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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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arrested and chtrged. the man accused of terrorizing elderly woman in brooklyn is off the streets. we break the news w, one of his alleged victims. >> a lift tips over and crashes through an apartment window. >>se> send help. >> which unit? >> housing portable. >> they never knew what they were walking into. the chilling moments the day two nypd officers were cut off by smoke and flames. good evening. >> chuck and sabilia have the night off. we begin with the at rr ( est arrest. >> here is a criminal criminal
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wivaded capture untilenow. the man was just take ton n to court. >> reporter: clarence jones was preying on elderly citizens who came to the station house to help in the investigation. he was arrested and within last ur, he s escorted out of the station house, take ton sen n to central booking. i asked him what his role was. what do you have to say bout the attacks? d you do it? hi.s victims spoke to news 4 telling us the impact this had on them and how it changed their lives. >> i'm very glad to hear this. >> reporter: a sense of relief and a smile from 83-year-old arron van skendle. the fear still lives with her. news 4 informed her the man believed to have attacked her in march is in jail. >> i opened the door and i got smashed in the face. >> reporter: how has this
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>> well, it has made me more cautious. i'm nervous. >> reporter: her attack among eigh similar robberies in brooklyn, queens and the bronx. they believe 66-year-old clrence jones is behind them. he has had 19 prior arrests. police released this video in hopes of catching him. eric adams helped to get him off the street. >> i put up $1,000 of my personal funds and sent a check to one of the victims who lost her money. just really want to show this this was personal. >>. reporter: just after 11:00 this morning, those efforts paid off. a tipster called crime stoppers. police found jones in park slope, his hair helped officers catch him. >> identified him immediately, th he had gray hair under the hoodie. >> reporter: look at this map. it shows the locations where police say the suspect attached the elderly women.
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right here on the corner of 8th avenueal and carol street near this fire box. it's just blocks and minutes away from some of his victims. >> i would like o see what he looks like. >> reporter: what would y u say to him? >> well, i would just say i hope they put you away for a long, long time. you can't go around doing stuff like that. >> reporter: you could hear how shaken up she was even in talking to her. tonight, we know jones is facing several counts of robbery, assault and criminal possession of a weapon. he y is due in brooklyn criminal court tomorrow. >> thank you for that new information. turning to the weather now. you could be facing rain during your mor ng commute. head over to storm team 4 meteorol ist janice huff. >> some of the rain will move in before the commute even starts it's clear across the area right now. everything is quiet. we are tracking these thunderstorms that are moving through central pennsylvania. still several hours away from
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here they are. moving across interstate80 and headed eastward. we expect them to be here before the sun comes up tomorrow actually for a lot of spots west of the city. here is a look at our storm tracker. you will notice a few of the storms make it in by 3:00 a.m. en around the city and parts of northern new jersey, you may hear rumbles of thunder, may wake you up in the morning. most of that -- most of the showers will move east of the city by 6:00 a.m. this is coming in waves. you will have light rain north of the city. then another round of heavier showers around 10:00 a.m. north of the city through the hudson valley. then another round approaches around 2:0 in the afternoon. we will talk more about that and wht at to expect beyond tomorrow, whether we will get more rain this week. >> we wil see you. frightening moments for people o the lower east side. a construction lift crashed through an apartment window.
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what did people say they saw just days before the mishap? >> reporter: you now, this is the very busy lower east side. pep walking back and forth today when all of a sudden, that lift, hydraulic lift veered left, slamming into a window. all while the res dept idents were inside. the basket atop the hydraulic lift s lodged in the window of an apartment. >> you just tap the glass and kind of like a bent -- it didn't break. then look at that. i went to get pizza came back gand it got worst. >> reporter: failed hydraulics sent it veering into the building. ritchie franco says he joked with construction workers there working for a week and a half that something like this could happen because two of the wheels were slightly off the 2k3wr0u7bd ground. >> not really flat on that side. now it is completely up. >> reporter: no one in the apartment was hurt. no one on the ground was hit by
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some on the ground worry it could have been much worse. remembering the massive crane that collapsed in lower manhattan in february killing one man and injuring several others. >> something could really bad happen here today. >> reporter: you see the broken section of the lift. that's the section firefighters had to remove to get it out of the window. other sections of the lift were working the hydraulics of the other sections were working so they were able to remove it or bring it down to the safe position it's in right now. we have b n told by department ofoah.uildings that a stop work order is in place until it has been fully infected. checkey beckford, news 4, new york. on the lower east side, police think the asuss suspect in the rape of a woman could be 16 years old. the woman says he follows her
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once the dooov closed, he started groping her and police say he then followed her to her apartment but ran when another man came to the door. if you recognize him, you are asked to call the nt y ypd. information in the trial of a teen that set a fire that killed an officer. we are hearing what happened the day the officer and his partner walked into the building. we have the testimony that ally brought people to tears. >> reporter: they are the last images and sounds of an officer who diedden the line of duty. you hear his partner trying to get help and get out alive. in security footage just release released the defendant is seen riding the elevator up in an apartment building two years ago. prosecutors say shortly after, he lit a mat ess on fire in the hallway. a fire that would kill this officer. you can see him walking in the building here alongside his
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both dispatched to investigate smoke reported by neighbors. they crossed the lobby, head into the elevator. whtten the doors open, they are engulfed by smoke. >> send for help. >> which unit? >> housing portable. >> what floor are you on? >> 14. >> 14th floor. >> they were on the 13th floor. yelling for help as dispatchers scrambled to track them down. >> he 14th floor. housing portable. >> can't breathe, c 't breathe. >> on the 14th floor and they can't breathe. >> firefighters found both officers unresponsive. he would eventually die from his injuries. she spent weeks in a coma and today has permanent lung injuries. because of that, she could only speak in a whisper. in court this morning, her words describing the fire and the aftermath brought her former partners's family to tears inside and outside the
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prosecutors say he adz mitted to starting fire because he was bored. his lawyer says his confession was forced. he was 14 the day of the fire. he is being tried for murder as an adult. >> thank you. tonight, governor cuomo is sending 70 state emergency workers to fight a wildfire growing more intense. the fire began saturday. more than 800 acres has burned so far. no buildings have been damaged. with this additional help from the governor, now 180 state workers will join local crews to fight the fire. we have a transit alert that might impact your tuesday morning commute. light rail service is down. this is why. in the video you will see a dump
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and a support pole near jersey city. service has been suspended. nj transit buses will honor tickets. bill de blasio facing questions about whether his campaign broke fund-raising laws. it comes three days after the daily news published a memo from officials asking whether the mayor pressured ed d donors to circumvent laws. today, they put tough questions to him. >> what do you say to assertion from the state elections -- i believe it's the state board of ections attorney who asserts that you were trying to direct folks to circumvent campaign finance law. >> it's outrageous. i don't know what's motivating it.
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predecessor and others live by those standards. >> they have opened an investigation. we go to decision 2016 coverage now. the word of the day is collusion. that's what donald trump is accusing his republican rivals of doing after ted cruz and john kasich announced they would team up to bring him down. the two underdogs agreed to hede certain states. as part of the deal, kasich won't campaigntan indiana to give cruz a better shot there. cruz won't compete in new mn.ico and oregon to boost kasich's chances. tht e collaboration is not going over so well for trump. >> include collude. i was happy it shows how weak they are. >> is this collusion? >> is it -- no.
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>> listen, i don't doubt that donald trump is going to scream and yell and curse and insult and probably cry and whine some as well. >> even if kasich backers decided to go for cruz, would it really stop trump in indiana? it shows him in first. in theory, if voters buy in, kasich supporters could put cruz over the edge. 22% of kasich supporters say trump is actually their second choice. even with a so-called alliance there's no guarantee cruz would defeat trump. to keep alive his chance, trump not only needs to win big tomorrow, he needs to keep winning most of the delegates from the new cruz/kasich team. on the democratic side, things a little less contentious contentious. they took part in their own msnbc town hall this evening. they touched upon everything from foreign policy, women's equality, the criminal justice
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would want in their cabinet. clinton talked about what she would look for in her team. >> right now, we are running as hard as we can to win this thing. at the end of the process, we will take a look at what's going on. >> we need all sorts of talent and experience. so whether it's in a vice president or members of a cabinet or in the white house staff, i want as broad a set of experiences that i can possibly draw together. >> tomorrow is a big day in the northeast. primaries in five states, including connecticut, pennsylvania, maryland, delaware and rhode island. if you are heading to the polls in connecticut, they will be open tomorrow from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 p.m. stay with news 4 for complete coverage of tomorrow's primary both on air and online. tune in for results right here on news 4 new york at 11:00. still to come, a woman's close call with an out of control car next. what that woman did after the
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a long island deli. just how dangerous are those popular laundry pots for children in your home? we have the advice from doctors that could save your child's life. a small plane crashes into the backyards of several homes. what the pilot was doing when
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tonight, mysterious crash. ad woman was hit by a car that sl med into a deli. then just disappeared. wa antch the left side of your screen. yod u can see an suv, it is it about to come, pull into the intersection and hit that sedan. then it sped out of control and clipped that woman before slammingwieto the deli.
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the driver of the car had to go to the hog,spital . nod one has been charged. an update on a story we have been following for more than a year. a long island priest accused of sexual abuse. a there are more allegations. last year a college student accused the father of sexually abusing her when she was a young girl. now a 20-year-old man making similar claims. both are suing the diocese. the diocese denies the claims. he is a minister at st. jude's. we have a new warning about a household item that could be dangerous for children. a study published shows more kids are accidentally eating these colorful laundry deterrent pods mistaking them for candy. there was a 17% increase in the number of children ingesting the pods in two years. more than 60,000 kids had this type of emergency in that time frame. >> children have come in and n coma.
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we have had two deaths. >> in response the deterrent industry is rolling out new packaging and warning ing ing labels. some pediatricians are urging parents to use tradimional law dry detergent. thunderstorms imbedded, coming in waves. we are tracking two areas. we will show you what that means for your morning and evening commute tomorrow. ficst of all, a look outsidw at the view rom our top of the rooko amera t's peaceful and quiet. there's no rain within several hu.ndred miles just yet. that will change. 58 right now in the city. relatively mild. the clouds are there. the rain clouds aren't here yet. they are on the way. those showers will be moving i tonight and before the sun comes up tomorrow, we are likely to have rumbles of thunder in spots around the area. not everywherefu the rain and storms will come in sections, in waves throughout the day.
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where you are and you may see mperatures in the 70s to near 80. not north of the city. it's going to stay cool. sun returns wednesday. temperatures right now, generally around the city, it's in the 50s to near 60. the cool spot is west hampton at 42. it's around 60 right now in trenton. to the west, we have been showing you this area of showers and storms approaching binghamton and williamsport. we can see lightning. that's the first wave. then there's another round that's developing back to the west over michigan, from chicago. we have to watch that. there's also going to be separately from our weath a severe weather outbreak tomorrow from omaha to wichita to dallas. rumbling through the area tomorrow. it may come to severe levels.
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g that. expect downpours and gusty winds. tonight, no big rain until maybe 3:00 o 4:00 in the morning we might see a few. 40s and 50s. the city in the 60s. south of that, 70s to near 80 across new jersey. weather calms down thursday into friday. it's cool with a high around 60. tomorrow morning on "today in new york" storm team 4 will update you on the progress of the rain coming through and what to expect throughout the rest of the day tomorrow. we will keep an eye out. the rain we need, just don't want to -- big storms. >> thanks it.
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danger falling from the sky. this was the scene this afternoon in pompano beach, florida, after a small plane crashed on a home. the pilot had been practicing takeoff and landing when the plane went down hitting the home and landing in a neighboring backyard. three people on that plane now in critical condition tonight. no one on the ground was hurt. in oklahoma, it wasn't a plane but a garbage truck that crashed into two houses. this happened near oklahoma city. the driver lost control, knocked down a mailbox and a tree before smashing through the garage of th home. the truck then continued into th're side of the house next door and finally came to a stop. the driver might have had a medical issue that led to the crash.
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we are back talking mets. >> things are good with the mets of late. they won sevenforsf nine on the rord.
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derby. for now, no disabled list but for tonight, no saspinus. first inning, gone to center. tied at one in the third. a two-run shot to right. syndergaard struck out nine. he was lifted after getting in trouble in the seventh. who will save the day? it would be neil walker. bottom seven, crushing a two-run homer to right. this is his eighth home run as a met. it's april 25th. what a start to his amazing career. mets win their fourth straight. 5-3 the final. yankees were in texas. no a-rod tonight. he is day to day.
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he was watching a good one. perhaps, perhaps starting to heat up. the slumping castro crushes this. that makes it 3-0 yankees. his first homer since the first week of the season. the best start of the season, a no hitter into the seventh. two hits and struck out six. the yankees get back into the win column with a 3-1 victory over the rangers. nba playoff picture has changed with one injury. steph curry has a sprained mcl. he will miss two weeks. the stanley cup playoffs, game one between the islanders and lightning will be wednesday night in tampa. how about game seven in st. louis tonight? what a game. black hawks, blues. off the post, but look at him stay with it. get in there. nice second effort.
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this. double post, not so much. blues oh, so close. st. louis moving on with a 3-2 victory in game seven. everybody's heart rates coming down after watching that. now to the fun that is deflate-gate. a federal court of appeals overturned a judge's order and ruled that brady must serve his four-game suspension to start the nfl season. the second u.s. circuit court of appeals decided the commissioner acted fairly when suspended ady. brady's next move isn't clear yet. he could even take it all the way to t u.s. supreme court. keep in mind, brady said, didn't come this far ty only come this far. plus, he has support from this man. >> first of all, let's start by saying, leave tom brady alone. leave him alone. leave him alone. he is a great guy. it's enough. it's enough. >>, that would be donald trump.
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we know it's the donald playing to the crowd in rhode island. works out well.
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i' that wil do it tor news 4 at 11:00.


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