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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  April 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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news 4's kathryn. >> craig: was there for the announcement and joins us from lower manhattan. >> first, we should mentioned what's startling to the people who live and work here, the heavy police presence, squad cars, police cars one after the other and then resuming down there there are heavily guarded police cars. a major counter terror conference is underway in that building. it involves the homeland security secretary jay johnson. there are law enforcement officers who work and continue to be directly involved in responding to and investigating
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and they're talking about how to respond if there's a similar problem here. they talk about what kind of training needs to be emphasized. >> we need to train to across the homeland not just in new york our multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplined responses. so in any terrorist attack, whether it's active shooter or explosion of some sort, you're going to have a whole lot of first responders in a multi-jurisdictional area. >> we sent people over to do deep dives working with our federal colleagues. bring it back to the national law enforcement community.
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about the federal budgets with funding to new york city. he said president obama's budget reflects quote unquote the hard choices to stay within budget cuts agreed to by congress. he knows how important the funding is to new york city. >> kat creag reporting live. a syrian hospital targeted. more than a dozen people killed. developments. confirming that at least 14 people at the hospital are dead after this airstrike. doctors. one of them, one of the last pediatricians there although we're hearing to be upwards of 60. it hit one of the staff accommodations building.
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pediatrics referral center. there were eight doctors, 28 nurses that worked there. following at least one direct hit, there is almost nothing left of the emergency room, the ucu, icu. the hospital staff describing this as nothing but rubble. other airstrikes hit close to the hospital. not immediately clear, rather, who was behind the bombing at this point, however, the leader of the syrian opposition said he is receiving reports that russia is violating the cease fire and the government carrying these strikes out. they're outraged as is the u.n. several other structures have been attacked and destroyed in aleppo as well. >> the presence of isis in syria is topic number one at a senate hearing on capitol hill. defense secretary ashton carter was asked about america's military strategy in syria.
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are intended to defeat isol and regain for local forces the territory now being tyrannized and being targeted as a platform. >> secretary carter said the u.s. has a separate and distinct effort for the political and humanitarian crisis in syria. pryce president biden is making a surprise visit to iraq. he arrived at the baghdad airport a few hours ago. he was greeted by stewart jones and others. biden will meet with local leaders and be talking about the fight against isis. back here at home, police are trying to track down the person who shot and killed a man in the broncos x. this happened in fordham a little after 4:00 this morning. fordham section. police say a 25-year-old man was shot in the face. he died at the scene. police believe the gunman may have been wearing a black mask. if you have any information call
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new at noon, the 24-year-old autistic man missing for hours in brooklyn has been found safe. he was on a group trip in prospect park when police say he disappeared. he was found three miles away in brooklyn heights. news 4's tracie strahan with what we have. >> reporter: david, he's being evaluated here at method dis hospital. michael yam went an entire night without anyone knowing where he was. yam is a nonverbal autistic and his care takers say he's never done anything like this in the past. we want to show you now a photo that the nypd circulated of the 24-year-old early this morning trying to get the word out about his whereabouts. now we now know that he was found on madog street and henry street in brooklyn at 8:30 this morning. over the phone someone recognized him and called 911. they sent an nypd aviation unit.
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nonverbal was last seen on a field trip with the thrive network group home. a worker went back to the van about 1:00 and says he was gone. again, michael yam being evaluated here at methodist hospital after being found this morning. david, i have reached out to the thrive network, the group home where he lives, about how all of this happened. so far they haven't rurnt comment. back to you in the studio. >> tracy ie strahan reporting live. happening now police looking for a brooklyn mother who left to get chinese food and never came back. 21-year-old destiny dawson left her apartment a week ago wednesday. they haven't seen her since. police are looking into the case but right now they don't believe her disappearance is necessarily suspicious. in the race for president, ted cruz has hits sights set on indiana. he's at a campaign event in fort wayne. he brought his newly announced pick for vice president, carly fiorina. there they are speaking to reporters.
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after john kasich agreed to step aside in the hopes that cruz could get or beat donald trump. fiorina ran for the gop nomination herself before dropping out in february. earlier today she appeared on msnbc's morning joe. she wasted no time going after hillary clinton and donald trump. >> ted cruz wants to be sure that the people of indiana and the people of this nation understand the choice in front of them. on the one hand you have cruz and fiorina, and on the other hand you have cruz and clinton. >> at his rally, he criticized cruz's decision to pick any running mate. he attacked hillary clinton this morning on "today." he said the democrats couldn't win a local election if she were a man. >> the only thing she's got going is the fact that she's a woman. she has done a terrible job in so many ways.
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the things she's done are just absolutely disastrous. >> trump will spend the afternoon in indiana before heading to california later today. hillary clinton's camp used trump's comments in a fundraising push. her opponent is making headlines as well for cutting back on his staff. senator bernie sanders team is cutting 225 campaign staffers. his campaign manager says 80% of the primaries and caucuses are over. it's normal to consolidate resources. he'll be campaigning in oregon and he insists he's in the race for the long haul. happening today, oral arguments in the so-called george washington bridge closing scandal. they're underway right now in new jersey. in the pretrial hearing lawyers for two key figures in the case bill barone is saying that charges of wire fraud and civil rights be dropped. kelly and barone are scheduled to go on trial in december accused of facilitating the lane
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mayor for not endorsing governor christie for re-election. governor christie has been cleared of any wrongdoing. coming up next at noon, a warning for all uber riders. why an extra two minutes could cost you. the teenager accused of driving 100 miles an hour before a deadly crash but it's what else she was allegedly doing at the time that has a major company facing a lawsuit. and the real life police chase that looked more like a video game. we're going to tell you what led up to this wild scene still ahead. and we've got some rain on the way. we want to talk about how long that sticks around and how showers may impact your weekend plans. that's all coming up in just a minute. stay with us. my all-star little big shots week continues with an incredibly talented ballet duo. plus, one of the worse daters in steve harvey history is back and the new dude has no idea what he's agreed to. well, has she learned anything from her friend intervention? we're going to find out this afternoon.
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several families have been forced out of their homes after new jersey. this happened around 10:00 last plainfield. police say not clear yet what caused a driver to lose control. the apartments above that crash site had to be evacuated. several families looking for somewhere to stay. no one was hurt. deputies in minnesota asking the dea to help in the investigation of prince's death. they say prescription painkillers why found in the singer's possession when he died last week. the deputies have not said whether drugs, in fact, played a role in prince's death. the dea will determine where the drugs came from and what prescriptions he had.
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painkiller percocet to relieve the pain in his hips. a georgia family is suing the social network snap chat claiming the popular app was a factor in a crash that seriously injured a loved one. 18-year-old crystal mcghee, they say the teen was driving at speeds over 100 miles an hour when she slammed a mercedes into went worth's mitsubishi in order to get a trophy while using a speedometer filter photo. snap chat says it doesn't give trophies. anything but pleasant memories for a family on a cruise in the bahamas. two parents watched as the ship sailed away with their kids on board. >> she has her kids on the boat and she's not on there. >> this is a passenger who recorded the parents crying and asking them to stop. they say a man got off the ship to find his wife leaving his 9
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with other family members. in a statement norwegian says the ship went beyond normal protocol and waited alongside an additional half an hour for the guest. the company also offered travel and lodging for the couple. a warning for uber passengers who tend to be late. the company's reportedly testing a new wait time rule in new york and new jersey. instead of a five minute grace period the company will charge customers who leave drivers waiting longer than two minutes. drivers who wait longer than five minutes can leave. charging users a no show fee. the company says the change will better compensate drivers. in today's money report, two multi-billion dollar mergers and a look at the market. let's get down to business with headquarters. >> hi, david. a lot of earnings today. business. the bad news this morning was that the economy grew by only half a percent in the first quarter we learned this morning, but the good news, facebook is up 10% today on a blowout earnings report for that first
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the dow opened down about 90 points this morning. it's well off those lows. other major averages are actually higher today. the dow down 31 points. let me tell you about a couple of these big mergers. comcast is buying dreamworks animation for $3.5 billion. they will combine dreamworks into universal pictures and form entertainment group. you will see iconic characters like shrek and kung fu panda at universal theme parks. dreamworks has an agreement with netflix to provide tv programs. the dreamworks new media group. shares of dreamworks animation up a whopping 24%. comcast is the parent of both wnbc and cnbc. the other big merger is huge. it's in the medical device industry.
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medical for $25 billion. this combines the two leaders in the heart device business. the feeling is hospitals are negotiating for lower prices all the times for these devices. by combining these two companies they may have more bargaining power as a result and right now shares of saint jude medical are david, there were others as well that i don't have time to tell you about. this was a takeover thursday announced. >> thank you for those details. >> see you tomorrow. check out this light show over missouri. an explosive super cell rolled in spotting lightning and tornado. no one was hurt. a lot of downed trees and damaged buildings. more than 15 million people in the path of the storms along the mississippi river from iowa to louisiana. you've got a different kind of storm on your mind apparently. >> a strange story but interesting and worth talking about. we're talking about the blizzard. >> right. >> this past year.
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setting that record we got 26.8 inches and the record for all time was 26.9? well, the national weather service now saying new york's central park reading will be changed to an all-time 27.5 inches. that's a significant change in that number, david. >> okay. >> they're saying that it all stems, the error does, from miscommunication between central park's conservancy and the weather service's new york forecast office. this is odd. something we should probably look into. all eyes now focused on washington where the comments are coming out of. >> all right. >> that's a significant discrepancy. of course, newark, which had a record, that record deleted. so there are some measurement changes. we'll continue to look into it. go another layer on this story. in the meantime, let's talk about the here and now. boy, that looks like now.
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rain rolling in for the rush hour. on and off showers for friday. we've continued to tweak the forecast as we get closer to the weekend. 56 degrees in the city, 54 in monticello. 52 in long branch and a little bit warmer, 56 in bridgewater. there's the rain beginning to push up in our direction. this afternoon we're going to get up into the low 60s in the city. same number or close to it as you head up to duchess county. bellmawr a little bit cooler, in the 50s as you head to the west. same in the 50s as you roll through long island. showers are going to develop with southeast winds to 10 miles per hour. i say by late afternoon, 4:00, we're going to see that front wall of the rain begin to kind of push on through. that's going to be the story through the evening. 7:00, rain. more of it through tonight and then as we head into tomorrow we will see on and off shower activity. tonight though before that arrives we're going to see some cool temperatures.
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39 as we head into monticello. what to expect as we head into and through the weekend? well, tonight we're going to see raw and damp conditions. 48 degrees. then as we push ahead we get the raincoat out for tomorrow. 58 degrees. on the cool side. we will clear up for saturday. it's clearly the pick of the weekend. up to 63 degrees and we stay dry. sunday the winds begin to pick up. a wet start to may and a cool start, too, 57 degrees. not a perfect day. today we'll call it up to 59 degrees in central park. clouds build with a couple of spotty showers. heading into tonight, 48 degrees. should be the low temperature. cool and cloudy with light showers possible. there's your seven day forecast, everyone. 65 degrees on saturday. 60 on sunday but, again, a chance of showers. and then this unstable spring-like weather continues as we head through next week. temperatures staying in the upper 60s from tuesday onward but a chance of rain stays in the forecast, too.
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commute home, not a great one, folks. david, i should say. back to you. >> thank you, dave. "new york live" at 12:30. here's sawyer ra and lauren with what's ahead. >> thanks. that was kind of a wawa. >> we're going to do a yeah! what happens when two soap opera fans visit the set of "days of our lives ". what happens when little dogs face off with couches. laugh out loud video. of course, more puppies up for adoption. all here at 12:30. that's awesome. >> in honor of our thursday dogs. >> face plant. thank you, ladies. look forward to that. "news 4 new york" at noon, the moment when a small plane suddenly falls from the sky. and the situation got even worse
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take a look at this video. a real leave case of cops and robbers. police were in hot pursuit. gunfire exchanged. a suspect was shot and yet they weren't giving up easily. officers fired more bullets and finally arrested the suspects. seeing video of a small plane just as it falls from the sky. the pilot escapes. the cessna had just taken off from an airport at alabama's gulf coast. after hitting the ground the plane burst into flames. the pilot escaped with just a few burns and cuts on his hands. still ahead on "news 4 new york" at noon, a stunning never seen before look at mars. red planet from every angle
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finally this afternoon, you ever dream of going to mars? not quite possible yet. the mars rover did capture some of a stunning panorama for you to perhaps pretend you're on the red planet. the curiosity rover shot this
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marsscape. tonight on "news 4 new york" at 5:00, a warning about a scam that has become common. when someone calls claiming to be a relative in desperate need of help. remember for breaking news, weather updates any time anywhere, go to or use our mobile app. ""new york live"" coming your
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hey, everyone. happy thursday and welcome to "new york live." jacquie is still off but filling in is the one and only lauren scala. what's new, girl? >> this dress, actually. >> thanks, love yours. >> i love yours, too. >> fun show on the way including a visit from hollywood icon george hamilton. >> also coming up, who are the best new chefs in new york?


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