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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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i'm rob schmitt. >> i'm kerry barrett. we begin with breaking news. >> an appeals court just reinstated tom brady's suspension for the deflategate scandal. he will have to serve a four game suspension imposed by the nfl. this overturns the decision by a lower judge and sides with the league in a battle with the players union. today's ruling said in part, the commissioner properly exercised his broad discretion to resolve an intermural controversy between the league and the player. brady is accused of knowing that the new england patriots intentionally deflated the footballs before the game against the colts. more on this tonight at 5:00. the sudden death of a westchester child. now parents are concerned about their own children.
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>> reporter: grief counselors and psychiatrists are here at green veil school helping the students cope with with the death of lilly love. her death startled parents co erned about the health of ths eir own students and that is something that the county health department and the board of education is hoping to clear up today. we want to show you a photo of the young girl that was released byy the district just today. she was in second grade here. parents received an e-mail shortly after her death, but the exact cause of her death wasn't given. that's something that lead parents to express concern, this is the the same school where a seaicond-grader died suddenly of the flu four yea hors ago. westchester county health officials confirmed to me that the school was clear to open today and no apparent health threat to the rest of the student body. >> there are none and i'm basing that on the advice of the department health.
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they would make sure we did not open school and we would complied. i know this community will reach out and support and love and compassion as they always do and our hearts are with the family. this is an un,athomable tragedy with them. so we're just hopeful that we can support the family and today is a time of healing for us. >> we are working to confirm reports that lilly love may have bumped her head during recess last week and went home with parents and she complained f headaches here at school the week before. now, again, an exact cause of the young girl's death is nus being given, but we know that funeral services for the second-grader will be held on wednesday. live in westchester, tracie strahan. >> thank you. police are investigating the death of an elderly man found unconscious after a fight over an elevator in the bronx. small homemade memorial stands
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for 74-year-old felix rodriguez. police say he was found in the building's elevator around 3:00 p.m. yesterday. he later died at the hospital. investigators charged joaquin feleciano who also lives in that building with manslaughter. a new jersey man accused of attacking a priest inside of his own church, police say 33-year-old shawn swinton was acting strangely when he walked into a newark church yesterday. he allegedly assaulted one of the priests before running out. several parishioners followed him and flagged down a patrol car. police arrested swinton and charged him with assault. we're told the priest was treated for minor injuries. firefighters are trying to figure out how nassau county homes ended up like this, engulfed in flames. several apartments are gone. katherine creag is in oceanside with the families that are left homeless. >> reporter: what a devastating fire, devastating for the business owners. their stores are gone underneath
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people who lived in those apartments above. imagine 54 people are getting help right now from the red cross, 16 of them are children. including a baby. distraught and displaced, people carried in big bags we hat they had left. they live in the apartments above these businesses in oceanside, long island. stores destroyed or damaged in a huge fire. they looked for a new place to live. >> where can they go oow? >> i don't know. i'll have to find a place. >> reporter: jorge has two daughters, a 5-month-old and 5-year-old. he and his girls and wife all made it out alive. >> 3:00 in the morning. i go to work at 3:30. i told the fire departme , everybody out. >> reporter: fire broke out before 4:00 this morninng, fire gulfing a row of businesses on long beach road. the fire chief says a most damage. the apartments above are gone. this video shows the fire escape
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>> people are going to be able to come back. it is a question of when. the apartment above is completely destroyed. >> the smoke and just, you know, going now with the family. >> ro see people affected, it is really sad, you know. nobody knows exactly what happened. i hope it is not arson. maybe a leakage or something, an accident, you know. >> reporter: many described it as miraculous everyone made it out safely. they're left looking for another place to live. in lost everything they owned. and here is a l ace look at one of the buildings. you see the windows boarded up, but there is demolition equipment on the side street, on the other side of these buildings. it is unknown if they'll have to tear down this building. also, a mystery now what exactly caused the fire. live in oceanside, katherine crea news 4 new york. another fire, investigators trying to figure out what sparked a destructive blaze in brooklyn, this one gutted three hoeames a damaged a church on
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the flames shooting from the windows of those homes. this started just after 6:30. thankfully nobody was hurt. the red cross says seven families including five children have lost their homes and evprerytging that they own. we're told the fire may have started in a garage. happening today, the nypd officer who lost her partner in a deadly coney island fire testified this morning. rosa rodriguez took the stand, talking in a whisper, coughing at times. to a fire. both were overcome with smoke as they stepped off the elevator. authorities say 16-year-old marcel dockery told them he set the fire to a mattress because he was bored. his lawyers are expected to say that confession was coerced. race for president, ted cruz and john kasich teamed up in
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front-runner donald trump. john kasich says he'll get out of the way and give ted cruz a clear path to indiana and in return, cruz will clear the path for kasich in oreon and new mexico during the primaries. trump called this move both weak and desperate. indiana's primary isn't for another week, but that's wt here cruz is spending his day campaigning. kasich started his day with breakfast at a diner in pennsylvania, talking to reporters. pennsylvania won of five states voting tomorrow. he addressed the new strategy and said it is really no big deal. >> i don't see this as any big deal. other than the fact that i'm not going to spend resources in indiana, he's not going to spend them in other places. so what? what is the big deal? >> we're at a fundamental fork in the road. if donald trump is the nominee, hillary clinton wins. hillary beats donald trump by double digits. >> donald trump will host a rally in rhode island later this afternoon.
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northeastern states voting tomorrow. the democrats focus ed on tomorrow's race. bernie sanders starting his day in hartford, connecticut. he travels to pennsylvania later today. clinton will end up in pennsylvania later today as well. she started her day with a rally in wilmington, delaware. hillary clinton leading in all five states holding primaries tomorrow. in the city of cleveland, reaching a $6 million settlement over the death of 12-year-old tamir rice. he was shot as a young boy by a white police officer while playing with a pellet gun. back in 2014. an order filed in u.s. district court today says the city will pay 3 million this year and that another 3 million next year. his family filed a wrongful death suit against the city. the officers and the dispatchers who they say acted recklessly during this deadly confrontation. president obama upped the ante in the war against isis today, announcing he's sending 250 more troops to syria to help fight against the terrorist group. the president was in hanover, germany, for a trade fair when
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>> reporter: the president covered a lot of territory here at his trip to hanover trade industrial show. the main topic isis and the fight against terrorism. the president announcing that the u.s. is sending some 250 troops to aid in the fight to ramp up the operation there, going on for some time now. the president sees this as a turning point, a time to try to solidify the gains that happened in recent weeks and months. the president emphasized these will not be combat troops. here is what he had to say about what the troops would be doing on the ground. >> they're not going to be leading the fight on the ground, but they will be essential in providing the training and assisting local forces they continue to drive isil back. so make no mistake, these terrorists will learn the same lesson as others before them have, which is your hatred is no match for our nations united in the defense of our way of life. >> today's announcement brings
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about 300. mber in iraq and syria to abou 4,000. the president also called upon our european allies here to step up their contributions to the fight. the president meeting with the leaders of france, germany, italy and great britain before hed ading home to washington later today. ron allen, nbc news, traveling with the president, near hanover, aermany. coming up next here at noon, a bold protest in long island city, the message that activists wanted to send when they scaled up this sign. and from pepsi to lemonade, y many say beyonce's album debut left them wondering about the state of her marriage. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist erica grow. we could use the rain, we had a pretty dry spring so far. and we have a few chances for rain ahead. it is coming up in your full
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look at? activists climbing the peps cola sign in queens hanging a banner, protesting the use of palm oil. the group would like pepsi coe to address palm oil, an ingredient in a lot of y processed snack foods. pepsico says it is com tted to prompting responsible and sustainable forces of palm oil. happening today, reports this afternoon that nfl quarterback johnny manziel has been indicted on a misdemeanor assault charge. according to dallas nbc affiliate kxas, an official announcement of charges is expected later today. that charge linked to a january 29th inciden wt in which manziel allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend. so far manziel has yet to offer
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late purple rain singer prince is reigning over the album sales ch ts. the sales of his music have skyrocketed since his death last thonursday. nielsen music says there were 2.3 million prince songs sold in the three tays following his death. mipurple rain a n when doves cry tops t e list. followed by little red corvette and let's go crazy. officials say it could be weeks before the cause of his death is released. new at noon, beyonce's bombshell new album lemonade is now available on itunes. the past and the present merge to meet us here . >> it was a visual album, debut ing with a world premiere video event saturday night on hbo and then the talk of social media all weekend with songs and lyrics, exploring infidelity. a lot of people were wondering if beyonce was giving a bit of a window into her marriage with rapper jay-z. that album is also on amazon music. it was very, very well done. i don't know if you saw it.
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>> i know a lot of people did. i'm sure hbo made a lot of money. regardless of whether or not it is true. in the money report, hot sauce from a power company. >> okay. phil griffith joining us with that and a look at the markets. >> wait until you hear how hot this hot sauce is. first, not such a hot day for wall street to begin the week, down day. this will be a very, very busy week. lots of big earnings reports including apple and facebook later this week. most important, the federal reserve also meets this week to talk about interest ra s. now the dow is down 170 points, off the low of the day. by far, the biggest gainer of the day in the stock market is tribune media company, the stock up 55% after rival publi er gannett offered $815 million to buy the publisher of the likes of the l.a. times, the c lcago tribune, the orlando sentinel and locally here the hartford current.
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the newspaper business is these days. on friday, tribune, which owns all these famous newspapers was only worth $238 million. that is considered a small cap stock on wall street. we'll see what this deal does for the newspaper business. and you all know that ge makes things like wind turbines and lightbulbs. now it makes a hot sauce. and are you ready? the idea is to highlight ge's technological ability to produce ecofriendly jet engines that operate at ultra high temperatures. the limited edition hot sauce is called 10 to the 32nd kelvin. if you remember high school physics, that's the temperature at which all matter breaks down. how hot is this hot sauce? tabasco sauce is rated at 3500 heat units. one of the peppers in ge's hot sauce is measured at over 2 million heat units.
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open it and don't spill it on clothing because it might melt it or something. >> eat a hole through it. >> i'm not a hot sauce aficionado. this is well beyond me. >> best i ever had was made at a nuclear power plant. >> really? >> try this one? >> really? up since like 2:00 in the morning. >> that was probably one of the dumbest things i ever said. >> bill, thank you so much. >> really? >> really? >> sorry. i need to leave. >> we're almost done. >> did you do the word gullible? so we're going to see an increase in cloud cover today with the showers hold off until nighttime. take this beautiful look outside at the plaza and some sunshine peeking through there on to the plaza, lots of sunshine. our current temperature up to 65 degrees.
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afternoon, high temperatures heading into the 70s this afternoon. showers are going to arrive at night tonight. it will be well after sunset for just about everyone. showers and thunderstorms though during the day on tuesday. storm tracker shows the warm front with the showers is far enough to the north of us that we have this sunshine, but we could see some high clouds filter down from this in the afternoon. and eventually that cloud deck will start to get lower and that's going to block out the sunshine. not until we get enough warmth from the un to pop these temperatures into the 70s. we're at 64 in morristown. 59 in newburgh. 65 in trenton. 57 west hampton. mild temperatures, overnigh tonight, we keep it dry at the mets game, as the mets are back in town, taking on the reds. breezy, the first pitch temperature 63 degrees. can't rule out a sprinkle or shower before that game ends, but i think you can probably leave the umbrella at home. you can leave the poncho at ho feme. might just get a quick sprinkle
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hours. future tracker, you see here, midnight tonight, we're still dry, but don't be surprised if a couple of the showers arrive earlier. they're with us for the tuesday morning commute. definitely going to want that umbrella tomorrow. showers, you see them streaming through here future tracker during the morning. noon, clusters of thunderstorms could develop and look at this line of thunderstorms in time for the evening commute on dtuesday. reds and oranges, indication of heavy downpours. could have lightning, gusty winds and that's allruor tomorrow. today, we'll get up to 72 degrees, that cloud deck will continue to thicken. tonight, 54 degrees, central park, late showers arriving. here is a look at the seven-day forecast yo. 65 degrees on wednesday. it is going to be a beautiful afternoon on wednesday. enjoy that before more rain arrives on ursday. high temperatures remaining in the 60s trough the rest of the week. back to you. >> thanks so much. "new york live" up next at
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>> here is sara and carolina. >> coming up, is the city's most arnlg nall new shopping destination, we'll take you underground for a tour of turnstile, a must visit subway mall. we visit the office of gary marshal for a look back at a legendary career. still ahead, police officers a few feet away, they see a train barreling toward a cart stuck on the tracks. what they did in a split second
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news for your health, despite warnings, officials say the number of children harmed by ingesting detergent pods is astounding. a 20% increase in the number of
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who put one of those laundry detergent packets in their mouths. they say the liquid laundry pods are the most dangerous, but researchers say the number of calls involving those dishwasher pods is also up. quick thinking may have prevented a tragedy in california. a car stalled on some train tracks saturday as a freight train approached. a crew of -- a police helicopter flew low enough for the train conductor to see them and then flashed their spotlight in a crisscross pattern to signal for that train to stop. the conductor hit the brake and the train screeched to a halt about 40 feet away from the car. >> that's very impressive. still ahead, one father's delegate balancing act when a foul ball flies his way as he's
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the third base line. that fan caught the ball with a glove on his left han and holding is baby boy in his right hand. what a catch. >> he did get that other guy. >> still got it, though. the kid didn't even notice >> impressive. tonight, we hear a lot of talk these days of the crippling impact of student debt. tonight, linda bah kara kar h quero has a to cut the payment.
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