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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  April 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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just inside the blue line. williams and oshie. also they're going to have a delay here. >> eddie: it was going to be backstrom. >> pierre: they both have that dry erase board going. that's a good time-out by mike sullivan. and it doesn't hurt washington either. mike sullivan had some tired guys. nick backstrom has been taking
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and then he talked about coming in almost like a roll. don't let him move into the faceoff. >> looks like he's going to win this puck back into his goaltender. >> mike: 16-18 is backstrom. the penguins have it. they're able to lob it back out. moving toward it, unable to get there, and then it's thrown wide. hagelin was the guy who was pressuring. but it winds up becoming the capitals puck to play. down the line, 100 seconds of regulation. backstrom tried to get there and the play wound up going offsides. >> eddie: holt holtby back in. >> pierre: so would i. >> eddie: doesn't look like it, though. >> mike: it seemed like that's what the assistant was asking
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>> eddie: he made his decision very quickly. >> mike: carlson across, oshie bangs it back in. quickly lifted it back and down. it's an icing. >> pierre: oh, boy. >> eddie: thought that might have glanced off right in front of pierre. faceoff left of matt murray. >> paul: the bench . >> pierre: the bench agrees with you, by the way. >> mike: i think the linesman got it right. back to carlson, save and the cover made by murray. >> eddie: a set faceoff play. oshie to backstrom to carlson. and this puck changes direction pit's on edge. the shot, boy, that thing started dipping and diving.
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went off the stick of kris letang. and what a stop by matt murray. >> pierre: and no rebound. that's the most amazing part about it. the puck got right to him. >> eddie: he's tracking right, the thing goes sharp left and he makes a stop. >> mike: carlson flipping one around behind. took a whack from daley. puck came out. thrown back down by cullen and again will become an icing. 1:13 to go. >> pierre: they have to make an adjustment on faceoffs. they've got to -- if i'm pittsburgh i'm scrambling this draw. not even let backstrom's stick get to the ice. now it's going to be oshie. i'm coming up and underneath, rather than over the top so he cannot get that puck back. have your wingers come back in and help. >> mike: matt cullen against
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oshie back in. off the tie-up, it's backstrom with it. that shot went off letang's stick. oshie, backstrom pokes it along. to ovechkin, johansson back along to backstrom. backstrom just holding it now. carlson at the back gives it to him. return to backstrom. oshie inside the four-man box. carlson, that save is made by murray with a pad around behind. around to letang and backstrom. down by rust, crosby returns, intercepted by ovechkin, 35 to go. charges on and hands it back to oshie. oshie to the outside, lost the puck there. kept alive by carlson. puck right back along.
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johansson trying to center oshie and no luck. and saved by murray. what a rocket that came from backstrom. >> eddie: tired players on the ice. and the tremendous goaltending of matt murray here the last four or five minutes. >> pierre: john carlson loads it up. i don't know how he saw it through christopher letang's legs. just kicking it away danger so williams couldn't jump on it. that's just very aware goaltending. >> mike: on a day the lottery win went to toronto. it was not that long ago, a decade, that a lottery went to pittsburgh and he became their
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the coach at that time is sitting next to me. and all of us watched through the drama. two goaltender, one at the bench, one ready to go back in and play again and try to defend a one-goal lead with 13.2 to go in regulation. >> mike: it will be bonino stepping in against oshie. >> eddie: oshie is going to try to win this to williams. either slide it over to ovechkin ovechkin, who you know is going to get overplayed or you wait in the area for john carlson. >> mike: while falling letang played it further.
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poke it out, can't do it just yet. back in towards the corner williams, and it is thrown on ovechkin, the horn has sounded and hanging on to that puck is matt more ray and he might as well keep it all the way to the shower, but he decides not to, because his team has gotten back into a tie in the series. ill will continues on the ice. and finally, they will peaceably separate. at least until monday. a meaning physical silence here. what a finish. it is time to somehow select three of the best players in this game. the three stars of the game brought to you by chase freedom unlimited. mr. o, it's yours. >> eddie: former capital gets the game-winning goal. i thought phil kessel had a terrific game. a lot of setups for the penguins. and look, this game could have
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of braden holtby. braden holtby kept this game close for his team to at least give him an opportunity. >> mike: final score in the game, 2-1 penguins. series tied at 1-1. you're watching the stanley cup playoffs presented by geico. coming up next, your late local news, followed by "saturday night live" for viewers in the washington, d.c. area, "capitals post game live" available on csn.
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punches were coming after me. if my son didn't come downstairs, he might have killed me. now at 11:00, a news4 exclusive. a 67-year-old man beaten when he walked into his home. tonight he is calling his son a hero. good evening, i'm rob schmitt. that man only telling news4 about what happened here. he was punched and pushed to the ground outside his own home. his son came running outside and the tables quickly turned for that attacker. this happened on herschel street in the brownsville section of brooklyn. michael george joins us with more tonight. michael? >> reporter: he tells us he was brutally beaten on the front steps of his own home, and he might not be here to tell his story tonight if it wasn't for
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francis ellis says his son is his hero after he saved him from a vicious assault. >> if my son didn't come me. >> reporter: francis was coming home late at night. he said a man he's never seen before, police think it's this guy on surveillance video, ran up out of nowhere and attacked. >> he came up and pushed the gate open like that, so i pushed it back. so he did it again, and when he came in, he went to my mouth like this and hit me in the neck with something. >> reporter: but the assault didn't stop there. >> i came back in and he hit me. >> reporter: did he say anything? >> he didn't say nothing. >> reporter: just attacked you out of nowhere? >> out of nowhere. >> reporter: he screamed to his son for help. his son jared came running out of the house. what did you do? >> i did what i had to do. >> reporter: jared's wife even hit the attacker with a broom. by then the suspect had had enough.
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and francis says he's proud of his son. he says you're his hero. >> that's right. that's what i'm here for. >> reporter: but police are still looking for the suspect. francis believes this was an attempted robbery since the attacker tried to grab at his pockets. >> they need to catch him. i think he will do it again. >> reporter: we want to show you the picture of the suspect one more time. police need your help identifying him. as for francis, he spent two days in the hospital. he told me he still gets headaches but he's doing okay. he realizes it could have been much worse if his son hadn't acted quickly. live in brownsville, michael george, news4 new york. new tonight, 12 people hurt in a house fire in the bronx. the flames broke out at this home on university avenue around 6:30 this evening in the kings bridge section. it took just over an hour to get this fire under control. four firefighters hurt with minor injuries, at least one person seriously hurt. no word on how that blaze started. also new tonight, a man in the bronx hopes this
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police track down his stolen dog. that two-year-old pitbull right there named luna gray was stolen yesterday. the owner said he tied the pup to a pole when he went into a store in fordham heights. when he went inside, police say this man right here untied the pooch and took off with her. reverend daniel berigan died today. he was a member of the borden 9. in 1968 he burned records of soldiers went to war. berigan and his brother went to prison after being convicted on federal charges. born in syracuse, berigan died after battling a long illness at the age of 94. tonight police are searching for the teens behind a hate-filled attack in queens. this is surveillance video of the suspects right here. police say the 19-year-old victim was walking home from
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astoria when these three teens yelled "arab" and "isis" and pounced. you can see one of them taking a metal pipe from his sweatshirt there. his mom says he's never seen his attackers before. >> he's doing okay. he's shaken up from being bombarded and getting hit. >> reporter: >> the teens got scared off when they saw a nearby neighbor. two teens charged climbing the brooklyn bridge for a picture picture. police showed up. they asked the men to come down and they did. they are charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment. this is not the first time we've seen this kind of a stunt. just last summer, this picture went viral and it landed a tennessee tourist in a lot of trouble. a fishing trip ended in an ocean rescue for a kayaker today.
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on water about a mile off the coast of coney island, far from the coast. he called 911 for help, and an nypd helicopter brought him back to shore. he told police he had hooked a big fish and was struggling to reel it in when the current swept him way too far from shore. >> he was half submerged, so we had to get him out of the situation. he definitely had a look of a little bit of panic and he was absolutely exhausted. >> the kayaker was not hurt. no word exactly what caused his kayak to start sinking. one of the unions representing new jersey transit workers has rejected a contract deal that averted a strike just last month. the union of trainmen are the first to turn down that agreement. it's not clear when, but officials say they will go back to the bargaining table. eight other unions ratified their deal.
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their ballots today. well, now to decision 2016. just three days until the critical indiana primary and not a single presidential hopeful campaigned in the state of indiana today. instead two gop candidates spent their day in california. for ted cruz it was to pick up a key endorsement. >> i am here today to announce to you my wholehearted endorsement and my wholehearted support of that winning republican leader who will be the next president of the united states, ted cruz! [ cheers and applause ] >> former governor pete wilson at the state convention of california. wilson is a moderate who could help cruz draw support from the republican middle. john kasich hosted a town hall in san jose. donald trump took the day off. hillary clinton didn't have
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today, either, but tomorrow everyone except governor kasich is expected in the hoosier state for that final push for tuesday. while bernie sanders didn't technically campaign today, he did spend time with some big names at the white house correspondents' dinner. it's a night where the hottest celebs hobnob with the politicians. >> next year this time someone else will be standing here in this very spot, and it's anyone's guess who she will be. [ cheers and applause ] >> very crafty there. president obama has yet to make an official endorsement for our next president. he's been holding off on that statement. when it does come, sure to raise some eyebrows. there will be a lot of street closings tomorrow for the
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it starts off in brooklyn and ends in staten island. money from this race goes to teach kids about bikes in new york. here on news4, deadly storms. tornadoes, flash floods, scenes of destruction in the south where a woman and her four grandkids were killed. now that same system is actually heading this way. right, erica? >> that's right, and it's going to bring periods of heavy rain tomorrow. bike tour tomorrow, it will be a nasty day for it. a big drop in temperatures, too. i'm going to detail it all for you coming up after the break in
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tonight the red cross is helping dozens of families who lost their homes in deadly storms in east texas. flooding swept away a grandmother and her four grandkids in palestine. that's about 100 miles from dallas. police say 64-year-old linda asbury and her grandkids ages 6, 7, 8 and 9 were killed after a creek flooded their neighborhood. neighbors say she was trying to get the kids out of the house in the middle of the night. across the area, neighbors say
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12 feet. >> those four kids, she tried to lift them up out of the water. i don't know how she was doing it. four kids and she was trying to get them out of the water. she was trying and the water got too strong for her. >> the storms moved east to louisiana forcing new orleans to shut down its jazz fest early. performances from snoop dogg and other musicians had to be canceled. protesters stormed the iraqi green zone. that's a 4-square-mile supposedly secure area where iraq's government business is at hand. thousands of protesters angered by government corruption knocked over parts, upsetting it. this followed months of anti-government protests, sit-ins and demonstrations. iraq's prime minister says the situation for now is under control.
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kerry will head to switzerland tomorrow for urgent talks on syria. he'll hold hearings with the envoy for syria as well as joint ministers ministers. people who call in bogus bomb threats at connecticut schools could soon face 10 years in prison. the house of representatives voted overwhelmingly today in favor of legislation that makes it a class c felony for intending to cause the evacuation of school property while students are on campus. this stems from a recent wave of bomb threats, including this swatting incident in fairfield last october. that bill now heads to the senate. a connecticut high school is remembering a classmate today whose life was taken by another student, all because she wouldn't go to prom with him. for the second year in a row, jonathan law high school
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last year the event raised $50,000 in college scholarships. this year twice as many inflatables and a craft fair was added. music as well as a 5k race. thousands lined up at the starting line. many were from marin's graduating class. >> i think about her every day. i wear her bracelet on my wrist, so every time i look at it, i think about her. >> chris rascon admitted stabbing her. she is in prison for life. get drid ready for some wet, cold, nasty weather headed our way. we can't get a break heading into may. erica is tracking our conditions
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the duchess of cambridge can now add another line to her resume, and that is cover girl. british vogue featuring princess kate in its special june edition. it is also a special 100th anniversary for that magazine. two of the photos will be on display at the national portrait gallery starting this weekend. the magazine unveiled the photos on today and kensington palace released them also. you can rule out tomorrow for any outdoor plans. it's going to be nasty from start to finish. day. you'll also want those boots handy if you have them. showers are quickly approaching, and then all day sunday from sunrise to sunset, it's going to
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going to have wet weather. temperatures will be much cooler than average. today we were pretty much at average. we reached the mid-60s. it's 46 in cambridge, 50 degrees in central park, 52 in newburgh, 48 in monticello. temperatures pretty consistent throughout the tri-state. they're not going to budge too much tonight because of that thick cloud cover that moves in. it kind of insulates us with the heat we got during the day. but now that showers are approaching, we'll see an easterly wind develop and that onshore flow still cool for us this time of year. it will be a cold and wet start to the month of may. not feeling very may life -like at all, then we'll head into the 60s again on monday afternoon. tuesday also in the 60s but still below average for this time of year. monday and tuesday we could get a brief break from the rain, but looking at future tracker, you
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sunday is going to be. rafael will give you another update on the forecast tomorrow morning. it will be wet already to the west of the city and rain completely overspreads as we head into the lunch hour. you can see some yellow showing up here on the map, an indication that we could have steady, maybe even heavy, rainfall. a big swath of that yellow covering here, the entire metro area at dinnertime tomorrow. that batch of rain moves out. monday morning we could get a dry patch, but then more rain is possible and the pattern gets very dicey from then on out. we'll see on and off showers possibly for the rest of the entire work week. overnight tonight, 47 degrees with an increase in clouds. tomorrow rain from start to finish with a high of 52 degrees. it's going to get a little bit breezy late in the day as well. here's your 7-day forecast. high temperatures in the low 60s monday and tuesday. the wettest day is definitely tomorrow, but unfortunately we have a chance for rain, at least


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