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tv   Today  NBC  April 28, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. >> is that vince gill? >> yes. we love them all. he will be with us in just a
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it is hirsty thursday. april 28th. >> i love thirsty thursday. >> you love tuesday best. >> you like spanky tuesday best. >> i have to listen to one of your songs. >> do you know that vince gill has got 20 grammys? 20. >> i would have thought it would be more. >> it's also thursday. that means ambush makeover time. our crack team -- >> you just said crack. >> prowling the plaza looking for some lovely ladies. everybody wants a makeover. >> get the redo. how about blue berry crisps for under 500 calories. >> what? what? >> once again, joy turned your favorite junk food into joy food. bobbi is abuzz with new foundations for your fashion. think spanx. she will take care of it. joy, do you know today is national blueberry pie day? >> this is perfect.
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>> i actually didn't. >> it's also take our daughters and sons to work day. >> it is. and we have a -- >> i just want my kids to find work. >> we have a posse. how cute is everybody? >> hi, everybody. >> some of our staffers' kids are here. we are so excited. they look adorable. thanks to all for coming today. can i tell you what i did last night? >> you finally went and "hamilton." >> it's one of those shows you hear so much hype, you think it can't be as good as everybody says. it's as good as everybody says. i went to a friend, jen miller. >> happy birthday. >> it's a little late but i had to wait to get the tickets. in the audience was ll cool j. i love him. he was sitting right behind us. >> a sweetie. >> the songs are all so catchy, so many people, you can learn
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there's one that's called "i know him" and it's like the king of england is singing this song. i think we have a little bit of it. they say george washington's yielding his power and stepping away that true i wasn't aware that was something a person could do i confess -- >> it's not in context but the songs are so moving and beautiful. there's a lot of rap, all kinds of stuff. it was fun. i wanted a little performance but -- >> you can't always have everything you want. you come closer than anybody i know to actually having everything you want. you really do. you do. all right. vince gill is here. there's a website that claims he can be connected to over one million musicians. >> they are calling this six degrees of music because he is so connected to so many
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we were trying to figure out all the different musicians that are somehow connected to vince gill from songwriting to producing. we tried and it worked. you are connected to vince in three moves. here it is. you recorded "i love you for sentimental reasons" which was composed by william pat best. that song was also recorded by glenn frey, who composed "i can't tell you why" which was recorded by vince. >> okay. i have known amy since she was 15. does that count? that's just one person. >> okay. let's try someone else. >> the ipad. >> what are we doing? >> i don't know. put you in. put you. >> i never had a song in my life. >> it has to be a singer. how about blake? they are probably best friends. how about prince? prince. right?
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find link. okay? here it is. more options. wait, here it is. prince -- what? what do you mean, pick the right prince? where does it say? oh, mostly recording -- >> we should rehearse sometime. >> i picked it. now what? here it is. here it is. here it is. so prince recorded "baby knows" which was performed by sheryl crow who recorded "building bridges" with vince gill. i like that. >> you know what i really like? amy grant song "baby baby." this is why. so it's 25 years. >> i know. i know.
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makeover with the help of torri kelly. >> listen. stop for a minute baby i'm so glad you're mine >> got a little something different. >> every single night. cody was 1 year old then. every night we put him on top of the billiard table and danced to "baby baby." you don't find that interesting? i remember it. >> i can't figure out which is the original and which is the remake. it's all good. beyonce is about to make music history with her album "lemonade." it looks like it is going to debut on the billboard charts at number one. now, that's great, but the reason it's such a big deal is because everyone of her first six studio albums she's done solo have debuted at number one. every single one.
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for sure. i wonder if she's nervous about it. i wonder if she expects it. i wonder what it's like when you get to be that so big -- >> if it's number two it's like a failure. poor thing, it was number two. >> you love blueberry pie? you're supposed to have some of this. >> it is national blueberry pie day? yes, okay. this is from the hill country chicken. >> here in new york city. >> let's taste it. going to make our teeth blue? >> um-hum. >> how is it? >> they are $4.50 each. >> now, i just can't eat fattening stuff in front of joy. here's something good. this woman found out she's going to be a grandmother. her reaction was one of those that's caught on camera, one of those amazing ones. take a look at this from "america's funniest home videos."
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[ screaming ] >> oh, my god! you're pregnant? you're pregnant? you're pregnant? oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god! you knew you were pregnant? >> i just found out yesterday. >> how did you find out? >> i took the test. >> oh, lynn! >> is she happy? i don't know if that would be my reaction if cassidy said it to me. that was so funny, you can watch the escalation. >> that's exciting. trying to stall so we don't have to listen to i-hoda.
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kinds of prince music and i'm not bored, but we talked about songs prince didn't perform but wrote for somebody else. one he wrote for chaka khan and it's good. chaka khan let me rock you let me rock you that's all i want to do >> lyrics are great. do you feel for me the way i feel for you want to love you want to hug you want to feel you too >> is he singing? >> here it comes. here we go. go, chaka! >> is that stevie wonder? >> here it comes.
10:10 am
baby baby when i look at you i get a warm feeling inside there's something about the things you do >> we sang this, we used to do skits in our sorority. just a reminder, you can listen to us on sirius xm channel 108 and i have a show on monday and wednesday. >> hi. come here. you and your crown. >> this is joanne's son. >> hi, mackie. how are you? >> why do you have a crown on your head? >> because he's the king. >> mackie's going to see "hamilton" tonight. >> he knows every word to the songs. how old are you? >> 10. >> 10 years old, knows all the words. we're excited. will you come back and tell us what it's all about? >> yeah. >> okay. cool. >> we have makeover results
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after three hours of pampering, two lucky ladies are ready to reveal their ambush makeovers. they stood out on the plaza bright and early hoping to get picked by our fabulous glam squad. today celebrity stylist to the stars from licari salon, louis licari. >> thank you. >> and liliana vasquez. how is it out there? chilly? >> a little chilly but still so many people to pick from and everybody was so excited which makes our job so much more fun. >> frances is our first lovely read. 58 years old from farmingdale, new york. she has worked as a teacher's aide for the last 16 years. she's a mom of two. she has one grandson and she
10:15 am
she came to the plaza hoping we were ambush her and today was her lucky today. take a look. >> rumor has it you are a grandmother. is that true? >> yes, i am. little nicholas is 2 1/2 and hopefully he will be here. >> you had a sign that said you wanted a makeover. why a makeover? >> i always wanted a makeover. i don't know whether i should be light or dark or short or long. hopefully you guys will figure it out. >> this is your gorgeous daughter. what do you hope for mom's makeover? >> just that she gets a new fresh look. her anniversary is coming up. this is the perfect time for that. >> you will be the hottest grandma we ever had. >> she is. >> okay. we have got her daughters here, alexandra and maria and the grandson nicholas. please keep your blindfolds on for just a second if you can or close your eyes. here is frances before. >> all right, frances, let's see the new you.
10:16 am
>> oh, my god! >> take off your blindfolds. check her out. how gorgeous! >> wow! >> are you ready to see yourself? >> all right. do the spin. >> oh, my goodness! wow. >> beautiful. >> you can't mess it up. it looks awesome. >> thank you. it looks so pretty. >> so pretty. >> this has been the greatest experience. thank you, guys. >> you look gorgeous. tell us about that hair. >> this is a great haircut. frances said i like to wear my hair long so we found a solution where we could give her volume, layers and still keep it long but give it a definite style. remember, all hair any length should have style. i lightened it and actually highlighted it as well and covered her gray and ran over,
10:17 am
>> i always like when the clothes reflect the personality. she is radiant and youthful and full of energy in this hot pink dress which was made for you. >> it is tailor-made. what do you guys think? >> you look gorgeous. >> gorgeous. >> do you want to go see your grandma? come here. get over here! >> why don't you go see him instead? you guys -- did you like that? hi, mama. hit ch, papa. >> thumbs up! >> very cool. >> you can join your family. our next lady is deborah. she is 22 from south river, new jersey. she's a lab scientist student at rutgers and will be graduating in august. good for her. she's here celebrating with her classmates, celebrating national lab week. who knew. she says her usual look is very casual, never does much with her hair or makeup.
10:18 am
>> now let's talk about fashion. like most women, you don't have a ton of time. that's why you want a makeover. >> of course, yeah. i have had this hair since i was 13. i'm in desperate need of new makeover, new hair. >> any rules? >> just not too short. >> i will tell louis you want your hair right to the ears? i'm kidding. he's going to do an amazing job. you are in very good hands. >> she's here with her friends, amanda, steffi, agatha. let's take a look. keep your blindfolds on. here she comes. >> wow! all right, you guys. take off your blindfolds. >> you look sensational. turn around and see, sweetie. >> oh, my god! '
10:19 am
>> how great is that? '. >> look right here. >> again, don't cry, ruin the makeup. i have to tell you, they were both beautiful. we had great makeovers today. she had dark hair obviously all her life. it was totally natural. she wanted to change it up a little bit so i softened it, highlighted it and then of course, gave her this very simple haircut. >> i wanted to keep her in something she was really comfortable in. skinny jeans and white, perfect update, from white house black market. she can go out in this, can go to school in this. this is a transitional look that fits her perfectly. >> come on out, frances. big round of applause. thank you. if you live in leggings, bobbi has a pair that will have you
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. time to fill you in on the latest fashion and beauty finds in bobbi's buzz.
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form-fitting must-haves to keep you chic and sleek this spring. >> with the warm weather around the corner many women will be happy to know spanx has a new light loungewear collection called lounge hooray. what i love about this is it's breathable basics and all different shades that are just a little hug so they're not too much compression. when you have those sheer shirts and dresses, when the lighter weather hits, this is kind of going to help you not feel overexposed. i love this. this is a one-piece shorts and tank all built in. then they have everything from little shorts and booties you can even wear at home on the weekend. >> they are cute. and they're light. >> butter soft as well. >> yes. that woman who developed spanx makes more money. >> well, this is another favorite. skinny shirts. these are layering pieces that are fantastic. you can immediately change the look in your wardrobe. take a look at these before and after photos we have. you can pop a collar. look, they also have tails.
10:24 am
showing how you can extend the length of the top with the tail tank. there's a picture of that. it basically looks like this. so the bottom of the tank will poke out and that will elongate the top to cover your tush. >> i want this. >> this is a lace style that will cover your decollete. these are great pieces when you don't want to feel overexposed. >> and you don't want all that wrinkle under your sweater. >> this is like a french bow you can add under a sweater. so cute. >> what else? >> who doesn't love two for one when it comes to leggings, especially the new mom. i don't even own denim anymore. reversible leggings. this is the same pair right here. you see the other side is solid pink and stripe. sarah is joining me because take a look. she's wearing sweaty betty which has a print on one side but it changes to solid black. this is a super-slimming panel that is fantastic. brooke, another great brand you will see right here. this is the reverse of what you
10:25 am
>> so smart. >> look at this, they also have tank tops that are reversible. i love all of these pieces for spring. >> all awesome, as usual. how's milo? >> so cute. i need to bring him back. >> you are not allowed here anymore without him. what will you wear? >> we have playful looks for moms of all ages. >> don't forget about the kids. so my kids don't have to forage, got two jobs to pay a mortgage, and i've also got a brain. life's short, talk is cheap. i'll be working while you sleep. still don't think i've got a brain? i took two bullets in the chest. got three kids, i never rest... so yeah, i've got a brain. a degree is a degree. you're gonna want someone like me. but only if you have a brain.
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you . >> >> live look at the brooklyn river. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. police are searching for a man that allegedly tried to lure a teenager into his car. the driver made sexually explicit comments to a 16-year-old boy before taking off. the incident happened yesterday morning at the town of roselle park. the cartr last seen heading west of clay avenue. the sky is going to turn gray. it is going to be 59 tonight. on and off showers down to 48. rain will continue, 58. saturday, we'll get a break, up to 63, sunday. 57, monday. clouds move out in the afternoon. 63 degrees. up next on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, find out how to make healthy mozzarella sticks and blueberry
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nasal spray approved to relieve pboth itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. it's thirsty thursday. in case you didn't know, also happens to be take our daughters and sons to work day. >> we are ten days away from mother's day. in honor of both holidays we thought it would be fun to dress up our "today" show moms in matching trench. >> good to see you, ladies. >> you look awesome since you left.
10:31 am
>> 70 pounds on, 70 pounds off. >> we have 1,000 children at nbc universal and 400 justust in new york city. we have a lot of children to choose from for this. >> we did. >> we hand-picked the best ones. we have one of our favorite producers, coordinating producer meredith and her adorable daughter mackenzie. tell us about this cute outfit. >> this is a floral print. these dresses are from burlington. her dress is like ten bucks. what we did to make the look cute but not cutesie, we went with floral but in a different way. oversized florals are big right now in a graphic print. what you see is lace in a flower pattern cutout. they have complementary colors and we took hair pins and put them on the shoes to make her shoes a little floral. >> she lost a front tooth. >> that looks good. hope you got a lot of dough for
10:32 am
i'm sure daddy -- how much? five bucks! wow. >> good one. thanks. >> oh, looking good. we have one of our other favorite "today" producers, lana with her mom and son. tell us about their cute outfits. >> today happens to be national superhero day, actually. >> it's also blueberry pie day. >> i feel like moms and grandmoms are the ultimate superhero. that's what inspired this look. these are a solid captain america team. i love a trucker hat. this is such a cute look. for her son, how adorable is this. we have superhero shoes, they say kapow! it's adorable. he's wiped out. been a long morning. we tied the looks together with touches of red. the red kind of connects them all. you can connect the look for any age.
10:33 am
>> we have been waiting patiently for our producer vivian to bring in her newborn baby jude. >> hey, jude. >> tell us about them. >> this is one of my favorites. she's the first producer i ever worked with here 12 years ago. this outfit, how cute is this. this is downtown chic. they are going downtown. this is the perfect outfit. black and white graphic prints are very in. his onesie so cute. it's 100% organic. only for little ones, 100% organic. vivian's got a banana republic shirt on. i love the bright espradrilles and she can walk in them. >> how's jude? '. >> so cute. >> thank you. >> and coming out is our girl
10:34 am
with her son michael and stepdaughter. hi, guys. look how gorgeous. >> everyone looks wonderful. >> the classic white shirt everyone has in their closet, we modernized it. for example, on michelle, the shirt with the belt. kind of a cool look, gray jean, very in, high heels. she looks sophisticated. michael has this great arizona for jc penney shirt on. love the croc shoes and become backpack. so cool. and the fun pop of color and i love the glittery flats. so fun and age appropriate. >> let's bring everybody out. why not. come on out, everybody. thank you all very much. >> that was great. thank you so much. she didn't even use notes. >> if you plan on cooking for your mom or anyone else, joy has cooked up a dessert and appetizer for under 500 calories.
10:35 am
gill sings his newest song for
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10:40 am
no stopping him. vince is out with his 18th studio album called "down to my last bad habit." >> hey! >> great to see you. how are you? keeping turning it out, huh? >> we have been waiting for this one. >> i'm excited. i'm a little sleepy. i was up all night. i'm a big hockey fan. >> you feeling good? >> keeping the playoff beard. >> tell us about this. this is obviously not about amy and you. >> it may be. she might be a bad habit. no, i thought this turn of phrase had a lot of sense of humor in it. friend of mine sent it to me at breakfast one morning. i said how you doing. he goes pretty good, i'm down to my last bad habit. i said i am so writing that song. >> what are you going to sing for us today? >> the title track. yes. >> here he is.
10:41 am
finally gave up those old cigarettes and that '67 red corvette a nice cold beer went down fire one up and pass it around i don't roll with the boys no more i been everything you left me for the one thing that i'll always be addicted to girl i'm down to my last bad habit
10:42 am
miss you when i smell smoke see an old car go by miss you when i hear that song that we danced to girl i'm down to my last bad habit you hard to make it through these lonely nights if you'd come back to me i'd be all right i can't get past how much i'm wanting you this is hell like i never knew
10:43 am
go i'm lost without you and i need you so the one thing that i'll always be addicted to girl i'm down to my last bad habit yeah i'm down to my last bad habit girl i'm down to my last bad habit you >> yeah! >> oh, yeah. >> that was great! >> that's all we needed. that's all. >> you guys have both been that girl, haven't you? >> maybe. maybe i am right now. all right. >> we slice off calories of your
10:44 am
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so far today we have had ambush makeovers, a fashion show and concert so we really worked up an appetite. >> joy is here with some goodies she transformed from junk food to joy food. >> our viewers challenged her to come up with healthier versions of mozzarrella sticks. you ready? >> you will be my sous chef. my first challenge is from lindsey from boston. these cheesy sticks, when you order them, you get many more than four but just four from that appetizer portion will cost you about 420 calories. >> for four sticks. >> i will show you not only how to do better than that from a calorie, fat and carb
10:50 am
simple to put together. buy plain string cheese, part skim, and cut them in half. >> you get half. >> slice them down the middle. there you go. here, we have it here. then we start the assembly line. i want everybody to grab one. hoda, dive in. >> you get one. >> we are going to start with just put it in this is whole grain flour. you could do whole wheat or gluten free if you want. then it goes in egg whites. we will go back into the flour. we are double dipping. back into the egg. >> plop it in there. >> now, this is a seasoned bread crumb so it's seasoned bread crumb and i added some italian seasoning in there as well. stir that around. you coat them. put it in there. get a nice coating on this.
10:51 am
>> right over here. >> what happened? >> i don't know. mine doesn't have any stuff on it. >> see these over here? this is what it's going to look like. >> it's not easy. >> get it on there. >> come on. >> this is what they're going to look like. now, this pan is on medium heat. liberally sprayed with oil. we are just going to put these on. after you load them on, you are going to cover it up and you are going to let it cook for about one minute, uncover it, flip it over, let it cook for one minute. keep going until they look like this. >> we need the taste testers. >> now -- >> where is mackie? >> come on, mack. come on over here. >> getting crumbs all over. >> i will give you this. if you like it, give me a carrot. >> we have a minute. go ahead.
10:52 am
>> i want you to dunk it in the sauce. if you like it, give me a carrot up. >> all the way in. >> what do you think? you like it? >> yeah. >> carrot up. excellent. >> wait. what happened? >> a little water. here we go. blueberry crisps. this is from amanda in chicago. a regular blueberry crisp is 550 calories. you are going to check this out. start with the topping. we have just rolled oats, a little bit of brown sugar, two tablespoons of almond, pinch of cinnamon, little bit of kosher salt and two tablespoons of whipped butter. let's make believe -- >> all right. >> you know what, if you use your hands it works really well. now for the filling. three cups of fresh blueberries in honor of blueberry pie day. this is just one fuji apple. this is the key. two tablespoons of chia seeds.
10:53 am
and a little bit of cinnamon. mush this whole entire thing up. you are going to put it in, you divide it amongst four, you get a nice hearty portion. in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. the chia seeds help to gel all of the yummy liquid. >> only 220 calories. >> see what you think. >> we are back in just a moment.
10:54 am
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. they say a woman never reveals her age but what about her weight? amy schumer, melissa mccarthy, mila kunis and jennifer aniston have been known to reveal it. we asked if it's okay or not okay. >> of course it's okay if you're comfortable with revealing such information.
10:57 am
whether it's okay to ask someone their weight or size. now, that would be just downright rude. >> oh, i'm happy with just saying yes, it's okay, 152 pounds. in case you were wondering. >> wow, wow and stacked up so nicely. >> yes, in different places. >> all righty, then. before we go we want to send a shout-out to a couple facebook fans, kate and ann who were on the show one year ago today. they sent us this picture. what was this? >> i guess idiot test. wishing you happy idiot test day. >> okay. whatever it was. remember they came on? that was it. >> nobody remembers. nobody cares, okay? >> also, do you have real estate questions? the guys from "million dollar listing" will be here monday to answer. >> all right. tomorrow from "mother's day"
10:58 am
marshall and british comedian jack whitehall. we have the whole group. >> plus i swear all for one will take us back to the '90s. the plaza will be rocking. two viewers return for a weigh-in. madeline reveals diet secrets to get you slimmed down for fall. have a great day, everybody. bye. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because
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