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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  April 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of their best face-off men on the ice, radek faksa. >> gord: what an afternoon in st. paul, pierre. >> pierre: time-out minnesota. >> gord: so, 52 seconds remaining, and the wild want to talk it over. the play will be diagrammed by andrew brunette, who scored the overtime game-winner against colorado, which was scored 13 years ago two days ago. and brunette now an assistant coach. that year the wild came back from 3-1 down twice in the playoffs to win a series. the only team in nhl history to do it twice in one playoff year. so, the face-off in the dallas zone. the extra skater will be on for the wild. koivu and the usual suspects
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dallas cannot change after the icing, so faksa will take the draw against koivu. >> pierre: these are phenomenal fans, gord, as good as anywhere in the league. this is just an awesome experience to be here in the third period. the empty net. he's in. and that will be icing again against the stars who once again won't be able to change. space. he had to move his feet. he got cozy and comfortable and he just misfired. and if minnesota comes back to score, he'll remember that one, ales hemsky. >> gord: that happened in the miracle in manchester back in '82, an empty net shot missed. the face-off came back down and the tying goal was scored. >> pierre: i believe it happened in a game that he played in with patrick stepan. remember that one, gord? >> gord: yep.
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faksa. 46.6 seconds left. another scramble draw. this time controlled by the wild. back at the point is spurgeon. suter back with it. ryan suter to jared spurgeon. across to granlund. down low to koivu. centers, niederreiter! in the net! niederreiter banging away at it and kari lehtonen keeps it out. >> pierre: the only good piece of news for dallas is the puck didn't go in and they can change players. minnesota has it all going on right now. nino niederreiter, spurgeon, koivu, it's equal opportunity. they're stronger right now, they're quicker, they're more determined, and there's a whole lot of urgency. and look at them evaluating to see if someone in white closed their hand on the puck in the crease, because if they did, that's a penalty shot. where's the puck? >> gord: demers was diving for it. and the wild are hollering that the hand was closed.
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to the timekeepers' bench, and they may have a look at this. remember, in the final minute of regulation and overtime, the nhl command center controls all video review. >> pierre: the key is watch number 4 in white, jason demers. where is his hand and where is the puck? >> gord: the puck is right there. you can see it loose for the second. it's russell standing on it. >> pierre: i don't believe the puck -- oh, did it cross the line, too, gord? watch it go off his leg. where is his pad? is it over the icing line or the goal line in this case? >> gord: here's the puck right there. have a look. oh, my. that is millimeters from being in. >> pierre: that's a great nbc-it. remember, the entire puck has to
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>> gord: now, closing your hand on the puck is not reviewable. >> pierre: not reviewable, no. >> gord: so, what they're looking at is did the puck cross the line? >> pierre: correct. >> gord: this is the feed they're looking at the the nhl command center. here's the call. >> referee: the puck never crossed the goal line. therefore, there is no goal. >> gord: boy, lindy ruff's been on the wrong end of one of those calls back in 1989, game six of the stanley cup final. if you live in dallas. >> pierre: remember calgary and tampa, too. the fans are seeing it on the screen. they don't like it. but the puck has to be all the way across the line. >> gord: so, 33.9 seconds left
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koivu will face off against spezza. that's how close the wild came. >> pierre: hold on. they've got to get the officials over here. people are throwing money on the ice. great job by fiddler to get out there and get it so nobody can get hurt. >> gord: there is debris being thrown on, something else at center ice. >> pierre: both benches now are letting the linesmen know. >> gord: the crowd incensed here in st. paul by what they think is a tying goal in a game that their team trailed 4-0 not that long ago. but the focus now on the final 33.9 seconds of regulation. koivu in for spezza. and koivu wins it cleanly back. suter sends it across to spurgeon. jared spurgeon in the corner for koivu. niederreiter and pominville standing in front. 25 seconds to go in the third. granlund works his way in. mikael granlund in the corner for koivu, tries to work it back in front.
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another icing call coming at the dallas stars, this one with 13.8 seconds remaining. >> pierre: i don't think you can make it any harder on yourself than dallas has here this afternoon. first you had ales hemsky missing a wide-open one and then their best scorer, jamie benn, missing a wide-open one. >> gord: now it will be koivu against eakin to lehtonen's left. everyone on their feet. 13.8 seconds remaining. kicked back by koivu. back of the line, spurgeon shoots! deflected off the leg of goligoski. suter shoots! that's blocked as well. from his knees, fired down the ice that time by spezza. racing back is spurgeon. another face-off coming. 2.9 seconds left. one more chance for the wild to try to tie this game. kari lehtonen talking it over with cody eakin.
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draw against koivu. >> pierre: players are looking for some direction. the number one thing now for spezza's just scramble the draw and get support from the wings. don't let the puck go back. >> gord: clock set at 2.9 seconds now. wild talking it over. neither team has a time-out now. koivu against jason spezza for the face-off in the dallas zone. >> pierre: spezza's wondering if they should notch up on the boards on pominville. for koivu, it's a harder play because he's a left shot. if it was a right shot, he could just nail it to the board for pominville. >> gord: six skaters on five for the minnesota wild. they're resetting it to 3.2 seconds remaining. >> pierre: dallas it just going to stack the middle part of the ice. if you're going to beat them, you're going to have to go through a white wall.
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will do the drop. once spezza and koivu are in position. koivu wins it back. chance for pominville. poked away. suter shoots to the pound, blocked as well, rebound, koivu shoots! and the stars hang on to win it 5-4. they're on to the second round of the stanley cup playoffs after withstanding a furious minnesota wild rally in the third period of game number six. and this crowd now rises to salute the home team. that put on such an incredible display of resilience in the third period. but in the end, the number one seed in the western conference advances to the second round. dallas moves on for the first time since 2008. time now for the "3 stars of the game" brought to you by chase freedom. >> pierre: well, patrick sharp,
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when it looked like they were about to blow minnesota out. sharp was outstanding. jamie benn was outstanding. and how about jared spurgeon from minnesota really igniting this third-period comeback? those are your three stars. >> gord: you have been watching the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico. coming up next on nbc, except on the west coast, it's your local news followed by back-to-back episodes of "little big shots." an all-new episode of "the carmichael show," "crowded" and "dateline." for pierre mcguire, i'm gord miller. thanks for watching. goodnight from st. paul, minnesota. -- captions by vitac --
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"news 4 new york" new york begins with breaking news. >> right now at 6:00, a car runs down and kills a 4-year-old boy playing outside with his family. i'm natalie pass karel la. >> and i'm rob schmitt. a family mourning the loss of that young boy playing outside his home when he was hit by a car. >> we just spoke to his family. just devastating. what are they telling you? >> reporter: the family is in shock. they were enjoying the nice weather outside on this sunday. a lot of kids in this neighborhood, a lot of people spending time outside and the family tells me police have not confirmed ed ed but avery died from his injuries. this is a picture the family shared with me moments ago. they say he just celebrated his birthday a few weeks ago, his 4th birthday. the family is trying to figure out how this happened. they said they were playing outside when avery ran into the
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avery was taken to a hospital where according to his family he died from his injuries. >> was energetic, he liked spider-man, he enjoyed having fun, playing. he enjoyed playing sports. >> his birthday just passed. >> he just had a birthday on the 10th. he was a great kid. >> that car was towed from the scene, the car that hit avery here a couple hours ago. we're waiting to hear from police about the driver and what charges he or she could potentially face. we're working to get that information for you and we'll bring you updates as soon as we can. in paterson, new jersey, "news 4 new york." >> thank you. new here at 6:00, another brush fire sent smoke billowing into the air in bayonne, new jersey, this time. you may have seen smelled it here in the city. you could see the smoke from our camera at the top of the rock. authorities tell us this fire is now under control.
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we've seen several brush fires in our area this week from long island to the jersey shore. also new tonight, the nypd wants your help finding armed thieves who zruk struck on the upper west side. this is surveillance video of them running into an apartment on west 85 street. they confronted a 53-year-old man in the vestibule and demanded the two bags he was carrying. the victim handed them over and the men took off. investigators say that the bags contained more than $3,000 in cash, a cell phone, and two ipads. the nypd is searching for a driver who stabbed another man during a road rage incident on the upper east side. police say a man stabbed the 45-year-old victim several times late last night on east 61st street. they say the victim then tried to drive himself to the hospital and only made it to around 76th street before he crashed between madison and 5th. he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. police are still looking for the other driver tonight, a man with
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plates. tonight a long island couple is recovering after a man shot them in their bedroom. jerome ruddock and mya ia anderson were in their apartment in bay shore when a man with a gun walked into their bedroom and started shooting. the couple was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. we know the gunman is on the loose tonight. also on long island, police say shots fired at a home hit a car with an 8-year-old child sleeping inside. this happened shortly after 10:00 last night on east 6th street in huntington station. the shots were fired in the direction of a home with two people standing in the driveway but they hit a car with a child sleeping in the backseat and a car in a driveway next door. no one was injured. you likely remember the tragic story of avonte oquendo,
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disappeared from his school and was found dead weeks later. a 14-year-old went missing from ps-721 in brooklyn yet and was rescued a mile away in the frigid water off coney island. "news 4 new york's" michael george is there live with details tonight. michael? >> reporter: well, rob, after avonte's death, the city required schools to have door alarms. now, yesterday when that teen ran away, the door alarm did go off, but still it took hours to find him, and when they did find him, he was waist deep in the water here on the beach. police did find him, and he is safe. but now a lot of people are asking how did this happen? parents can't believe it's happened again. >> it's disturbing. you know, you really think your kids are safe at school and then, you know, you turn your back and they're not. >> a 14-year-old boy with autism ran off from a community event at ps-721 saturday afternoon. he was missing for 2 1/2 hours. they finally found him a mile away in the water on the beach
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he was naked, waist deep in the water. because he's nonverbal, police officers had to grab him and bring him to safety. now parents are asking how he was able to run off. >> i don't know where was the parents or the teacher, but something went wrong. >> reporter: the department of education says this was a community organizations event, not a school event. they and police are investigating. >> it's horrible. it just shows a lack of responsibility for those in charge of the event. they should be monitoring the kids. >> reporter: in 2013 14-year-old avonte oquendo who also had developmental disabilities ran off from a queens school and later drowned. avonte's law is moving forward in congress and it passed committee. the measure would require gps tracking bracelets on students with autism. >> if anyone who had autism had one of these bracelets or the device sewn into their clothes when they wandered, we could find them right away and prevent the kind of death that occurred with avonte oquendo.
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ever unanswered questions, including why it took 2 1/2 hours to find him after the door alarms went off, but, of course, still unanswered at this point. police are investigating. michael george, "news 4 new york." >> okay, michael. thank you. she was a trail blazer for black women in bergen county. tonight the city of teaneck is mourning the death of their mayor, lizzette parker. she was the first black woman to serve as mayor in the county. she died at holy name medical center today. she was 44 years old. fellow politicians say she had been suffering from an illness. she leaves behind a husband and daughter. we go now to the race for the white house. tonight democrats are battling for connecticut. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in the constitution state today. while republican donald trump stumped in maryland and ted cruz is holding a rally in indiana right now. the story from nbc's jennifer johnson. >> hello, everybody.
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support for donald trump in maryland, one of five states holding primaries tuesday, and trump had some stingers for ted cruz. >> we put the bible way up high. you put it down and you then you lie. >> reporter: cruz took shots at trump too for his support of transgender people. >> if donald trump dresses up as hillary clinton, he still can't go to the girls' bathroom. >> reporter: voters in connecticut, rhode island, and delaware also go to the polls tuesday, but the biggest delegate prize is in pennsylvania where a new journal"/maris polls show trump ahead of cruz. >> you're role models and you're terrible role models. i don't know how we could support him. >> reporter: could hillary clinton be a better alternative? >> it's possible, it's possible. >> hello, bridgeport! >> reporter: clinton was in connecticut sunday.
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with a political revolution. >> reporter: while bernie sanders was in rhode island. the vermont senator is blaming some of his losses on economics. >> poor people don't vote. that's just a fact. that's a sad reality of american society and that's what we have to transform. >> reporter: still sanders claims he's the only democrat who could beat trump in november. despite being down in the delegate count, sanders says he's taking his campaign all the way to the big california primary. that's on june 7th. in washington, jennifer johnson, "news 4 new york." president obama is in germany tonight for the world's largest industrial technology trade fair. it's his latest stop on a week-long foreign trip. he's also made stops in saudi arabia and britain. president obama is pushing for a transatlantic trade and investment partnership deal between the u.s. and the european union. the so-called ttip agreement has been in negotiations for three years. >> we have made important progress, but time is not on our side.
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negotiations this year, then upcoming political transitions in the united states and europe could mean this agreement won't be finished for quite some time. >> the president on a lighter note addressed another important matter, the 500th anniversary of germany's beer purity law, and he joked that he'd be very interested in joining in that celebration. not a bad idea. coming up on "news 4 new york," new information tonight released just in the past hour in the murder of eight family members in ohio. what police found inside the homes of the victims. also calls for mayor de blasio's impeachment. why two community activists say it is time for the mayor to go. rob, we had another nice day, beautiful sunshine, high temperatures in the 60s throughout the entire metro area, but warmer and cloudier weather is on the way. we're also going to time the arrival of rain for you. it's all coming up in the full
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investigators in ohio now calling the deaths of eight family members a preplanned execution as the search for whoever killed them continues. the state attorney general also says marijuana grow operations were found at three of the four crime scenes. seven adults and teenage boy were murdered execution-style 60 miles south of columbus on friday. two babies and a small child were left unharmed.
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operation operation, and those who carried it out were trying to do everything that they could do to hinder the investigation and their prosecution. >> so more information coming out now. this morning dozens gathered at the church where the rhoden family attended services. two community activists are calling for mayor de blasio to step down amid growing allegations of political scandal. >> if you say we have a city that we are united, we're not. this city right now is torn apart. >> if you feel and love new york city the way you say you do, you would do right by new york city by stepping back. >> tony herbert and john rodriguez want to start the process of impeaching de blasio. federal investigators are probing the mayor in several areas including fund-raising efforts for the 2014 state senate races. in a board of elections memo obtained by the daily news, it accuses the de blasio administration of deliberating side stepping campaign
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democrats win the state senate. the mayor denies the allegations. still ahead on "news 4 new york," a couple on long island had quite a surprise when their baby girl was born. coming up, what makes her birth date so very rare. well, rain could dampen the start of your workweek.
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tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake in nepal that killed nearly 9,000 people. the country's prime minister laid a wreath at the remains of a tower in kathmandu. it collapsed killing 132 people in 2015. later a candlelight service also honored the deceased. despite millions of dollars pledged in foreign donations, nepal is under criticism for the slow reconstruction of destroyed homes. here in new york the victims have not been forgotten.
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the south side seaport to honor the memory of those killed. some attending are actual survivors. the quake registered 7.9 magnitude. many still feeling the impact of that tragedy. >> people still missing in the ecuador quake as well. >> absolutely. they're still cleaning up and they're still, unfortunately, searching for people who are missing there and that earthquake that happen along the ring of fire, same as the ring of fire in japan, we are going to continue probably to see more unsettled disturbances along that ring of fire over the coming weeks. in our weather headlines, talking about weather now, not geology, we'll see milder temperatures on monday. still dry but an increase in cloud cover. showers arriving at night on monday. more rain arrives on tuesday. tuesday is a day where you're definitely going to want the umbrella. right now it's 69 degrees in hillsboro and sayreville. it's 65 in cream ridge.
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sussex, you're close to a brush fire near the delaware water gap. on storm tracker, you can see the high thin cloud cover heading our way. light sprinkles in association with a warm front lifting through michigan at the moment. it's going to continue to progress eastward overnight tonight so we'll see that cloud deck lower and thicken tomorrow. it will still be warm with a high of 74 so warmer than today. the sprinkles and showers don't arrive until after sunset for just about everyone. tuesday more rain arrives and this system pushes through. it's going to be a quick-mover and showers are likely throughout the entire day and some periods of heavy rain as well. let's see what that looks like on future tracker. the cloud cover starts to move in during the overnight hours, so you might not even need the shades for that monday morning commute, about you but bring them along anyway. in the overnight hours the windshield wipers and umbrellas will be needed. tuesday do not leave the umbrella at home.
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during the tuesday morning commute and look at these bands of heavier rain that start to advance toward us during the afternoon hours and just as you're getting the kids off the bus, we could have heavy rain, maybe even a thunderstorm. overnight tonight just patchy cloud cover though. a low 49 degrees in the city. 40 in monticello. 41 in yorktown and poughkeepsie. not too terribly cold out there overnight tonight. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow we'll reach a high of 74 degrees before the rain arrives. the rain cools us down a little bit on tuesday with a high of 67. dry on wednesday, 65 degrees, before more rain arrives on thursday. high temperatures right at or a little bit above our seasonal average. back to you. >> all right, erica. thank. a couple in manhasset has an extra reason to celebrate. >> they welcomed their new baby in the world on april 22nd. there she is. but here is the twist. their birthdays are also, both of them, april 22nd.


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