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tv   Today  NBC  April 28, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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sam thing tomorrow, intermittent showers, upper 50s. we expect things to slowly dry out tomorrow night. saturday starts out with clouds, ends up with sunshine. should be a nice afternoon, saturday. that's the pick of the litter, so to speak over the next few days. back to wet weather on sunday and monday. it does get milder next week. 67 on tuesday. near 70 by wednesday. it's may by then. >> it's like spring in maine. the "today" show is next. >> that's what's happening "today in new york." good morning. hail carly. >> the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> ted cruz trying to regain moment momentum picks his running mate even though he doesn't yet have the nomination. trump quickly react. >> cruz can't win. what's he doing picking vice presidents? he can't win. he can't win. >> we'll talk to the front-runner about that this
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foreign policy speech, when he joins us live. breaking overnight, more than a dozen tornadoes reported from oklahoma to illinois. relentless rain surprising drivers caught in flash flooding. and this morning another 9 million people face the possibility of even more severe weather. mid-air scare, american airlines flight leaving seattle forced to turn around minutes after take-off. >> we hit some birds on take-off. we'll have to come back and have the plane looked at. >> it lands safely but leaves a huge dent on its nose. and key clue? local authorities find powerful prescription painkillers on prince's body and in his home. the feds called in. where the have education goes from here "today," thursday, april 28th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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welc bn to "today" on a thursday morning. >> will you be my running mate? >> are you running for something? >> no, but i'll be yours if you'll be mine. >> absolutely. i was thinking czar germ eradication. >> oh, that's what i get? >> exactly. >> okay. another odd day in politics. >> a twist for the race to the white house. ted cruz naming a running mate three months ahead of the republican convention and even though he's not the nominee. donald trump did not waste any time going after the new pairing. we'll talk to mr. trump after that in a minute. let's begin with national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. ted cruz the first to announce this early announcement is unusual, frankly a lot like this campaign. sources close to the campaign say the move was designed, at least in part, to change the conversation, to try to undercut trump's momentum and at least
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with this arranged marriage hours old. >> a new relationship has started, cruz and carl y. what's he doing picking vice presidents? he can't win. he can't win. >> reporter: now fresh off a speech. >> vice president of the united states, carly feorina. >> desperate attempt to resurrect his candidacy, bold move announced in indiana, in the hoosier state where fiorina could attract women and where the former packed ceo launched her career. after tough talk about cruz months ago. >> he says whatever he needs to say to get elected. >> reporter: on stage she serenaded his daughters.
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i'm so happy i can see them more >> he does not represent me and he does not represent my party. >> reporter: later with nbc's hallie jackson, teeing off on hillary clinton. >> she will not bring a track record of trustworthiness to the oval office. >> reporter: fighting back, barbara boxer, who beat fiorina in 2010, comparing cruz's moved to the doomed hp merger. i predict that the latest carly fiorina merger will be as successful as the last one. over shadowing trump's foreign policy speech. >> america first will be the overriding theme of my administration. >> reporter: reading off a teleprompter with only a few fumble s fumbles otherwise sticking to the script. >> strategic foreign policy
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it has been a complete and total disaster. >> donald trump vowed to shake the rust off america's foreign policy, largely preaching restraint and several experts criticized his speech, the chairman of the foreign policy praised it as a step in the right direction. >> peter, thank you. let's talk now to donald trump about this. he is on the phone. good morning. >> good morning. >> ted cruz says carly fiorina is his running mate if he gets the nomination. gets headlines. you on the other hand seem to say things that alienate women voters. you say hillary clinton is still ail playing the woman card and if
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have 2% of the vote. >> nobody respects women more than i do. i am not playing the woman's card. she's playing the woman's card. everything she says is about the woman's card. frankly all i'm doing is stating the obvious. without the woman's card she wouldn't even be -- >> are you saying women in this country vote simply on gender? >> i don't think they vote on gender, no. i think they vote for jobs and security. that's why i'm doing so well, that's why i'm leading the republicans a lot. in all the elections i won on tuesday night, which is five states. and then, of course, new york the week before. i'm winning them one after another now and building up tremendous numbers and tremendous numbers of delegates and millions and millions of voters. in all of those exit polls, i led with women and i led with women by tremendous margins overall other candidates. >> but, mr. trump, for you to
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would be getting 5% suggests the only thing she has going for her is that she was a woman, not that she was a former senator, former secretary of state and lawyer. do you understand why people find that to be kind of a demeaning comment? >> nochlt i . i find it to be a true comment. the only thing she has got going is she's a woman. she has done a terrible job in so many ways. look at libya. look at some of the things that she's done that are absolutely disaster russ. no disastrous. the primary thing she has going is that she's a woman. she's playing that card like i've not seen anybody play it before. >> let me ask you about your foreign policy speech yesterday, mr. trump. what's very interesting is what was not in the speech. you didn't talk about the wall with mexico. you didn't talk about supporting 11 million undocumented immigrants. you didn't talk about restoring torture. you didn't talk about possibly allowing japan, south korea or
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weapons. are you backing off some of the key tenents? >> no, not at all. i'll be doing a big speech on immigration and i'll talk more about that in the form of immigration, the wall, undocumented immigrants having to be brought out of the country. we will do that. it's never been a worse situation than we have right now. you look at the crime. you look at the tremendous impact they have on our country economically. you look at what's coming across the border. i consider that immigration as opposed to foreign policy. and i'm going to be doing a policy speech on immigration fairly soon. >> let's talk about isis. you said in your speech yesterday that they will be gone very quickly in a trump administration. so, can you be more specific? are you envisioning a massive ground troop presence in syria
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it seems that would be necessary if you want to get rid of them quickly. >> well, one of the tenets of my speech yesterday -- it's gotten great reviews, as you know, was unpredictability. >> people are casting votes. they should know whether that means a massive military presence in the middle east. >> savannah, if i get elected president, i don't want isis to know what i'm going to be doing. >> what about the american voters? >> i don't like the idea. and psychologically, we need to -- and as a country, we need to -- when president obama announced we're sending 250 soldiers, when he announced previous to that, we're sending 50 soldiers and he announces it to the world, they have a target on their back. he shouldn't be announcing that. he shouldn't be talking about what he's doing militarily. the enemy is watching every move we say, every move we do militarily, we announce what we're doing and they prepare for it. i don't want that. one of the big tenets of my speech yesterday was the fact
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strongly -- we need unpredictability. we need to be unpredictable. we're so totally predictable, matt. >> some american voters might be nervous that this call for unpredictability is actually a way of masking an understanding of the issues or grasp of the details. >> well, i have a total grasp of the details far greater than just about anybody else. that, i can tell you. when i said take the oil -- i've been saying it for a long time -- i didn't want to tell that. but yourselves and everybody else has been saying tell us what it is. tell us what it is. after three months i said take the oil. now i would have preferred not doing that. politically, i really had to. it got to the point where people had to know. i would have preferred not saying take the oil. you go in, you surprise them. now fortified oil reserves and they're prepared. we'll still take the oil and we should be taking the oil and we're not. >> would you rule out the use of
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>> i don't want to rule out anything. i will be the last to use nuclear weapons. it's a horror to use nuclear weapons. the power of weaponry today is the single greatest problem that our world has. it's not global warming, like our president said. it's the power of weapons, in particular nuclear. i will be the last to use it. i will not be a happy trigger like some people might be. i will be the last. but i will never, ever rule it out. >> donald trump. >> thank you very much. got to leave it there. appreciate it. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. on the democratic side, big changes for bernie sanders and his campaign. it's now laying off more than 200 staffers. the move comes after sanders lost all but one democratic primary in five states on tuesday. the campaign had more than 1,000 staffers in late january. now it will have no more than 350. a spokesperson downplayed the layoff saying with only ten states to go, they needed fewer
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taken place regardless of tuesday's outcome. more severe weather expected today after more than a dozen tornadoes reportedly touched down in several states wednesday. dylan is here, tracking it for us. what's in store for today? >> today won't be as bad. take a look at some of the video in evansville, indiana, 1.66" of rainfall in a very short period of time. they tried to close the roads but cars and trucks were getting stuck in the floodwaters. luckily, the drivers did get out safely. it was a mess yesterday with the heavy rain. moving to missouri, we had a huge super cell. look at the size of this developing storm. this actually was in northeastern missouri. it went on to produce a tornado. you can see it growing in the early stages there. a lot of wind damage to the church there and a lot of tree damage as well. today, we're not going to see storms as widespread. we are looking for a possibility
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especially in north carolina later on today, as this starts to move eastward. we're going to get a bit of a break today. everything will ramp up again tomorrow. here is this area of low pressure, producing heavy rain through parts of the appalachians. we're looking at isolated stronger storms to produce wind gusts and large hail. this will move eastward. it gets unsettled as we go into friday. we'll see a chance of scattered showers and storms produce perhaps up to 2 to 3" of rain in a short period of time. again it's not a ton of rain. when it all falls very quickly, that can lead to flash flood nth ing in the carolinas today. >> all right. dylan, thank you very much. dramatic fall from grace of the former speaker of the house, den nis has dennis hastert.
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his alleged abuse against students. stephanie gosk has the details. >> reporter: asking for probation, that their client had been punished enough. but the judge came down hard. once beloved speaker of the house dennis hastert, federal judge repeatedly called him a serial child molester before sentencing him to 15 months in a federal prison and two years of supervised release for illegally withdrawing large amounts of cash, $1.7 million in hush money to pay a man who says he was 14 years old when hastert, the coach of the his wrestling team, abused him in a motel room. multiple mol sex sexual molestation crimes are too old to be prosecuted but the judge said
7:15 am
matter how old it is. the sister of the victim first confronted him in 1995. >> what did he say? >> nothing. that was my confirmation. he said nothing. >> what was the look on his face? >> stone face, no emotion. >> scott cross now 53 years old, told the court he was abused, too. at times, breaking down, describing my darkest secret. hastert, who is in poor health, and spent much of the hearing in a wheelchair, apologized to his victims. they looked up to me and i took advantage of them. the judge had little sympathy for the former speaker's fall from grace. saying if there's public shaming of the defendant because of the conduct he has engaged in, so be it. he ended the sentencing by calling it a horrible case, horrible for the defendant, horrible for the victim s s, horrible for the country. then he added i hope i never see a case like this again. authorities have yet to determine where hastert will be
7:16 am
will he have to enter a sex tlfender program. matt, savannah? >> stephanie gosk in chicago, thank you. scary moments in the air wednesday for passengers on board a plane from seattle to dallas. a bird strike caused the plane to head back to seattle shortly after takeoff. tom costello covers aviation for us. good morning. >> good morning. the nose of the aircraft is also called the radar dome. it houses the weather radar, which provides information to the cockpit crew. bird strikes happen weekly, sometimes daily. you don't want to fly the plane if there's any chance that your weather radar antenna has been damaged. >> watching this american airlines flight make an emergency landing back at sea-tac. >> tense moments captured on live television, our nbc affiliate covering this american airlines flight as it was forced to land shortly after takeoff, after a bird strike. >> looks like we hit some birds on takeoff. we're going to need to go back
7:17 am
>> 126 passengers and six crew members were on board headed from seattle to dallas when one or possibly several birds struck the nose of the plane. less than an hour later, the aircraft landed safely back at sea-tac and taxied to the gate. severe damage across the nose, a dent stretching nearly two feet. >> do you need your nose gear inspected by your company on the runway or can the airport ops do it off the runway? >> reporter: no injuries reported and maintenance teams are now evaluating the aircraft before it flies again. looks like a big bird. airline crew also take the remains of the bird, feathers, bone fragments and send in to the smithsonian here in washington where they will match to determine what type of bird was involved. that should tell the airport what steps they need to take to limit that type of bird activity anywhere near the air field. back to you. >> tom, thank you. another incident in the air. this one, involving a jetblue
7:18 am
dennis miv jr. faced a judge wednesday. he was arrested last week after flying 151 passengers from orlando to new york. it was the second flight of the day. murphy was selected for a random alcohol test. police say he was over the limit. he blamed the reading on the gum he was chewing. jetblue says it has a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy, murphy no longer employed with that airline. let's turn back to dylan and get the rest of her forecast. >> we talked about storms in the carolinas. we'll see storms later tonight in oklahoma and texas, and snow still falling out in the rockies, above 9,000 feet. up wards of a foot snow. that's a look at the weather
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la vie est belle. la vie est belle the eau de parfum, lanc me. only at macy's, your fragrance destination. it's a chilly start out there. temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. northwestern sections of new jersey, in the 40s. clouds are thickening up, though. we'll get breaks early on today, especially north and northeast of the city. but the clouds are thicker across new jersey and eventually we get showers in here later on probably towards the afternoon and early evening. nothing heavy, the upper 50s. on and off rain and drizzle tomorrow. a break on saturday with some sun. then more rain returns on sunday. highs again only in the 50s. r latest forecast. >> all right. dylan, thank you. coming up, why the dea is now involved in the investigation into prince's death. plus a new twist in the murder that have female fitness
7:20 am
could blood-stained clothing help police crack the case?
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good morning, everyone. 7:26, it's thursday morning, april 28. i'm darlene rodriguez. happening right now, subpoenas being issued at city hall in connection to mayor de blasio's fund-raising. the director of governmental affairs wendy wolf got a warning on fund-raising from two years ago. the mayor himself was not subpoenaed. his spokesperson says everyone is cooperating with the investigation. we'll take a look at the morning commute right now with lauren scala. >> thank you. we do have delays and service changes on the e, f, m and r lines. that's all you need to know about the rails. if you are getting on the roads, we have a disabled truck on the cross bronx expressway eastbound before the sheridan.
7:28 am
there's a 40-minute delay to the upper level here. 20 to the lower. 40 minutes inbound at the lincoln. 30 at the holland. then we saw the overturned vehicle eastbound on 27 before tuckahoe road in south hampton. thank you so much. we'll be right back with chris' forecast. if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at it's a cool morning out there, in the 30s. some 40s as well in the city. showers are quite a ways away, but plan on the clouds gathering throughout the day.
7:29 am
forecasting high today of 59. by evening, could be a few sprinkles or light showers. the seven-day forecast, intermittent light drizzle tonight into tomorrow evening, in the the upper 50s the next couple of days. saturday improves for a while in the low to mid-60s with sun. but more wet weather is back sunday to monday. finally warmer by the middle of next week. darlene? coming up on the "today" show, the newest thing in biometric technology. how your face could be coming into play at the checkout counter. we'll have another local update in a half hour.
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7:30 now on a thursday morning, april 28th, 2016. gray out there. rain on and off for the next couple of days. some nice people out on our plaza. by the way, if they come tomorrow, big '90s concert out there. >> i know! i'm excited.
7:31 am
by the way, don't shake savannah's hands because i have a cold. ted cruz trying to rez recollect his candidacy by naming carly fiorina as his vice president. cruz hopes that she will give him a nice boost at the indiana primary. meanwhile, donald trump is talking about his foreign policy. we spoke to him this morning about his plans and how he would deal with isis. >> if i get elected president, i don't want isis to know what i'm going to be doing. >> what about the american voters? >> i don't like the idea. psychologically, we need to, and as a country, we need to -- now to a developing story coming out of syria this morning. reports that at least 27 people have been killed, including three doctors with the group doctors without borders, after an air strike at a hospital in aleppo. several children also among the dead. it's unclear at this point who launched that attack. and hard to believe this, but a pilot survives after a terrifying plane crash and fire.
7:32 am
this happened in alabama. witnesses say the pilot was able to walk away from this whole thing. we don't yet know what caused that crash. also this morning, new details in the investigation into the death of pop star prince. local authorities are now asking for federal help after they discovered prescription drugs. nbc's joe friar has more on all of this. joe, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. federal law enforcement officials tell nbc news prescription painkillers were found in prince's possession when he died and in his house. now officials say the drug enforcement administration is part of the investigation into the musician's death. a week has passed since prince's body was discovered inside paisley park now. federal law enforcement officials say the carver county sheriff is asking the dea for help, what prescriptions prince had obtained and where the medication came from. >> if there was a pharmaceutical
7:33 am
him medications and prescribing an enormous amount that resulted in his death, that would be another investigation. >> reporter: officials have not said what role, if any, pain killers played in prince's death. autopsy took place last week but the medical examiner is still awaiting results of toxicology tests. some of the artist's friends have said years of high-energy entertaining, sometimes in high heels, took a toll on prince's hips and that he was in pain. minnesota attorney michael patton represented two of prince's half siblings, lorna and dwayne nelson. both siblings have died but more than a decade ago, they told him he took the opioid painkiller percocet to enhance his stage performance. >> they told me for several reasons, primarily because they were concerned about their brother's health. that was the primary reason. they both felt that because of that use that it would affect his life expectancy. >> reporter: he admits the
7:34 am
he representtd dwayne in a lawsuit against prince after dwayne was fired by the musician. lorna once sued prince claiming copyright infringement. he shared what the siblings told him with investigators. we reached out to authorities but have not heard back. some of prince's closest friends have told nbc news they never saw the artist use pain killers. >> prince lived a very healthy life, a vegan. he certainly had no addictions that we were worried about. >> it will likely be weeks before investigators release any information about how prince died. a judge has ordered a bank to oversee the estate for now. prince's sister says it appears he did not have a l savannah? >> joe fryer, thank you. murder of a popular fitness instructor inside a texas church. police have executed a search warrant at a dry cleaners after a blood-stained shirt was
7:35 am
nbc's kerry sanders has been following this case closely. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the bloody woman's shirt was taken to a dry cleaners by missy bevers' father-in-law. while it may look suspicious, her in-laws say there is an innocent explanation. police came to this dry cleaner's super center after a call from a clerk, shirts that appear to have blood stains on them were dropped off by randy bevers, who is the father-in-law of the d ecedennt in this murder investigation. randy bevers told the dry cleaners the shirt had animal blood on it. copy of the dry cleaning ticket clearly states animal blood all
7:36 am
bevers' husband said it came from a dog killed by another dog. >> carrying the dog from the house to the veterinarian clinic, okay, it was bloody. >> step mother-in-law, vicki bevers says she cradled kilo in her arms. >> the injury was on this side of his neck so it was against my chest. i wasn't aware until i handed him over that i had gotten blood on the shirt. >> reporter: police still looking to identify the suspect dressed in tactical gear say they're following every lead in the case. the blood on the shirt, they say, created quite a buzz. police say please be patient and understand we are not in a position to provide an official response to each step of this investigation. before the search warrant was unsealed, missy's sister-in-law, christy stout, told me she's aware in unsolved murders the husband is often considered the
7:37 am
>> there's no way my >> s brother did this. he loved her. he could never do something like this to cause pain on his children. >> reporter: her brother, missy's husband, brandon, does have a strong alibi. he was on a long-planned fishing trip in mississippi with friends. meantime this dog attack is something that the family talked to me last week about off camera. at the time it was nothing but a simple, unfortunate accident. now with the bloody shirt, until the crime lab is able to extract the blood from the shirt and run a dna test, it remains part of the investigation. savannah? >> that's understandable. kerry sanders, thank you. let us get a check of the weather now from dylan, who is in for al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. every kiss begins with kay. it was an interesting day in california yesterday, of all places. look at this hail that came down
7:38 am
saw. looked like snow and slush in some spots. looked like folks shoveling hail off the streets there in t-shirts because it is california, after all. they had wicked weather yesterday that is now going to transition into the next storm system that will bring snow to the rockies and also eventually bring the next round of severe weather to texas and oklahoma tomorrow. so, here we go into today. everything is kind of gathering itself. it's really tomorrow where we're going to see our best chance of stronger storms in and around the dallas area, up into oklahoma city. hail, damaging winds, typical gamut of what you get with these storms and the possibility of hail, especially t dylan, thank you very much. clouds on the increase today, but the bulk of the day is dry. i think we get a few rain drops in early afternoon and evening. temperatures cooler in the upper 50s. wind coming off the water, periods of rain and drizzle, upper 40s. much of the same tomorrow.
7:39 am
stays chilly in the upper 50s. on the seven-day forecast, saturday is cloudy but turns sunny and better at 63. the clouds return saturday night leading to more rain on sunday into early monday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. snapchat selfies and serious car crash. why the tech company finds serious lawsuit. jeff rossen investigates how much you need to spend to protect your eyes from the sun. >> reporter: i'm jeff rossen. coming up, can you tell the difference between cheap and expensive glasses? i bought one of these in the drugstore for less than ten bucks. the other pair cost me hundreds of dollars. can you tell the difference? what about the stickers on the cheap ones that promise 100% there's no one i'd rather... hit the road with. no one i'd rather have dinner and a movie with. no one i'd rather lean on. being in love is an amazing thing. being in love with your
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sunglasses really worth the price? "today" correspondent jeff rossen put them to the test. >> hey? >> yes? >> you were just telling me you were in this for the style. >> yeah, i don't care about -- >> just impressing your friends. takes a lot of money to look cool. doesn't it? these on my face cost $350. come on in. 350 bucks. is it really worth it? 350 bucks. let's be honest. can you really tell the difference between these and these? these are the really cheap ones. what about uv protection? any difference between the expensive brand names and cheap stuff? this morning a reality check for all of us. summer is coming. you want to look good. >> we have these. we have these. i'll take 'em both. and protect your eyes. i'm buying expensive big-name sunglasses from gucci, $320 to chanel, $375.
7:45 am
and, of course, rayban. these raybans are $200. i'm also hitting the bargain rack, snapping up shades from drugstores, souvenir shops. >> two for $10. love it. >> and h & m. all of them less than $10. so we wondered, can you tell the difference between expensive sunglasses and cheap sunglasses? my team and i are hitting the streets of new york. we have katherine, who has a really cheap pair of sunglasses. they cost $6.90. giovanna over here, these cost hundreds of dollars. the question is, can you pick which is which? >> expensive. >> right here? >> uh-huh. >> cheap. $6.99. >> no way. >> most people get it wrong. >> can i look closer? >> reporter: get closer. go for it. >> expensive, cheap. >> those are expensive. those are cheap. >> she has the expensive sunglasses.
7:46 am
[ buzzer ] oh, wow. >> reporter: some get it right like this woman. >> expense ive. that's my guess. i don't get them? >> reporter: let's talk later. what about those claims of 100% uv protection? the expensive ones promise it and so do the cheap ones. the cheap ones say blocks 100% uva and uvb. same with this one. great. to find out we've come to the official eye center at the university of california berkeley, and optomotrist dr. dennis fong. you were saying you can stick these glasses in this little machine and instantly you get 100% protection. >> it's that ease. >> i these are dior. >> put in the sensor here. it shows 100% protection. >> chanel, ladies and gentlemen.
7:47 am
>> all the expensive ones pass. now we want to move on to the cheaper ones. this is where it gets interesting. bought this pair at a drugstore less than 10 bucks. >> okay. 100% protection. >> i bought these at a local souvenir shop, less than 10 bucks. even my camera crew told me today i don't believe those stickers in the front. >> and these are 100% protection again. >> yes, pair -- >> 100%. >> -- after inexpensive pair. >> i bought these at h & m. all pass the test. >> bottom line is at any price point you can get 100% uv protection. >> buy cheap? >> buy cheap. that's okay. >> music to my ears, buy cheap. here is what you want to look for. this is one of those pairs, by the way, from the drugstore right here under 10 bucks. you want to look for that sticker that says 100% protection or uv 400 acres lot of pairs said that. i didn't know what it meant.
7:48 am
eyes will be fully protected. i always lose sunglasses. >> so buy the cheap ones especially if you get the 100% protection. >> great idea. these are for you guy. >> by the way, chanel. >> i feel like you should get me a pair of chanel. >> nice. still to come beyonce takes her show on the road. what does she have to say about her husband, jay-z? we'll tell you. big day in the studio. dylan is over in the orange room
7:49 am
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7:52 am
it's take your sons and daughters to workday. several of our crew's children have taken over the orange room. is anyone sad about missing school today? a resounding no. we have our first question. >> were you ever sent to the principal's office as a kid? >> yes, but i was framed. >> he was innocent. >> i don't know. i don't remember. i don't think so. >> and we've got alice over here with our next question. what's yours? >> what did you do before texting? >> well, alice we talked to each other. >> i remember folding notes and then you would fold the paper a certain way and put them in the slits of lockers and write "pull" on there. >> we made eye contact. >> what's eye contact? >> i know. >> james over here. squeezed back in the orange room with our last question. >> what was your nickname as a kid? >> wrongly accused.
7:53 am
>> some people called me sav or savvy. >> i was kooky. >> why kooky? >> i don't know. >> dylan, what was your nickname? >> dyl. >> can i call you kooky? >> please do. >> orange room monitor, take it away. >> everybody should share photos of their kids at work using #orangeroom. >> good job. nice. so take your daughters and sons to workday, put them to work. i let them take over. guys? >> thank you so much. just ahead, treat fragile, damaged hair to wholesome, intensely nourishing repair. new whole blends by garnier. blending our best into new honey treasures haircare. paraben-free formulas combined with the essence of royal jelly, propolis and honey extracts. whole blends nourishes deeply. heals and rejuvenates to the ends. for shiny, revived hair,
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7:57 am
good morning, everyone. 7:56. it is 48 degrees out there on this thursday, april 28. right now divers are preparing to head into the lake in prospect park to search for a missing man with autism. 24-year-old michael yam went missing yesterday. canine units have been looking for him with no luck. he was last seen near the bike and boat rentals. well, police are also searching for a mother who went out to get chinese food and never returned home. 21-year-old destiny dawson has been missing for a week. she stepped out of her bedford apartment yesterday and hasn't come back last wednesday. say don't believe this is suspicious. let's look at the commute with lauren scala. >> thank you, darlene. we have delays out there in both directions on the e, f, m and r lines. then if you're getting on the roads on 80 eastbound before exit 60, route 20, there's a school bus accident in the right lane causing delays in both directions. we also have a stalled bus in the excluszive bus lane heading into the lincoln tunnel.
7:58 am
cleared, that's good news, but wait a little bit there. also a 45-minute wait inbound otherwise. then we still have the overturned vehicle eastbound out on 27 before tuckahoe road out in the hamptons. let's check the weather. today the skies turn gray, rain showers move in, high of 59 degrees. on and off showers, tomorrow, 58 is the high. saturday we get a break from the wet weather with a high of 63. coming up on the "today" show, oscar-nominated actress kate hudson sits down with matt to talk about her new film "mother's day."
7:59 am
8:00 am
(vo) we developed the world's first transvenous cardiac pacemaker, performed the world's first coronary bypass, and have world-renowned specialists taking on complex cases others can't handle. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, no password, no problem. >> let me take a selfie. >> newest way to shop, take a selfie to make a payment. the technology will be here by summer. plus, weight loss. dr. oz joins us to tell us why may is the best month of the year to kick start your diet.
8:01 am
[ screaming ] >> what? >> kate hudson stops by studio 1a to talk about motherhood. and we'll talk to marc anthony under miami sun about his next big move. >> you want to keep your pulse on what's happening, what's going on in the world. this is the place to do it. this is where it's at. >> "today," thursday, april 28th, 2016. celebrating at the "today" show, 30 rock. >> celebrating my 40th in new york city. >> good morning, corpus christi, texas. >> in new york from pittsburgh.
8:02 am
the "today" show! good morning, everybody. it's 8:00 on "today," thursday, april 28th. great crowd out on the plaza. little bit chilly. spring does just not want to get here, does it? >> way too cold right now. >> by the way, good song. kind of a '90s throwback song. >> i chose a different song. because we have this big '90s concert on the plaza tomorrow, wouldn't it be great if you chose a '90s song? so i went with "don't speak" from no doubt, our friend, gwen stefani. >> great choice. what was your first choice? >> "summer breeze" from crosby stills and nash but it wouldn't fit today. the i love the '90s tour making a stop on our plaza,
8:03 am
it's not pepper, savannah, peppa. kidz play will all be here. our mouths are starting to water. in the kitchen, sharing an italian family favorite recipe. >> all right. first let's head inside. sheinelle is in for natalie with the top stories. take it away. ted cruz named carly fiorina as his running mate wednesday. many as a hail mary pass. cruz added his former opponent and former packed ceo to his ticket ahead of indiana, where she could help attract women. the newly formed bond quickly drawing attention from donald trump, criticize ing cruz's decision to tap a vp calling it a waste of time. keeping his eye on the general election, defending his woman
8:04 am
>> she has done a terrible job in so many different ways. you look at liba. you look at some of the things that she has done are just absolutely disastrous. no. i would say the primary thing that she has going is that she's a woman. >> trump also talked foreign policy. the subject of his speech wednesday. that became seemingly overshadowed by the announcement of the cruz/fiorina ticket. robert durst will spend the next seven years behind bars after a plea agreement on a weapons charge, followed by three years of supervised release. durst still faces a separate murder charge in california. he is accused of killing a female friend in the year 2000 to keep her from talking to new york prosecutors about the disappearance of his first wife. there's a new lawsuit this morning against the social media app snapchat. georgia family is suing the company after a devastating car accident. attorneys for the victim in this
8:05 am
motivated by points for photos. >> reporter: the pictures tell the story and are the story. high-speed selfies, twisted metal and snapchat under fire this morning a new lawsuit filed against the picture-sharing app and 18-year-old crystal mcgee. attorneys say she was living life in the fast lane, literally, driving a mercedes-benz, her speed climbing to 80, 90, and 107 miles per hour at impact. slamming into maynard mitsubishi outlander, he has permanent brain damage. mcgee was motivated to take a selfie for snapchat trophy. telling nbc in a statement no snap is more important than someone's safety. we actively discourage our community from using the speed filter while driving. we tested out the filter and saw
8:06 am
warning displayed and just last week snap chat partner for this ad "i won't snap and drive," it says. mcgee sent out this selfie, strapped to a gurney, tagged lucky to be alive. are teens risking their lives for the likes? mcgee has not responded to nbc news' request for comment. it's not clear what the extent of her injuries were or the three passengers in her car were also injured. in a lawsuit, maynard's attorneys say he spent five weeks in the hospital, lost 50 pounds and can no longer work. his family declined to comment. a mother and father become hysterical when their cruise ships sails away with their children on board. can you imagine? the man had disembarked from the ship in the bahamas to find his wife, who was reportedly running late. the kids, staying on board with family members. while passengers recorded as the frontic couple raced to the ship, but it was too late. after reportedly waiting an
8:07 am
couple, the cruise bhian its journey back to new york, where the family eventually reunited. >> that's scary. >> can you imagine? >> you can't miss the boat. >> no. >> can't run late on a cruise ship. >> you cannot. >> lot of restraint, you're not commenting on. >> no, no, i didn't even think it. >> oh, okay. here is an interesting one, changing subjects. next time you buy something online, you may not need a password. instead you could just snap a selfie. nbc's olivia sterns is here to explain that. good morning. >> hi. newest thing in biometric technology, unlock your iphone with your fingerprint, that's biometric technology at work. perhaps it was only a matter of time before other companies started to embrace biometrics. instead of your fingerprint, get ready to use your face.
8:08 am
the kardashians, to the academy awards, even the first family. and now what used to be a way to show your mom your new haircut could change the way we shop. >> this technology will continue to work its way into all of our digital experiences and it will be part of the future of shopping. >> reporter: 205 million americans currently shop online. in a recent survey 77% said they're worried about having their information stolen. enter the selfie. you line your face up? >> yes. >> reporter: you have to blink? >> yes. >> reporter: here's how it works. instead of typing in a password when you check out online, you're prompted to click on a link that opens an app on your phone. you hold your phone up to your face and facial recognition software scans your features, checking things like the distance between your eyes, the shape of your nose. you blink a few times to prove your alive and well and then click. it verifies you are you.
8:09 am
the movie. >> hello, mr. yakamoto. >> reporter: but this is not fiction. the president of mastercard's enterprise security solutions gave me a demo of their new selfie pay. what if i wake up with no makeup on? right now i have a lot of makeup on. what if i look terrible one morning, is it going to recognize me? >> olivia, i can assure you, you will definitely be recognized by the app. >> reporter: really? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and he says a picture really is worth a thousand words. words you don't have to remember. >> consumer actually say they leave their card on online shopping because they forget their password. >> reporter: it's ease toy forget, it's also easy to steal. >> reporter: common password is 123456. how hard is it to get? >> reporter: it's safer and pretty simple. >> nobody my age takes selfies.
8:10 am
going to snap a selfie when checking out online? >> the idea of being able to replace a password with taking a selfie is going to be easy, fun and more natural. >> if you do have a mastercard, you can expect to see the selfie technology rolling out as soon as this summer. mastercard certainly not the only one in the game. amazon has filed a patent for its selfie pay system. it could dramatically reduce fraud, especially online, where more than half of all fraud actually comes from. as for my mom, to be honest, she did take to selfie like a duck to water. >> identical twins. >> there are multiple layers of identification. they have two different phone numbers. >> got you. >> i feel like it could take longer at the checkout to make the perfect selfie. >> you don't have to have a perfect selfie. >> people want the perfect selfie. >> getting to know you. >> do you like it? >> i do because i can't remember passwords.
8:11 am
>> olivia, thank you. this could blow you away. the new hair dryer that could put all others to shame. >> cannot wait for that segment. late night laughs with jimmie jimmy fallon. what he had to say about our friend on "late night [engine revving] powerful. by design. [tires screeching] charged up. by design. amazing thing. being in love with your best friend is everything. one diamond for your best friend... one for your true love.
8:12 am
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8:16 am
8:15. good time to trend. let's start with this. from the new york time this is morning. here is the headline. one minute of all-out exercise may have benefits of 45 minutes of moderate exertion. >> wow! >> so, in other words, 60 seconds of intense training, like spinning, is just as effective as 45 minutes of moderate exercise. jogging, for instance. this, according to a brand new study. current guidelines recommend 150 minutes of exercise every week, but this study says you can knock that down to just 30 minutes if you include this high-intensity exercise. >> that makes sense. >> one minute. >> one minute of sprint, all-out sprinting on the treadmill or something. >> burning crazy calories, right? >> i would do that over 45 minutes a day.
8:17 am
>> no, no, no, 30 minutes a week. >> oh. >> so have you to figure out -- hi, mark. you have to figure out what -- >> what just happen there had? >> mark just did a little cameo. how to expand that. if one minute equals what you would get from the 45 minute. >> so five minutes a week? >> exactly. >> 30 minutes a week. >> i'm not even going to try to pretend i'm not totally excited for this next story. >> go ahead. next generation of hair dryer. >> i'm out. >> hasn't changed in 60 years. now inventor james dyson of dyson vacuum fame has promised to change the game. he just released the dyson hair dryer. it took four years to develop. it's lighter and quieter than the average blow dryer. i feel like i'm giving a pitch here sbchlt can be here. and can be yours for --
8:18 am
over 1,000 miles of human hair. you know you haven't had it tested until it's by an anchor woman. >> is it that quiet? >> it's very quiet. it has all these heat settings. >> the hair dryer makes you lose your hearing after a while. >> what? i'm sorry. anyway, i think -- >> wow! >> it's quieter. it's small. >> what do you think? >> i'm into it. what do you think? >> did we just do that on live tv? we just dried your hair? >> we did. >> that round brush. >> kind of a girl thing. >> kind of? >> or a guy with hair thing. >> clearly not in the right group. what did you say the price was? >> i didn't but it's a lot. it's $399. now the so-called advice that has one school in hot water. the cheerleading squad at the university of washington recently released this poster. set of guidelines, dos and
8:19 am
join the team. dos include bronze beachy glow, false lashes, girl about town lipstick. i'm not sure what that is. >> what is that? >> and flattering eye shadow. do you want to do the don'ts? >> jewelry of any kind, visible tattoos and distracting fingernail polish. i'm out! serious reaction on camp sbus online. they say it's sexist and under undermines cheerleading as a serious sport. >> i've always made the argument where cheerleaders are athletes and guys say, come on or whatever. >> when i was in high school i was not a cheerleader, clearly, but my friends that were had to have long hair and there were certain things that cheerleaders were supposed to do. >> you have some squads that are tumbling, no earrings, throwing people around. i guess it just depends but the all around town lipstick, whatever that is?
8:20 am
>> trending for me today # hash tag -- [ motions overhead ] . dylan has our pop start. >> beyonce kicking off her tour in miami. showing everyone how it's done "crazy in love" with tracks from her latest album "lemonade" and did perform "sorry" with the infamous mention of that other woman, becky. that didn't stop her from giving her a shoutout to husband jay-z, "halo" saying i love you so much. and tribute to prince singing "purple rain." and jimmy fallon's guest last night. do you recognize him? >> seems like two years and every once in a while someone puts my picture up on the first
8:21 am
>> jimmy congratulated matt for being the longest running co-host and teasing you about your hair when you first started. >> did you ever see his hair on "weekend update"? >> i don't remember what it looks like. >> he had a couple hair days that were like mine. by the way, that was giselle bundchen, the guest after me, much to the delight of my 14-year-old son. >> all right, dylan, now to the weather. >> get off my chair. we'll see this shrink farther to the southeast. temperatures in baltimore, 56 degrees today 16 degrees below average. denver 48. sioux falls, 20 degrees below average. we go through the weekend we'll stay in the 60s saturday, dropping back into the 50s in new york sunday. it's warmest down in the south. i quickly want to point out what's going on in the rockies.
8:22 am
25 degrees below average with highs only in the 30s and dylan, thanks. a cool jacket-wearing day. temperatures upper 40s. in the park, still holding at 49. qulouds are clouds are thickening up. cloudy skies out south and west. evening. high temperature, upper 50s, on and off low drizzle tonight and tomorrow. low 60s, sun makes a little return on saturday before the clouds thicken sunday with more rain through sunday, sunday night in the 50s. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. now our new series "one small thing," all about finding little things you can do to make a big difference in your day. >> we're looking at minor changes to help you get your house in order this morning. sheinelle has more on that. >> i'm not even kidding. >> is that like the hair dryer again?
8:23 am
wait for it. a lot of working moms, i get bussi and sometimes things get a little bit cluttered. so, to show me how to restore order, we called in for some expert help. this isn't just any expert. i got a house call from a global phenomenon. marie condo is on a crusade to get us organized. >> i'm so excited to meet you. her two books "spark joy" and "the life-changing magic of tidying up" have sold 6 million copies worldwide. a cult following in not only japan but the u.s., too. no matter the language, her message is universal. and through an interpret er er, she agreed to show me some tricks to make my every day just a little easier. first, the purse purge. how important is it for women to declutter their bags? the things they carry around all day long.
8:24 am
helps you to have what you need and know where it is. with that in mind we dig in, take everything out. that's her message, removing and analyzing everything to help you streamline. i'm ashamed. now look at this. this is what i'm carrying around every day. she says sort through and only keep the things you need every day. within minutes my bag went from a messy catch all to an orderly tote. it actually closes. next, she gave us a clinic on the right way to fold our clothes. youtube videos of her folding have been viewed more than 2 million times. condo says she puts love into her palms as she folds. what is the thought behind putting love into your clothes and the joy and the happiness part of all of this? organizing, she says, is all about taking care of your things and only surrounding yourself with things that spark joy in
8:25 am
with pants, fold them in half, then fold them in half again. from there, you fold it into thirds. when you're done, it should stand up like this. for t-shirts, fold both sides toward the center, then fold it in half, then fold it in thirds. they'll take up less space and you'll always be able to find them. i couldn't let her go without asking for help with our coat closet. it stresses me out every time i open the door. condo had us take everything out. you know, i thought everything -- we used everything in here. i thought i had only things that spark joy in there. as we sorted, the pile of things my family didn't need anymore got higher and higher and the items we put back in the closet really are things that we'll use. wow! can i give you another hug? wow! it's like night and day. sun up to sun down, any of these
8:26 am
in your busy day. look at this. i want you to realize what this does for your drawers. look at this. this would be what your drawer normally looks like, mine. see this? the same amount of shirts, guys. look at that. want to try it? >> yes. >> here we go. >> fold there. >> fold in half. >> and fold it again. >> in half? >> in half. >> all right. >> and fold it again, like into thirds. almost rolling it. now prop it up. winner gets a t-shirt. ready? prop it up.
8:27 am
>> good morning, everyone. it is 8:26. thursday morning. april 28th. i'm darlene rodriguez. in the news this morning, right now, police in new jersey searching for a man who allegedly tried to lure a ager into his car. the driver made sexually explicit comments to a 16-year-old boy before taking off. the incident happened yesterday morning in the town of roselle park. the car was last seen heading west on clay avenue. let's take a look at the morning commuters. lauren scala. >> we still have delays on the e, f, m, and r lines. expect in both directions. we have an accident on the hutch, two lanes are blocked. you see coming off the cross
8:28 am
delays, very heavy delays southbound in this area. heading over to the bqe, a disabled tractor tray lore -trailer that blocks the center lane. today, skies turning gray. rain showers move in. high of 59. tomorrow, showers continue, 58, the high. saturday, a break from the wet weather with a high of 63. we'll be back in a half hour
8:29 am
it seems like a cold at first.
8:30 am
can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize, this could be it. you've done it, you've quit smoking for good. a little suffering now can save a lot of suffering later. stop before the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. we're back now at 8:30 on a
8:31 am
it's the 28th day of april, 2016. great day on the plaza. sun is coming out. wind is blowing. lots of kids because it is, of course, take your kids to workday. we love that around here. so nice to see the children of some of our favorite employees coming by the studio and the plaza. >> so cute. we have our own little ray of sunshine, actress kate hudson is here, talking about moms and movies. she's got a new film called "mother's day." plus the doctor is in. dr. oz is back. he's talking about losing weight in may. why he says it's the best month to start a diet. later, we'll head up to the kitchen for beef roll-up family recipes that have been passed down for generations. this looks delicious. >> i love beef roll-ups. love those. let's head to miami now. that's where we find natalie. by the way, she's presenter of billboard latin music awards. natalie, good morning. >> good morning, guys. that's right. i'm presenting tonight.
8:32 am
these amazing people. you are hosting tonight. you are performing tonight as well? >> yes. >> big surprise in store for a lot of people. let's talk first. great show. fourth season. gnat ala, what is it about the season that you love? >> what i love about the show for now, the most i love is winning. >> very competitive. >> we end up almost slapping each other on the show, screaming at each other for the kids. it's so much fun. everybody is waiting for the -- for sunday to come and like, you know, watch. >> watch the show. >> it's so much fun. >> you're nominated tonight. you're performing, i mentioned. >> yes. >> who are you performing with? >> marc anthony tonight. being honored tonight. it's great. i'm singing one of his greatest songs. and i'm really excited.
8:33 am
are you ready? >> i am very excited to host. you're not going to miss it tonight. >> no, we're not going to miss it. >> and call us. >> kind of like "the voice." >> everything is going to be all right. >> i'll be presenting. coming up, speaking of marc anthony and your performance tonight, i have an interview with marc anthony as well, how he's hoping to change the industry in latin music. guys, back to you. >> i'll take it, natalie. thank you so much. we are celebrating. take your sons and daughters to workday. i found the sign over here. al roker is straight fire. is that what the kids are saying these days? yeah. i assume that. we are looking at some stormy weather across the country. i'm going to have these kids
8:34 am
who wants to yell out sunny? >> sunny! >> it will be on the west coast today. now yell out thunderstorms. but thunderstorms are going to occur down through oklahoma and texas, especially as we go into tomorrow. we could see some of these storms produce hail, also some damaging winds. we'll have to focus on that area tomorrow. also a lot of rain. these storms will produce perhaps up to three to four inches of rain.
8:35 am
it's hard to wave and hold your sign at the same time. we're getting everybody in here this morning. matt? >> dylan, thank you very much. now to a perfect movie coming out just in time for mother's day, gary marshall film appropriately titled "mother's day." in it, kate hudson plays jessie, young mom and wife keeping a lot of secrets. [ screaming ] >> oh, you're the best. what? oh, it's you guys. >> yeah. yeah. >> hey! >> you're supposed to be in texas. >> i lied. >> hello, kate. how are you? >> i'm so good. >> it's nice we run a clip and you're sitting here going, that was so much fun. >> it was fun. do you know what's funny? i reeflzed i hadn't done a comedy like that in a really long time. and i love it. i love doing it.
8:36 am
when you work with people like margo, it's just awesome. >> talk about the cast a little bit here. >> fantastic. gary -- i mean, gary, nobody -- >> he picks up the phone and everybody says yes. >> yeah. >> so in this you've got -- >> jen aniston, julia roberts. >> jason sedakis. >> margo martin and -- >> without giving anything away, can you give me a hint at the secrets we're talking about? >> she went against her family's wishes and married a man they weren't necessarily happy with. it deals with the interracial relationships in a gary marshall way with, hope and optimism that families can work those things out. and then the same thing with my sister, who married a woman. she's gay and they just don't know.
8:37 am
most families are complicated, by the way. >> families are complicated and gary does such a great job with that. life is complicated sometimes, if you choose to make it complicated. >> were you a secret keeper as a kid? >> no. no. my mom is my great confidant. >> you told her everything? >> i pretty much do tell my mom everything, and vice versa. look, unfortunately, or fortunately, our family is very open. so there are some things we don't necessarily want to know about each other, but everything is out on the table in our family. no secrets. >> you spent time on movie sets with your mom when you were younger. >> including "overboard," a gary marshall movie. i was 7 when i first met gary. >> is it now todd have your kids on a movie set with you? >> it's kind of great. i think -- when they're young, it's boring. you know, when they're ben's age
8:38 am
i'm watching him love being on a movie set. it goes either way. you either get into that whole world -- it's not fun unless you love the world of make believe and are a story teller in your head and start to recognize how you're making the story. i get to watch rider now sort of fall in love with -- >> figuring it out? >> yeah, and what it is to be on a set. >> before i let you go, you had a birthday this weekend. >> i did. >> threw a little party. did you call it the hot mess party or did someone else -- >> it's annual hot mess party. why not? >> i have to get invited some time. >> that was the meditation that we did. it's fun. it's even more fun when everyone commits to being a hot mess. >> happy birthday, belated. >> thank you. >> "mother's day" hits theaters tomorrow. and dr. oz with his may diet and best way to kickstart some
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're back now at 8:40 with what some of us consider a scary thought. almost bathing suit season. dr. mehmet oz is here to help us reboost those diet resolutions. some of us made back in january that aren't really holding. good to see you. >> we commissioned this survey. why is january the diet month. >> really, why is it? is it easyer in the springtime? >> you want to do it in the spring. it blew my mind. we asked a famous pollster to apply the same standards to study our attitudes. 61% of americans would rather go on a diet in may than january. i suspect half of america is
8:42 am
in january you go on the diet because you're guilty about what you did over the holidays. >> that's right. >> but in may you're looking forward to summer, you have confidence in yourself and a little bit of trepidation of what you may look like if you walk out on to the beach. survey says yes, 75% of americans think so. you can go outside and play, burn calories. you have access to inexpensive, healthy foods that are becoming ripe in summer months. for a lot of folks it's a time they can focus on their bodies because they have more time. >> more tips. it starts with the mighty avocado. >> shrink your belly challenge. not a diet. i want you to challenge yourself. rich in mono and saturated fats that allow your body to relax, that you're able to lose belly fat more when you're not stressed out. homogenous environment. avocado with an egg.
8:43 am
you can use it on toast instead of peanut butter. just eat it by itself. we even have a chocolate smoothie you can try out. if you desire. >> i'm thinking gaucamole. >> no tequila. speaking of tequila, five to seven servings of veggies you need. a veggie flsh ush you can use all day long. focus on savannah's eyes. no tequila in there. you still have to like it. >> it's actually pretty good. it's not a chocolate milkshake, but it's good. >> two cups of spinach, two heads of -- stalks of celery, one cucumber, lemons give tartness to it. >> it does. >> and pear with the skins for fiber. >> it's not a meal replacement
8:44 am
>> a lot of people tell me -- will you never, ever be able to put on weight eating this. >> is there a serving size? >> no serving size. you're going to stop after a while anyway. your body is looking for nutrients, not calories. it will stop forcing you to eat if you give it nutrients. >> the first has to do with metabolism. explain. >> people who are able to spend 12 hours giving their body a mini fast are able to shift their hormones in a way that makes it easier for them to burn off fat. i have had a lot of guests on my show that would use this technique to gain or lose weight to become the powerful action hero figure in movies. many others do the same thing. 12 hours a day, any 12 horse you want, you're not going to eat. obviously, easier to have your dinner at 8:00 and not have breakfast until 8:00 in the morning. that gives you 12 hours for your body to reboot itself. you can burn off fat rather than storing it.
8:45 am
>> eat dinner early, go to bed, have a later breakfast? >> be social about it. take a 28-day challenge to shrink your belly. >> they're all doable. by the way, these tips are part of the 28 day shrink your stomach challenge that starts on the "dr. oz show." check your local listings for times.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:47. great time to kick off our series, viva today, celebrating spanish culture and heritage with one of latin's biggest superstars, marc anthony. >> natalie sat down with him ahead of billboard's music awards. she is in miami again. good morning again. >> good morning. great assignment. marc anthony is up for six awards here tonight. he is also creating a new
8:48 am
he hopes will help pave the way for other latin artists. it's the sound of salsa. >> reporter: for music mega star marc anthony with 12 million album sales worldwide and seven grammy awards it's also the sound of success. >> reporter: where better to build on that success than the hottest city in the country? a place marc calls the capital of latin america, miami. >> everything i'm doing, if you want to keep your pulse on what's happening, what's going on in the world, this is the place to do it. this is where it's at. >> reporter: good place for you to create your empire. an empire now being built around a company marc created just a year ago, called magnus media, a
8:49 am
nurture latin musicians. >> artists united, creativity united is much more powerful than if you're an island. >> reporter: you're paying it forward then? >> absolutely. >> we have a ba da ba on the lead. i don't think we need that. >> reporter: he reached out to sergio george, who collaborated on his album almost a quarter century ago. this is a dream of salsa and latin music. what brought you two together? >> desperation. >> reporter: you guys go way back. >> we used to hang out in a hairdresser. >> when you had hair. >> i lost it after meeting marc. >> reporter: marc doesn't like his music to be labeled. born and raised in new york city, he bristles at the term crossover artist. >> someone asked me one time, how does it feel to be in america.
8:50 am
it's come a long way. but, boy, do i remember that one. >> reporter: marc and sergio think magnus will make a big difference. >> trying to grow the marketplace, spanish market that deserves to be heard. >> reporter: and marc thinks with 60 million hispanics spending roughly $1.5 trillion a year, they will be heard, especially in the presidential race, where he thinks ignoring latinos will have consequences. his solution? >> a new four-letter word. >> reporter: and that is? >> vote. >> reporter: mark says magnus is about more than music. it's about community and culture. is this a game changer changing stereotypes, breaking down walls? >> we are the new america. we're the new hispanic market. >> ignore us at your own risk. it's the new america. there's no question about it. >> marc anthony performing tonight at the billboards latin
8:51 am
he has performed on the most famous stages all over the world. he wants to get to cuba, birth place of salsa music. he says that's still a little ways away, but he is coming soon to radio city music hall. and that is a first for him. he has never performed on that famous stage. so, he will be performing there in august. buy your tickets now, guys. >> just a short walk for us. >> yeah. >> that's great. natalie, thank you so much. >> huge. >> by the way, you can see the billboard latin music awards tonight on our sister network telemudo 8:00, 7:00 central. coming up, an italian meal
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:52. we're back with "today" food. food club of cooks and foodies making a big impression online. this is nicole gaffney, chef turned food blogger. her most recent "today" food post is one of the most popular on our site, by the way. congrats on that. >> thanks. >> nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> we're making a recipe passed down generation to generation. who first made it for you? >> my mom. >> she got it from her mom?
8:54 am
forth, all the way from sicily. >> beef roll-ups? >> if you find these on a menu, they could be like a number of different things. this is how our family makes them. >> let's take a look at your ingredients here. how do we get started? >> beef cut lets, salami, bread crumbs. we want to start with really, really thin cutlets. i always look for something called chipped steak or sandwich steak. if you can't get those, can you pound them out. >> it's important to get it as thin as you possibly can? >> absolutely. bread the cutlets. you can cut them in half for an appetizer portion. we're using tongues to make it cleaner but i usually use my hands. dip it into the oil first and then seasoned bread crumbs. >> you can also use plain bread crumbs and add seasoning later? >> yeah. >> you like this? >> i like the italian seasoned.
8:55 am
to go that route. you want to start with the filling. we have tomato sauce. i like to use homemade but you can use store bought. i think my family would disown me if i used anything other than that. this is pecorina, big chunks of it. finely diced white onion and bread crumbs. you want to control this with your hands. add in a few handfuls at a time. you're looking for a mixture that's the consistency of running oatmeal. too wet, it will ooze out of the roll-ups and if it's too dry they'll be dry. >> let's say i stirred that to perfection, okay? >> we have our breaded cutlets here. we're going to roll these up. we're going to start by putting salami -- really thinly sliced genoa salami. if you cut this in half, we would take these and bunch them
8:56 am
my cousin, mary ann -- hi, mary ann -- she taught me a much easier way. put them in the middle and roll them up like a cigar. >> that's easy. >> much easier. you don't have to fuss with the toothpicks at all. put them seam side down in the dish so when they bake they hold themselves together. >> how long to cook? >> before we get to that, take this extra filling, and bay leaves and tuck it into all of them. cover it, back it 425 for 15 minutes. >> are you tasting this? >> i've never had it rolled before. >> this is delicious. >> especially the filling. >> she put something on our site, it goes crazy. so, enjoy that. nicole, thank you very much. >> thanks, matt. >> we appreciate it. for the recipe, go to our site. we (vo) we developed the world's first transvenous cardiac pacemaker, performed the world's first coronary bypass, and have world-renowned
8:57 am
handle. good morning. 8:57, thursday morning, april 28th. 49 degrees out. i'm darlene rodriguez. today, the two people charged in the george washington bridge lane closures are due in federal court. lawyers for bill baroni and bridget kelly will argue that all charges against them should be dropped. they are set to go on trial accused of fire fraud and civil rights violations. their lawyers hope to receive key documents subpoenaed in the case involving the exxon ner
8:58 am
any wrongdoing. skies turn gray. rain showers move in. high of 59 degrees. tonight, on and off showers. a low of 48. tomorrow, showers do continue. 58 degrees is the high. saturday, it looks like we get a break from the wet weather with a high of 63. sunday, showers are returning. high of 57. right back. coming up, fun and functional gifts to give the moms in your
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," brooke shields and ryan eggold have come to play as "today's" show host. and most memorable moments in sports. ultimate gift guide for mother's day. all that and pore coming up now. >> anner: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker,
9:01 am
and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" thursday morning, april 28th, 2016. nice crowd outside on the plaza. inside studio 1a, i'm willie, along with two very special guests. brooke shields and ryan eggold. tamron and al have the day off. we feel lucky to have these two with us. natalie is at the billboard latin music awards tonight in miami. we'll talk to her in a few minutes and ryan you, my friend, leading us off with the morning jam. >> i took it back a few years, "carolina in the morning" by pat flowers. >> pat flowers' first appearance on this show, i promise you that. is there anything behind it? >> i'm writing something and this is kind of the world it takes place in. i've been all up in this. nice, right? very new york, too, strolling down the street in the morning. >> it's good. it's not that, you know -- the thing you would think. it really gets you sort of
9:02 am
eases you into the day. >> speaking of making us happy, the jumper today is really working. >> bring your kids to workday but i didn't bring mine. thought i would dress like a child. >> we brought ryan instead. so, ryan, "the blacklist." we've got to talk. a lot it talk about here. you're on scene buddy megan boone has been here time to time. she died. >> great upset. >> right after she had your first child, by the way. her funeral this week. >> my mother called me, crying. she was upset. >> all the fans were. >> a lot of us were. it was a crazy thing to do. the end of the season is spiraling into a really exciting place. >> now there's conspiracy theorists out there -- >> yes. >> who say liz keene is not, in fact, dead, even though the body bag is zipped up.
9:03 am
>> it wouldn't be "the blacklist" if there weren't those conspiracy theorists. >> come back in a different way. >> a bobby ewing sort of thing? >> supernatural element, she comes back as a zombie. different way to go. >> tom wants to track down the people responsible for liz's death. >> cooper. >> tom keene. >> tom, glad you called. i just collected a box of personal things from liz's office. >> i'll come pick them up now. maybe we can work on the case while i'm there because i'm useless here. >> we have things under control. >> no. see that's the problem. the situation doesn't call for control. the only way we're going to find the bastards who came after liz is if we sink to their level. >> be with your child. we have a solid lead and we're working it now. >> newborn baby. your wife just died. now you have to investigate the death. it's too much for one man.
9:04 am
>> should take it into your own hands. you're not going to have as much help as you want and need. >> there is revenge in tonight's episode. >> tonight 9:00, 8:00 central, "the blacklist." excellent show. this next one is creepy. what do you guys think? >> it is and isn't. >> i heard about this. >> brooke likes this idea which says a lot about brooke. you forgot your ticket to a soccer game in argentina, not a problem. you can use the microchip that's been embedded under your skin. arge argentine ian microchipping. like an ez pass. >> but ez pass is in your car not in your skin. >> i'm not thinking about it in terms of sports as much as i would like to put it in my kid s s.
9:05 am
futuristic but my dog has one. she ran way and she ended up -- we live downtown. and someone did deliver her to a facility, a place. they scanned her and found us. honestly i'm not completely against chipping my children. >> wow! >> have you proposed this -- >> i thought i would do this in their sleep. >> now they know. >> mom, what was that? oh, i don't know. there's something about it. i don't know about the scanning and the -- people are like it will help you in the subway. >> if you're programming them to eat their vegetables with a button. >> it's going to happen, though. we're scanning things with our eyes. >> yeah. >> you know, it's not just the thumb print anymore. it's not just -- wouldn't put it past it being done. >> couldn't we just put it in our phone? everything is in the phone and swipe the phone. >> exactly. you get on a plane now you go like that. >> how do you find your children
9:06 am
>> heading back to "the blacklist." the chip does not have a tracking device. >> oh, okay. >> they can't follow you, they claim. it carries only basic information. >> i don't like it then. >> it's not that hard to walk in now. they have scanners on your ticket and you walk in. >> you know there's going to be problems with it. >> you're not saving time. >> there's problems with it even if it's on your phone. there are going to be problems. >> except you love it. >> i like the tracking device. >> behind closed doors with a team of scientist. >> baby lo. >> for a low, low price of $9.99. >> it could be yours. >> on amazon now. natalie is in miami with a very special guest super model adriana lima. hi, natalie. >>y know you're very jealous of me right now, ryan and willie, standing next to the gorgeous super model. this is exciting for you tonight.
9:07 am
is this your first time at a billboards? >> yes, my first time at billboards awards and i can't be more excited here in beautiful, hot miami. i will be presenting the best latin pop album of the year tonight. >> and that's the first category. >> yes. >> you're opening up the show. no pressure on you whatsoever. >> i'm nervous. nervous and excited. i can't wait. >> fantastic. of course, we know you from the victoria's secret runway. what are you working on now? >> well, today i come out with -- victoria's secret has this amazing fragrance, one of the most iconic, because we won the best fragrance award in 2011. and it's the bombshell fragrance. i'm bringing this limited edition bottle special for mother's day. >> nice. >> it's all adorned in crystal. so if you don't know yet what to shop, i recommend that fragrance.
9:08 am
love it. >> nice idea. >> definitely. >> rio is coming up pretty soon. you're excited, of course, being brazilian? >> i'm looking forward to this huge event in brazil. it's like one of lifetime events that -- >> yes. >> i'm excited to be part of it. and with all my family, i will bring my kids and everyone. >> nice. >> let's see how many medals brazil will get. so excited. >> little competition between the brazil and u.s. on that. nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. [ speaking foreign language ] >> ub back to you guys. >> i always like my fragrance to come with a little swarovski crystal. >> i didn't hear anything she said. i was going look how she sounds and the skin. >> i will buy whatever you tell me to. >> i will buy. i love how natalie can say regular words and then say like adriana. hey, we're here and then we're
9:09 am
>> do you think if i just adopted that accent people wouldn't notice and i could be brazilian? >> i think you can pull it off. >> we're going to talk about something very special. nice, right? >> did you hear this? >> no. >> facebook says people are spending 50, 5-0 minutes scrolling through posts. that sounds a little low based on what i've seen out there. >> right? >> you and your daughter, huge instagram fans. >> we are. >> right? >> i have to limit it because the grades are kind of suffering at times because of this. >> right. >> mine are, too. >> 50 sound low? 50 minutes? i feel like they're always on the phone. >> i feel like they're always on the phone. >> can you get the homework in the facebook post so as you do facebook. >> you could pt a chip in their neck. >> i could put a chip in their neck.
9:10 am
>> with a swaorvski crystal. >> we're going to send you to our "today" show orange room. take a selfie with some very special guests. today, by the way, is take our daughters and sons to workday. nbc universal we've got 1,000 children across the company coming in to work today with their parents, 400 hun 00 here in new york alone and some very special guests there. children of staff. what have you got there? >> hi, you guys. >> hi. >> are you all ready? are we going to take some photos maybe? all right. should i do it or do you want to do it with me or what? >> sure. >> first let me take a couple with you guys. that's not right way. here we go. yea! now we're going to do it this way. i'll just get my nose in it. how about that? you guys look so cute with the little cups. how sweet.
9:11 am
are you enjoying not being at school? do you realize how hard this work is? yeah? i'm sorry. wait. what? >> by the way, brooke is taking that picture we should tell you hannah, 9 years old, michael l., 11, matt 10 years old. brooke shields name and age not disclosed. >> because nobody knows my age. >> 21. exactly. >> hang out at that instagram booth. we'll get back to you in a second. first we'll get a check of the weather with dylan. >> it was designed for children, right? >> i don't know. i don't get that. >> and then we have the giant -- i'm all confused. parts of pittsburgh right now, heavier pockets of rain. nothing severe. we have to watch out down in north carolina today where we could see some of our stronger storms. this stalled-out front is slowly creeping to the north and east. as it kind of stays in place, it's going to develop along it
9:12 am
potentially stronger storms. then as we go into friday, those showers and storms will try to make their way through the northeast. we could end up with a quick inch and a half of rain. flash flooding is possible. it doesn't look like it look for the xlouds to thicken up as we go through the day today. it becomes gray by afternoon. temperatures in the upper 50s. could be a few raindrops in the air by the evening. on and off, light drizzle, damp, chilly, upper 40s. same thing tomorrow. not a continuous rain. you may need the raincoats and gears. we catch a break on saturday, clouds give way to sunshine. 63. clouds are back by sunday. more wet weather sunday afternoon and night. showers taper off monday and a little warmer next week. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys, please tell me you're not all trying to squeeze into that booth right now. >> we are. >> we're trying. >> mark is here.
9:13 am
you do the tease. >> star mark foyerstein right caress presents a fine fragrance breakthrough. the world's only body wash ...with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress forever collection. now available in 4 unforgettable fragrances. jane loves to treat herself. so she loves new light & fit crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious toppings like chocolate and almonds. now that' s a treat! light & fit crunch. feel free to enjoy. don't bring that mess around here, evan! whoo! don't do it. don't you dare.
9:14 am
it's okay, big fella. we're gonna get through this together. [ baseball bat cracks ] nice rip, robbie. raaah! when you bundle home and auto insurance through progressive, you get more than just a big discount. i gonna need you to leave. you get relentless protection. [ baseball bat cracks ] everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. always be real. don't be artificial,
9:15 am
nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. what brand of makeup is better for your skin than wearing no makeup at all? neutrogena cosmetics. powders, concealers and foundations in new shades for more skin tones. with vitamins and antioxidants. your skin will look beautiful when you wear it and even after you take it off. neutrogena cosmetics see what's possible. mark feuestein is about to complete his eighth and, sorry to say, guys, final season of "royal pains." >> we find the good doctor reflecting on his relationship issues, or lack thereof.
9:16 am
>> trying to start a family. so are you. i couldn't be happier for you guys. you know that. >> i do. >> but now even my dad, the reformed hustler and flake has beaten me to the altar. >> little tough to swallow? >> i always prided myself in having it together, unlike him. now he's lapping me, too. >> you have it plenty together, i promise. when the time is right, when the person is right, you'll unlap everyone. >> you mean catch up to everyone? >> see? you're already one step ahead of me. >> mark, good morning. >> good morning. so nice to see this attractive group. >> and you. >> thank you. >> i remember when you started "royal pains." did you think it was going to be 100 episodes? >> you never know. i've done shows that have lasted a season, half a season, three episodes on and off. so when we aired our first episode we did really well at the premiere.
9:17 am
episode we tied our lead "burn notice" and i remember a meeting with me, two executive producers, we were behind a barn at a farm in queens and high fiving each other and hugging each other knowing this might actually go another season. but to go eight is like a dream come true. >> i have to ask on behalf of "royal pains" fans who tweeted and e-mailed us, why? why are you ending it? >> oh, willie, i know! i know, willie. we'll make our own episodes just for you. it was an incredible experience. i'm so close with the writers, the cast, the crew. even the executives. we've become like a family. it's been two terms of college together. but we're lucky because we've gotten to like tell the full arc of our story and not have to cut it out early. so i feel very grateful. >> and a lot of fun during it. >> oh, my god, the best time. we traveled all over the world. we just got to play every day for six months, we would pinch
9:18 am
>> what was your favorite place to film in, of all the traveling? >> we shot in capetown toward the end. and it was absolutely gorgeous. >> big budget over there, huh? >> well, you know -- >> there's a musical episode? >> yeah. our executive producer is a lover of old-time musicals, mofbys like "singing in the rain." it was his quest to do a musical episode and he got a broadway producer to write some songs. i had never sung except my father trying to coach me like singing "guys and dolls" and i would say i'll know and he would say no, mark, it's i'll know i'll know >> have you to coach him through. >> mark, you're blowing it. you're blowing it. >> and there's a rap in the musical?
9:19 am
>> let's take a listen to it. >> oh, great. let's take a little walk down memory lanes series rap recap from "royal pains" once upon a time in history we hit the l.i.e. pulled up in my funky fresh car met a model ended up with a job >> you wrote that? >> thank you. i wrote and directed the raps, yeah. i'm like a poor man's andy sandberg. >> are you just rapping on "royal pains" so you can start your rap career? >> basically that's why i'm here. >> we just launched it right there. >> great. love it. >> you're moving on to the new "prison break reboot"? >> yes. a rabid following. i love it. it's a great show. when the character was killed, seven years later, i've married
9:20 am
cali and, guess what, turns out he's not dead. >> see, see, see? >> like your show. >> i don't believe it. i don't believe it. you guys know things. >> conspiracy theories. >> your son just crushed it at circus day at school on the pogo stick. >> yes, did he. >> look at this guy. no hands? >> there he is. >> how old is he? >> he's 8 years old. a casting director came up to me after that and said you're in trouble. following in your footsteps. >> a pogo stick. can you copy your son? >> what are you talking about? are you kidding me? >> give it a try. >> no hands. >> the end of my career actually. here we go. frisco, this is for you, buddy. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. that's right. may 18th, wednesday night,
9:21 am
i'm okay. i'm okay. i'm good, guys. >> you heard the man. "royal pains." we're back after this. thanks, mark. >> all right. the sun'll come out tomorrow... for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine r r that helps make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, tomorrow... i love ya, tomorrow p p in the largest heart failure study ever. entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. p p it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. rrr don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. p p if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. p p the most serious side effects are angioedema, r r low blood pressure... ...kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. p tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow. ask your heart doctor
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you've got old cd cases around the house? people still have those? i guess. we'll show you how to put them to good use today. liliana has some good hacks. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> what are you and brooke working on here? >> snack hack. at the bottom of of the bag are all these crumbs. sprinkle them into an ice cube tray. pour some milk over them. this is a hack we found on buzz feed. genius food hacks. put them in the freezer. you're going to freeze them, freeze them in different shapes, ice cube molds. when they come out like this, honestly, they're so good alone
9:25 am
chocolate milk or for the adults, anyone want ice could have which cookies and milk? >> are you okay with the chocolate milk? >> cd cases. >> i have hundreds of these lying around my house. you take a cd case like this. pop off the lid. two components right here. then what you're going to do is you're going to take this part of the cd case -- make sure this button is facing out. you're going to form a square. all right? all you need is a little super glue. turn it over. attach it like this. then i'll show you what you do. this is the coolest part. once you form that cube, attach the lid. super easy. you have these photos printed out. i did these online they said it wasn't possible... to make a sunscreen you can apply to wet skin. a wrinkle cream that works in one week. and a shampoo that washes away the residue hair care products can leave behind. but we did it.
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park. word he is being checked out in a hospital in brooklyn. no word on his found and found alive. check in. skies turn gray as showers move in. 58, saturday, we are going to get a break. 63 degrees. sunday, the showers are back. 57. monday the clouds move out. 60. tuesday night's warmup, 67 degrees. coming up on the "today"
9:29 am
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. today marks one week since prince's death. this morning, federal law enforcement officials tell nbc news prescription painkillers were found in the musician's s house. they're not saying what role, if any, prescription painkillers
9:31 am
dennis miv jr. was arrested after flying 150 passengers from orlando to new york. it was his second flight of the day. he was selected for a random alcohol test and blew a 0.11. he blamed the reading on the gum he was chewing. jetblue says they have a zero tolerance policy and he is no longer employed with the airlines. according to a new study by career builder, 60% of employers now use social media networking sites to screen candidates and the screening doesn't always stop once you land a job. more than a quarter of employers have found constant online that have caused them to reprimand or fire an employee. and two fishermen were found alive after their boat capsized two days earlier. they set out in galveston bay monday morning. when they didn't return,
9:32 am
they found the two men clinging to an oil platform miles from rescuers pulled them from the water and sent them to a nearby they're both reportedly doing good news. now let's get a check of the weather from dylan. good morning. >> good morning, sheinelle. good morning, everyone. texas, oklahoma, some rain and also snow in the highest elevations in the rockies. one to two feet of snow. on friday, unsettled weather, on saturday. then that rain will move back into the northeast, here is a peek out your window. any sunshine early on today will give way to clouds building up the day today. we are below normal by a good 5-6 degrees. a few spotty showers by the end of date. tonight, intermittent light rain, drizzle, cool, 48, city,
9:33 am
tomorrow, not a big warmup, stuck in the clouds and light rain and drizzle. more rain on sunday. that lasts into part of monday and final pli a little warmer by the middle of next week. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> dylan, thank you very much. >> jeremy irons won the oscar for playing klaus van buehlern. we thought we would reduce it to 30 seconds. >> is that what you believe? >> i've been hiding from you. >> thinking about what we should do. >> run. >> i can't imagine. >> what more can a man want? >> we all pay a price. >> i'll try to see what i can do. >> my reputation precedes me. >> your favor. >> fine young dragon. >> what is this?
9:34 am
>> let me tell you something. >> lies. >> but not sport. >> he is not our enemy. >> now jeremy is playing professor g.h. hardy in the new film "the man who knew infinity. >> entire symphony. >> true story of a self-taught math mathematician who earns his way into university during world war i. >> did you see your flash before your eyes there? set it up for people. it's not a terribly well-known story. >> it's 1913 or 1914.
9:35 am
the 20 greatest mathematicians, his interest is piqued and he gets the authorities at cambridge to ship this man, this indian from madras, fairly uneducated indian, over to cambridge and discovers one of the five great est est pure mathematicians in the world. it's about their relationship. it's about -- it's not about mathematics, although that's the paper, so to speak, about the relationship. but it's about these two desperate characters, this young indian, who leaves his wife behind in india, and unmarried, futsy old cambridge. >> it's about faith, belief, about these two characters, how they are so seemingly different but communicate together in such a beautiful way. i thought it was stunning. >> what do you think hardy saw in that letter he received, in that book he saw that made him go so far?
9:36 am
>> extraordinary calculations, calculations that are still being proved today but which are helping to prove string theory, black holes. i mean, calculations over 100 years ago are still at the center of mathematical research now, which is extraordinary. of course, what i realized is that math is like art. pure math is like art. it's discovery and very free and shared passion between these two men is what i think what we watch. >> it's like nature. the true math is in every snowflake and -- >> fascinating concept, one and one make two. >> right. >> i was saying to brooke earlier, i love seeing films about math in this way that romanticize it and make it more accessible to understand these big theories. >> films about geniuses are
9:37 am
>> films with geniuses are -- i could watch this all day long. >> five film this is year, plus you're always acting on stage. >> yeah. >> what do you do to relax besides restore ing ing diver's capsule, for example? >> finished the five-week run of a play. i went for a horse ride and was so tired i fell off the second jump. >> and took a nap. >> just stay there had. >> i took a cigarette. then got back on and went off again. >> best way to recover. jeremy irons, pleasure to have you here, sir. man who knew infinity in select theater this is friday. in case mother's day snuck up on you, we have gift ideas we why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every
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by name. it's that time of year when we shower our moms with extra love. and if your mom likes gadgets, she's going to love what we've got today. >> tech expert, our good friend, katie lindahl is here. let's talk angry mama. >> let's have a happy mama on mother's day and start this off. this say unique, inexpensive gadget, 10 bucks at bed, bath and beyond. fill it with water, vinegar, lemon if you want a good scent. it cleans the microwave in five seconds. the steam comes out of mama's head. >> that's pretty cool. >> expecting moms, this is pretty adorable.
9:43 am
from, octopuses to giraffe. even the black sheep. you can hear a heartbeat. this is my baby's heartbeat. can you take this gadget with you to an ultrasound or record it off your iphone, stick it inside the bear and have your baby's heartbeat with you. >> i play mied ed my baby's heartbeat. my dad thought it was a dog panting. little bit like a panting dog. >> how many times are we digging in our purse trying to find our iphone, keys? >> everything. >> automatic handbag illuminator, $30 on common goods, automatically senses when you're going in your purse. it will light up, making it easy to find your stuff. >> or if one is trying to steal in and reach your wallet it's like an alarm. >> yes. >> i'm all about people stealing thing. >> i'll put you to work here. you have a gadget where all the crew guys are like i want this
9:44 am
this makes soft serve ice cream from only frozen fruit. no sugar, no preserves, no fat. so hold this here and push down. fill it with frozen fruit. it's actually pretty awesome and tastes mazing. >> nothing else in there, no milk, nothing? >> just frozen fruit. nothing else in there. >> delicious. i'm going to try the one you made. >> get the fresh one. there you go. >> from frozen fruit to a gift i made -- purchased for my mom -- isn't that good, by the way? >> wow! >> amazing. >> bananas and strawberries. so you can adopt an olive tree from italy. they send you all the olive oil from that tree harvested in that season. six tins, picture of your tree. >> first press and after that?
9:45 am
like the best olive oil you'll ever have. it's mazing. >> my uncle has olive trees and only does first press. he said that that's just starting to become popular. it's amazing. you get every level of the olive oil as well, which is amazing. >> how much fluid is in olives? >> first press. >> from crate and barrel, marquis light. this clamps right on to any pole. it's easy to use. no no extension cords, no wires. battery operated. $100 to light up the night. >> i like that. >> last but not least, popcorn from cuisinart under 15 bucks. silicone. easily collapsable for easy storage. put kernels in there and have it in a few minutes. >> you could travel with that. >> absolutely.
9:46 am
us spanning the world with the we promise you the perfect match. french's mustard is 100% natural, and our ketchup has no high fructose corn syrup.
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did you say honey? he chuy, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast i have been working in oral health care for the last 12 years. there is a perception amongst dentists that whitening toothpastes are not good for people with sensitive teeth. some are quite abrasive. what we've developed in sensodyne true white is a product that is 10 times less abrasive than many of the whitening toothpastes that are out there, and especially designed for sensitivity sufferers. it's different, there's nobody else out there that i'm aware of that has developed whitening for people with sensitivity
9:50 am
this is brooke and ryan's maiden voyage on the ss lennie b. good to see you. brooke said she's not doing shoet without popcorn. it worked out for you. >> appreciate it. >> baseball season with lots of playoffs, truly the top sports stories. let's go spanning the world. >> unbelievable! >> okay. all rise for flea at kobe's last game.
9:51 am
on your mark in spain. if you have a great seat to shoot video of a penalty kick -- no, no. play ball! basketball, take the ball, pass it around the guy. globetrotter style. what's the reason for that? i don't know but it's cool. pass it around his back. there you go. our oops of the month. if you're the catcher, throwing -- oh, no. try not to bean your own pitcher. that doesn't work out well. and nobody got hurt. except for the pitcher. college dunk competition over the pancake. he tried it again. this is not a replay. over the pancake. flap jacks that's what you call it. seemed like a good idea to give out plastic wraps in florida on wrap night until they scored a goal and all the fans threw their wraps all over the ice. panthers were assessed a two-minute penalty for too many wraps on the ice. true story. kiss cam. not the couple making out, the
9:52 am
is she running for office? what's the deal? time for a little golf at the par 3 competition at the masters. 83-year-old gary player, that's not bad. stick it on the green. oh, wait a second. hang on. >> no way. >> hang on. >> no. no, no. it gets close, really close. gary player, yeah. it's the oldest hole in one at par 3 masters competition. college relays in ireland, the race was so excited, it turned the male announcers into sopranos. sopranos. >> it's unbelievable! oh! >> that's so funny. >> how is the popcorn?
9:53 am
>> i could eat some. gr thank you. >> len, ryan said we just sit here and watch sports bloopers with len? >> is that a cool job? >> i love this show. >> if we could do another hour of that. >> love the show. >> thank you. >> we're back in a moment.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> that was quite congenial. >> magic. >> it really was. >> come back tomorrow. >> i'll come back. >> i'll be here every day. >> you are here all the time. >> i know. >> guess who we have today? >> so amazing. >> junk food to joy food. >> what are you trying to do?
9:56 am
yes, miss brooke? >> sweet. >> so long. >> dramatic walk-off. >> aft pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it p flonase is the first and only pboth itchy, watery eyes no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key
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9:58 am
i'm michael gargiulo. police are searching for a gunman in a fatal shooting in the bronx inside an apartment building on marion avenue and ford ham. a 25-year-old man was shot in the face. he died at the scene. police believe the gunman may have been wearing some sort of black mask. a man with autism went missing in brooklyn's prospect park. he was found near henry street at 8:30 this morning. he had gone missing during a field trip yesterday. no word yet as to his condition. checking the weather. skies turned gray, rain showers move in, showers, 48. tomorrow, 58, saturday, a break. it will be 63. sunday, showers return. 57. monday, clouds move out. 60, tuesday night warmup, 67. coming up on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda. mozzarella and blueberry sticks
9:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. >> is that vince gill? >> yes. we love them all. he will be with us in just a


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