterday' skate. a bad night to have a bad game. a 5-0 loss to the penguins felt as bad as it has for awhile. to avoid any feeling worse than what they felt at the garden
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three in a row. and that starts this afternoon. 3:00 right here on nbc 4. the opening month of baseball season has brought on hand wringing. for the mets there's concerns for matt harvey. in the brorngs, rays lead 3-2. jacoby ellsbury on the move. oh. steals home on the 3-2 pitch and he's safe. that's the first since jeter in 2001. ellsbury came in off the bench in this one for aaron hicks who would leave with a jammed shoulder. cranked ten hits in a 6-3 win over tampa bay. mets visiting the braves. second inning, bases loaded. curtis granderson clears it with one swing. the grand slam for the grandee man.
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101 pitches for harvey. just to be sure, granderson adds a solo shot. the mets hold on for the win over the braves. again, rangers and penguins. game five this afternoon. puck drops at 3:00. you'll see it right here on nbc 4. got to be a win for the rangers if they want to stay alive. enjoy the rest of your saturday, everyone. i'm john chand b lerchandler. the rockies last night trevor story crushed one off the wall in right and story tried to stretch this thing into a trip. yeah. but then incredible play nails story at third base. he was kind of stunned. thought he was going to do better than that. the rockies would go on to win the game 7-5. jets coach todd bowles won't have to wait until fall to be greeted by a crowd of cheering fans because the town of
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to rename a park for bowles later today. today's event will be at the waterfront at 1:00. there'll be food, game, and musical performances as well. go on down. time is 6:18. campy? over the top? disaster. not typically words a producer wants associated with a new musical. but they're exactly the key ingredients making a native new yorker's dreams on broadway. >> reporter: it's the best and the worst of the '70s in the here and now. the cliche of every disaster film combined with disco's hay day. and even a broadway veteran like faith prince can't look away. >> i should be in my dressing room almost 60-year-old legs. instead i'm watching every bit. it's like thunder
6:20 am
musical with visual and musical candy that fueled show creator seth rodetski when he was growing up on the shore. >> what if we had a musical with all 70 songs and they apply with the lyrics. >> reporter: the plot focuses on a floating casino docked in the hudson river. it is doomed despite the vigilance of a nun with a gambling addiction. >> we are a word of mouth show and it is getting around and everyone is so happy about it. >> reporter: for rodetsky it's a home coming for an artist that spent a lifetime. seeing his parents in the front row on opening eyes brought tears amongst the smiles. >> that's when i felt this is amazing. my parents lived to see me do a show on broadway that i got to write. >> reporter: "disaster" isn't shakespeare and that's the point.
6:21 am
theater still laughing. our coverage continues on the in the wings section on our website. as you can see, he continued his lessons. he has talent. >> as do you. just in a different genre. coming up after the break, a bizarre arrest in oregon involving a prostitute, a rare primate and stolen girl scout money? we'll explain. but first here's your fandango weekend ticket. >> there are two movies opening this weekend. "elvis and nixon" and "the
6:22 am
let's break it down. first "elvis and nixon." what a matchup. this is based on a real life encounter which happened in 1970 and the film is a fascinating mix of history, quirky comedy, an interesting portrayal of elvis by michael shannon. also "the huntsman: winters war" being both the prequel and sequel to "snow white and the huntsman." there are two evil queens do battle with chris hemsworth's eric and sarah. the film is packed full of action and special effects and more humor than the first. now let's see what movies our fandango fans are buzzing about an fan-ticipation. here are this week's scores. that's what's going on at the
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for today in new york, i'm
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welcome back on this saturday morning. actor josh hartnett takes us inside the psyche of a werewolf from his series "penny dreadful." >> i've always been curious. more on this morning's "talk stoop." >> should we rock paper scissors who gets to ask the first question. i do. >> it's your show. >> yeah, it is. i seemed to read about you again and again you're a reluctant celebrity. what's not to like? like, you have people being really nice to you. you're healthy. you get to do the job you love. am i reading improperly when i hear you're reluctant? >> well, i'm less reluctant these days. when i was younger in my mid-20s, i didn't really want to do that under the microscope of
6:26 am
it's interesting to have been through that and come out the other end intact. purely because i have good people around me. i've had good family and friends. >> few years down the road from now, what would you be saying about your life at this time? >> god, i was full of [ bleep ] at this time. >> i understand what you're doing. >> you do? >> so you're a werewolf? >> well, in my spare time. >> i never keep a lady waiting. >> are you aware you're a werewolf? >> he's an unaware-wolf. he just knows he has blackouts and kills people. >> so what is it a werewolf does do. >> he's not a werewolf that we've seen before. it's more we're not trying to beat anybody in the sort of genre game. it has to be scary.
6:27 am
but it's more psychologically scary than it is bumps in the night. >> dreadful, not dreadful, i think the stuff you're making is very enjoyable. cheers. >> cheers. >> mazel tov. >> you can watch a half hour of "talk scoop" with cat greenleaf every sunday at 9:00 p.m. on c cozi tv. an alligator took a dip in the park yard pool of a missouri city home in texas. gator squad called on to wrangle him out. he clearly was not done with -- look how he carried him out there. at one point he put him over his shoulder. i guess his mouth is taped up by then. nobody got hurt. the gator's feelings wer hurt. and he was most likely released back into a larger and more natural swimming pool. one with no quarry. a momma cat in ukraine -- i
6:28 am
gus is already like pat you can't have one. she's adopted two baby squirrels as her own. the cat has taken to nursing and cuddling the squirrels among her litter of newborn kittens. local police took the abandoned red squirrel pups to a zoo now with a zoo employee took them in. once they're strong enough they'll enjoy squirrels at the zoo. by the way the cat's name in ukrainian means squirrel. how about that? i love those stories. it's one of those can't we all get along? yes, we can. how about this one though? >> oh. how about this one? so a man and a monkey walk into a brothel. it could go that way. but this guy in oregon facing charges after police say he stole a little pri mate from his own pet store and then used that little animal right there --
6:29 am
>> police say this little primate named gooey along with a laptop and girl scout cookie money were reported stolen from a pet store last month. they say two days later they arrested the store's owner nathan allen mcclain for driving under the influence of drugs. mcclain admitted he robbed his own store, used the girl scout money to pay a prostitute, and gave her gooey as a tip. the animal is safe and sound this morning. that's the most important part of that whole affair. gooey is okay. >> no further comment. >> good for both of us. coming up next at 6:30 here on -- another e-cigarette battery explodes. the victim describing the terrifying experience. did some damage. storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow continuing to track some showers. you can see them behind me on the radar. when are they going to be out of here?
6:30 am
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hey. it's always nice when the rain works along with our weekend plans. things clearing up as you get up this morning. 62 degrees. welcome back to today in new york. it's saturday morning. i'm gus rosendale. >> and i'm pat battle. yesterday, what an amazing day. it got up to 79. >> and humid. >> but still manageable. >> no complaints. >> not really. >> you can see behind erica grow there in the storm center, that rain moving out this morning. >> moving out. we're starting to push it out. i'm trying to push it as fast as i can, but we're still going to have some of those showers is lingering until about 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning. especially on long island where you can see this is all moving slowly but surely. don't leave the umbrella at home just yet. we are looking at light rain out there. fog and mist as well. 62 degrees in central park. as we head through the day, some breezes from the north are going to pull in drier air.
6:33 am
this afternoon as well. we'll get up to 70 degrees today. that's also your temperature at 3:00. right now we're at 62 not only in central park but also farmingdale. 61 in morristown. these temperatures, these current numbers are pretty close to our average high temperature for this time of year. we're going to see a cooldown but how cool is it going to get? i'll have the answer coming up in the seven-day forecast coming up. it was just days a queens woman when an e-cigarette battery exploded in her pocket. now we're hearing from a long island man with a similar experience. >> he said it exploded when he was out shopping singeing his clothing and his leg. >> reporter: that scary scene played out here at this home depot. one customer said she thought the victim was trying to blow up the store until they all saw his pants were on fire. we have to warn you some of the
6:34 am
>> it did this to my pants. >> reporter: the exploding e-cigarette battery ripped through steven's sweat pants and boxers. >> my pocket went on fire, actually exploded. >> reporter: even worse, the second degree burns it left on his thigh and hand when he tried to pull it out. >> my skin came off. >> reporter: patricia saw it all. >> it started spinning around and it was making fireworks and things like that. it looked like -- i don't know what. but it was very frightening. >> reporter: other than e-mail the manufacturer, he almost let the incident slide until -- >> i saw on nbc it happened to somebody else. >> reporter: a news 4 report tuesday showed a rechargeable battery had exploded in a queens woman's pocket earlier this month. >> katrina williams is walking with a cane. >> reporter: a recent report from nbc news showed explosions are on the rise. we're still waiting on word from
6:35 am
battery in this latest incident. there was a warning the battery shouldn't be placed in pockets on its website and also this from a customer posted on the site. it reads, quote, i was only informing you of the hazards of keeping the battery in your pocket in hopes you put a warning on the battery so that the same thing doesn't happen to anyone else. that message was dated in 2014. there's still no warning on his batteries. a problem his attorney says needs to be fixed. >> we're not sure yet if it was substandard manufacturing, a problem with the batteries. >> what if i was driving? i have a 3-year-old kid. what if i was getting gas? >> reporter: he tell us he doesn't know if he has to undergo skin grafts on those burns. in freeport, checkey beckford, news 4 new york. late last night, the battery company responded to our report saying in part that they're sorry for the man's injuries and they care about customer safety.
6:36 am
that it does print warnings on the battery box as well as listing warnings on its website stating that customers have a responsibility to follow proper battery storage. well, new this morning a justice department is dropping another legal bid to unlock apple iphones. federal prosecutors say they will not pursue a lawsuit against the computer company in brooklyn. lawyers wanted to force apple to open the iphone of a convicted drug dealer. but last night the government told the judge that someone provided the pass code to the phone and they no longer need apple's help. investigators try to figure out what sparked a raging fire that left a dozen people homeless. look at the flames from this condo complex. nobody was hurt, but many people who lost their homes and belongings had lived in the complex for decades. >> everything's gone. you know, that they saved and worshipped all their lives. never mind not having a home to
6:37 am
so it's pretty devastating for them. >> investigators say many of the victims had had attended a fire safetiy seminar just hours before the flames erupted. it was mechanical failure that caused this plane to crash in cresskill, new jersey. a pilot and passenger on routine patrol last september when the engine suddenly lost power. a report shows two bolts on the engine had not been fastened tight enough. the pilot still recovering from his injuries. his passenger, though, has returned to flying. happening today, it is the last day for toll booth collectors at the tappan zee bridge. will start using cashless tolls. drivers with ez pass will be billed as usual. those without ez pass will get a bill in the mail. the toll collectors are being redesigned.
6:38 am
across the hudson river. and still to come on this saturday morning, storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow will be back with the forecast. tell us when the rain will move out. you're watching today in new
6:39 am
6:40 am
all righty. erica's joining us now to tell us when that rain is finally going to move out of here. although it was great, came overnight while most people were sleeping. >> yeah. the vast majority of the rain did arrive over the overnight hours. that was good news for the rush hour yesterday. now we're still holding onto some early morning showers. if you're hoping to get out the door without needing the umbrella for walking the dog or out for a run or something like that, maybe push it off until about 10:00 a.m. right now still have fog and mist and 62 degrees in new york. i'll show more to you in a moment. but we'll be completely done in
6:41 am
then a breezy afternoon. right now it's 57 degrees in reading. greenwich and west port at 51 degrees. 61 in islip. 61 in bridgewater and morristown. 61 is a popular number right now. you can see the rain departing on storm tracker but not quite yet. more showers developing along the i-80 corridor through the poconos heading into northern new jersey. this rain is going to take a few hours to push out of here. we're not completely done but in the city done by about 10:00 in the morning. you can see that the line of showers extends into the appalachians. but that is going to remain to the south of us. it's not going to affect us here. after those few morning showers is, we'll see afternoon clearing. a high of 70 degrees today and a pretty strong breeze at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. that's going to drive in that lower dew point air. the humidity will drop in the afternoon. then just beautiful on sunday. mild temperatures.
6:42 am
pleasant this time of year. today 70 degrees. breezy in the afternoon. the winds out of the north 10 to 20 miles per hour. we'll go from showers to sunshine. then tonight as the breezes diminish, we still have those clear skies overhead. and the heat we got during the day is going to head up into the upper atmosphere. that's going to allow the temperature to drop in midtown. be cooler in the suburbs and in the 30s in a couple of spots. here's that seven-day forecast. just gorgeous on sunday with a high of 65. back into the 70s on monday. a late shower is possible but most of us are dry until after sunset. more rain moves in on tuesday. and high temperatures will be in the mid-60s for the middle of the work week. stay up to date with the news 4 new york app. just tap the news 4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. you can see how to submit your own weather video. the app for iphone is available right now. over to you. >> all righty. coming up after the break,
6:43 am
meet one of the stars of glar ya estefan's broadway musical in this week's visiones. and tips to keep your pets safe. i'm a bit smitten with nancy of course but her friend she brought in. one of the most mellow dogs.
6:44 am
6:45 am
it's been nominated for seven critic circle awards for outstanding musical. we're talking about "on your feet" now playing on broadway. couldn't help it. it's a great song. >> lynda baquero speaks with one of the show's stars in this week's visiones. >> you'll be on your feet if you go to see the broadway musical about the seven-time grammy
6:46 am
we've got josh sedaro who plays emilio in the show. congratulations on a wonderful show. you guys opened in november. from what i understand, there's a lot of dancing. pretty strenuous. >> i don't know if i can say my stuff is strenuous. but what they're doing is impressive. i have a fun time because i get to go off stage and watch our incredible cast just do what they do best. with sergio, i feel like he got to pick his all-star cast. he's an amazing choreographer. for him to hand pick these dancers that we have, it's so impressive. i've learned so much from them. >> that's great. >> i always am flattered when people tell me i'm dancing okay in the show. i shake my hips a little bit and i hang with them. >> you were born in florida. >> i was. >> how familiar were you with the story? from what i understand, everyone's familiar with the music but i guess your show goes into the rest of the story which a lot. >> absolutely. that's what's exciting about this project.
6:47 am
i always had them in the background. i was raced in a puerto rican home in florida. my dad always tells the story when he first heard gloria on the radio. he remembers it really vividly, he says. and so i always had that as part of my upbringing. i didn't know that it was them at the time until now. >> got to be such a great feeling. we've got a little clip. this is from "on your feet" now playing on broadway. the rhythm is going to get you the rhythm is going to get you the rhythm is going to get you the rhythm is going to get you the rhythm is going to get you >> it is very cool. it's amazing. what was it like for you to work with emilio and with gloria on putting this together? >> it was -- it's been a dream. it's been such an honor to get to know them. because, you know, before you
6:48 am
have your own preconceived notions of what they're going to be like and how they're going to treat you. it took them about two and a half seconds to completely just give me who they were and who they are. just honest down to earth people. you know? they're just some folks from miami that happen to be very impressive. you know? i always tell them they won at life. i was fliek i could be like you one day, i'd be happy. >> i know the musical goes into her bus accident. how you put two and two together. you remember hearing about that years ago. >> absolutely. i have this really vivid memory of being in my aunt's house in puerto rico. i didn't quite know what the memory was of my mom and aunt crying. fast forward to reading the script at our first read through almost two years ago now and it hits me. i call my mom and i'm talking to her about the story. she was like don't you remember this happened.
6:49 am
you're so right. in a way i keep finding more and more of their influence in my life and i didn't know how it was involved with them. so i'm a happy guy. >> show another clip and backside i want to see how audiences have been reacting. >> for sure. know that i tried my very best i put my spirit to the test get on your feet get up and make it happen >> love the music. great dancing. great acting. and you're no stranger to broadway. you've been on the great white way before. you actually went to nyu, right? my al mama ter. >> really? that's awesome. >> what's it like for you to be on this particular show? any special feeling because of your latino roots? >> oh, yeah. there's a lot of pride that comes with this one. there's always pride in your work. you want to be proud of what you've done. but there's something really specific about this one.
6:50 am
but yes in our business sometimes people try to categorize you as something and tell you what you are. and for me, you know, i always just kind of wanted to break out of whatever molds people wanted to put me in. i always wanted to do something forward thinking and something that meant something to me. and here's a story where i get to say some pretty cool stuff on that stage. i get to represent for all latinos. that's the best part about it when i come outside after and people get to tell me their experiences through the show. their experiences through the estefans and i'm the one getting to tell the story. that's awesome. >> congratulations again playing emilio estefan on broadway. thank you so much. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too.
6:51 am
6:52 am
as we approach the 7:00 hour, why don't we check in across the street with sheinelle and craig to see what's coming
6:53 am
coming up on a saturday morning on "today," we're live from minnesota as new video emerges of prince's last concert. this morning the latest on the investigation into his death and we'll talk with a renowned forensic pathologist on what might have killed him. and lots of questions about whether now is the time to invest, list your home, or even refinance. we'll break down money matters for you this morning. plus prince george stealing the show once again with his adorable robe and pajamas with photos you won't want to miss. plus 400 years after his death, we're celebrating shakespeare with another anchor challenge. shaq spear quo or taylor swift lyric. all that and more when we get started on a saturday morning. you'd be surprised how difficult it is to tell the difference between the two. >> to be or not to be. >> there you go. deep questions. >> that will not be the question. >> all right.
6:54 am
see you in a bit. that should be good. 6:53. time for this morning's pet profile. as the temperatures heat up, what should you do when you see an animal locked in a car. we are talking about the temperatures yesterday. a reminder -- sometimes i'll see this. people will crack the windows a little bit. it doesn't take you out of the danger zone. >> it does not. in the heat or even in the shade with the windows cracked, a car can -- the degrees can go up 20 to 30 degrees within 10 minutes. so 80 degrees can go to 100, 110 in less than ten minutes. and it's illegal in new york and new jersey to leave your dog in a car unattended. >> and at that level you go from 80 to 100, 110 something like that. an animal doesn't have a lot of time. >> it can cause brain damage. it can be fatal. it's painful to the animal. never leave your dog unattended in a car.
6:55 am
see an animal locked in a car, what can you do? >> what you really should do is take a look -- never leave the animal until the owner comes back. and if the animal looks like it's okay at the moment, take the make and model of the car and go into the store or mall and have over the intercom it announced and hopefully the owner will come back. but when you do that, make sure somebody stays with the car and the animal. in the unfortunate case, if the dog is foaming at the mouth, its saliva is thick, it's panting, looks like it's really getting bad, you know, in that case call 911. get a witness and try to get into that car. >> i do know we have covered police officers and animal control officers have over the years smashed through a windshield to save an animal's life. >> if you have no time, that animal is relying on you to save it. >> we're not encouraging people to break windows. but report it. and take action.
6:56 am
you have here today -- and david's not being rude. he's just turning -- >> no, he's not. >> he's turned his back because of the dynamic going on here. >> this is a gorgeous boy. he's only 3 years old. if you can get a closeup, he is the most beautiful cat. and david says he is so affection that t. all he wants to do is have you rub his neck and back. really affectionate lap cat. both of these animals are available today on the west side on 80 and 81st. >> see how affectionate. not too keen on the dog. but i saw in the hallway he's so adorable there. you said 3-year-old. >> 3 years old. look at that coat. >> we've got to go downstairs here. >> this one is just gorgeous. this is a karen terrier. and just 4 years old. again, available today on the west side. but look how sweet. look at the hair.
6:57 am
>> like a little giz mow right here. >> and she's still young. and her temperament is gentle, affectionate. she's got soulful eyes. she loves to just -- you can see that face. she's looking at the cat. like a true terrier. >> look at the camera. there you go. and look at that coat. that's beautiful. >> she's going to need exercise. she's a little overweight right now. but available today at 12:00 on the upper west side. >> all right. and you can find more information about these pets on the animal care center's website. i know. you looking at me? we're back with a final check of your weekend forecast. you're watching today in new
6:58 am
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of beautiful cascade shades. let the sun shine in. or don't. it's all good. blinds to go. blinds for life. gray skies clearing out this morning. >> that's right. it's going to clear out as we
7:00 am
showers done by about 10:00 in the city. later on long island. breezy though. winds up to 20 miles per hour. much nicer sunday. >> all right. thank you, erica. and thank you for joining us. we've got a surprise guest when we see you at 9:00 for trivia and produce pete is going to be here, of course. >> a surprise. >> i told you it was a surprise. >> i missed a meeting. story of my career. weekend "today" is next. see you at 9:00. . good morning. serious in life and in death a. day after his autopsy, authorities remain tight lipped this morning about what killed prince. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at tall. >> rumors swirling of a possible drug problem as eerie new video


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