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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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i'm rob schmitt. >> i'm kerry barrett. a lot to get to. we begin with a possible sexual assault on a college campus, the victim saying leaders that she was lured into the woods and attacked. >> lori bordonaro is live with what we know so far this afternoon. >> reporter: right now fairfield police are going through video surveillance, they say they're looking for a middle aged man who physically and sexually assaulted that student as she walked near the library late last night. this happened just before 11:00 on campus. the student was allegedly walking down a path when she was lured into the woods. she told police that she was punched in the face and sexually assaulted. the university has sent out alerts to studented notifying them about what happened. and cautioning them to use the bu y stimulate at night. police are on campus, investigating. the man they're look for is about 40 years old.
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student or knew the victim. >> at this point, still preliminary in the vestigation. the motive behind it is difficult to determine. so we don't know whether or not this individual was targeted or not. there is no indication that she wa tos targeted. but however, you know, without having all the information and continuing the investigation would be very difficult to say that with any full confidence. >> in a statement, the safety and protection of our students, faculty and staff remains a top priority for us. security and safety programs at fairfield university continue to meet the ever changing needs. lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. dave price is tracking rain, high winds, maybe storms even later this afternoon. it is already so windy that the crane operators here in the city ordered to stop working.
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>> preparation in advance of the orms beginning to roll through the area from the northwest to the southeast. couple of showers out there right now. thundershowers most likely possible between 2:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon to early evening. and then clearing and chilly overnight. let's look at the live radar picture now. you can see the storms beginning to push through the rea. we have some light rain and some drizzle rolling through sections of the city. into nassau county and queens. if you look, hempstead, back to jfk and out west as well. into seaside. you do see some light rain. it could go heavier. as the afternoon progresses, we are going to see some thheundershowers begin to push on through. some of those could be strong at times. we'll continue to watch it and give you the full forecast, all coming up in a couple of minutes. back to both of you. >> we need some rain. thank you. >> now to an interview you'll see only on news 4. a staten island woman was captured on camera attacking a 12-year-old in the local park. the children say they were just being kids when that woman
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she just went off. news 4's tracie strahan saw the victim. what did he tell you happened? >> we're at the playground where all of this happened and you can see that woman's picture right on this poster put up by police. now, anthony pascual says he and his friends were teing kid z s, throwing a ball, and that was enough to send this woman over the edge. we obtained photos of the moment that 12-year-old came face to face with this woman that police are looking for. the photo was taken by one of the kids and it shows the moment that that woman swung and hit anthony in the thigh. the 12-year-old and his buddies say this all happened after that woman who was sitting in this playground with a sleeping baby, complained they were making too much noise. anthony says they quieted down for a while, but they did start playing again. that's when she came charging towards them. their hockey sticks, their ball, and then straight at the kids. >> and she headed towards that fence over there.
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fence and then she tried to throw the hockey stick, but liam got one of them back. and she tried to hit liam with the hockey stick she had. but she missed. and she went again for me, and she got me. >> really tried to keep my cool and asked her why she hit him? she had nothing to say to me, except the baby she had in the carriage was sleeping. and i said, well, that's no reason to hit a child with a hockey stick. >> now, another live look at the poster that has been put up by the nypd. ane thonans mother says she believes the suspect is a nanny in this area, she actually fled after police were called. of course, anyone with any information as to who this could be is asked to contact police immediately. live in eltonville, staten island, tracie strahan. >> very strange. thank you. a warning for parents in the white plains area. police searching for a possible child predator in the valamar community. a 10-year-old girl said a man in
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sped off when she ran for help. if you see anything suspicious call police. right now, police are searching for the attacker who they say harassed a woman and slashed her husband when he came to her rescue. katherine creag has been at grand central terminal following this story all morning long. >> busy grand c. tral terminal at all hours, this is where the victim received help from a subway worker after he was attacked. at this moment, police are still looking for the suspect. commuters are telli us they're wondering about thei safety. >> officers took to the subway platform and above as they search for a man who slashed train. hering about the attack, caused concern among the commuters. >> sometime i'mndith my kids and everything like that. something could happen with -- and then could comei over with us and everything like that and you have to get involved. that's too much.
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around 3:30 this morning. the suspect had been harassing the victim's wife. a detective tells me the suspect had a large knife and lunged at the victim. the man raises his hand to defend himself. police say two of his fingers anre slashed. we talked with the commuter who rides the subway every day who says he doesn't tolerate people who are menacing others. >> i don't like bullies. if i see somebody that is in need of help, i step up. >> the man who was slashed ran to a subway worker to get help. paramedics rushed the injured victim to bellevue hospital. commuters tell us they feel safe, as long as they see police in and around the subway. >> i feel pretty safe on the subway. there is a lot of security. i see a lot of police around. so i feel pretty safe. >> extraordinarily safe. >> you feel safe? >> yeah, exactly. >> and police believe that the victim has been released from the hospital. as for the suspect,
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surveillance video from the subway platform and the subway car to try and locate the suspect. reporting live at grand central, york. this morning, police releasing new video of the man wanted in a road rage stabbing on the upper east side. it shows that man getting into a off. police say he had just stabbed another driver 11 times right before this near east 61st street and york avenue. this happened saturday night. condition. happening today, cleanup efforts under way in the tremont section of the bronx after bricks started falling from an apartment building. caution tape cordoning off the sconene at east 184 street where the bricks started to fall in the early morning hours. the department of buildings says it issued the owner of the building a violation for failure to maintain the facade. they were also ordered to install the sidewalk shed. now the race for the white house.
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their candidates today. all having primaries today. delegates. almost 200 delegates up for grabs on the republican side, and new poll numbers show it will be hard to beat donald trump today, according to latest nbc survey monkey national poll. trump is at 50% compared to ted cruz at just 26%. and john kasich even lower at 17%. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is up two points 52% compared to bernie sanders down a point to 42%. despite the numbers, john kasich made a big push for votes on the "today" show. >> a move that had a couple of people, a lot of people raising eyebrows one day after he reportedly teamed up with ted cruz. just hours into the pact of john kasich and ted cruz, in which kasich agreed to stay out of diana and cruz agreed not compete in new mexico and oregon, it doesn't seem solid. >> to be clear, if all of your
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indiana, and then the cruz supporters vote for cruz, then trump will win and what is the point of this deal? >> i think you're having a hard time figuring this out. >> i am. >> i'm not. we're not. you may be, but we're not. >> cruz is defending the deal. all in on next week's midwest primary. >> indiana gets a straight and direct choice between our campaign and donald trump. >> trump is hammering away at it. >> indiana, the people are too smart to listen to this stuff. and i think it is going to have a huge reverse effect. i do. >> the republicans split 172 delegates today, still not enough to put any one candidate over the top. as for the dems, bernie sanders today talking about being willing to help pull the party nominee. candidate. >> if i do not win the nomination, trust me, i will do that some republican does not >> hillary clinton didn't go quite that far.
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adopt sanders' policies to ensure a united democratic rty. >> i am winning. and i'm winning because of what i stand for and what i have done and what my ideals are. >> and, of course, tonight we'll today's primaries. york at 11:00. watch as the results come in as well at nbc new in a couple of hours, mayor de blasio will unveil his proposed 2017 city budget. we're told it will include $2 billion to restructure the ailing city hospital system. the city also wants to spend millions to speed up snow removal on the tight side streets. staten island will get improved drug treatment. next at noon, the automaker that just confessed to fudging some numbers. not once or twice, but for 25 years.
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rutgers univers graduates say president obama is about to ruin
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right now, police searching for the man seen in this surveillance video. they're calling him a person of interest. they would like to question him about the killing of a man. he was killed a week ago. he was rushed to the hospital but died from his wounds. today, the man accused of attacking and robbing an elderly resident across the city is expected to face a judg officers arrested 66-year-old clarence jones yesterday in park slope, brooklyn. police believe he's responsible
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muggings in just the last few weeks. a very sought after suspect. jones has a long criminal record and was just released from prison two years ago. a crime stoppers tip led to his arrest. police believe a man wanted for robbing at least ten stores on long island has struck again. this is surveillance video of that suspect from a previous robbery. police think he's the same man who held up an employee at the subway send witch shop in new hide park yesterday. police say he threatened that work we are a knife, took cash and ran off. he's wanted for robbing at least ten other businesses in just the past month. rutgers students upset at changes for this year's commencement speech which will feature president obama. rutgers says it is getting an unprecedented number of requests for the 50,000 available seats so it is limiting each graduating student to three guests some seniors are blasting the change on social media and only students from the new brunswick campus will be allowed parking passes.
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especially chartered nj transit trains that day. in today's money report, a stunning admission from a major automaker. >> bill griffith joining us. >> kind of a quiet day now f a couple of reasons. we had some weak economic data this morning. e federal reserve began its meetings today. they'll meet again tomorrow. nobody is expecting them to raise interest rates this ieek. maybe not this year. but we'll find out tomorrow for sure. then you got big earnings reports coming out later today, whtoich i'll get to in a moment. right now, the dow is not doing a whole t. open higher, trading lower, now it is up by 8 points at this hour. let's talk a out this stunning announcement this morning from mitsubishi motors. the japanese automaker after an internal investigation revealed that it ha been fudging fuel ecy onomy data for the last 25 years. it means roughly 600,000 of the many cars it produced over that
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efficient as advertised. the internal investigation continues. it is possible that more irregularities could be revealed. some are questioning the viability of mitsubishi motors in the future. later today, companies like ebay and twitter will be releasing the latest earnings report, but nobody will be more important than apple's report. in fact, the expectation is that the company will report it first decline in revenue s in 13 ye has and you can blame slowing iphone sales for that. apple has been criticized for a lack of innovation lately. its most recent new product, the apple watch, is not exactly a hit. and the stock has suffered as a result, that stock has fallen from a high of $130 a share last summer to roughly $100 today. that report will be out at 4:00 this afternoon. and we'll see what the market does with that one. that is one of the most valuable companies on wall street right now.
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market. so we'll see how they do at 4:00. >> looking forward to that too. all right, bill, thanks so much. nice to have you back. >> good to be back. i wish i could have brought some better weather. but we do need this rain. so we'll take it when we can get it. we'll walk to the weather wall and look outside right now. and see what there is to see. the gowanus, hazy overcast condition for a lot of the area right now. scattered drizzle, light rain overspreading parts of the region. temperature at this hour is 56 degrees. and it looks like we're going to be in this kind of moist mess if you will for a couple of hours at least. scattered afternoon and early evening thunderstorms a possibility. beautiful tomorrow, great. good news here by the way is the moisture may wauv sh a lot of that pollen out of the air, so allergy sufferers may get relief. clouds and cooler temperatures for the week and the weekend times out nicely as well. this is a live radar picture,
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this beginning to move from the northwest to the southeast. and fair amount of cloud cover is going to come along with it, so the day doesn't necessarily get better. it is going to be a day filled with showers, which are going to be coming in and out and some thundershowers which could be strong later on today. 55 degrees right now in central park. 52 in ramsey. 61 in valley stream. and 49 in white plains. little cool out there. so bring that light jacket, bring that sweater, 46 in monticello. 59 in morristown. 75 in long branch. look at those temperatures. wide disparity. future tracker as we advance the models through into the evening, well, you saw the thundershowers push on through. and then as we get into tonight and tomorrow, it is going to be just very, very lovely with nothing going on. so we have one day of not so great weather. let's put it together this afternoon. showers and thundershowers, some could be strong, variable winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. gusty conditions.
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shy of that. we'll watch and see what the clouds do. poughkeepsie. pollen forecast, tree pollen going to be tough going for allergy sufferers during the as we have this rain, it should clear out a lot of that mold, should be at a low level. play ball tonight, just in time to see some clearing. we anticipate we could still have a lingering shower around for the first pitch at 7:10. 39 in rye brook. it gets cool as it clears on out. and we're hovering right around the freezing mark from places like rock hill to arlington. then as we head into the weekend, the best days by the way of the seven-day forecast, which i'll show you now. check it out, as we head into the end of the week, we see a return to showers as we head into thursday. friday, cool, 59 degrees with an early shower. then the weekend looks terrific. next week we start out with ain once again, temperatures in the low 60s. that's a look at the low forecast.
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anchor desk. thank you. "new york live" is live next. >> coming up, kelly ripa returns to "live" and she has some thoughts on the morning show controversy. we have her very candid comments. and what does it take to be the next tracy turnblad. we'll take you to the new york casting call for nbc's hairspray live for a sneak peek. all right here at 12:30. we'll see you then. thank you. still ahead on news 4 new york at noon, a landmark decision. what london officials plan to do big ben that may have tourists
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it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate,
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millions to dangerous levels of radiation, the town is still abandoned. construction is now under way on a $2 billion protection shield. there it is. over the reactor to contain all that radiation. there is a work crew doing the nearly unthinkable to fix london's historic big ben. those chimes heard by leethens of tourists for 157 years now will go silent. we're told that will happen from several months to perhaps a coupse of years as well. stldopping the clock will allow workers to safely restore big ben and, of course, the tower that holds it. in total, a restoraon will take three years, costing $45 million. >> wow. >> still ahead here on news 4 at noon, the parents are named mr. president and first lady. so what names did the public choose for the d.c. eagles new little chic ks?
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the names selected after a week long online contest that was open to the public. sometimes those things don't go so well. not in this case, though. other top names were star and stripes, honor and glory and cherry and blossom. >> i read about one last week, i can't remember the context, but it was hilarious. >> boaty mcboat face? >> you got it. buying discount cards can save you money. pet moments are beautiful, unleus you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. p flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve pboth itchy, watery eyes and congestion. other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase.
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