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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. i'm rob schmidt. we begin with a major drug bust in the bronx. dozens and dozens of suspected gang members rounded up overnight. investigators say they're accused of committing everything from theft to murder. these takedowns took place in the early morning hours, marc santia was there for it all. marc? >> reporter: re watched it happen, under the cover of darkness, nearly 1,000 police officers and federal agents swarmed the bronx looking for folks who they say had been terrorizing the community for years. choppers in the sky, and armored vehicles on the ground. law enforcement and bulletproof gear taking no chances as they look to arrest more than 100 gang members who sources close to this operation tell news 4 are wanted for murders, robberies, drug sales, and counterfeit cash. news 4 cameras rolling as
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and taken downtown. this takedown, a team effort as the nypd, homeland security investigations, united states marshalls, atf and dea synchronized the raids hours before the sun rose. residents too afraid to talk on camera told me off camera they hope these arrests make an impact in their community. there was an incident in the midst of these raids, a wanted suspect who was not part of the sweep, but law enforcement forces tell me the man did have multiple warrants for his arrest. he saw all of the activity, he ran, he tried to escape from police by climbing out a window. that man fell five stories to his death. reportinglive, i'm marc santia, news 4 new york. smoke could be seen for miles in new jersey this morning after a fire broke out inside a recycling plant. over that scene, dumping black smoke into the sky, flaps shooting through the roof of the
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wood bridge. the blaze started in an old fertilizer silo and a part of that plant that is no longer in use. >> just took time to get the proper equipment in there, execute, put the fire out, now just a cooldown operation. >> everybody got out safely and parts of the plant that are still in operation are not damaged. there was another fire at this same plant just back in 2014. new at noon, a long island man is in custody after police say a month's long fight with his neighbors and his town took a more violent turn. it was all over this small plane that was parked in his driveway. you might remember this story. tracie strahan was there as he faced a judge just moments ago. >> reporter: it has been a standing by for harold to walk out of the courthouse. bail was set for the 75-year-old whose own lawyer called him an angry old man, but who is
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hempstead town employees. when he boarded a bus to come to the courthouse, he actually smild at smiled at me and told me he wanted a news conference. he made headlines for his dispute over the cessna parked by his home for a year and a half. when town officials dismantled it when he was away last week, he called the supervisor's office and verbally threatened two employees with a cross bow, something he promised to do when news 4 spoke to him over the phone last week, and something i asked his attorney about a short time ago. >> anybody who comes near that airplane -- [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this is something he said on news 4, told our long island reporter about this cross bow. >> okay. but, you know what, you have a 70-year-old man who is angry that they took his plane. i'm not going to go into that because i'm going to try that case. he's an angry old man.
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he's not going to carry it out. if i had a nickel for every time somebody threatened me, i would be a millionaire too, that's what i toll the judge. it is the town. they have to protect their supervisors and everyone else. and this is going on for almost a year with the town with the violations. >> reporter: prosecutors also said that goretski said, quote, i have a cross bow and good aim. and as you heard his lawyer say there, he didn't have any intentions of carrying that out. he'll be back in court next month. live in hempstead, tracie strahan, news 4 new york. >> thank you. right now, police ramping up search efforts for a suspect in a string of robberies across nassau county and now believe he may have hit a business in suffolk county. police say this carvel ice cream shop was robbed. and it appears the thief pulled out a knife.
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the man that police are looking for in nassau county. we'll get to it here in a second. they say he has held up 11 stores at knife point there since early march. you see him right there. now to the race for the white house. for president, i should say. another round of primary victories are moving donald trump and hillary clinton closer to their party nominations. nbc news projects clinton has 2117 delegates. that puts her about 90% of the way to earp ning the democratic nomination. on the republican side, donald trump cleaned house last night. he has about three-quarters of the way to the gop nomination, he has 951, he needs another 286 to get to the 1237. trump is starting his day in washington, d.c. this say live look inside the mayflower hotel, where the donald is getting ready to deliver a much anticipated foreign policy speech with a tecaleprompt
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he spoke on morning joe own called on his opponents to drop out of the race. >> ted is, you know, a disaster. i guess i'm 3.5 million votes up on him or something. it is a crazy thing. it is crazy. >> after this, trump travels to indianapolis for a large rally later tonight ahead of the primary there. ted cruz is already in indiana. he's also hosting a rally in indy a few miles away. earlier today, he stopped to talk to voters at a restaurant there. john kasich recently agreed not to campaign in indiana, trying to give cruz a chance to beat donald trump to keep donald from 1237. cruz will do the same for kasich in oregon and new mexico. despite only winning one of five primaries last night, bernie sanders is also looking ahead to indiana. today he is visiting college campuses, he's about to hold a rally at purdue university. later today he'll host another
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clinton is attending fund-raising events today in maine and washington, d.c. now to the countdown to rio. only 100 days away. can you believe it? many people gathered in times square to celebrate this afternoon including dave price. dave? >> reporter: the excitement is building here because the road to rio is coming right through new york city today. thousands of people expected to visit, to meet the athletes to see demonstrations. and to build pride as we head to rio, just 100 days from now. we had a chance just a little while ago to spend some time with veterans of several olympic games who talked about all of the excitement and all of the joy which these games bring to everyone who gets to see them in person or on television. >> when they played the national
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it is just -- it brings you to tears. you feel so much pride. >> it is nice to see other countries come together and all going for, you know, something -- it keeps politics out of it. it is great just talking to people from other countries, trading pins with them. and just -- it is just a lot of fun. >> reporter: and, of course, the first lady also expected here in just a little while. and as we pan on off, you can see the crowds beginning to gather. and this celebration going on all afternoon. and we hope you'll come by, because all of the members of the news 4 team are going to be here and we would love to say hello to you in person. in the meantime, we're going to spend our time enjoying the beautiful weather outside, which we'll tell you about in a few minutes and we're going get ready for the olympic games in rio which you can watch right here on nbc. more on that in a bit. back to you in the studio. hour. dave, thanks so much. coming up next here at noon, we just learned the punishment
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find out how much time he'll spend behind bars and for what crime. and new at noon, we're going to show you the fancy new addition to the intrepid sea, air and space museum. folks, little big shots week is going worldwide, baby. with mini skateboarding siblings from japan. you'll be amazed what these kids can do with a skateboard. but can they convince me to catch a little air? yeah.
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new at noon, in new orleans, eye federal judge approved a plea deal for new york real estate air robert durst. he will spend just seven years behind bars after pleading
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the 72-year-old will head to california where he faces a murder charge in connection with a friend's death back in 2000. prosecutors believe durst killed susan berman, his friend, to keep her from talking to attorneys about the 1982 disappearance of his own first wife. also new at noon, disgraced former house speaker dennis hastert is expected to learn his fate today. a judge will decide if he'll go to jail for illegal cash withdrawals he used to cover up sex abuse allegations. one of his alleged victims is speaking at that hearing in chicago. past he said he's deeply ashamed. prosecutors wanted to charge hastert with a sex crime but the statute of limitations ran out years ago. instead he pleaded guilty to breaking federal banking laws. happening today, one of the men suspected of involvement in the november 13th terror attacks in paris has been extradited to france from belgium. prosecutors announced that abdeslam will appear before french judges today, he's
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that devastating paris attack. those attacks that killed 130 people last year. abdeslam was europe's most wanted fugitive until he was captured in brussels in march after a four-month manhunt. americans in turkey are being warned of a terror threat, the u.s. embassy says it has credible information that popular tourist spots could be targeted. visitors are being told to stay alert in what is labeled an emergency message. several suicide bombings have struck turkey this year, two of them have been blamed on isis. right now, police are trying to hunt down the man who left a symbol of hate in brooklyn. they leased this surveillance photo, hoping that somebody recognizes this person, not that clear, though. police say this man scrawled swastikas with a white marker on monday in marine park. that symbol was found in five different locations. they include garbage can lids, front door, even a traffic control box. here at noon, a historic new addition at the intrepid sea,
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a crane lifted the t-38 talon right there on to the deck of the intrepid this morning. it is a super sonic jet that was first used back in 1961. the twin engine is still used today to train air force pilots. it is also used to help train nasa astronauts. very cool. in today's money report, some rotten news for apple, the company just destroyed more than $40 million in market value. $40 billion, i should say, in just a matter of hours. bill griffin joins us now from the global headquarters with that. and apple is a big player for the whole market, everybody follows apple, right? >> it does. it has been the biggest stock in the land, it has come back a little bit, little bit, and that's helped the stock market right now. the dow was down 60 points, mainly because of the decline in apple which was down 8% early on. but that's come back, the dow is up 13, this afternoon, couple of hours from now, the fed will announce what it intends to do
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nobody is expecting to raise rates but you never know. they're holding steady just in case. blockbuster merger in the movie business to tell you about. the wall street journal reporting this morning that comcast is talking to dream works animation about a possible deal worth about $3 billion. dreamworks animation is famous for some of the classics out there these days, like shrek, and the kung fu panda series, but its releases lately have been hit and miss, and the stock suffered as a result. so they're looking to be bought by comcast, which, by the way, owns universal pictures and is the parent company of wnbc and cnbc. and it is the biggest loser in the stock market today, it is the biggest stock in the land, apple down 6% right now as rob mentioned, wiping out more than $40 billion in shareholder value after the company announced its 13 years. iphone sales in china were the
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26% in the quarter. the new version of the iphone, the iphone 7, will be out in september and you know share holders have their fingers crossed that that will be a hit. but it depends on what new gadgets they come up with. as you know, it has been all incremental for half of the last few years, there hasn't been a revolutionary product from them in quite some time. so we'll see if they can come up with something that will jump start their growth again. >> that is so true in the competition. let's go over to storm team 4's dave price, he's in times square right now. we're talking about the summer olympics in rio, only 100 days away, a few months. i can't believe it. >> absolutely. the road to rio tour, of course, coming through new york city today, times square converted to one large area where all of these or many of these remarkable sports are going to be demonstrated. several of the athletes are
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go to be cheering them on in front of tv sets and in person. just 100 days from now. the goal of all of them is not only to compete, but if they can, come in first, first is an important thing. and speaking of first, the first lady will be here as well. just announcing a little while ago that she's going to take part in this celebration. it is a beautiful day here with so many people coming to see these athletes. thousands expected through the afternoon. let's talk about the temperatures, which will greet them and may greet you if you're heading in this direction. 53 degrees. we have got a little bit of sunshine. little bit of cloud cover as well right now. let's quo go to the maps. looks like it is going to turn nicer this afternoon. clouds beginning to break a bit. rain likely coming back into play as we head thursday afternoon into friday. saturday, the nicer half of the weekend because sunday, second half of the day, could be looking at some showers coming back and it looks like a rainy monday now. temps around the area, pretty
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ocean temperatures 48 degrees right now. off the long island shore, and 54 degrees off the jersey shore. you can see rain to the south of us at this point. that's not going to bother anyone as we head through the afternoon hours again. we're going to see our clouds break and push off to the south and east. temperatures this afternoon getting up to about 63 in the city. 67 in poughkeepsie and 56 as you head to the jersey shore. staying at a cool 51 in montauk. frost advisory, we head to the overnight and early morning tomorrow through sections of western new jersey, up to orange county and over to sections of connecticut as well. tonight, we are going to see the temperatures drop and this is why we're talking about that frost advisory, to 33 degrees in monticello, 37 in poughkeepsie. warmer as we head to bell mar. future tracker shows the advance of the clouds as we head to thursday morning, pushing through and those are going to bring in the rain during the afternoon or evening hours tomorrow. we'll watch the timing, but i
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rush hour, that's when we begin to see that rain push in. friday morning, on the soggy side as you head off to work. the good news is, as we head through friday, we'll get all of this rain out of the way, just in time for a nice saturday. 65 degrees. sunday we'll see evening showers and 61. and, again, the rain will be with us as we head into monday. seven day forecast looks good as we take a look through the next 24 hours. we'll see 63 today. mostly sunny afternoon. and then onward through the next several days, again, saturday, nice day, monday, not so great. tuesday and wednesday, look at that, temperature climbs all the way up to 71 degrees by midweek next week. lots of excitement here all day, not only the olympians saying hello to everyone here in new york, but all of your friends right here at news 4 new york are going to be out saying hello as well. hopefully you'll come on down to times square. the road to rio comes right through new york city.
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we'll be celebrating the olympics in rio with you. that's it from here. back to you and i'll see you here live in a little while. >> absolutely. sounds good. dave, thanks so much. new york live is coming up next at 12:30. here is sara and carolina. >> what happens when ellen helps chris hemsworth surprise a super fan. a priceless reaction you need to see. >> from keeping it all together on chicago med to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, s. epatha merkerson is stopping by. it is all right here at 12:30. >> thanks so much. still ahead, one artist's big idea that can soon have you
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in both directions in the bronx. it was temporarily suspended after a subway platform collapsed. these are the latest photos sent to us by the mta. that happened around 8:00 last night at the east chester dire avenue station. it is not clear what caused that 30 by 40 foot slab to give way at this point. new yorkers will be able to walk on water if a local artist gets her way. nancy knowcheck launched a kick starter page for what she is calling citizen bridge. she hopes to build a floating walkway to governor's island even though she doesn't have any of the permits required for a major project like this, she said donors chipped in $7,000 toward her goal already. still ahead, a couple pups with a really painful encounter and not so friendly porcupine, we'll tell you about this coming
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it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize, this could be it. you've done it, you've quit smoking for good. a little suffering now can save a lot of suffering later. stop before the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
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this is a tough one to look at. a pair of dogs in albuquerque, new mexico, just learned a painful lesson. they won't do this twice. take a look. this dog will definitely think twice before he tangles with another porcupine. doesn't that look awful? police found a pair of pups wandering the streets with faces
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unpleasant encounter. now both dogs are okay and both are up for adoption. i bet they go pretty quick. tonight start agent ing at 5, a traveling team of crooks may have reached our area. we'll have what you need to know to be on the alert for them. breaking news and weather
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happy wednesday and welcome to "new york live." thank you for tuning in on this hump bay. jacque is off, but filling in is carolina bermuda. hi. >> thank you for having me again. >> such a pleasure. i feel like something is going on with you today.


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