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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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that's all for now. i'm lester holt. now at 11:00. >> we realized it was neither of us, that somebody came in during the middle of the night. >> creeping through the house, rifling through drawers. he got in using a garage door remote. shady deals, yet another corruption investigation. this time, it may involve a top advisor to governor cuomo. crime fighting on vacation. good evening, everyone. >> we begin with the nighttime break-ins. a burglar slipping in while people are sleeping. >> when you see the video, it's creepy. michael george is in long island
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robbery victims. >> reporter: in this typically safe, quiet suburban neighborhood, there's a feeling of unease. they are getting in using garage door openers. >> yesterday morning we woke up. my husband came downstairs and found the garage open, the door to the family room off. >> reporter: then they checked the surveillance system and got quite a shock. a man appears, creeping between their cars in the driveway of their home. then he slips inside. >> he invaded my home. where you are supposed to be safe. i want him caught. >> reporter: police say the suspect also broke into another house. both break-ins happening in the dead of night while people are sleeping. detectives say the man searches driveways for cars left unlocked. when he finds one, he grabs the remote and he is in. accession the house through an unlocked door in the garage.
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we forgot to lock one of the cars that night. this is what could happen. >> reporter: he tore through the closets and drawers. but he didn't take anything. she thinks she may have startled him when she woke up. >> i would like to ask him that question, why he made a mess and left and didn't take anything. i don't know that. >> reporter: police believe he may be casing other houses. marie won't let down her guard. >> it makes u.s. s s you uneasy. nobody should have to feel like that in their own home. i want this individual caught. that's the nicest thing i can say about him. >> reporter: this is a crime of opportunity. the burglar likely tries several cars until he finds one that's unlocked. a good reminder to keep your cars and homes locked even in a neighborhood you think is safe. york. in harlem, the nypd is investigate ing a crash that sent two officers to the hospital and shut down a block leaving people
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>> checkey bedford has the answer. >> reporter: those two officers and the driver of the car they crashed into all being treated here at harlem hospital. police say the officers were in the right place, happening to spot that suspect vehicle. the vehicle suspected in a gun point robbery a few minutes earlier. the police cruiser badly damaged when it collided with the gray acura. over the speed limit? >> that's what happened. rfrt . >> reporter: two officers were trying to pull over of this car after hearing a be on the lookout, a man had alerted cops he had been robbed by two men who took off in a gray acura. police say the officers spotted the suspect's car and were trying to pull it over when they crashed. >> the police car chasing this one. hit that one.
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this man says the officers got out of the cruiser with guns drawn. >> step on his chest. i'm feeling pain. >> reporter: the driver was taken to the hospital as were the two police officers. their injuries all minor with complaints of neck and back pain. this woman, a victim in this, coming out of the salon to find this. >> beautician assistant came in and tell us about an accident. he said the car got hit in front of baking my cake. i said, that's my car. >> reporter: her car damaged when the suspect's car slammed into it. scott can only imagine how fast they were going. >> it must have been. i didn't hear anything, but it must have been. you see how bad the other car looked and the police car was terrible. >> reporter: the passenger in that acura was not hurt. police say charges are pending against both suspects tonight. in harlem, checkey beckford.
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sheen on the hudson river. the coast guard says it's oil dispurse disperse dispersing. it spotted this afternoon. the coast guard is investigating. jurors watched at a 16-year-old coney island teen admit setting a fire that killed an officer. the attorney says there's more to the story. he is now 18. he told investigators he was bored when he set fire to a mattress in the hall of the apartment building. he said he wasn't counting on the flames getting out of control. a police officer died in the 2014 fire. his partner was seriously injured. >> i was just bored. when i set it on fire, i thought i could have sworn i blew it out. i went like this. >> his lawyer insists the confession was coerced and isn't true. he didn't rule out the teen taking the stand.
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corruption scandal that could rock albany. it appears to go inside the governor's office and could involve one of his closest advisors. jonathan? >> reporter: the feds issued subpoenaed. the fbi conducted searches to learn more about possible corruption involving a former governor top aide as well as developers and lobbyists. governor co- uomo's office confirmed it got served. federal subpoenas for records, part of the growing scandal and criminal investigation focusing in part on allegations of improper lobbying and undisclosed conflicts of interest by some who may have defrauded the state. the corruption probe relates to cuomo's buffalo billion plan upstate. >> we're ready to invest $1 billion in an economic development package for the city of buffalo. >> reporter: the governor not a target.
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facing scrutiny, joseph percoco. he ran cuomo's re-election campaign and was one cuomo's top adviser. investigators looking into his ties to developers and lobbyists. his lawyer issued a statement. so concerned about the alleged corruption, the governor's office announced a former federal prosecutor has been hired to review all buffalo billion related contracts. the current federal prosecute hinted a few weeks ago, charges could soon be coming. >> both in city and state government, executive offices in government are far from immune from a creeping show me the money culture that has been pervading new york for some time now. >> reporter: no charges have been filed. he declined to comment if or when federal charges might be coming.
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state officials are now banned from dealing with one specific lobbyist and one company as this criminal investigation continues. back to you. closer to home, mayor de blasio is defending himself and his staff amid a federal corruption probe focusing on campaign contributions. he says it will not stop him from running for re-election. he insisted that he and his team followed the law denying allegations they skirted campaign contribution limits while trying to support democrats running for senate. several aides have been subpoenaed. during an interview today, the mayor questioned the timing of the investigation. >> how convenient that when we are doing work to help everyday people, there are efforts being made to obscure that work. alleging? on the part of whom? >> i'm saying it should be looked into. i think all of the media energy being put into this, everyone has a right to look at anything
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at that question, too. >> the mayor claims he is being singled out. no charges have been filed against de blasio or any of his advisors. kol california is cooling after days of protests against donald trump and his supporters. protesters mobbed the hotel where trump addressed the republican convention today. several say they were roughed up by protesters. no serious injuries. the chaos forced trump and his security detail to hop over a concrete freeway barrier to get to a back entrance. >> that was not the easiest entrance i've ever made. felt like i was crossing the border, actually. i was crossing the border. but i got here. >> trump is off to indiana where ted cruz just picked up a major endorsement from governor mike pence.
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as we get information about the zika related death in puerto rico, steps are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus in the u.s. a 70-year-old man in the caribbean u.s. territory died from internal bleeding. he had underlying complications. zika is linked to microcephaly in babies. the fda approved local labs to run tests. doctors want pregnant patients not to travel to zika zones or get tested when they return. >> i'm telling them to if they are having intercourse with somebody who may have been infected, either not to have intercourse with those people or to use condoms. very, very important. >> congress has not approved nearly $2 billion in emergency zika funding requested by the white house. a brooklyn neighborhood is coming together to remember and celebrate prince. they braved the weather to gather. d.j.s played three hours of
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was shown on a big screen. he was found dead last week in his home. autopsy results are pending. police are looking for the source of painkillers found on the singer and his property. coming up on news 4 new york, a sudden stop. the investigation now under way after new jersey police officer brake checks a driver. a cold rain falling in some spots right now. we're tracking that for you. give you details on the forecast because part of the weekend looks great. the other part, not so great. i will have the details coming up. a texas cop does a take down on the streets of manhattan. how he stopped a would-be
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we have an update on this fight between an easter bunny
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mall last month. a judge downgraded aggravated assault charges against charles. he is seen in the costume trading blows with guerrero. his daughter fell from a chair after taking pictures with the bunny. charles is facing simple assault charges. guerrero is facing aggravated assault charges. a recording of a traffic stop is triggering angry posts. the video was taken by a motorist on march 19. he was driving behind a police car when the officer suddenly slammed on his brakes, a practice known as brake checking. he stopped short because omar was tailgating him. he recorded the exchange and uploaded it to social media last week. >> you brake checked me. >> because i thought you were going to run into me. >> i was going to run into you? >> the officer slapped omar with three tickets for not having a
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and haven't tinted windows. the police department has been flooded with criticism of the officer's behavior. the department says an internal affairs investigation is under way. as for omar, he turned down a plea bargain. his trial is scheduled for may 27. a police chief visiting new york city will have a story to tell when he gets back home to texas. >> that tale involves capturing a suspected robber being chased down fifth avenue. >> reporter: that chase ended right here in front of the plaza hotel, to the side of the entrance of the hotel. it quickly escalated into a fight. no one stopped to do anything about it, except for an experiences texas lawman who decided to put his new york vacation on hold. >> this was definitely my time to get away from work. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a vacation, tickets to a show, taking in the sights. but sean ford, chief of the
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department found himself in i action. >> i observed what appeared to be a fight. >> reporter: it started when a man swiped a bottle of cologne. a store employee chased after him towards the park. they started to tussle right in front of the plaza hotel. chief ford says his instincts kicked in. they got on the ground. that's when i decided i should help the kid out. >> reporter: you jumped in? >> nobody was helping. the kid -- i got the guy and told him i was a police officer and tried to hold him to the wall and held him there until nypd could get there. >> reporter: cops showed up to say job well done to a fellow crime fighter from texas. chief ford says he feels more like a new yorker. sgli >> i'm glad i was here. eye glad i'm glad i met great guys from new york pd. >> reporter: they arrested a
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for his arraignment. chief ford, this isn't the first time this happened to him. he was on vacation in montreal in canada and he helped stop a shoplifter there. bad luck? this is a policeman who loves doing his job, even when he is off the job. >> sounds like a serial hero. thanks so much. get ready for delays. three lanes on the northbound side of the tappan zee bridge. it will reopen tomorrow at 2:00. the lanes will also reopen at 2:00 on sunday. one northbound lane will be open during those hours. on the southbound side, it will be business as usual with no closures there. more express buses will be running on saturday. tonight, we are getting a look at the damage left behind by a dangerous storm in oklahoma. several confirmed tornadoes, hail, heavy rain and high winds
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a town south of oklahoma city was one of the hardest hit. a possible tornado damaged several homes. in forman people were seen walking through flooded streets. no reports of injuries. >> we complain about our weather but my goodness. >> that's headed east. we will get a piece of that energy on sunday. that's where our rain on sunday will come from. in the meantime, the rain that's out there right now will be moving out in a matter of hours. to give us one night day this weekend. a look from our top of the rock camera shows a pretty view out there tonight. a few rain drops are falling. 46 degrees. it's a cold rain, too. there's even temperatures in the 30s north and west of the city. thank goodness they are above freezing. the rain out there now will be done over the next few hours, after midnight we will see it tapering off. a great day for saturday. steadier rain coming in sunday. maybe a few thunderstorms sunday evening. cold out there right now, for
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40s hillsboro, powell is at 46. morris morristown at 44. it's borderline, but thank goodness the moisture is moving away. we have heavy rain showers right now. moving into western connecticut near new milford and danbury. you will see downpours within the next hour or 45 minutes to an hour. be aware, that will be there and keep moving out. most of the measurable has been north of the city. a quarter of an inch in poughkeepsie. city received .04. with that rain moving out, we will have a break. there's the break over the ohio valley. this is the storm system that's still bringing severe weather between dallas and houston tonight. we get the northern edge of that energy on sunday.
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some areas will drop to the 30s like fairfield, bethel in the 30s. above freezing. by then, the rain is gone. you don't have to worry about anything frozen. clouds in the morning. will show sun breaks. you may need a jacket during the day tomorrow at times. at least we will have sunshine. it's a dry day. 63 is the high temperature. but rain and some of it heavy on sunday. it looks like a washout day, pretty much all day sunday. this is 1:00. you can see it moves out by 8:00. it starts early in the morning. then we get a break sunday night. then another piece of energy comes through monday morning with a bit more rain. then it dries out on monday afternoon. here is the seven-day forecast. average temperatures are in the upper 60s this time of year. we start may on a wet note and it stays cool. we don't really make it into the upper 60s, maybe close to 70 one day next week and that's thursday. the rain is needed. we're running deficits between
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we will take that. enjoy your weekend. >> thank you, janice. two things you can guarantee, the jets will draft a quarterback, the giants will go for a safety. the giept ants think they found a young victor cruz in the draft. about the quarterbacks, the jets just can't help themselves. the quarterback they covet was there for the taking. draft results from both teams. the mets getting more runs than they have ever scored in one inning. just ahead in sports. here is what jimmy fallon has tonight. >> paul rudd is my guest tonight. it's a great show.
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we all know how to get to carnegie hall. practice, practice, practice.ager from ohio, it took sheer determination. >> he made his debut. he was born with three fingers on his right hand and one finger on his left. no bones below his knees. at the age of 10, he taught himself to play. then posted videos online. those videos caught the attention of someone who invited the teen on stage to perform. >> i want everybody to know if
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you really can do it. >> i want him to keep on working on his new music. >> wow. the two met for the first time about an hour before the performance. they played music composed by darius himself.
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the jets draft a quarterback for the 11th time in 16 years. no team has drafted more in that time. they took chad pennington in 2000. perhaps appropriately, he introduced this year's presumed quarterback of the future, christian hackenberg from penn state. the jets hope ryan fitzpatrick also. the jets opted for darryn lee. he met with the media and struck a pose and struck everyone in the room with his poise. >> i personally feel i'm only going to keep getting better. most people like to say, i'm raw at the position.
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that's why i got on the field quickly at ohio state. i feel the sky is the limit for me. i look forward to getting better. >> on defense, jets selected jordan jefrpg nkins. it was a second round pick that raised a few eyebrows, sherr terling shepherd. the gm called him a young victor cruz. he might join big blue tells you how concerned the giants are about the actual victor cruz. an offense really needs play makers. eli manner will ing will be happen y to have a man like that. mets and giants scoreless in the third. two on, two coming home for cespedes. cabrera cabrera, deep to left center. cespedes, bases loaded, gone.
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we tally it all up. a franchise record 12 runs in one inning. a franchise first. cespedes drives in six runs in one inning. six rbi for cespedes. welcome back. mets cruise to a seventh straight win, 13-1. mets play 12 in one inning. the yankees have scored in the ed d 12 in the last six games. look at that shot. he is 20th on wall-time hits list. tana k tanoka couldn't get on. david ortiz, deep and gone. farewell to that baseball. he delivers what would be the game winning two-run homer. yankees fall 4-2. the islanders haven't taken a 2-0 series lead since 1983. they win tomorrow, they will
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practice today at tampa. they need to evaluate their intensity level and raise it, elevate it. that's because they allowed the lightning to trim a 4-1 lead to 4-3 wednesday. coach trying to keep his team sharp going into game two. watch game two right here on nbc 4 new york, 3:00 puck drop tomorrow afternoon. it's the islanders and lightning. one final note. luke wall ton will be the head
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that's it for news 4 new york at 11:00.


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