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tv   News 4 New York at 4  NBC  July 29, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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times. their 9-year-old grandson was in the house when all of this happened. rescue crews took the woman to the hospital. she is now in critical condition with multiple stab wounds to her head and chest. when police arrived, the man barricaded himself in the house and threatened to kill himself with the same large knife police say he used to stab his wife. coming up at 5:00, we're going to have one of the many heros in this case. she is the one who when the yelling my grandfather is trying to kill my grandmother that helped rescue that woman. news 4 new york. we go now to the first reports of mosquitos infected with zika here in the united states. there are four cases in florida. florida is one of six states reporting 50 cases of zika, including new york and new
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>> reporter: this is one of the neighborhoods that will be sprayed with pesticides specifically to combat mosquitos that might carry the zika virus. obviously, more crucial than ever. the cdc confirming several cases of zika caused by mosquitos in the united states that carried zika. those cases happened in florida, but health officials in new york say they're taking precautions as well. that spraying will be done on monday in the college flushing, and white stone neighborhoods. they're glad the city is being proactive by battling the specific kind of mosquito carrying zika. >> i feel very safe to live in this area. it is not the first year. they've been doing it for the past summers.
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map of some areas that will be sprayed on monday. parts of staten island will be sprayed. new york city has been sprayed. part of a larger effort to combat potential zika cases. take a look another the numbers. the latest numbers from the cdc this week show more than 6400 cases of zika confirmed in the u.s. more than 850 of those cases are pregnant women. now that we're into mosquito season full swing, everyone, especially those who are insect repellant when they're out. that spraying on monday will happen between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. the rain turned the a.m. commute into a soggy mess. this is what it looked like in brooklyn this morning. the flood prone area living up to its reputation. more rain is on the way.
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price this afternoon. >> good afternoon, everyone. it is not a dry weekend forecast. rain is back in the picture, but let's take a look at how much he got this morning. it was a soaker in many spots. we had over an inch of rain in central park, laguardia, and islip. some of the highest totals long island and new jersey. it's been dry throughout much of the day. we had nice sunshine by lunchtime. look at what's going on north and west of town. we have a few pop-up showers going on. now we're seeing a few showers and storms popping up because of that daytime heating. when you see the yellows and oranges back in future tracker, that means rain is back in the picture by tomorrow afternoon. will it be a washout into
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where to expect the rain coming up in your full forecast. >> with more storms expected this weekend, now is a great time to download the news 4 new york new york app. you can see the radar right down to where you live. in new jersey, police in manchester township want people to be on alert after an animal attack left a man in the hospital. the victim had to get 30 stitches after he was bitten over and over on both of his arms by a coyote or a wild dog. the animal came out of nowhere to attack him in that area behind powmia park. the 53-year-old man, who did not want to go on camera, was walking his german shepherd through the windows. he described the animal that attacked him as a big brown dog. neighbors on johnson avenue have been warned to stay out of the wooded area near the park. it's a pretty popular
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may not even be in the area anymore. be aware of your surroundings and take precautions and make sure you're not in an area that you shouldn't be. >> now people have been warned to stay out of those woods and to keep the dogs on a short leash outside, especially at night. we want to get to some new information tonight on that predator we told you about that made its way to the jersey shore this summer. researchers say it turns out the clinging jellyfish has all by vanished. th been spotted in the shrewsbury river. another one called the stinging sea nettle are diminishing. both conventions are wrapped up. now it is time for the candidates to get back on the campaign trail. melissa russo just came back from philadelphia with a new chapter in this race.
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political combat, leaving the candidates and admittedly some of those covering them in need of a caffeine fix. >> now, i don't know about you, but i stayed up really late last night. it was just hard to go to sleep. >> reporter: hillary clinton said she felt like she needed an iv of coffee as she thanked philadelphia the morning after her convention capping speech. >> a man tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: and if she was trying to bait trump, it just might have worked. donald trump now teeing off on former mayor michael bloomberg. >> i was going to hit one guy in particular, a very little guy. i was going to hit this guy so hard his head would spin. he wouldn't know what the hell happened. >> reporter: bloomberg ripped
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didn't start it with a million dollar check from my father. >> reporter: this morning trump tweeted little michael bloomberg, who never had the guts to run for president, knows nothing about me. his last term as mayor was a disaster. but a quick glance at donald trump's twitter feed show trump has had nothing but high praise for bloomberg. >> i took up motorcycle riding again four years ago after i became governor. i told my wife it was act >> reporter: trump's vp pick, mike pence, at a charity event in indiana also said name calling has no place in public life, but pence wasn't talking about trump but rather about president obama. hillary clinton's number two stayed on the democrats message and tim kaine stayed on the democrat's message about the republican convention. >> the republican convention was like a twisted and negative tour.
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it was a journey through donald trump's mind and that is a very frightening place. >> meanwhile the republicans insisting today still that hillary clinton's speech was delivered from a fantasy universe, not the reality we live in today. you might be wondering after all of this how much longer can this go on. well, as the democrats pointed out today, tomorrow will be exactly 100 days out from the election. stefan? >> we have only just begun. thank you very ch says it's been targeted by hackers. the democratic congressional campaign committee has confirmed the attack, saying they immediately took action when they discovered the breach. the dccc raises money for democrats running for the u.s. house of representatives. the lawyers for the young woman arrested at the holland tunnel in an suv filled with weapons are trying to get her
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an suv as she and two others tried to enter new york to save a young girl from drugs. when the presiding judge heard that erin failed to make court appearances, he decided to keep that bail in place. her attorneys plan to appeal that decision. >> this case is no different than any other gun case that comes before the superior court where people are let out with to the criminal justice system, which she does not have any of that. >> prosecutors say they hope to convene a grand jury in erin's case by early september. in connecticut, police want you to take a good look at this man. police say he and a woman kidnapped and robbed another woman at gunpoint in stamford. police say the victim offered to give the couple a ride. once they got into the car, she
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demanded money. the female withdrew $1500 from a bank and she gave them more money and more jewelry from her home. the suspects got away in a dark-colored dodge mini van. if you recognize them, call police. if you work in midtown and you rely on the staten island ferry, your commute could get easier someday. here's a look at the map. there was a proposal sent to the department the dot says it will work with otto' office to explore this plan. governor cuomo says $39 million has been approved for 30 schools under the smart schools bond app. the money will go to several new projects that include more than $21 million for internet connectivity and high-tech security. pope francis' paid a somber
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people, mostly jews, who died there during world war ii. it was a polish catholic friar who sacrificed his own life to save a stranger during the war. the proposal to raise the gas tax in new jersey, it's back again. plus, a long distance rescue where the nypd came to the aid of a man thrown from a jet ski. later on, an for you. three sisters in brooklyn running with a purpose. the long odds they have overcome and why they are driven to succeed. a new title for joe biden. guest star for the show he
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ly fios can. new at 4, two nypd
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off the coast of keynesburg, new jersey yesterday. there you go. two divers helped the man there. the victim was taken to the hospital for observation is doing all right. now to new jersey where a higher gas tax is back on the table. today senators approved a new proposal to raise the gas tax, pay for road and bridge work, and cut the estate tax. it's the latest efforto the transportation trust fund which expired on july 1st. christie says he would veto the new legislation. lawmakers are working to get a veto-proof majority. looks like the navy will be naming a ship. new official word yet, but there are reports that a new military sea lift command fleet oiler will be named after harvey milk.
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office in california. he was shot and killed in his office back in 1978. if you are heading to washington, d.c. this weekend, you'll be able to check out the tallest tourist spot in the city. the washington monument is back open to the public. it was forced to close last week because of big issues with its ageing elevators. they're designing a new and more reliable elevator system. set to hit the small screen this fall. he is making a cameo on nbc's "law and order svu." the episode will be about the rape kit backlog and efforts to end violence against women. vice president biden will play himself. the tkts booth is well known
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tickets. tkts will open a pop-up booth tuesday at david rubenstein atrium. it will be in downtown brooklyn. it will be open for three months. just giving you a few more options there. >> if only i could get tickets to "hamilton." >> not happening. maybe a good weekend for some theater or a movie because we havee forecast. not a total washout, but we have had so much perfect weather this summer so far we need some rain on the weekends. it turned into a beautiful afternoon. it is muggy. you can see how the air looks thick right now. it is a muggy. a little bit of a tropical feel out there. we are tracking a few spotty storms this afternoon, but only
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not a washout, but you may need to adjust your plans. here's a live look at doppler radar. this is where we're tracking some activity in sullivan county. otherwise looking good through westchester down the jersey shore. maybe little bit of thunder here. some heavy downpours south of thompson moving into pike county, pennsylvania, and drifting into orange county. 86 right now temperatures were slow to climb with all that cloud cover. we have seen upper 80s in the hudson valley. that's where we have enough instability to spark some storms. down to 79 with a cooling shower in monticello. dew point temperatures show us it is muggy again. it is that sticky feel. dew point temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees. this is what we're stuck with right throughout the weekend.
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planner the weekend does start out dry. some sunshine, 72 degrees. tracking a few showers. near 80 by lunchtime. into the 80s by afternoon. best chance for seeing some storms through the middle and second half of the day. you can see this is 8:00 tonight. showers start to die down. heading into tomorrow morning, starts out dry at 7:00 a.m. watch what happens as we move throughout the day. this is lunchtime tomorrow. we forming to the west of town from western new jersey down to places like central new jersey and the hudson valley. that's where most of the rain stays tomorrow. you may get some of those heavier downpours. but look at long island. basically in the clear throughout the day. if you're heading out to the hamptons, i think you'll be fine at the beaches. 7:00 p.m. dinner time, spotty storms are around. when it does rain, it could rain very heavily.
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saturday starts out wet. 8:00, heavy rain around. sunday may dry out by afternoon. we're flipping the script here for sunday. starts out damp, drying out by the afternoon. some beach time maybe by the end of the day on sunday. you can see in your ten-day forecast unsettled throughout the weekend. 84 tomorrow. 80 on sunday. low 80s on monday. still a little unsettled there. it is not until tuesday that we start to rea humidity with temperatures back down into the 80s. back to you. just ahead, a trio of brooklyn sisters all with big dreams. >> they aren't just racing for gold. they're running for their futures. plus, inside sandy hook. we're taking our first look inside the new elementary school to see what's changed since that heartbreaking massacre four years ago.
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drive-thru surprise. where that mounted police officer was spotted ordering
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right now, three sisters from brooklyn are getting ready to compete in the junior olympics. >> they're chasing something much bigger. pat battle is here with their story. >> we don't have to tell you what an accomplishment it is olympics, junior or not. they're hoping this journey will put them on a path to a more stable, better future. five days a week rain or shine, the shepherd sisters lace up their sneakers and hit the track. where they're headed is even more remarkable considering where they've come from.
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it's horrible. it's infested. it's unsanitary. the first time we got there there was just roaches everywhere we looked. >> reporter: life has been challenging to say the at least for the shepards. three years ago, their half brother was murdered. they lost their apartment last year when their mother couldn't keep up with the rising rent. >> when we first came, mom didn'te >> it was dirty. >> reporter: she keeps her girls close, but mom refuses to put down roots here. the rest of the apartment is barren except for the many medals and trophies on display. all hope lies in a new job, but for her girls athletic
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because last year they were right at home. >> reporter: but as the girls go ahead ready to board a plane for the first time with their coach and their team, mom will be staying behind. between the restrictions of living in a shelter and under employment, she simply can't afford to go. she'll be watching the live stream cheering her girls on to the finish line and prayerfully to a new beginning. >> when these girls hit the big stage, they show off. they do not bk track club whose mission is to keep them on the track literally and figuratively. not only have all the shepard sisters qualified in all these events. they did so in hurdles and meter runs. they are amazing. the youngest one brook, she's compeing in the high jump and the team doesn't even have the equipment she needs to practice, but the team has been winning.
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employees are now facing possible jail time over the flint water crisis. an ex-marine will now spend the rest of his life behind bars. how dante taylor reacted. a family that is richer. some lawmakers believe the pokemon go came children to danger and the move
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your actions took away a vibrant young mother from her child and her family. >> now at 4:00, in court. an ex-marse brutal murder of a long island mom. new beginning. we take a look inside the new sandy hook elementary almost four years after the school massacre. wanted. police on the lookout for this man. what he did with a cell phone to a woman on a train that has him in big trouble. welcome back. i'm stefan holtz. >> and i'm natalie pasquarella. an ex-marine will spend the rest of his life behind bars. that is the sentence handed down


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