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tv   Today in New York  NBC  April 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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scene in california. protests turn violent after a donald trump rally. and an unthinkable offer. what police say happened overnight in central park. and hackers supporting isis release the names and yorkers. what the fbi is telling those people. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. friday morning, it is april 29th, i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. let's check in with chris cimino with our friday forecast. >> friday forecast, that's always the good thing it's friday. the bad thing is it's not too terrific of a day. some clouds to deal with and a little bit of rain. it's chilly, upper 40s from jackson heights. 50 at dyker heights. uniform with the cloud cover overnight. generally everybody between 45
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across long island and into connecticut as well. we had a few showers go by. generally light. a lull in the action from the city south. still light rain out there. you may run into damp roads north of town. look to the west, there's not a lot of rain coming our way. spotty showers and drizzle during the course of the day. plan on it being a gray day. take along the jackets, it will be chilly. temperatures no better than the mid to upper 50s. does it get better over the weekend? we'll talk about that in a bit. let's check in on the friday morning commute. >> we have one accident out there on the roads. southbound lanes of 202/206 out between route 22 and 287 are shut down. continuing to keep a close eye on it for you. otherwise the roads look good. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today, meter rules still apply. next weather and traffic on the 4ses. new this morning, minutes after a donald trump rally ended
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back here at home police are investigating a suspicious power sent to trump tower. that's where katherine creag is this morning. >> reporter: an investigation is underway with the nypd trying to figure out who sent a suspicious white powder in an envelope to the fifth floor mailroom here. there were several workers inside that work when the envelope was opened. six people in all exposed to it. it's believed they're not in danger, but they were being medically evaluated as a precaution. you had police officers here, detectives, also the fdny. the investigation goes on into what happened here. meanwhile in los angeles, a violent scene with anti-trump protesters as donald trump, the candidate, prepares campaigning more and more in california ahead of its june primary. there were rallies earlier in the day. supporters for trump, protesters as well. but it became increasingly violent.
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their tracks and people who started out in the peaceful protest earlier in the night didn't like what they saw. take a listen. >> people are throwing things, people are going crazy. >> these are not your people. >> these are not my people. i am hispanic, i'm anti-trump, i'm anti-violence and everything that's going on here. >> in that california protest, at least one trump supporter was roughed up. about 20 people were arrested by police officers. again, what's happening here, darlene at the trump tower, that investigation continues on who sent that suspicious envelope with that white powder inside of it. some remarks by john boehner are sparking campaign controversy. he told an audience at stanford university what he thought of senator ted cruz. >> lucifer in the flesh. i never worked with a more
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>> i don't know the man. he allowed his inner trump to come out. >> boehner said he would vote for trump but not for cruz. today mayor deblasio will talk about the city's budget on the radio, this as he denies wrong doing into possible campaign violations. mayor deblasio says neither he or his advisers have done anything wrong. his top aides say they have gotten subpoenas from investigators. the investigation stems from an investigation of seeing whether they helped democrats gain the senate two years ago. >> there is an investigation going on. >> deblasio himself has not been subpoenaed. mayor deblasio says the number of homeless on the streets is down. he took part of the annual count in february. his office found about 2,800 homeless people, 12% less than
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credits the latest outreach programs but one advocacy group says the count is flawed. >> time is 4:34. weather and traffic on the 4s what round did you go in the draft last night, chris? >> still waiting to be called. you never know, sometime there's ls there's sleepers like me in the draft. we have cloud cover today, even tomorrow morning. it's damp and chilly out there. spotty showers, nothing heavy over the course of the day. there will be several hours where it's not raining at all it stays damp and cool into tonight but improvement for a day. cloudy in the city. not much in terms of rain nearby. a few showers up towards the north. sprinkles and showers around.
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back to the mid and upper 50s. details on that weekend forecast in a bit. on the commute, if it's early, hopefully not many issues out there. >> not many issues. mass transit we have bus detours out there. the b3 and 4, q76, 7, 10, 27 and 28. on the subways, fastrack maintenance should wrap up in about 25 minutes. no 2 trains between 3rd avenue, 149th and 96th street. no 3 train service. we have other track work also. expect delays and service changes. more weather and traffic on the 4s. new this morning, a troubling crime in central park. a man says he was approached and offered sex with a child. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is there with what police are telling us. so disturbing even to hear these allegations. >> reporter: absolutely.
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this morning police tell us they're looking for that 11-year-old boy as well as the adult who offered him up to another man. it was a massive search here hours ago for those suspects, and the nypd's aviation unit was overhead in central park. extra lights were brought in to search for a 35-year-old man and the 11-year-old boy with him. we'll show you a map of where all of this happened. it was near the bow bridge in central park before 11:00 last night. that's when that suspect approached a man in his 50s. according to police, that suspect asked the man if he wanted to perform sexual acts with the 11-year-old boy for $300. that man declined but says he followed the two for a bit once they left and eventually called police. this morning police are telling us that 35-year-old man was last seen wearing a black coat with fur on the hood as well as blue jeans. the young boy, not much of a
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or orange spring coat. anyone who spotted the two of them is asked to contact police immediately. back to you. >> thank you very much. 4:37 right now. some parents are on edge in connecticut after a man tried to abduct a girl from an elementary school. investigators say it happened near barnum school. the girl was on her way to class when the man approached her and tried to touch her. she got away but he followed her for some sometime. school officials are advising children not to walk alone. the fbi is warning thousands of new yorkers that isis-linked hackers have targeted them in a cyberattack. the i-team learned that the hackers stole the personal information of 3,000 just ordinary new yorkers. they then posted it online and they announced "we want them dead." one of the victims on that hit list spoke exclusively with the i-team. he says the fbi told him to be cautious and to call 911 immediately if he felt in any
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>> they were concerned. they felt that they should alert me. who am i? what am i doing on this list? >> the fbi says there is no specific threats of violence against those victims. investigators now say engine problems caused a plane that took off from newark airport to make an emergency landing. united airlines flight 38 was headed to nebraska when the pilot was forced to land in cleveland 5:35 p.m. yesterday. here's a look at the plane after it landed. investigators say about an hour into the flight the engine made a noise, the plane dipped to the left. the pilot declared an emergency and steered that plane to the nearest airport. some passengers screamed. others prayed until the pilot landed that plane safely. passengers then boarded other flights. there were no physical injuries. well, legislation that could leave you scrambling for extra change at the checkout counter looks likely to pass next week.
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nickel surcharge on plastic bags in new york city. melissa viverito is on board with the bill. she says new york needs to join other cities that are already ditching the plastic bags. in connecticut, senate democrats are proposing a $12 minimum wage by 2020. the debate lasted for nearly five hours. the proposal comes at a time when businesses are leaving the state. three months ago the minimum wage increased from 9.15 to 9.60 an hour. in new jersey, governor chris christie's popularity is at an all-time low. the latest poll shows his favorability rating at 26%. down three points since february, since then christie ended his campaign for the presidency that often put him on the road. a lawyer in what's often called the bridge gate case
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he believes that could help prove his client, former port authority executive bill barroni should not face criminal charges. barroni and brigitte kelly were in newark yesterday fighting charges related to the bridge lane closure scandal. it's 4:40. still ahead, the outbreak threatening graduation at an ivy league school. and new information about that man who showed up in an animal costume and threatened to blow up a television station. and chris will tell us if it's another umbrella day. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. and follow us on facebook and twitter and on instagram,
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to so many. weathertech.
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here's four things to know this morning. overnight police in california arrested about 20 people in violent protests outside of a donald trump rally. meanwhile police are investigating here a suspicious powder sent to trump tower. an update on that ahead in 15 minutes. police in bridgeport are warning about an abduction attempt near the barnum school. they say a girl was on her way to class when a man approached her and tried to touch her. heads up for drivers who use the tappan zee bridge. beginning at 9:00 tonight and tomorrow, only one lane northbound will be open. today a new bike lane opens. it will be on the pulaski bridge. it is separated from the road by barriers. you can see it on the left. and the bridge connects long island city to greenpoint. 4:44 on a friday morning a little damp and chilly. we've been locked into this pattern and probably have another 24 hours to go before we
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there is the rain risk out there today. nothing heavy anticipated. best chance later this afternoon and tonight. sun and clouds tomorrow. that's the drier day. very quickly the rain will move back in again on sunday. in fact by early morning it appears. temperatures generally low and mid 40s through northwest new jersey. not as chilly as yesterday morning. still has that damp feel. franklin 45, 50 in the city. across long island to connecticut, 40s. also down at the shore in the mid 40s. jackets needed throughout the day. a bit of a breeze at times. makes it feel raw out there. not a lot of rain. no strong, large area of low pressure organized here to get that rain going. again, we have a frontal boundary stalled nearby. little waves of low pressure, little disturbances pass along that front and trigger showers and light rain. one batch to the north this morning. if you're in the hudson valley, better chance of light rain. parts of connecticut.
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we'll stir up a few sprinkles and showers later on. on future tracker, a lot of clouds around. maybe a little thinning at times during the afternoon hours. the evening we see a few showers come in from the west, 8:00, 9:00 on, a bit of light rain to deal with. in between some pockets of drizzle. it's gone by tomorrow morning. 8:00 a.m., the clouds thinning out. we expect sunshine throughout the day tomorrow. more clouds to the north. more sun from the city east. should be a fairly decent afternoon tomorrow with temperatures between 60 and 65. by tomorrow evening, this is 7:00. look how quickly the clouds are moving back in. then the rain takes over. this is by 7:00 a.m. sunday. throughout the day you can see periods of rain. 1:00 sunday afternoon, into sunday night still raining. finally out of here by the time we get to maybe monday afternoon. a few showers could linger monday morning. here you go. 57 today. not a lot of rain, just a lot of clouds. couple showers around and
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dryinong out tomorrow, 62. wet again on sunday, chilly, only in the low to mid 50s for highs. early showers monday. temperatures back closer to where they should be. mid and upper 60s tuesday, wednesday, thursday next week. computer? here's lauren to answer that. >> thank you, chris. good morning. roads look good. we have one trouble spot out there. we'll head over to routes 202 and 206 out there. southbound all lanes shut down because of an accident with a downed pole. out by route 22. this affects the onbound ramp to route 202. that's your only trouble spot. a live look at the george washington bridge where things are moving along nicely. lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel doing great. we'll look at the grand central parkway out by laguardia airport. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended
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in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the fours. it's 4:47 now. new this morning we're learning the identity of the man who was shot by police after threatening to blow up a baltimore tv station. family members have identified this man as 25-year-old alex brizzi. he dressed in a hedgehog onesie and what appeared to be a bomb vest, set his car on fire before he walked into a fox television station in baltimore yesterday afternoon. once he was inside he demanded to go on tv to expose what he called a government conspiracy. as employees were evacuated the man walked out of the building. he ignored police orders to stop. at that point they opened fire. >> when he walked out on the street, he posed a threat to the community, a threat to the officers, they were forced to use their real guns to shoot the suspect. >> brizzi was hit at least three times. he's in serious but stable condition. police used a robot to remove
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they say it was really chocolate bars wrapped in fuel. he also had a flash drive on him. investigators are looking into whether prince died from a drug overdose. investigators are trying to figure out if a doctor was prescribing him doctors in the weeks before his death. he said they're also looking on whether a doctor was on the plane with prince when the aircraft was forced to land early due to a medical emergency. that happened less than a week before prince died. happening today, a videotape confession expected to be played at the trial of the man accused of setting the fire that killed an nypd officer. yesterday we heard testimony from detective john mcdonald, he questioned marcel dockery back in 2014, the night of that building fire in coney island. he said dockery initially denied wrongdoing but then admitted to lighting the fire that killed officer dennis guerra because he was bored. the defense claims the
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bronx police are searching for the man in this video. he allegedly flashed a night and demanded cash from a man waiting for a subway. happened march 19th on the southbound d train on the platform. the 62-year-old victim handed over the money and was not hurt. if you have information, call police. in connecticut, there's fear a mumps outbreak at sacred heart university is growing. in the last month, eight students contracted mumps. officials worry that 17 other students may have the illness. mumps is highly contagious and a respiratory disease. students with symptoms should stay isolated for five days. that mumps outbreak at harvard could threaten next month's graduation ceremony. they had 41 cases confirmed since march. they hope to stop the spread before commencement, that will feature this year director steven spielberg.
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is alarmed and desperate to get students who have it to take the outbreak seriously. today a new jersey man accused of sexually assaulting a woman as she slept is due in court. pedro castillo valdez is charged with two counts of sexual assault. the crime took place in the victim's lyndhurst home a week ago. now to a story getting attention. humane society international is shedding light on the treatment of these dogs. the organization rescued more than 200 animals from a dog meat farm in south korea. this morning g ing most of those dogs are being treated in madison, new jersey and most are in good condition. they should be ready for adoption in a month. today the nfl draft continues with the second round. the l.a. rams took jared goff
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the eagles selected quarterback carson wentz from north dakota. the giants surprised everyone with a tenth pick. >> the new york giants select eli apple, defensive back, ohio state. >> all right. the giants added to their defense with new jersey native eli apple. the last two times the giants chose a corner in the first round, they won a super bowl. the jets had the 20th pick and chose a defensive player from ohio state. the team took linebacker darron lee. he was the defensive mvp of the sugar bowl two years ago when the buckeyes won a national championship. welcome. still to come at 4:52, how a local college reporter seized the opportunity when president obama crashed a news conference for students. to tip or not to tip? this morning uber is trying to clear up the debate.
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4:54. it's friday morning. we have arrived at the end of the work week. >> that's the good news. we will not see sun today, that's the bad news. we will tomorrow, but not today. we can deal with it. temperatures in the upper 50s. back below normal again. another chilly day yesterday. we did make it out of the 50s. just a touch of shower activity possible, especially late in the day and into the evening hours tonight. overnight things calm down. a low temperature in the upper 40s. tomorrow clouds giving way to a period of sunshine in the middle of the day. temperatures in the low 60s, dreary, damp, chilly. sunday that's one of those sleep-in days. temperatures in the low and mid 50s. so there you go. we could all catch up on our sleep on sunday. >> let's do that. >> what going on? >> not too much from the roads. nice commute for most as they head out the door.
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things moving nicely out there up through industry city. up to the brooklyn bridge, you should be in the clear. over to the tappan zee bridge, things fine out there. a lot of people are off today still. enjoy it. >> really? >> who's off today? >> not us. >> the city-wide ferry service is a year away, the newly launched website is making waves. now you can check out routes and dates of service starting in 2017. the first route also s will be the same price as a subway ride. riders will be able to use virtual tickets and passes by swiping their phones. uber trying to clear things up with riders regarding their tipping policy.
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manager in new york city says tips are not included nor expected. this comes after a class action settlement with drivers in california and massachusetts. part of the deal says driver the can post signs soliciting tips. uber says it has no plans on adding a tip function to its app. in new jersey, heading to the motor vehicle commission may be friendlier. that's because all 2,800 workers including the chief administrator will undergo customer service training. governor christie announced the new requirement after fielding a number of complaints. the training will include customer service fundamentals and phone etiquette. authorities are investigating car break-ins in rockland and bergen counties. they believe it's the work of the felony lane gang. in woodcliff lake, thieves shattered a car window, grabbed a purse inside. gang members stake out places
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a motorcyclist in connecticut is facing charges after police say he posted videos of himself driving recklessly. police arrested 21-year-old gabriel conestry jr. after finding these videos on his instagram account. they show him speeding, doing dangerous tricks on his motorcycle from bridgeport to east haven. he is facing several charges including reckless endangerment. happening now, crews have fully contained a wildfire burning since stated in olster county. no homes or structures were damaged. at least two firefighters suffered mine injuries. that fire is under investigation. yet another school is apologizing for acceptance e-mails sent out in error. this one in our area. manhattan school of visual arts says it suffered a computer glitch. hundreds of congratulatory e-mails were sent in error
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degree program, that caught some by surprise because some had not even applied. a new jersey college newspaper editor may get the scoop of a lifetime a one-on-one interview with president obama. the president took questions yesterday from college newspaper reporters. one of them from rutgers asked for the interview. the president gave a tentative okay. that could happen in two weeks when the president gives the commencement address. aretha franklin is one of the featured performers at the white house international jazz day concert. >> that's fantastic. coming up at 5:00 a.m., if you're heading out the door take us with you. keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4
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an all-night search in central park. police looking for a child who may be in danger. and donald trump making news on both coasts. violent protests out west and police here investigate a suspicious package at trump tower. >> and there could be a bag fee on your next trip to the supermarket. "today in new york" starts now. 5:00 a.m. on this friday, i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here with the forecast. good morning. >> not a lot of change in the last 24 hours. clouds rolled in yesterday. still with us this morning. temperatures in the 40s. not a lot of rain out there. a touch of light rain across portions of the hudson valley. millwood, 45. vista, 46. you get into the city, 50. elsewhere between 45 and 50. not a big spread in temperature from the city to the suburbs. there's a little bit of light rain that i was talking about going across portions of westchester county and fairfield county. a couple of sprinkles upstream.


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