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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right now new developments into the probe of mayor deblasio's fund-raising. and a scare in new jersey, what police say a man in this car did has a community on alert. and donald trump's response to the surprise announcement, ted cruz and carly fiorina now running mates. "today in new york" starts now. it's thursday morning, april 28th, i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the forecast. i had the jacket, one sleeve on, i take it off, i'm cold. do i need this? >> it is that transitional time of the year. suburbs are chilly. in the city, not bad. around 50 degrees from city island to chelsea to hoboken. 39 in poughkeepsie, 39 in danbury.
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mainly in the 40s and upper 30s out across new jersey. we have a more easterly flow of air coming in. that means wind off the water. temperatures not climbing much higher than where they are. clouds are rolling in from the west. eventually some of these showers could get in here towards the end of the day. no real heavy rain. won't need the umbrella this morning. maybe by the end of the day. clouds gather as we go through the day. temperatures no better than the mid to upper 50s. stays unsettled tomorrow. we'll check out that forecast. first check on a thursday morning commute. good morning, lauren. >> good morning. we have an accident on the cross bronx expressway so heading westbound out by jerome avenue, two lanes shut down there. delays building already. otherwise a lot of road work including the overnight closures on the sawmill. it is shut down between route 120 and marble avenue. that should wrap up between 5:00 and 6 clack a.m. more weather and traffic on the
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some members of mayor deblasio's staff are being hit with subpoenas into the investigation into possible fund-raising violations. "today in new york's" katherine creag is at city hall. >> reporter: good morning. mayor deblasio has said it here and other places that he is no law breaker. but the top legal council for mayor deblasio has confirmed that subpoena have been issued. according to a leaked memo, investigators are looking into fundsh-raising violations two years ago when the mayor's team tried to help state democrats gain control of the state senate. sources say several deblasio aides have gotten subpoenas including his director of intergovernmental affairs, emma wolfe. spokespeople for the mayor says everyone has followed the law. they're cooperating with the investigation. this follows a federal probe into fund-raisers jona rechnitz and jeremy reichberg seen here with former chief banks in the
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there are allegations that nypd officials were given expension gifts. banks has denied wrongdoing. as for the mayor, he himself has not been personally subpoenaed. he has an event later on today. unrelated to this. but, as you know, he'll be asked about this during that question and answer with reporters. back to you. >> katherine creag, thank you. former state senate majority liter dean skelos is saying the $5,000 fine in his corruption case is unwarranted. that adds up to about five years of his $95,000 a year pension. prosecutors say it's appropriate since he is facing corruption through the course of his five years. today lawyers should argue that charges should be dismissed against two key figures in the
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closure controversy. they were accused of wire fraud and civil rights violations. the defendants are hoping documents subpoenaed from an investigation that exonerated governor chris christie that they had be handed over today. happening now police are warning families in new jersey to watch out for a possible predator. they're searching for a man who tried to lawyer a teen into his car. investigators say the suspect called out to a 16-year-old boy yesterday morning in the town of rozelle park. police are looking for this chevy impala. the man inside made sexually explicit comments to boit s to s to the boy before driving away. if you recognize this car, please call police. new this morning police just released these surveillance photos, they're of a man, did they say tried to rob a bank in queens. last seen wearing construction gear, a hardhat and vest and face mask. he entered the sussex county bank about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and pulled out a gun
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he took off without any cash. if you recognize him, give police a call. 4:34, time for weather and traffic on the 4s. hi, chris. >> yesterday we started out with clouds, ended up with sun. today sun early and end up with clouds. by the end of the day could be some rain. the sun will fade behind thickening clouds. temperatures below normal today. that on-shore breeze coming in. light rain and drizzle late afternoon and early evening a possibility. damp and chilly tonight with intermittent rain and drizzle. nothing really heavy, but just that raw feel out there. partly cloudy 51. no umbrellas needed. morning commute stays dry. maybe for the evening commute gets damp. light rain breaking out. temperatures recovering back to the upper 50s. weekend looks like a 50/50 proposition. we'll talk about that in a bit. let's get over to lauren scala. >> as a reminder, we have fastrack maintenance on the 2 and the 3.
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and 149th street and 96th street. no 3 train service. that will wrap up at about 5:00 a.m. as far as overnight track work goes, eight other lines affected. alternate side parking rules are suspended today. right now there's an urgent search taking place in brooklyn. police are looking in prospect park for an autistic man, he's missing since yesterday afternoon. michael yam was in the park, part of a field trip. they say he was last seen near the boat rental area in the southeast corner of the park. police dogs have combed that area and officers in scuba gear will search the lake later on this morning. police are also searching for a mother who went out to get chinese food and vanished. she's 21-year-old destiny dawson. she's been missing for a week now. police say she stepped out of her apartment last wednesday in bedford-stuyvesant but never came home. police do not believe her
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her boyfriend tells new 4 she's run away multiple times before. he says he just wants to know she's safe. in presidential politics, senator bernie sanders is trimming his staff. he'll be in oregon today. he spent yesterday in indiana and insisted he's in the race for the long run but he's letting 225 campaign staffers go. his campaign manager says 80% of the primaries and caucuses are now over so it's normal to consolidate resources. the republicans are debating a bold move by senator truss who just announced a running mate. yesterday he rallied with former presidential candidate carly fiorina. cruz said he would run with the former hewlett-packard chief executive. he praised her for her words shattering glass ceilings. fiorina says she is happy to be on board. >> to restore the soul of our party to defeat donald trump, to
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take our country back. >> the announcement of a running mate is usually made after a nomination at at party convention. trump blasted cruz. >> he's the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who's mathematically eliminated from becoming president, who chose a vice presidential candidate. >> yesterday trump campaigned with legendary basketball coach bobby knight. they'll appear together again today in indiana. trump delivered a foreign policy speech in washington. happening today, connecticut agreement. sources tell nbc connecticut that the house could vote on it today. right now no word on how the $9 $900 million budget
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the opener of a new jersey pet store has been charged with 134 counts of animal cruelty. the owner of just pups pet store in program miss left 67 puppies unattended outside his store in a van. he is expected to be arraigned may 10th. also in new jersey, a bear was the talk of maplewood. the bear wandered around yesterday before climbing a tree. that's when wildlife officials tranquilized the animal. the bear fell from the tree into a safety net and is being safely relocated. coming up, ahead why federal agents are being asked to help into the investigation of prince's death. and this is not what you want to see when you step off of a plane. what caused a scare in the air. storm team 4 tracking our next chance of rain. we'll have weather and traffic on the fours coming up.
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brooklyn bridge from the brooklyn side looking at manhattan and the bridge to the right. >> follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram,
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it's 4:42. here's four things to know this morning. right now police are searching in prospect park for an autistic man missing since yesterday afternoon. michael yam was in the park as part of a field trip. harbor units are searching a lake. an update ahead at 5:00. investigators have issued subpoenas to some members of mayor deblasio's staff in the probe of the mayor's fund-raising. according to a leaked memo,
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possible fund-raising violations two years ago when the mayors were trying to help upstate democrats regain control of the state senate. more than 4.5 million pounds of cooked chicken are being recalled. the usda says pilgrims pride chicken may contain plastic and wood. head to and search recall force more information. today, if you buy a dozen original glazed doughnuts at krispy kreme, as chris does every morning, you will get a dozen free. they say it's in honor of national superhero day. crispy krispy kreme is urging everyone to share the doughnuts with every day heroes. >> almost 4:44 on a thursday morning. it's on the chilly side. temperatures in the 30s and 40s in the suburbs. city relatively speaking mild around 50. clouds will build in today. we have on and off showers to
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get a bit of a break on saturday. the weekend now is looking like the rain will move in quicker on sunday. we may see rain as early as late saturday. sunday the better day if you're looking for dry conditions for outdoor activities. chilly 30s out across suffolk county. 51 in the city. again, along long island, 40s. the pine barrens dropping below the freezing mark. so chill out there this morning. a couple lines of nasty storms out across the midwest this has to work slowly towards us. we just see some clouds right now. the nearest showers still south of the mason dixon line. they're light and scattered. i don't anticipate in terms of rainfall for the daylight hours. this evening, clouds thicken up.
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the bulk of the showers still south of philadelphia. then they slip in 6:00, 7:00 in the evening. most of them light from the city south, that's where some of the steady rain will be. north of town may not see a shower. during the day tomorrow, the main emphases of the rain is to the south of us. there will be a few showers, this is 1:00 friday afternoon into friday evening. this is the main push tomorrow evening between 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 through the overnight hours, it's out of here by saturday. clouds saturday morning, should thin out for sunshine in the afternoon before the clouds thicken up again saturday night. that will lead to more rain by sunday. an active pattern. every couple days it rains around here. 59 the expected high in the city. 58 in larchmont. low 60s at best across the inland spots. tonight, on and off light rain and showers out there. drizzle, too. 48 the overnight low in the city. uniform temperatures close to
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further north and west, it gets chillier into the low and mid 40s much the seven-day forecast shows changes into next week. after the shower activity and cooler weather sunday, and sunday night it looks like skies will clear later monday. 60. warmer by tuesday, 67. getting close to 70 by wednesday of next week. that's more like it. just a couple showers possible there. almost 4:46, hopefully no trouble on the commute so far. lauren? >> some trouble, not big trouble. nothing closed, but we just got this in. disabled tractor trailer on the brooklyn bound upper level of the verrazano bridge, that blocks two lanes. one lane gets by, it is a slow ride in this area. if you head over to the lower level, that's a better option. we had an accident out there westbound by jerome avenue, that shuts down two lanes. we also have road work westbound out by 3rd avenue. in better news this delay just eased out. a live look at the inbound side of the george washington bridge,
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outbound underneath the apartments. the cross bronx expressway is moving along better in that area. inbound is doing just fine. alternate side street of the parking rules are suspended, but meter rules are still in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the fours. in westchester county a metro-north train slammed into a car that was stopped on the tracks. happened just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon on green lane as the train headed into bedford hills coming from mount kisco. the mta says the crossing lights andod arms were working properly. the car got stuck. investigators say the driver had some sort of mechanical issue and it may have broken down. but the two women who were inside, they were able to get out in time. nobody got hurt. people who drive in the area say they try to steer clear of that crossing. >> that train track, i don't like crossing over. even with my girlfriend, we have a 1-year-old daughter. i don't like it.
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a summons for illegal blocking a railroad crossing. the green lane . in new jersey police are investigating whether the driver of the pickup truck that struck and killed a man in bayonne suffered a medical emergency. it happened yesterday near west 31st street and jfk boulevard. the 43-year-old victim just left a doctor's office and was headed to his car when he was hit. the driver crashed into another vehicle a block away. so far he's not been charged. deputies in minnesota are asking the dea to help in the investigation of prince's death. they say prescription painkillers were found in the singer's possession when he died last week. deputies did not say whether the drugs played a role in his death. the dea will try to determine where the medication came from and what prescriptions he had. friends say prince took the painkiller percocet to relieve
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chyna's manager says the wrestler died from an accidental overdose of medication. she was found dead inside her redondo beach, california home last week. her manager says she accidentally and unintentionally misused her legally prescribed valium and ambien. full test results are expected in the next couple of months. a jetblue pilot accused of flying drunk has faced a judge. >> were you drinking? >> no comment. >> dennis thomas murphy jr. had no comment as he left brooklyn federal court last night. last april he was randomly selected for alcohol screening. after flying 151 passengers from orlando to jfk. the faa prohibits pilots from flying within eight hours of consuming alcohol. there were scary moments in
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an american airlines flight had to go back to tacoma airport after the bird struck the plane. that happened right after they took off. the plane was headed for dallas. right in the nose cone right there, the bird left a dent. airline safety the focus of a congressional hearing on the tsa. whistle-blowers telling lawmakers that low more al, poor leadership and lack of oversight has undermined the agency. they say they fear their supervisors more than terror attacks. turmoil at the agency could lead to longer lines this summer. a foot doctor is recovering after getting shot in the foot. investigators say a retired nypd officer showed his gun to his podiatrist, dr. matthew nestor at his oceanside office yesterday morning.
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it pierced the retired's officer's leg and hit the doctor in the foot. bridgeport's mayor and local lawmakers are demanding the passage of a state gun control bill. this would allow police in connecticut to ask to see an open carry permit when they spot someone with a gun. would have to have the permit with you. right now officers cannot do that unless they suspect a crime is being committed. the state house of representatives has six days to act on that bill before the session is over for the year. four teachers at a connecticut elementary school are recovering after they were hurt when a 10-year-old student allegedly started throwing chairs and tables in a classroom this happened at dwight elementary school in fairfield. it's not clear what caused that 10-year-old to experience what police are calling behavioral issues. one teacher had to be taken to the hospital. still to come, the proposal that could make it easier to drive into manhattan for a price. and left behind.
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parents watch a cruise ship sail away. but their children were on board. we'll tell you what the company says happened. and the price of punctuality, why uber could hit some people with an extra fee. you're watching "today in new
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spacex says it is planning to send its first unmanned spacecraft to mars in two years. the fact that the company is planning on several unmanned trips. elon musk says they will use the falcon heavy rocket to launch the dragon 2 capsule to the red planet. he adds he would recommend or not recommend sending astronauts
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that's because he says the inside of the spacecraft is about the size of an suv. be a little tight. not so fun for long trips. >> controversial because darlene argued to send the dragon 1. chris says the dragon 3. elon musk says i'm sending the dragon 2. >> we had a meeting about this. >> it's a long trip. that's relative. suv, a long trip is a day and a half. a year, oh, get me out. we're trying to get out from under the clouds. not likely to happen over the next couple of days. clouds today will thicken up. we will see upper 50s. few spotty showers develop late afternoon into evening. tonight on and off rain and drizzle. a cooler damp night in the upper 40s. as far as the weekend goes, saturday looks okay. pick of the weekend, i would say, with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. now it looks like sunday the
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we were hoping it would hold off until the end of the day or evening, that's day one of may. so may starts out damp and cool, upper 50s. >> all right. it is what it is. >> get that planting done later. what's happening, lauren? >> not much. we had an accident on the cross bronx expressway westbound at jerome avenue, that cleared out, but here's the connecticut turnpike heading southbound. a slow ride because of road work in the bridgeport area. that's exits 32 to 29. on the rails, fastrack maintenance is about to wrap up. on the 2 and 3, still no 2 service between 3rd avenue and 149th street and 96. no 3 at all. shuttle buses and the 4 train are the alternate options. for uber riders a change in uber's policy could cost you if you tend to be a bit tardy. the company is reportedly testing a new wait time rule. instead of a five-minute grace period the company will charge
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waiting more than two minutes. drivers waiting more than five minutes can leave. the change is to better compensate the drivers. in queens, one assemblyman has a plan to help new york drivers avoid heavy traffic. the daily news says david weprin is proposing fast lanes so you could get a speedier ride over bridges and tunnels. he prefers the fast lanes over congestion pricing plans. that plan includes adding tolls to east river bridges and reduce tolls on other crossings. lawmakers from new york and new jersey are urging governor christie to sign a port authority reform bill. yesterday afternoon with the george washington bridge as a back drop the lawmakers said the ledge lake gislation more say in charges like toll hikes. the bill needs approval from
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go into effect. >> the flight path change at teterboro airport is on hold for six weeks. our news partners at the bergen record report it's because the faa needs to revise flight charts for the landing procedures. the switch is being made to reduce noise over hackensack. however towns over the new path complain they would be hearing the jet noise. now the latest in the jersey shore beach access debate. a task force divided between business and environmental interests is giving its recommendations. they said free or affordable parking should be offered within walking distance of the shoreline. it has also call ford more ways for people to get to the water from the street. the talk of manhattan's upper east side is trash and why it's overflowing at one intersection. 4 investigates spotted this garbage problem at 2nd avenue and 72nd street.
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that's where the city's big subway construction project is underway. sanitation department claims it has to use smaller baskets because the construction workers were destroying larger bins. the mta says its people are not to blame. >> the mta is not a city agency, with both agencies pointing the finger at each other, we need a resolution. >> it's creating an unhealthy situation, people coming and going through the trash. >> reporter: the local city council person proposes to have 38 new trashcans in place and says hopefully they'll be there any day now. two parents on a dream cruise in the bahamas wound up living a nightmare as their ship sailed away with their children on board. >> she has her kids on the boat and she's not on there. >> passengers say a man got off the ship to find his wife, leaving his 9-year-old and 12-year-old children behind with other family members.
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pier last thursday crying and pleading for the boat to stop. norwegian crews line said the ship went beyond normal protocol and waited alongside an additional half hour for the guests. they offered travel and lodging for the couple. the islanders taking a 1-0 lead in their series against the lightning. the islanders scoring four times in the first two periods. including the power-play goal from captain john taveras. midway through the third a puck deflected up into the islanders bench and hit coach capuano in the face. you can see him there. he did return later with a cut on the nose. after the game he said it was nothing serious. the players on the bench, they have helmets on. and the coaches are there. those pucks are flying sometimes right off the boards. that's what happened. >> all right. hopefully he's okay. it's 5:00 a.m.


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